What is my Mercury sign mean?

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What is my Mercury sign mean?

'Mercury dictates how you think, how you write, and talk to yourself and others,' she adds. That means the first time you meet someonewhether it's IRL or onlineyou're actually meeting their Mercury sign, not their Sun sign.22 2019 .

If you've never been here, thank you for clicking this article, and if you've been here twice, thank you for clicking another article. I appreciate you so much for today's article, we're going to be talking about Mercury, the planet, so we're just going to talk about the planet, what it astrologically means, what each sign in Mercury looks like before we jump on it.

I am not an expert. I've only been studying astrology for a couple of years and I really enjoy it, so yeah. I just want to say that sober Curie is the planet of communication, learning how to express ourselves, and it also has to do with transportation and technology. a bits and a bit of education, but more.

In our earlier years from kindergarten through twelfth grade, this planet tells us how to absorb information, how we develop our thoughts and ideas, when we have any problems with learning or with languages ​​j ? ??????????????? how we express ourselves, maybe when we have blocks that keep us from expressing our opinion or we speak very loudly about how we feel, Mercury can also tell us about our sibling life, whether or not you may have siblings What kind of relationships these people will hold all their lives. This is also an area where we can see where we get restless, maybe where we know that things that drive us are definitely telling us how we are as public speakers and mercury rules too, the mercury of the nervous system is along with the sun of the moon and our rising sign are part of eight other planets that make up our natal chart. I'll link everything below that can tell you where to find your natal chart for more information about each zodiac sign and moon sign info, if you're interested I have articles about the moon signs as well as each zodiac sign so i will link these e below.

If you want, you can learn more about what your signs of mercury are and how that applies to you. Mercury changes signs every 14-30 days, so mercury moves once or twice a month so it's a lot more personal about how I said it tells us how we communicate and how we think and things like that mercury the ruler of Gemini is who rules the third house but Mercury also rules Virgo and the astrology of the sixth house can go very deep. It has many levels so I will try my best to just keep on the subject of the planet and the article To stay with today, but it's kind of easy to go down the rabbit hole when I start talking about things I just wanted to do nice.

Exposure to Mercury Declining A lot of people, especially in the last couple of years, have been talking about mercury declining, like on social media. You see a lot of similar means and things where people blame mishaps, that mercury is declining and so on f so and yes, that mercury is declining affects our communication, technology and travel, so things in these arenas can go wrong. You just want to be careful during these times.

May not sign contracts. Be very clear when communicating with people. Don't take things too personally Take extra care Be extra safe in every situation What happens is mercury is basically around us Mercury around the sun in 88 days, so much faster than the earth, that's why we sometimes have multiple retrograde Mercury every year and like I said, a lot of it can be associated with negativity, but it doesn't have to be a super negative tense bad time.

You can just go back and re-investigate where you need to and just be flexible during that time and you'll get there, but that's pretty much the information about mercury so we can get back to any si right away. to speak. Gn is the ruler of mercury, that makes sense.

Aries Mercury people are very clear-thinking people - they are usually quick thinkers - they are really straightforward and can make decisions pretty quickly. I would say they are pretty good at being like leaders in some ways, some sort of militant leader, or maybe just in business, they are very sure of themselves and get right to the point the guy who enjoys it, they can get bored easily when conversations are super glossy, so yeah, they're not afraid of a bit of fighting they are usually daredevils and like idealistic people. Some Aries Mercury people are Vincent van Gogh Albert Einstein Leonardo da Vinci Al Pacino Marlon Brando When studying and studying, they like to learn a little more at their own pace and when it comes to reacting to things that they normally would Think little, give yourself a little time to think about what to say instead of just letting you know you're coming back right like in Aries or Leo maybe they're just a lot more shy and calculated about what they're going to do they are very thoughtful people they are very methodical very practical they don't like to be rushed they are stubborn too, they stand up for their loved ones or themselves when necessary and they are the kind of M People who prevail are the type of people who go to school and get their masters don't give up so easily, they keep going, they are very persistent and just know that they are slowly and steadily winning the race so are some Tourists Mercury People George Clooney Kanye West John F Kennedy Megan Fox and Emma Watson Twins Mercury People They are pretty good communicators since Mercury is the ruler of the twins twins are happy with Mercury, you know, so these people are funny really quick they are good with comebacks they are are quite sarcastic they are good at just talking to you, talking to you they are very curious people and have different interests, so they doubt to talk about anything.

