Why is Aquarius known as the Water Bearer?

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Why is Aquarius known as the Water Bearer?

Aquarius is a constellation of the Zodiac and one of the oldest documented constellations. Aquarius was recorded in the second century by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy. Its name means 'cup bearer' or 'water bearer' in Latin. .

In the second part we have taken up the story of Judas again and it is intertwined with the life of Jesus and the apostles. Each episode focuses on a symbol that relates to the stars The Passion of Jesus is a prelude to Easter associated with the Christian festival the spring quinox during this return the ancients observed the position of the sun on the zodiac to measure the progress of the equinox procession and to determine the current astrological age. The boundaries of the ages do not coincide with those of the corresponding zodiac constellations.

Each eon lasts approximately 20 160 years, during which the equinox moves 30 degrees on the ecliptic, the transition between two ages occurs when the equinox point crosses a boundary line. This phase lasts approximately 40 years, during which the solar disk crosses the boundary line of one Side crossed to the other. The Ians are entities that are essentially composed of chronological time so that Aneon cannot do the only thing Ian can do, so that time may pass Judas betrayal indicates that in the Age of Aquarius time will not pass as usual the high priests, who interpret the architects of the material universe planning to erase the Age of Aquarius from the processional sequence in order to achieve their goal, they offered yudhisthir tea to silver pieces These coins represent the 30 degree processional advances that occur during the process an astrological one Age they are, in other words, the chronological time that makes up an aeon.

Judas, interpreting the Age of Aquarius, does not notice that he is receiving his 2160 years from the priests, these years have been removed from the processional cycle and therefore become incapable be to accept the coins, the Judas is therefore not to condemn the Age of Aquarius, In the Gospels, the leap of Aquarius is confirmed again and again with constantly changing metaphorical images during the Last Supper. Jesus and the apostles restore the heavenly order in the room above, which embodies the processional son and the twelve years with gestures of the highest symbolic value the sharing of wine Jesus expands his spirit over the centuriesShe offers Judas a dipped piece of bread, which is a fragment of matter surrounded by spirit. You are about to do fast, the Aquarian Age has to be fast, it has to Be ready immediately after the start Judis executes the order to leave the room and thus to remove the Aquarius from the procession cycle in Leonardo's Last Supper, the movement of the vernal equinox has to be imagined as a light disc that runs along the edge of the table , which represents the ecliptic from left to right, the leap of the Age of Aquarius through h three interesting details highlighted 1.

Jude is the only apostle who visibly breaks the line of the ecliptic by leaning his whole body on the table the age of Aquarius third Peter points a large knife at the advancing processional son The hidden message in Leonardo's masterpiece as well as in the Gospel suggests that at the end of the Piscean Age, a planetary upheaval could be a sudden rotation of the earth's axis that could cause the abolition of the Aquarian Age and its overnight stay the sun affects the drops of blood that appear on his face from wired nominees on the sun's surface, perhaps huge sunspots visible even to the naked eye - two fairly accurate clues suggest that the event should take place at the end of the transition period of the era the first reference is the kiss of Judas, from a visual point of view, the kiss is simply the establishment of contact between the body of the apostle and the luminous face of Jesus that contact becomes visible even in the sky when the bright disk of the equinox reaches the face of Jesus the region of the Aquarian age the bo dy of Judas The kiss of Judas represents the moment when the solar disk reaches the limit Pisces Aquarius This condition occurs exactly at the beginning of the age transition period The second reference is the cut of Melkor see this reference consists of three elements Marcus the sword and the ear cut Marcus is called the. The high priest's servant introduced his entry into direct contact with Peter, that is, with a neon light, shows that he is a heavenly body, precisely one of the bodies that orbit the ecliptic The name Marcus is derived from the Semitic route Malik, which means that the celestial body corresponding to Marcus can only advance. On the other hand, the only king of heaven is most likely the sun multiple is a temporary shine of the sun, which has become unrecognizable after the changes, with the appearance of the sunspots the sword of Peter is instead a heavenly reference, e.g.

