What zodiac signs are good at giving advice?

Questions And Best Answers - Astrology Signs: Who Do You Turn to for Advice?

What zodiac signs are good at giving advice?

  • Virgo. Everyone's favorite strict but loving mom sign, Virgo isn't afraid to tell you the truth.
  • Capricorn. When it comes to achieving goals, look no further than a Capricorn.
  • Taurus. Taurus signs can be a bit stubborn, but when it comes to giving advice to their friends, they know how to approach it.
  • Gemini.
  • Pisces.

The rising star is similar to the sun every morning, but different for the unastrologically savvy folks here is what I'm talking about the day you are born again determines your zodiac sign, but the time you are born determines your ascender or Ascendant That is the same thing, the rising star is your social mask, think about how you act when you are around new people who have inherited these traits from your rising star sign and they are responsible for the image that Making them available to the world If you want to know your rising star there are tests you can take online where you need to fill in your date and time of birth hey, let me know your zodiac sign and rising star in the comments below and let us know Starting with the following rising stars, Aries when you walk into a room is the first thing that pops up on people's minds t what a tough guy hey calm it down! It's not because you lift weights that you convey such a positive image that it looks like everything is under your control, some people may find you intimidating at first, but who wouldn't feel that way in front of a strong leader, I'm right when time goes by and people come? to recognize you, they recognize what's hiding underneath you are a hard worker, you might be a messy fish or a shy scorpion, but when you walk into a room people think that the new employee or our boss Taurus into you Space marches and you turn your head you will grab people grab 'attentions like a magnet, but you love it, I admit it, most often people with the tourist zodiac sign or ascendant are considered very attractive, therefore also successful when' you talking to someone that's going through your head i could stare at you for hours she's the whole package isn't she she looks at me weird now she thinks i'm creepy when you talk to someone your strong opinions make you seem stubborn but when you do meet you meet on a deeper level they realize that you are more open than you allow twins okay you little troublemaker I know you mean well but when people see you for the first time they are mesmerized by your mischievous smile, do you plan something or do you smile like that, others feel uncomfortable until you start when they talk there they see your knowledge and the light small talk turns into a deep conversation you also have the gift that people feel comfortable right from the start, even if you can't keep your sarcasm out of the equation Cancer my little supervisor do you know immediately what else is being given? your compassion you have a very calming appearance by nature. When someone first meets you, they think about if you are the mother of the group, even if you are a logical Virgo or a Capricorn, your emotional side will get the upper hand so there isn't much mystery until someone gets you deeper you tend to get moody and distant when you drift away in your world and everything is surprising many things but that is rare other people need you superhuman the first impression you leave is very positive you know exactly how to behave and what to say to people everyone who meets you thinks you are a very charismatic person here is the thing although you work deeply on it if you are not quite as successful as you show, you will appear very trustworthy and people will think you are one Getting to know you is also easy to get to know your friends how passionate you are and you become an inspiration Sometimes your dramatic side comes out but don't sweat about what everyone loves.

Sometimes a little bit dramatic Virgo is organized enough people are organized or I have to repeat I know your passion for order when people see you give a char ming mood so much that once they get to know you, others are eager to have a conversation with you. You discover that you are a problem solver. You can avoid any disagreement as a tidy person.