They are also very attentive to people and they are quite quick-tempered people, maybe the type who doesn't try a little extra to be friendly. ? ? ? ? ?? relax and switch off completely. They are very good at seeing both sides of things and they can be very convincing.

They're just pretty darn good communicators and really fun talking to them like you could they are some Gemini Mercury people for hours about anything Audrey Hepburn Grace Kelly Adele Marilyn Monroe Stevie Nicks Kimora Lee Simmons and Kenny G and Morin Hill you know how to speak their mind and so on, it's very talented anyway, but now they have really good memories, people with cancer have really good memories, they have a kind of intuitive way of communicating like they know if you are lie, they know if you are happy or sad and they are like they know what is going on, even if you are somehow not real with them, like any kind of information, they only take in information through their emotions and feelings. Sometimes they have trouble separating their feelings from their balls and you know they are trying to make decisions and things like that, sometimes they are a little bit emotionally invested in things and that changes their judgment or the way they communicate, how they express themselves etc. They tend to repress their emotions as being the crab they can just be moody and internalize things and then explode when at other times they actually have an interest in history and they are Plus, they are really good listeners.

They are very caring, empathetic people so they are very good at speaking to you. They are just good listeners and can give good advice because they know you know to be careful, so some Cancer-Mercury people include Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey Khloe Kardashian Donald Trump Tom Hanks Adriana Lima Alexander the Great and the Virgin Mary now in the article a Mercury people are very confident and extroverted people, they are pretty brave and dramatic when it comes to expressing themselves and I have a feeling Real Mercury people are kind of superstar people who get over it outside of the box, so they're the kind of people I could think of who are into the performing arts or just tell stories or create things you know just post their thoughts. are very personable charismatic people and sometimes they are exaggerated when they talk they are really dramatic and sometimes they could stru ggle get deep layers they keep things kind of superficial they really enjoy having the same attention when they are public talk or talk about what they're passionate about, so some Leo Mercury people are Nelson Mandela JLo Michael Jackson Selena Gomez Barack Obama Cameron Diaz Robin Williams Lindsey Lohan Demi Lovato and Mick Jagger.

So if you weren't a few people there, Virgo Mercury is pretty comfortable where they are, since Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, they are pretty good communicators, being a slightly different communicator from Gemini they are very quick thinkers like Gemini, but they analyze things a lot more. You're the type who breaks situations down to the very bottom. You're the type who tries to be a problem solver.

You are pretty straight forward and good at expressing yourself and you can be straightforward without being too serious and just as efficient at being as you are thin. gs if it has to do with communication in school and all, they're just pretty good at dealing with all of this and you're just the type of guy who analyzes data and is kind of a bunch of people and stuff. When it comes to public speaking I would say that if you are pretty good at speaking publicly, if you are confident, if you are too confident then you may be a little aggressive aggressive rigid in your opinion and kind of as you know , critical of others and myself personally I am a Virgo Mercury I am a Virgo Mercury Virgo zodiac sign Virgo ascending Virgo chyron yay some other Virgo Mercury people are Keanu Reeves Freddie Mercury Mother Teresa Amy Winehouse Jennifer Lawrence Kylie Jenner Whitney Houston and Mila Kunis are Libra very pleasant communicators as mediators they are good at calming people down and are kind of in the middle of it and able to help people smooth things out that they don't really like conflict so they can smooth out the conflict but when they are part of conflict, you may be the type to avoid making jokes hen, they don't really like confrontation and things like that are very diplomatic and graceful, though people especially like it when it comes to public speaking and communication and so on.