B. on markings on the ecliptic a 30-degree arc, the boundaries of which in the Gospel are sometimes referred to as swearing; on the other hand, the region of heaven between them is referred to as the cloak; the swords symbolize the turbulence of the transition periods, while the cloaks symbolize the peaceful habits of the advancing Age the procession machine makes the procession machine approach the transition period, if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one, Jesus proposal has nothing to do with buying weapons, it's an invitation, the changes that that Coming ages entails understanding and embracing how the kiss of Judas suing the contact between Mullis and Pootie, can be seen in the sky precisely at the very end of the Pisces-Aquarius transition at that time in Peterhurl's Blade in the Gospel episode remains without consequences, since healed several times, this means that the event is not visible n affects the son when Jude Kiss marks the beginning of the transition period the abandonment of Malasiya marks the end of that period, just as Jude Peter is an e on a long period of nearly 800,000 days for an aeon that denies any connection th Jesus means to reject the sun and its light the threefold denial of Peter can therefore be associated with the numerous Christian prophecies about the three days of darkness Every time a neon denies the sun, a day of darkness comes in the cockcrow on the other hand for sunrise and the beginning of a new day of light the gospel suggests that three days of darkness should occur at the end of the Pisces-Aquarius transition. These days couldn't be consecutive.

The first day of darkness, which corresponds to the first denial, is followed by a day of light, which is heralded by the first crowing of the cock, the darkness returns for another two days according to the two further refusals before the rooster crows again, the priests deduct Judas coins from the processional cycle order the Aquarius back from the heavenly vaults Returning the money to Judas gives them a chance to restore heavenly order, however, instead of putting the thirty coins back in their place, the priests make a different decision g the processional cycle they are only restoring the hole in the night sky that Aquarius left, they actually buy a pottery field like the mantle The term field denotes a part of the skyThe owner of this part, the Potter, is a glass carrier for this reason they hope that the new property will fit the sky hole made by one another glass carrier, the Aquarius, back was left

What does the Water Bearer symbolize?

Aquarius Symbol: the Water Bearer

The Aquarius symbol meaning of the water bearer represents the Aquarius tendency to be focused on humanity and pour out its lofty visions of a better and brighter future for the human community.

Did Aquarius used to be a water sign?

Although Aquarius is symbolised by the water-bearer, Aquarius is not a water sign. Aquarius is an air sign, just like Gemini and Libra. The three air signs are free spirits who love their space but are great at communication. .

Why isn't Aquarius a water sign?

Why is Aquarius the Water Bearer an air sign? Aquarius is an air sign because it deals with ideas, information, thinking. And with the sharing of ideas and information with others, with the 'group'. As for the water bearer, that represents, is a symbol for, the pouring out of knowledge and information to others. .

Why is Aquarius hated?

1. Aquarius is most hated because they're unpredictable. Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, rebellion, and detachment, is one of the only planets that spins clockwise, rather than counterclockwise. Considering Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, it makes sense that the sign is so paradoxical and unpredictable.7

Is Aquarius a rare sign?

Aquarius is apparently the rarest star sign out of the 12 signs in the zodiac, and the theory makes sense. February is the shortest month and so people assume that Aquarius season is shorter.14 2021 .

Who is the Aquarius God?

Aquarius: Prometheus, God Of Forethought And Humankind

His abilities and chaos are also similar to Aquarius' ruling planet, Uranus.

Is Aquarius the most powerful sign?

But when it comes to intelligence, which sign has the most brains? Aquarius and Scorpio are the smartest zodiac signs, astrologists say but for two very different reasons. Those born under the Aquarius sign have the highest levels of analytical intelligence, which is measured by cognitive ability and IQ. .

Is Aquarius a good sign?

Conclusion. Aquarians are the best Zodiac sign for more than one reason. They prove their loyalty and love for those around them in several different ways. Aquarians follow their sign through and through, and just like water does in many cases, they try to leave a positive change in the world, for the world. .

What are Aquarius weaknesses?

Weaknesses: Overly emotional situations, inability to compromise, hot tempered, apart. Aquarius likes: Entertainment, aiding others, struggle for reason, intellectual conversations, a perfect listener. Aquarius dislikes: Restrictions, incomplete promises, solitude, boring occasions, identities that have other thoughts.

What signs do Aquarius hate?

What signs do Aquarius hate? Eccentric and unique Aquarius doesn't get along with Earth signs Virgo and Taurus, nor Water sign Scorpio. Virgo is too uptight and controlling, Taurus too adverse to change, and Scorpio too emotional and intense. .

Who is the water bearer in the zodiac?

The figure associated with the Aquarius sign, the Water Bearer, symbolizes one of the most important jobs in the ancient world. Without the Aquarius zodiac sign, none of the cities could have been built.

Why is the Aquarius the water bearer important?

The figure associated with the Aquarius sign, the Water Bearer, symbolizes one of the most important jobs in the ancient world. Without the Aquarius zodiac sign, none of the cities could have been built. They thrive on making a better future for all and are generally ahead of their time.

What is the symbol for the zodiac sign of Aquarius?

The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer. The Water Bearer symbolically and eternally gives life and spiritual food to the world. The water from the vessel washes away the past, leaving room for a fresh, new start. The sign of Aquarius is forward-looking and growth-oriented.