You don't like emotional chaos any more than the real things, so avoid it altogether, which becomes a problem when people stay and do their best to get a reaction from you turn you do great scales when you walk into a room you walk into a room as if you walk into it when you walk on a plane you run like you were the pilot when you walk into a forest well you have the idea that everyone you are looking for is great Leader holds up, but when they meet you you discover that you are the one who gets things done without complaining. The problem is you get so analytical that it is hard to get out of it, and it happens too In your private life you like to analyze gestures, conversations and reactions in order to understand where people stand; that sometimes leaves you with a few friends, as you also appear unpredictable inst undecc entric, but you know quality over quantity right Scorpio you burn that's the first thing people think when they see you now. You don't turn your head like you're Taurus and Leo friends, but you let people go see as the most attractive person in the room you have gift of admiration maybe because young people think everything through carefully and your ideas get contagious, but that's not always the case, some consider you a manipulator at first, then you come pretty quickly out of this category you share your ideas with them or maybe a scorpio manipulated me to say how should i ever? one thing is certain that you will attract people's attention even if you don't want it Sagittarius, what's on my little individual lists I mean that you are admired as a compliment for your openness and independence and that you spray that mood right away , the first thing that springs to mind when people meet us, that you are open-minded and free, you will go on trips alone, you will enjoy a quiet walk and a coffee all by yourself, if you were a movie character you would be Morpheus from the matrix , but here is the thing you choose who gets to know you and who quite a few people will become your friends and you will become their personal advisor, because because of your honest opinions you are a great companion in a difficult situation, so people prefer to be with you when Capricorn hits a disaster you go to an office where you don't even work and everyone gets back to work right away it go you are so focused in what you do that you express this mood, if I could describe you with one word it would be determined you seem determined maybe because you never let yourself off the hook when your friends get to know you discover the fire in you burns next to your need for success you are somehow a weirdo because you seem serious until you unleash your black humor then others do not know whether you are joking or if you are serious Aquarius where you are little rebel, unfortunately you do not shine for who I am a revolutionary vibe but you are close enough when someone meets you for the first time they think unique, yes your way of speaking, acting and carrying yourself makes others think that you are giving the man an inspiring talk about how you do the Seeing the world sometimes you become the center of attention and that makes your competing Scorpio friends a bit jealous he what can you do your eclectic like neo from the matrix Piscesif i could characterize you with a symbol it would be the question mark you are the only zodiac sign that makes people think you need more information to get a first impression but that is good when others are meet you find that you are plagued by ideas.

I mean, you analyze things to the point where you get lost in your thoughts. You have an excellent poker face. People can't really say what you think, sometimes you can too, but that's another story that you have made friends with since then.

You're an excellent listener so better do it while I'm analyzing you here, well, the first impression is seldom correct that also depends on the person you are looking at, some people are great character judgments and read you like an open book others can't, so that they are all right if you have something today Learn new things then like the article and share it with aFred and here are some other cool articles I think you will enjoy, just click left or right and remember, stay on the bright side of life

Which zodiac signs will ruin your life?

5 zodiac signs that will chew you out if you offend them

  • Sagittarius. In general, Sagittariuses are friendly, but they are often tricky, so watch out!
  • Capricorn. These people are some of the most envious.
  • Gemini. If you fall in love, they will seem perfect at first, but then they will feel bored with you.
  • Leo.
  • Scorpio.

What are the bad zodiac signs?

5 most evil zodiac signs (and others who're a little dangerous)

  • 01/135 most evil zodiac signs (and others who're a little dangerous)
  • 02/13MOST EVIL: Scorpio.
  • 03/13MOST EVIL: Leo.
  • 04/13Most EVIL: Virgo.
  • 05/13MOST EVIL: Aries.
  • 06/13MOST EVIL: Taurus.
  • 07/13Capricorn.
  • 08/13Aquarius.

Who are the most dangerous zodiac signs? Our zodiac signs and horoscope can tell us a lot about ourselves, from the way we are in relationships, how we deal with stress, to how we deal with our emotions. Some zodiac signs can be creepy about exactly who we are as People are some of them represent our personality traits are to the utmost when we speak of astrology and zodiac signs and how accurate they can be or not have you ever wondered what the most dangerous zodiac signs are? Well you came to the right place before we start this article. Subscribe to our channel So now you don't miss out on all of our great new articles, keep an eye out for the most dangerous zodiac signs, from the least dangerous to the most dangerous number 12 Aquarius If you are an Aquarius you might be a little relieved to hear that this Aquarius is is the least dangerous zodiac sign of all zodiac signs.

If you are an Aquarius you are probably very independent and fun to help people, and love to help people is also known for running away from their emotions and sometimes being very aloof, to be shy and calm. They also tend to use their wits whenever they can because, as thinkers and humanists, they are an air sign. It's really no wonder they're the least dangerous zodiac sign on the list number eleven leo.

This strong creative, passionate, and often headstrong sign is the next least dangerous sign on the list, Leo is notorious for being self-centered. They also love expensive extravagant things as fire signs. They hate to be ignored and not treated like a queen or the king they have.

