What does your north node sign mean?

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What does your north node sign mean?

The North Node, on the other hand, represents the path that you are growing into through this life. It's your destiny. Each of your Nodes have their own sign in your birth chart, just like planets do, but they're not actual celestial objects like planets and stars. .

(00:02): So many people turn to me because they feel completely lost in life. They don't know their mission or their goals. They have no idea what they are doing here on planet earth.

And if that is you, this article will change your life as we go deep into and get that one of the most important parts of your astrology chart, the North Node. If you learn to work with the North Node, you will find out what You are doing here and what your soul has planned for this life. In this article you will learn what the North Node is, why it is important, and how to find and work with your North Node today. (00:38): Occurs. (00:47): Hello, beautiful soul.

This is Christina Lopes, the heart alchemist who will help you open your heart, heal your past and live with meaning. If you are new to my articles, click the subscribe button and also the bell. So you will be notified as soon as I publish new content and also follow me on Instagram, where I share tips and advice that you cannot find here on YouTube in Part 1 of the What's the North Node article.

All right. The North Knot, as I said in the introduction to the article, the North Knot is one of the most important components of your astrology chart in my opinion. Um, and knowing how to work with your north node, what it is, and what it is is crucial for you along the way.

So the north knot is basically a point on your astrology chart that works with what is known as the south knot. (01:35): So the south node in the north node works together. They are not planets in themselves like most of the things that go on in your astrology chart, knowing the knots, the knots, uh, uh, points.

They are not real planets, but rather mathematical points that are calculated taking into account the relationship between the sun, moon and earth at the time you were born. OK. And that is generally what the knots on your astrology chart are and what they mean, the knots.

The north knot is the point on your astrology chart that talks about where your soul would like you to go. OK. So your north knot has been programmed into your astrology chart by your soul and gives you some kind of direction of what your soul wants to do, what it wants to experience, what it wants to learn, what it wants to go on, right? (02:29): So this is your north node.

The south knot is where you come from your previous experience. What you are good at, what you have mastered over several lifetimes, that you were here on earth. So even though this article is about the North Node, North Node, and South Node, they fit together, you can't really separate them from each other.

So when you talk about the North Node, you need to talk about the South Node too because they work so closely together. All right? So that is the crux of what these two points mean. Um, but the north knot is the biggest focus of our article today.

You can basically think of the north knot as your north star. So the north knot is that north star that is constantly pointing you in the direction your soul wants to go. (03:17): Whereby your south node is more the direction from which you come and what the soul really wants to publish many things.

And the things that you are most comfortable with, including the knots, have a special connection to your karma, your personal karma, not just the karma you have accumulated on yourself. Notice that you have been here in these several lifetimes, but also the North Node, which is the opportunity for you to create new karma. OK.

So the knots are connected to your personal karma, both in the past and in the future. OK. So this is the connection to the notes.

If you want to know a little more about karma and reincarnation since I've been talking about carbon, I have spoken to you about past lives when it comes to the South Node. If you want to know more about these topics I made two articles, one about karma and one about reincarnation. (4:07 am): If you would like to dig deeper into these topics, I'll leave links to these articles in the description box below.

So after watching this article, you can watch the second part of the article about why the north knot is so important. So there are essentially two main reasons why the North Node is a crucial part of your astrology chart, but really of your entire life. One of the reasons for this is because the north knot gives you the direction.

So remember, I said at the beginning of the article that a lot of people get in touch with me. Many people feel lost and aimless in the moment and have no idea how to find their mission, what their goal is. And this is where the North Node comes in handy because the North Node will give you laser precision in your direction, which is what your soul was planning before you came here. (04:55): Okay? The North Node really points you in the direction of the things your soul wants to experience and learn in this life.

That's a wonderful, wonderful thing for you because it clears things up for you. And you know, to take myself as an example, when I found out what my north knot was because I didn't even know what my north knot was, I had no idea. I had never really looked into astrology.

So I ignored the astrology charts. So I didn't know what the North Node was, but when I found out what the North Node is, how important it is and how to understand it and so on, (05:31): My whole life changed my whole life because , (05:35): Because it gave me the direction I had to go. And it gave me a better map, you know what my soul is supposed to be doing here.

And that was life changing for me. My whole life changed when I found my north knot. When I found and studied this northern knot in my own life, I realized not only where my soul wanted to go, but what, what kind of new territory, um, wanted to experience.

But I also noticed that I was stuck at the south knot. These are the things of the south knot that caught my eye by knowing the north knot in the south knot and their play with each other. I started noticing so many areas in my life that I was stuck and I didn't even realize I was stuck.

I tied knots in myself. (06:22): I tried to live my life as I knew it and felt comfortable with it, as I had experienced on the way, thing, thing, your south node. And so I just kept living according to this south knot.

And I didn't reach for the north knot because it was a little scary, did I? Your north node represents where your soul wants to go. It is new territory for your soul. Your soul has never done it.