They are very airy. They tend to be pretty persuasive and usually they can be tactful with the way they communicate z have a plan on how to deal with this, uh, or maybe if there is someone they like , then maybe they can really heat up the flirt, they just have a plan with the way they are going to communicate with people who do so nedra mercury. These include Leonardo DiCaprio Beyonce Bill Gates Vladimir Putin Will Smith Kendall Jenner and Gwen Stefani it's like a random group of people Scorpios are the detective type the thinkers are the type who research things when they are concerned with things that go really deep, Going really deep, they are the type that deals with taboo subjects, they are also not afraid to speak up about how they feel or just stand up for others, they can be obsessed when it comes to talking about something to learn what they like right now, or exactly what they like at the time, when they are very honest people who are sometimes pessimistic and they like you in depth.

They don't like to talk about the weather. They don't like to talk about the weather. They don't like circus love.

You like to talk about deep things. Maybe things that you cannot easily talk about. They are very brave and brave people, so a Scorpio Mercury includes Tyra Banks Miley Cyrus Kim Kardashian Katy Perry Anna Nicole Smith Ashanti Mahatma Gandhi Pablo Picasso and John Lennon Sagittarius Mercury people are very open-minded and curious people who like to learn, just like expand they are the kind of people who have questions about anything, they really enjoy having intellectual conversations, they know about a few things, the least most of which most of them are fairly well educated, or at least well versed on many subjects they tend to like aries and leos more about liking debates and being the guy who wants to know, going back and forth with people who aren't afraid to speak up and disagree with other people, can be really sarcastic people and they really are funny bad for you and you e also tend to be really thoughtful people.

They think of others, they listen to others, so yes, some well-known Sagittarius Mercury people are Brittan y Spears Scarlett Johansson Christina Aguilera Nicki Minaj jay-z beige or Jamie Hendrix Isaac Newton and Frank Sinatra so Capricorn Mercury's are very methodical People They are the kind of people who are kind of like no BS Kind of people know what's going on that they tap to get mean, if taken a little too far they hate fake they hate lies and things like that me just hate it and they're usually really just grounded people who just work hard and grounded efficient communicators and learners, so some Capricorn Mercury people include Stephen Hawking David Bowie Billy Eilish Elvis Presley Shakira Brad Pitt Michelle Obama and Taylor Swift next we are Aquarius Aquarius Mercury People very smart, very intelligent.

You are scientific thinkers who are very logical. They tend to be a little ahead of their time. You are able to see things in other ways, e.g.

B. Seeing things differently from most people and sometimes they have to wait a few years for people to catch up with them when it comes to life, their ideas and how progressive they are. They are very open-minded.

They learn quickly. They are really good writers and they are very honest rational people aquarius mercury people include jesus he is he an aquarius mercury rihanna martin luther king jr. Jennifer Aniston Steve Jobs Sharon Tate Justin Bieber and Oprah last but not least we have Pisces Mercurys these are the dreamers these are the people who write great stories very poetic, very magical and the way they communicate and write and such Things tend to be better in their own learning structure and not that they struggle with learning, but they simply tend to be better in a less structured setting that they do not really like confrontations and are very much sensitive.

They feel things pretty strongly. They can feel other people's emotions pretty strongly, so they're the type of people who keep friendships and relationships loose and don't go too deep because you know it just takes a lot of energy from them. They are true friends and their family will know their deep side and they know your true side very tender and loving people who tend to get attached to what, ifs and things like that.

Sometimes they get stuck in your head. These people are imaginative and big dreamers, so those Mercury people in some places include Abraham Lincoln Kurt Cobain Heath Ledger Alan Rickman Mariah Carey Elton John Lien Dion and Lady Gaga thank you very much for watching this article through to the end. I really appreciate you very much.

