How will Mars in Aries affect me?

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How will Mars in Aries affect me?

And when it enters cardinal fire sign Aries, Mars is virtually unstoppable, as Aries is considered the planet's home sign. When Mars is in Aries, we can all expect to feel bolder and braver in charging forward toward new beginnings, taking initiative in our lives, and letting our passions lead the way. .

And action! Hi folks and welcome back to my channel, today this is our first article from the Mars series, I hope you guys are excited! If you don't know where your Mars is, I have prepared another article that I have already posted where you can find the planets in your horoscope as well as your Mars and depending on the Mars position you can choose the article of your choice, z Mars in, Mars in Aries. If you have Mars in Aries this is your article. If your Mars is in Taurus, there is another article.

If you have Mars in Scorpio, don't watch this article. Today's article is about Mars inAries. Whoa, look at this beautiful planet Mars.

And when you were born, Mars was in the constellation Aries. While Venus is what we wear, we love our love style. Mars is our reaction, our drive, also our sex drive, our passion and how we get what we want.

It's our rhythm, it's our willpower, and it's our perseverance. So Mars in Aries is similar to Mars in the first house, but I'm going to make separate articles for you to really tell them apart and see how similar they are or not. So the erogenous zones of a Mars in-area are the head, not the hat, the head and people like the hair like this head area oh and I forgot about them, they are into the A **.

The rière. The back. Mars in Aries already means that it is in its element where it should be, it's like a really good Mars.

It is natural for you to have your Mars in Aries because the planet Aries is Mars, so act quickly. You should react quickly. It's not like a slow response.

So it is the planet of action under the sign of action. Mars in Aries loves what he can't have, especially when he's younger or in his teenage years really likes what he can't have, so most of the time it's even like he has a crush on someone and then likes they obsessed him with them and how i want that person and when they have the person they are no longer interested in the second moment, it changes as they get older and obviously when you have different planetary influences, but yeah, this is an atypical feature of Mars in Aries. Once they get what they want, they may lose interest quickly, so it's better to keep it interesting! Mars has this childlike quality in Aries, but they can also be very stubborn, think Aries, every time a zodiac sign has horns it's more stubborn like number one stubborn Aries, number two stubborn Taurus, number three stubborn Capricorn, not so much, but as if they were more flexible, but yes Taurus, Aries, very stubborn.

Once they have what they want, whatever they love or like, is it an object or something they didn't want, they might lose interest quickly, but they always like to have a crush, it makes them come alive . They always need that. Sometimes when that's over, when people somehow stop stimulating her.

There's no such thing as a chase, that's when they feel dead inside because they always want to be like a crush. They always want to be like yeah, especially when they are younger, they have a lot of crushes, like in high school and then people are always as people as wait, but you have a crush on that person and this one on that person, then like two weeks ago you had a crush on this person from I don't know when and they say, 'It's just a little crush every time we touch.' Yes, that's the song I think of when I think of Mars in Aries and their crushes.

So Mars in Aries is very fiery. It is an element of fire, hence fire and fire. It's more of a male energy, it's more like they're not waiting for things to happen, they go and make things happen and it's fun, especially when they're drunk, they get very drunk and straightforward and suddenly everything becomes come out what they wanted to tell you or how they like it.

I'm going to take a step, it will be like a brave step and they don't care that you hit the wall fully, even if it doesn't work, which is funny, it's like a kid who wants something and doesn't care , no strategies developed so much. Your strategy is to approach it now, the moment you feel it. So especially when they're drunk.

And they're really into the game of cat and mouse. You may like people who are a little hard to come by. It will be like a challenge for them.

They love that. They don't like it when someone surrenders to them, then it's not like that, then there wasn't then they didn't win the game.

You didn't win the chase. Hence, it is important not to chase them and let them chase you. They have such a risk-free and fun attitude and it's funny because when they get drunk or if they like, in a moment they get impulsive and do things that are a little bit crazy and they maybe have other planets, they think to themselves maybe what the 'f' is.