So it's uncharted territory and new, it's unknown. So it's a little scary. It's a bit safe to just dive headfirst into the north knot.

As a result, we tend to get stuck at the south knot very often. So when I found out about the North Node and playing with the South Node, I noticed areas of my life that I was stuck in and I didn't want to reach for that, uh, North Node. (07:10): When I learned this, it released so much energy in my life.

It gave me a direction. And once I focused on that direction at my north knot, my whole life changed. And just to give you a little concrete example of how my life has changed by studying and understanding my north knot.

I'll just give you a small example from my YouTube channel. So before I learned about North Nodes, before I even knew what it was, I had my YouTube channel. I had already started it and had around 3000 subscribers.

I think the first, the first two to three, four years I don't even remember the first few years of my YouTube channel. It just trickled. And I had something like 3000 subscribers.

And as soon as I focused on my north knot and changed my behavior, habits and activities because I knew about that north knot, my entire YouTube channel exploded. (8:06 am): It exploded to what it is today. And you know, we add about 20,000 new subscribers to this YouTube channel every month.

And I have no doubt that as soon as I tipped into my north knot and focused on it, it blew up, my YouTube channel blew up. OK. So this is just a small example of what happened in my outside world in response to me and focused on my north knot.

So your north knot is vital, but it is also where your destiny lies. OK? Your north knot is your path to your destiny. And if you focus on your destiny and focus on your destiny and go the path of your destiny as your soul planned, it all fits together.

Now I would like to leave a small page here. Thing, thing, here are my side notes. I want to leave a little side note here because I don't want to give you the impression that if you focus on your north knot, your life suddenly becomes easy. (09:10): That is not the case.

All right. So I wanted to leave this note here, this side note here, if you focus on your north knot, focus on your destiny. Yes.

You go your way to what your soul has planned for this life, but it is not always easy. It's not always easy. And it is not always easy, precisely because the north node is new territory.

It's unexplored territory. And whenever we dive headlong into something new, it's really uncomfortable because your north knot is completely pushing you out of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is the southern node.

The South Node is your comfort zone because it encompasses all of your experiences. That's where you come from. It's what you know.

And what we know is pleasant even when it is painful. Sometimes for us, sometimes we stay in totally painful, toxic situations, but we just do it because it's convenient and all we know is, well, that's you. (10:10): It's not always easy to focus on the north knot and head first into the unknown.

So I didn't mean to give the impression that everything will be very easy if you focus on your north node. Is not this. Of course, there can be challenges with aligning with your north node.

But it's not about whether your life is getting any easier. The point is whether your life is more aligned with your destiny and what your soul has planned for this life. Because when that happens, your whole life changes and you feel much more fulfilled, fulfilled.

Even if concentrating on your north node sometimes brings challenges, because we really always have to stretch out of our comfort zone when we are pushed out of our comfort zone. Have a lot of courage, have a lot of dedication, have a lot of patience. (10:58): So there are many things that will be mentioned by you when you focus on your north knot, right? It's not always easy, but it's worth it.

The second reason your north node is important is because you know what to share. All right. So keep in mind that I was talking about how the north node and south node fit together a while ago.

There is no way to separate them. They go together, they work together. So if I know my south node, I automatically know mine too, if I know my north node, I automatically know myself too.

And when I look at my south node, I begin to understand what my soul wanted to release for this life. That is programmed in this South Node in your North Node, you know where you are going and in your South Node you know what your soul wants to let go of, what it wants to release. (11:48): So if you understand these nodes and the relationship they have with one another, you will know what your soul wants to release in this life.

And I'll give you a concrete example from my life so that you can understand how it works. All right? So you are knot, your south and your north knot. They are related to each other, but also opposite.

And I'll talk about it in a moment. So don't worry. Your north nodes are opposite in your astrology chart.

All right. So my north knot in Virgo, for example, is fine. In the sign of Virgo you are your north and your north and south knots are always in certain signs.

OK? My north knot is in Virgo, which automatically means I know I will be in Pisces. (12:34): And we'll go into how to find your north node in a moment, but just go over here with me. My north knot is in Virgo, that is, my south knot is in Pisces.

So I'm going from aquatic fish to Earth Virgo. All right. And so I feel really good in Pisces.

I'm really comfortable going with the flow and living in a cabin in the middle of the forest or going and walking over there. I just really feel good in this watery, uh, flowing, non-firming energy. So when I learned what my south and north knots were, I understood that my soul wanted me to go from the water to the earth, which means my soul was here now.

I, I had mastered all of the Pisces energy and my, my soul now wanted me to focus on the earth, to know how to plan, plan, materialize things, manifest things and put my visions into the ground bring to. (13:33): All right. This is just an example but you can see how I learned what I needed to post by looking at this south knot and understanding it was in Pisces and understanding all the details of my own knot.