Give this article a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and make sure you click the subscribe button if you don't want to miss out on any future articles, and that's pretty much it, so I'll keep going and the article here. I wish you a nice rest of the day I send you all the love and all the good vibes and I will capture you in my next article

What is mercury in birth chart?

Mercury. The smallest and innermost planet of the solar system, Mercury is named after the Roman deity who served as a messenger to the gods. Within astrology, it symbolizes communication. While the moon reflects our emotions, this planet reflects logic and rationality. .

brotherhood of eternal light teaching the western mysteries this article is part of our online course in kabbalistic astrology if you want to learn with us click on the link in the description article series the horoscope of the planets mercury what is the mercury of the gods he gives us symbols language and thoughts he presides over to you basic meanings help to understand the planet mercury better, let's first explain some basic alchemical and kabbalistic meanings, the alchemical symbol of mercury unites the lying crescent moon above the circle in the middle and the cross below it corresponds to the metal mercury, and alchemy mercury represents and was one of the alchemical roots known long before our era, a watery quality is perceived in alchemy, this assessment agrees with the symbolism of the Kabbalahon the basis of the assignment of the other letter mem to Sephira The letter mem symbolizes the wa Teryform-giving principle in the tree of life we ​​find this in the form of the progression of Binahto Khasid and on the Sephirahmerkur is called Kachav in Hebrew and means star mercury, which is nearby the sun is located and moves around it fairly quickly, was one of the first planetary stars to be observed in the sky name startthe sephirah hood underlies the sastrological meaning of mercury on the macrocosmic tree of life hod represents the form aspect of the lower mental plane the inventive energies and creative impulses from netsechi.e the power principle of the lower mental level are expressed in hud the analytical form principle of the mental level is appropriately a and coherent form of expression mercury is therefore associated with clarity of the mind, communication and thought structures and the intellect Q Mercury in mythology in ancient Mesopotamia the god of the literary art of writing and wisdom was called mercury, corresponding to Naboot, the god of Egypt, who corresponds to mercury and the wisdom and cleverness of writing and the mathematics of magic and the calculation of time. The Greek equivalent is Hermes the messenger of the She is considered to be the lord of the oratorio merchants, but also thieves, he is also the soul guide and the god of magic, after all, Mercury was the god of trade and economy in the Roman Empire Astrological significance Mercury's position in the horoscope shows in which way and in which area of ​​life we ​​are using our minds and how clarity of mind is expressed Mercury's virtues are truthfulness honesty and the power of communicationThe vices of mercury are dishonestyFalsehood and being trapped in the world of images and symbolsMovement and speed Mercury is between the earth and the Sunits apparent rotation around the earth therefore lasts about as long as that of the sun, so Mercury needs about a year for its orbit through the zodiac Mercury apparently runs a little faster than the sun through the zodiac signs creates about 1.5 degrees daily the sun only about 1 degree Due to the annually recurring phases of retrograde and the position of the mercury between the earth and the sun, there is ultimately a similar duration for the crossing of the zodiac seen from the earth in this animation is the ratio of the speed of mercury and the sun Also seen in the natal here We can also see that mercury is never far from the sun, since mercury is between the earth and the sun, it is never further than a maximum of 28 degrees from the sun in the natal so in the natal Mercury is either in the same sign as the sun or in one of the signs next to the only a specter forms a conjunction of mercury in thesunis if it is very close or exact we also speak of a burnt mercury this is also called a combustion for more information on the astrological aspects and their meanings see the articles on the aspect dominance and reference mercury rules on the one hand the sign Gemini and is in exile in Sagittarius on the other hand also mercury ru the sign Virgo and is in exile in Pisces The properties of mercury coincide with the nature of the sign Gemini as well as with the nature of the sign Virgo in the sign of the versatile and flexible Gemini Mercury agile mind and The power of communication can be expressed well in the sign of the exact Virgo The structure of their details is suppressed by the big picture, in fish, where it is about devotion and profound merging with a higher ideal and the dissolution of two earthly structures, the practical clarity of order of the mind as well as the analytical mental power of mercury cannot be used well because the analytical mental power is clouded and thus lost by daydreaming and loss of reality.