I'll do it? How could I ...? What happened to me As if I got lit and I had to get what I wanted in that moment and they might be ashamed the next day, but honestly, don't be ashamed because I like that innocent naivete if that moment is what you wanted, well, who cares? ? People like it when people have the courage to just be or say something they feel in the moment.

Therefore it is this aria shield-like, fire, quality. It's just like this: Yes, I like YOU! Mars in Aries is a very physical sign and their behavior is like this: 'Actions speak louder than words', that's their Mars mantra, because sometimes they just do it - they don't think much beforehand even when they have an argument, maybe say things you don't mean because it all comes out, it explodes like a bang. And that's how Mars is supposed to be Mars, not supposed to hold things back.

Mars shouldn't be so controlled. Mars is the planet of action, the planet of propulsion, the planet of progress, yes Mars in Aries snaps quickly. They are quick to forgive, it's like you can argue with them and then it takes a while and then you can calm down and think things through, but they snap quickly and maybe say things they don't mean.

No filter, no filter. They can get angry and aggressive pretty quickly, especially when others are doing nonsense, so be careful because they really can ...

How does Marsin Aries get what they want. You know what you want. They may not like it when they are obsessed with it for long, for example when they want something it is in their head and they want to step into action and get it right away.

They don't think before they act. They seldom think before they act. They light up like fire and go through the wall.

Sometimes their method works, sometimes it doesn't. You are very fearless, it may surprise some people because you might be a Cancer or a Virgo and you are very similar, think about the actions before acting, but as if someone has Mars in Aries no matter what the sun sign, if you are angry leave if you want something, you want it NOW.

So how can you get what you want from them? Usually playing hard to come by. I know it's silly but it actually works with this Mars sign and likes to play hard to get funny, not when it's too much. Here, too, the mantra is 'actions speak louder than words'.

So they expect the same from you. You would rather have someone act and then say something, for example, actions speak louder than words. How else do you get something you want from them? When you tell them 'no'

How often does Mars retrograde in Aries?

Mars retrogrades in the sign of Aries rarely, an event only occurring three times in the 20th century. .