I could understand that my soul wanted to release that kind of Willy Nilly energy. Sometimes this Piscean energy can be like that. Very informal and directionless.

Sometimes my soul wanted to release that there is another quality that the soul wanted to release from me. That is related to Pisces. And that is the ability to sometimes sacrifice all of yourself until there is nothing left.

This is a property of fish. When I got that I said, whoa, sacrificing myself until I got nothing, was an expert at it. And I've done that so many times in this life. (14:23): And only when I understood my knots did I understand that my soul wanted to let go of this tendency to sacrifice, which I could no longer give up when I virgin my feet on the earth.

I had to put my feet on the ground and never sacrifice myself again, whether or not I had a service mission. And it was that shift. See, not only understanding where my soul wanted to go, but also what my soul wanted to release.

Once I understood that it completely changed my life in the way I manifested my destiny. And I am continuing my fate now in part 3 of the article on how to find your north knot. All right.

That's why I've given you a few details. Now we get a little more technical on how to find this north node. (15:07): All right.

So you already know that your north knot is two math, your north and south knots. Your knots are math points that can be found on your astrology chart. They are face to face.

OK. So, but I've talked about the knots having certain characters. OK.

So your north node is assigned to a specific zodiac sign on your sign. Your South Node is in a specific zodiac sign, but that's not all. All right.

So I wanted to check out a bit of an astrology chart in general. So to get an understanding of what an astrology chart looks like, astrology chart. It doesn't just have the zodiac signs, um, scattered across your chart.

Your diagram also includes so-called houses. Your astrology map contains 12 houses. Every house has a specific theme.

All right. So if you look for your north node and your south node, they will not only sit on a shield but also in a house on your astrology map. (16:02): All right.

So in my example I have another Jungfrau North knot. My north node is in the ninth house. OK.

So not only did I have to look up what Virgo means, but what the ninth house means and why my north node was specifically placed in this house rather than another. My south node is right across the street. All right.

So right across the street. The ninth house on your astrology chart is the third house. So my southern knot is in Pisces in the third house.

All right. So I had to find out again what not only Pisces means, but also what the third house of an astrology table means. All right.

And so you start playing with this north and south knot. So you need to have your date of birth and time of birth, especially your time, because if you don't have your time of birth or an approximate time of birth, you will not know which house your North Node is in. (16:55.)): All right.

You can only find your North Node by the date of birth, but the house you need is the time of birth. So see if you can find out what time you were born and with the time and date of your birth you can find out which zodiac sign is your North Node and which house it is in. Okay.

And you can either find this through an astrology chart online, or you can do it online. You can, um, look it up, work with an astrologer too. This is a great way to study your, um, your north and south nodes, um, or you can just do it yourself.

Find yours, find your astrology charts, see where your north and south knots are. And then just do a research and read all about it. (17:35): Um, um, you know, at your own pace, if you want to study the knots yourself first and don't want to visit an astrologer, you just want to do it yourself.

I have a book recommendation. This is my favorite book for studying the notes. It's called Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller.

That's why I'm leaving a link to this book in the description field below. Once you've found your north and south knot, this book will be a great place to read exactly what it means, um, so you know what the house means and what the zodiac sign of your north knot means. And then you can really start to study deeply where your soul wants to go and what it wants to let go of you.

All right, beautiful soul. Now I want to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below.

If you already know what your north node is, write it in the comments below because I want to see the different north nodes that are out there. Let me know in the comments below, click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel, or visit my website and download my popular guided meditations. And don't forget these two articles that I recommended.

One about karma and one about reincarnation. That would be great follow-ups to this article. All right.

Beautiful soul. I love you. I'm out.

Is North Node important?

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This is the place your soul has never explored before. Yes, the future might be uncertain, but your North Node, by sign and house, tells you that if you're willing to develop these qualities, you will achieve tremendous soul growth.
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What is North and South Node in astrology?

Astrologers use the lunar nodes to determine where your destiny lies (north node) and what you were in past lifetimes (south node). The nodes change signs about every 18 months. People born within your same lunar node group are like your 'soul tribe.' You were incarnated with them to learn the same lessons.

Is North Node the same as ascendant?

The Ascendant represents the point on the ecliptic that rises above the horizon. Somewhat simplified, the North Node represents the point on the ecliptic where the Moon rises above the ecliptic.

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Check Your Birth Chart's North Node to Learn Your Cosmic Destiny and True Calling. True to its name, your north node is your true north or your North Star, says intuitive astrologer and healer Rachel Lang. 'It's the point of destiny you continue to follow throughout your life. .

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Open your NUiT app and click on Astrology then Birth Chart. In the Advanced section, you'll see North Node at the bottom of your placements. Notice which number is next to it. ???? This is the House your North Node is located in!

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The North Node in your first house (home of the rising sign) indicates that throughout this lifetime, struggles you face will involve finding your own leadership, your own identity (separate from others) and establishing individualism, independence.