Elevation and fall Mercury is not only in rulership in Virgo, but also sublime and therefore in Exile and fall in pisces - this is a feature that we also refer to in a separate article Mercury is exceptionally good and strong in the sign of Virgo for in the sign of Virgo, where orderly practical intelligence is important, clarity of the mind and application of the intellect can of course be expressed especially good with fish, however, due to exile and fall, mercury is particularly unfavorable and weak, where the dreaming and devotional quality is directed to higher supernatural ideals clarity of the mind and application of the intellect cannot develop well Let us sum up the meanings of mercury is expressed virtue truthfulness honesty and power of communication vice dishonesty mendacity falsehood trapped in the world of images and symbols to be ruleTwins and Virgo JubilationVirgin Exile Sagittarius and Pisces If you like our articles, we look forward to your support let us know in the comments what you find particularly interesting, helpful or valuable, subscribe to our channel and like the article

What are Big Six signs?

Some of those placements are generational rather than individual, so astrologers typically focus on the big sixyour sun, moon, rising, Mercury, Mars, and Venus signs. .

Hey everyone, welcome back to Trend CentralPerson, what I have for you in today's article is basically a test of how normal you actually are compared to the majority of people gathered through recent studies, now we all are unique individuals but some things are taken into account more normally than others If you want me to reply to your comments then make sure you leave a like on the articleSubscribe to the channel, just leave the comment that says ISubscribed and I will make sure that I answer as many of you as I can, but anyway let's jump straight to today's article Well, when it comes to image perception, many people would see a rabbit in this image at first glance, but few people become duck because of the The way our eyes perceive images, actually see them, or look at this image. What do you see first When you see the back view of a woman Then you are normal as the majority sees that first, however when you see the old man you are really unique in that he is less often seen, however when it comes to the human body90 % of people are actually right-handed and only 10% of the world are actually left-handed even if your parents are both left-handed there is still a greater chance that you will be born right-handed than left-handed, this is also normal since more than 6 and 10 People wear glasses but if you can't roll your tongue then you're not normal like 60 to can't raise an eyebrow then that's normal how few people can give you are one of the few do you have dark hair? If so, is this is normal because only 0.5% are actually born with red hair.

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However, there are some people who rethink it and need more time to solve it, try to solve it solve yourself in the given time but positively necessary Mary's father has five daughters Nana nene Ninny. No. No, what's the name of the fifth daughter? No, look, if you answer Nunu, then you are wrong, because it is Maria, if an electric train goes south, where does it go? There is no smoke.

It's an electric train. Did that get you? We see it twice a week once a year and never in a day. What's that? The letter E Anyway, that was it for today's article, if you liked the article, then don't forget to like the article and subscribe to the channel, also if you want to read more information about all the information given Links will be in the description anyway, thanks for watching and I hope to see you next time

What Mercury signs are compatible?

Those with Mercury in an air sign Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the best communicators of all, particularly Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury.

Do you feel lonely during these vacation months? Lots of people are. More than usual under this year's circumstances.

Do you have a BFF? Often the most unlikely people will become your close friends. Let's talk about your most compatible BFF as per your zodiac sign. Who's the best to hang out with? How about talking to Who has a funny personality? We're talking about all of that AND more ...

Aries, as a fire sign, you will naturally associate with other fire signs like Leo and Sagittarius. Aries is passionate and motivated. You have the price in mind and will make it.

But when it comes to a best friend, someone who is by your side through thick and thin, your best bet is Libra. Libra is quite friendly and polite. While you may not think you have a lot in common, this is what makes your friendship unique.