Because lions are sometimes viewed as lazy and like things that are done for them and given to them, it makes sense that they are not really dangerous it seems like they probably want someone else to do the dirty work for them so that their reputation stays intact Some of the most notorious serial killers are and whatever their signs are good you have to watch until the end but you will find out Over 10 Libra are known to be charming and lovable, while at the same time they tend to be indecisive, vain, and sometimes delusional for being so lovable and sincere that it is hard to even imagine this sign as dangerous, which is why She's so high on the list of committed partnership and fairness and hatred when things are out of whackNumber nine Virgo-Ju ngwomen are known to be more devious than most other zodiac signs, so they are more likely to commit small crimes than funny and practical people they are also more prone to less dangerous antics are known to be uptight, critical, and sometimes even preaching while doing them at the same time very hardworking, resourceful and dedicated, they hate lazy people and work very hard to achieve their goals, this would probably explain why they are not very dangerous-deserved work at risk number 8 Pisces Pisces are known for having them a little self-destructive and unrealistic for this r Since they are sometimes prone to impulsive and destructive decisions that can become dangerous, they are not all dangerous, although Pisces are helpful, comforting and romantic people, they are poetic and dreamy and have a mysterious Atmosphere standing up for yourself number 7 CapricornSteinbo ck are seen as the average criminals, they are right in the thick of it and have a high respect for rules they hate when people make careless mistakes. So when they commit crimes, they are often very efficient and sneaky, although they are more likely to be pessimistically cold and unforgiving, which can lead to some rather sticky and chaotic situations if provoked by Number Six Scorpio, you'll be surprised to find Scorpio no closer to the one Number one on the list, believe me, it's me too Scorpios are known as the evil bunch of the zodiac signs that they are sadistic and jealous and when triggered or provoked a dark and evil side can emerge n of To them, this aggressive and often manipulative sign has some good qualities, although Scorpios are passionate, loyal and brave, they are very intense, you will be as surprised as we are that Scorpios are not the most dangerous sign on the list, unfortunately Scorpios, but it is the one Truth Number it Five Aries Aries can be stubborn but are natural leaders because of them are so energetic and brave that they can be unstoppable in their actions. They are often viewed as reckless, impulsive, and proud of what can get them into trouble because they like to be the leader of the pack and are very brave, ego can make them do dangerous and criminal things Expressing verbal activities, which may be part of the reason they are one of the more dangerous signs on the list Number four Taurus Taurus can be stubborn and exaggerated when ruled by Taurus, who this zodiac sign has a tendency to become hyperactive and ready to charge, if provoked they can become abnormal They are angry which would explain why they are one of the more dangerous characters on the list the Taurus is known for and very temperamental a Taurus is prone to fighting, which can make it quite dangerous and worrying - everyone has been waiting for the three most dangerous signs in the entire zodiac, as has the S. serial killers who shared this sign number 3 Sagittarius SAGs are known to be very insane, they are master manipulators, leaders and control freaks These kind of qualities can lead the wrong kind of person to commit some pretty cruel deeds like notorious and deadly criminals Ted Bundy Joseph Stalin and Pablo Escobar were all Sagittarius signs because Sagittarius are so argumentatively reckless and cocky that they can act tactless and impulsive, although very enthusiastic and optimistic, their enthusiasm and overconfidence can be extremely dangerous around so watch out you were warned number two Jim and I sorry twins but you are considered pretty dangerous if you are a twin or know anything about twins then you probably know they are quick witted socializing and fun, however have another side that is more serious and restless, they change their minds ng often and are quite curious and difficult to read they are very hot or cold and therefore can be very dangerous wanting to know who some of the most notorious twins in the world are Jeffrey Dahmer of the York Shire River and DavidBerkowitz Son of Sam yikes are not a twins known to be one of the most emotional signs in all zodiac.

They tend to be jealous and passionate and have extremely emotional mood swings that are very unpredictable. They can be reserved and extremely sensitive at times, which is why they can act impulsively and even do extremely dangerous things at times. Cancers also tend to be manipulative and passive-aggressive.

They are also known for not being able to control themselves, they feel emotions more strongly than other zodiac signs and tend to react to these emotions. This makes them far more likely to commit dangerous crimes than any other sign. Notable serial killers who have had cancer include infant serial killer Jeanine Jones and the infamous JohnReginald aka the monster of Rillington placelaut wikipedia are you surprised by anything in this article what do you sign and how accurate are these prophecies do you follow your horoscope or sign religiously let us know in the comments below share this article click the like button and share it with your friends also subscribe to our channel for more articles like this thanks for watching

Which zodiac sign is defensive?