Men are from Mars Women are from Venus in the last article we talked about retrograde Venus and its effect on your horoscope today we will talk about the retrograde development of Mars in your horoscope. So keep looking over to Pramanik Astrology Channel I'm your host Prasad Mahajani who will help you raise your vibrations and become your true self with the help of Vedic astrologyMars is the closest planet, but Prasad in the last article you told me that Venus is the planet closest to the earth, yes, both statements are true, Venus is the innermost planet Venus is the next planet in the inner planet inner planets are the planets whose orbit is between the sun and earth, so Mercury and Venus are the inner planet and what are the outer planets Outer planets are Mars Jupiter Saturn These three are the outer planets, outer planets tend to be retrograde for longer periods of time, and inner planets that have ended, and Mercury are reversely retrograde for the shorter period of time, so the outer planets one more or more have greater influence n they cover it properly, more importantly, the outer planet has the spatial aspects of Mars Jupiter and second, all three outer planets have the particular aspects that many astrologers believe that when the planet is retrograde it will bring the fruit of the house before the one in which it is blessed, but I do not believe that theory, because in the case of outer planets, where they have the special aspects, they already affect the four houses If we take the previous house into account, they will affect the eight houses in total, that makes no sense, so I don't think that's okay and something else, the outer planets never burn up if they are retrograde one more time the outer planet never burns up if they are retrograde ok we, if they are retrograde, they are very close to earth so they cannot burn up, but inner planets can burn up at the same time When they are retrograde you have retrograde Mars in your horoscope, when you see the horoscope you will see that our four regressions are in you Chart is OK, if you have this it means you have a main goal in your chart. What are the effects of retrograde Mars on your horoscope? Before we go into that, let's talk about the decline in mass Mars will decline for eight to ten weeks the sun okay, that is, it is always somewhere opposite the sun maybe 50,000 60,000 7,000 8,000 okay so that's from 130 to 196 degrees that's the first point , on which it is retrograde for eight to ten weeks, with three days at the beginning and three days at the end, stationary Mars is a fiery planet in Akalpesh Kundalini the whole first house and the eighth house Why the first house Mars is the ruler of fire element fire life is fire is the first house of your horoscope in the criminal examination or could not be necessary, so Mars is the mass of life this vitality Mars is this energyMars is this independent natureMars is a warrior Mars is a soldier when the mass is declining These energies go inward, there they are redirected to the inner self and what happened to them that these people try to go beyond their priorities and ponder their views on the things of Mars, like the anger, the energy that forced them to ponder the things of Mars, like the aggression, the energy, the vitality, the independent nature that put themselves first don't care about others okay all these Martian qualities are in question the person with retrograde Mars in their horoscope will always think about it and these people always think that other people are taking advantage of them they are this fear of expressing their anger also the person with the master goal internalize everything these energies and try to think again group and think consciously about all the warlike things and these these warlike things become the central topic for you go through the mars maha these things will come out profoundly when you have marsretrograd you are full of energy you have extreme energies but either you can use them positively or you could walk away and you could use them use for violence or sexuality or other dense feelings that are not high vibrating feelings, which are very low vibrating feelings, which are the negative feelings that you might get carried away with, that retrograde mar becomes very powerful if you can retrograde mars to Use your advantage you can do miracles Mars has the power to lead you through the heights of success because this is unusual it is very close to earth and it is declining it is not always negative yes it can give you a very difficult mentality because you are meditation really helps here if you meditate regularly if you are doing mindful meditation or any type of meditation you are very much in control of your energies and then Mars retrograde will help you meet the material challenges will help you pursue your challenges, achieve your dreams in order to achieve that Reach what you have decided to achieve and it will have the positive change in your life that is the greatest for the master turbine you need to meditate People with retrograde mars need to meditate that will calm the energy energies for them and they will be and then be very much under control all of these energies be well under her control and she can use it anywhere she wants, going backwards always means thinking about the past, so these people will always be thinking about the past and they have this unknown burden of the past because people are their behavior don't understand, but the behavior patterns are very much influenced by their past experiences, okay, what we may not have? be able to understand because they will project past experiences into present life Marsis is a very energetic planet so Mars retrograd brings the conflicts with it, but conflicts are not always as bad as the big conflicts are the conflicts about spiritual advancement as opposed to material progress, because energy is the same, it attracts you from both sides at one point you feel like you are following your desires another time you feel like you are following the spiritual desires Mars is declining the material Efforts for spiritual progress sacrifice interesting sometimes what happens to the retrograde Martians because it is maybe very cool and calm but we get angry very easily and suddenly to avoid such situations a constructive approach has to be developed to deal with the tensions in order to deal with the fear and deal with the anger u nd again i will suggest you meditate if people with math can regret meditating, it will change their lives and your master will troll your mars decline will becom very positive and you will be unstoppable.

I believe the energy of Mars can be used for the solid positive and constructive path, or it can pass into negativity, so the person with retrograde Mars must be careful to always stay on the positive side of the action, Mars is retrograde this is bad, not the energy at all, how you use the energy will determine what the effects of retrograde Mars will be, which in my opinion is when a person with a mass decline can meditate and consciously give their actions directions towards positivity She can change her material dreams and become really successful. The best thing you can channelize is your energy through either sport or physical activity that gives you an outlet for your energy and all of the negative will to be trained one of the negative effects most brilliant examples of Mars retrograd is the boxer Muhammad Ali he has retrograde in Mars 10. Aries house and you know what he did Right, we could do a case study of how I love this guy.