The two of you will have friendly arguments over many different things. You want someone who challenges your mindset in everything from food to sports to entertainment to politics. What's the silliest thing you and a friend have ever argued about? Did it get a little too hot? Are you still friends? Stop in the comments section and start a conversation with the beast community.

Taurus, this Venus-ruled earth sign is known for its devotion to a mission. When it comes to BFFs, Taurus would go well with Scorpio. Similar to the Aries-Libra relationship, the two of you will clash on many different fronts.

But that's healthy for your friendship. You can grow. When it comes to similarities, the two of you are pretty stubborn.

But there is something else to look forward to. One of the best qualities of a Scorpio is their loyalty. They will be with you even in the worst of times.

Gemini There are many great benefits to being a Gemini. You are known for your ability to learn quickly. But they also have a reputation for being inconsistent.

You never stick to one thing. This can upset many people around you. When it comes to choosing friends, your best bet is to settle for other air signs like Libra and Aquarius.

You are definitely having the best time to meet people who think like you. You may also have similar interests, so your hangouts are even more fun. Cancer, this moon sign is known to be extremely emotional.

You feel for others in ways that few other people do. This can be a problem in many ways as some people may not understand your sensitivities. This is why you work best with other watermarks like Scorpio and Pisces.

They have a way of understanding you. You are willing to listen when others are not. Cancer sometimes feels like it is carrying the weight of the world on its shoulders.

Almost as if they were carrying other people's problems. You benefit from having someone to communicate with. This fire sign is creative and pursues its passions to the fullest.

But devotion has its price. This means that to their fellow human beings, lions are a handful. Their stubbornness doesn't go well with those around them.

Because of this, you get along best with other Fire signs, such as Aries and Sagittarius. They are also confident and open-minded. If you are into the arts, these signs are twice as useful.

You are probably into the same thing and know what it is like to be an artist pursuing your dreams. Your personalities also go well together. You know how to have fun.

These types of friendships create lifelong memories. Moving On ...

Virgo, if this Mercury-ruled earth sign is yours, you are likely very diligent and realistic. A Virgo moves very carefully. You are also very loyal.

But loyalty isn't always rewarded. If so, you want someone who can appreciate that loyalty. While other earth signs are cool to hang out with, Scorpio will live just fine, too.

They are resourceful and passionate about their own goals. This type of relationship can come in handy. Even when her honesty isn't required, she can help you make important decisions.

Libra, if this air sign likes one thing, it's to have company. While other air signs are comfortable and easy to move, this may not be good for you. You want a friend to guide you outside of your shell.

This is where fire signs like Sagittarius and Leo come into play. They make sure you have some fun in your life. Leo and Sagittarius are known to be fun-loving and adventurous.

They know how to keep the party going. This is exactly what Libra wants, friends who will give them a good time and generate positive energy. Libra often has a hard time making up their minds.

These new friends can point you in the right direction without putting their own interests first. Scorpio, this watermark is incredibly passionate. Not just in their endeavors, but towards other people.

Capricorns have similar characteristics. That's why the two of you will get along. Capricorns are very responsible.

You are a person to rely on when you need something. Say you're going on vacation with your significant other and need someone to come over and feed the dog. Capricorn people will do it in no time.

Not only can you count on them to feed the dog, but they will water the one plant you forgot. Capricorn also moves at your pace. They know how to divide their time.

Since you take your goals seriously, you really appreciate it. Capricorns almost define the word discipline. Before we move on, are you trying to look younger? Well, you should start with your diet.

Check out our latest article on 13 foods that make your skin look younger. Now back to our discussion of the zodiac signs that make the best BFFs. Sagittarius Sagittarius is very adventurous.

You're always on the hunt for the next fun thing. For this reason, you will fit in with your fire-sign colleagues Aries and Leo. You are a great group.

Your friends are people who should share experiences with you. Realize the moment and enjoy it. This is what the fire signs of the zodiac live for.

Whether it's a party or a vacation abroad, Sagittarius loves to see everything there is to see in one place. This is what you have in common with Leo and Aries. Here's another thing that is great about your friendship you know when to give you your space.

If you've been beaten from the night before and don't feel like playing the second round, you'll respect your limits. This is a sign of maturity that is important as you age. As I said earlier, Capricorn is very responsible.

You're great at time management. When they have a task on hand, they want to get it done right away with no hiccups. Because of this, they work well with cancer.

A friendship between Capricorn and Cancer can work well on many levels. Capricorn is determined and Cancer is very persuasive. This mix of qualities can make great partners in the crime scene.

Although cancer can be a little too emotional for you at times. But on a positive note, they are someone you can open up to. Aquarius, if this is your sign you are extremely independent and progressive.

You are always the person in the room who stimulates discussion on serious topics. However, this can become stressful not only for others, but also for yourself. This is where Sagittarius comes in.

You already know how fun-loving and adventurous Sag is. Well they bring a little more adventure into your life. Everyone needs to have fun, right? Pisces, this watermark is always associated with her artistic side.

This is how they express their compassion and sensitivity. When you are a Pisces you want someone who understands you and stays with you through difficult times. This is why Taurus is a good slope.

A Taurus is patient. You trust your process. They are also very reliable.

You can come to them if you have a problem. You don't have to worry about them being on your case all the time, either. Taurus has tasks that he is very dedicated to.

Yes, the zodiac sign is a crazy thing. You never know what it will bring you. Let's keep the conversation going, okay? Here are some other articles you will like, check out our article on Your Perfect Zodiac Match.

Or how about your worst enemies based on your zodiac sign? Look at both of them. Learn more about who you are based on your zodiac sign. Don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel.

Does everything we've discussed about this article apply to you or your BFF? Let us know in the comments below!

How long mercury stays in a sign?

Mercury can be in a sign for 15- 60 days. Because of the retrograde cycles, Mercury is never more than 2 signs away from the Sun at any given time. .

How do you know if mercury is strong?

Traits associated with a strong Mercury: mercurial, curious, talkative, glib, overly cerebral, restless, changeable, the grasshopper mind, and the perpetual student. .

What Are Big Three signs?

In astrology, your Big 3 includes your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. Each of these placements, along with the other planets within your chart, rule over a certain aspect of your personality and your life. .

What is my MC sign?

Your midheaven sign, also known as the Medium Coeli, or MC, is different than other aspects of your chart because it is not a planet. It is the highest point at the top of your chart and represents the southernmost high point above the horizon at your time of birth. .

How important is mercury in birth chart?

Mercury is the planet of communication and the mind, and its placement in your natal chart can tell us how you communicate, how you make decisions, and how you process and exchange information. It can also offer insights into your unique sense of humor. .

What happens when Mercury enters Cancer?

When Mercury is in Cancer, it has a subtler approach to communication. Instead of relying on the spoken word, it is more intuitive and emotional based. Cancer is a mute sign because it belongs to the water element. Therefore, you can expect to struggle with how to express your sentiments over the next few weeks. .

What are the signs of mercury in astrology?

Unemotional and curious; Mercury looks for opportunity to act. It inspires...read more about Mercury and your Mercury Sign. Mars Signs will show how sex is approached, from cool... read more about Mars and Mars Signs , then calculate and interpret your own Mars Sign.

How can I find out what my zodiac sign is?

Find Your Mercury Sign Either look up your birth chart online or search below. Look at the dates and use the zodiac sign that falls before your birthday – so if you were born on the 28th March 1975, your Mercury sign would be Pisces, as Mercury moved into the constellation of Pisces on the evening of March 16th.

How can you tell if someone has compatible Mercury signs?

When you meet someone new, you’ll instantly be able to tell if you have compatible Mercury signs based on how easy it is to communicate without frustration or misunderstandings. People with compatible Mercury signs can easily see “eye-to-eye.”