Most of the time people with the mass regressions tend to suppress their anger, they don't express their anger to anyone and that builds up and that really hurts them, it's bad for them to really build that anger, let's sum up masterda big in yours Horoscope mass is decreasing Mars is the energy mass is the Life force mass is the first house in the offender Rondalee and the eighth house First house of the natural horoscope is the house of fire The house of life is the house of Mars Aries Okay so these people have that Trend of the crowd, but the energy of Mars is okay in the direction inwards, so whenever you have a decline in mass in your horoscope, you will always have to deal with anger management, you will internalize these energies in order to regroup around everyone reevaluating martial qualities you will always look back you will always examine yourself on the anger management process okay with that you will always be reflecting on your anger confrontations and all that where you have the ambition or the energy, because Mars is energy, if you have a diminishing mass in your horoscope you have to deal with the scattered energy your energy won't just internalized but sometimes also scattered and you don't get it Any way out to get rid of that energy, okay, so what would I do? I suggest that people with Mars retrograd should join a spoon so that all of their energies are discharged. All of your energies are now being put into this sport. Even if you have energy or anger issues, you can still put all your energies into exercising so you can neutralize all of these negative effects of the crowd Okay one more thing, if you have declining mass you should always meditate, okay meditation will help you to control your energy okay yeah in the envy of this article we discussed how you can express yourself when you communicate and express yourself you will be able to deal with retrograde venus for the crowd you have to meditate and you have to participate in some sports attend, okay, these are the practical solutions to dealing with retrograde Mars, okay, so yeah, that was as much as I could get annoyed and share with you guys, if you're new to my channel please consider subscribing to this one Share article with your friends and family and send it up Vibrations will send you tons of positive energy see the next articles Love Video and Peace

When did Mars go retrograde in Aries?

Mars Retrograde doesn't get as much press as Mercury Retrograde, but it's objectively a real toughie of a transit. This time around, it's taking place in its favorite sign, Aries, from September 9 until November 13 (but you'll feel its effects up until the very end of December). .

How does Mars retrograde affect you?

When Mars appears to be going backwards, we can have issues in these areas. Francesca said: During Mars retrograde, there's this energetic process because he appears to be moving backwards. It's slower, it's hard to assert ourselves, it's harder to do our Mars things. There's less fire, there's less gumption. .

Is Mars in Aries good or bad?

Positive Traits of the Mars in Aries

They are great at getting things started. Fresh concepts fuel their desire for action, and they love a good challenge. The Aries Mars people don't like when others aren't as honest and straightforward as they are, for they find this takes longer to get anything done.

Is Mars in Aries right now?

See, Mars has been in Aries since June 2020. The planet of action, motivation, and libido usually spends just a few weeks in one sign, but we had the pleasure of experiencing a rare Mars Retrograde last year (ugh!), which meant Mars was in Aries for more than six months. .

Why is Mars in Aries for so long?

Mars is the natural day ruler of Aries we say that Mars is in domicile (at home) in Aries. Mars usually spends no more than two months traveling through each sign but every 26 months or so, due to its retrograde motion, Mars will spend an extended period in one sign. .

How does Mercury retrograde affect Aries 2021?

This Mercury retrograde will be especially dizzying when it comes to communication in your life, Aries. Even the most mundane day-to-day social interactions like work emails, DMs with your friends, or small talk with your neighbors could hit retrograde snags and devolve into drama or misunderstandings.19 2021 .

Is Aries in retrograde 2020?

There's a Mars retrograde coming, As if 2020 wasn't stressful enough, that means it's time to put your sex life and professional life on high alert. This year's Mars retrograde occurs in fiery Aries from Wednesday, September 9, to Friday, November 13. .

Is anything in retrograde right now 2021?

In 2021, Mercury will be in complete retrograde movements during the following date ranges: January 30 to February 21. May 29 to June 22. September 27 to October 23.20 2021 .

When does Mars go into retrograde in 2020?

As Mars Retrogrades in Aries the Astrology of 2020 Intensifies. By Gary Caton. September 8, 2020. Mars will station retrograde on September 9, 2020 at 28°09’ Aries and will station direct on November 13, 2020 at 15°14’ Aries. More time elapses between Mars retrogrades than for any other planet.

When is the midpoint of Mars retrograde in Aries?

The other important power day is the midpoint of the retrograde, when Mars (21°04ʹ Aries) exactly opposes the Sun (21°04ʹ Libra) on October 13. This day is likely to be intense and highly charged. Mars is at its closest proximity to the Earth now, making it clearly visible in the heavens.

When was the last time Mars was in Aries?

It’s been 32 years (1988) since the last Mars retrograde that was mostly in Aries, and it will be 47 years before it happens again in 2067. Mars is classified as a “superior” planet, meaning that it is generally farther from the sun than Earth.