1. ARIES (March 21 - April 19) Aries is defending their turf way ahead of time. They do not trust others, and they have good right to feel that way. .

People with amazing qualities also have a dark side. Believe it or not, the zodiac sign could have something to do with it.

Let's talk about 7 zodiac signs that are difficult to get along with. We're not saying these are bad people or anything. Due to some of their characteristics, they are not always that easy to tolerate.

We speak of Aquarius, Taurus, Gemini and more ...

Let's get started. Capricorn Born between December 22nd and January 19th and ruled by Saturn, this earth sign can be really stubborn. If you are friends with a Capricorn, you know they can be hard to make plans with.

You and your friends want to eat at a Mexican restaurant, while Capricorn wants Italian. It's a never-ending argument between the two of you. I mean, ibex have several good qualities.

Not only are they truly responsible, they are also known for exercising self-control. But because of this self-control, they often hold back from expressing their emotions. So if you make them angry, they won't tell you what you did.

It doesn't matter how hard you press on them. It can be very annoying trying to help someone and they won't let you in. You can even get snappy if you ask him too often.

That makes them pretty hard to get along with. Have you ever made a friend angry about a little thing? Are you still friends? Stop in the comments section and start a conversation with our beast community. Twins Born between May 21st and June 20th, Gemini has lots of great things to offer.

They are often very intelligent and adaptable to different situations. You can learn new skills very quickly. This benefits them when they start a brand new job.

But Gemini often have a split personality. One minute, you are easy going and charming. For the next minute, they're aggressive and angry.

It seems like the smallest thing can obliterate them. Gemini are inconsistent in this regard. They'll say one thing and then do another.

If they tell you they're going to meet somewhere, don't be surprised if they cancel at the last minute, or at least change the location of your meeting. This makes it very difficult to get along with twins. Scorpio This watermark was born between October 23rd and November 21st and is very resourceful.

You are someone to turn to with your problems. Scorpio is also very caring of the people in their life. That means they will do whatever they can to help you out of a traffic jam.

But their friendship also has its downsides. Scorpios can also be jealous and angry. That makes it hard to be around.

Especially when you have an advantage over them. If you feel like your life is going downhill, prepare to act as your punching bag. They take out their frustrations on you.

You don't want to make the Scorpio angry. This zodiac sign is going to attack you in a really uncomfortable way. Once they set off they are really hard to argue with.

They just have to wait for their anger to subside. This is an extremely difficult person to be friends with. It's even harder when you're in a relationship with this person.

Aquarius born between January 20th and February 18th, this air sign isn't the best way to show their feelings. It's a shame because Aquarius has so many great qualities. You are known to be progressive and compassionate towards others.

But they often don't take the time to focus on themselves. They like to run away from emotion. It's so hard to get an Aquarius to open up.

Even if something is visibly wrong with them, they won't want to tell you. The words 'I'm sad' could be taped on their forehead and they still wouldn't let you know what's going on? In this case, it could be because someone's head was written on. They expect you to already know what's wrong with them.

How irritating is that? Aquarius also has a tough temper. Similar to Scorpio, they can snap instantly. Anger is one of the few emotions that they openly express.

That makes them even more difficult to get along with. You cannot have a productive relationship with people who are constantly angry. Let's move on ...

Aries Born between March 21st and April 19th and ruled by Mars, this fire sign is brave, dedicated, and extremely passionate about its goals. They know what they want and are ready to get it. At the same time, there are some disadvantages.

The Aries is also very impatient. You have a short backup. Since they have their own approach, they expect a timetable.

When things don't go as they planned, their spirits go down. Aries, too, have a hard time considering the consequences of their actions. Sometimes they jump into things a little too quickly.

As the saying goes, you have to look first before you jump. Aries somehow missed this memo. Even though they are intelligent, they often do not think about the consequences of their actions.

When Aries makes a mistake, they will seldom admit it. Let's just say they screwed up and said something that hurt your feelings. If you confront them, you could be blown away.

Who knows? You might even deny saying it. Since it is your friend, try to give it a chance. But after a while it becomes harder and harder to get along with them.

Before we move on, are you trying to eat healthier? That puts a heavy strain on your wallet. Let's talk about the 11 most expensive fruits in the world. Now back to our discussion of 7 zodiac signs that are difficult to get along with.

Virgo, born between August 23rd and September 22nd, defines what it means to keep an eye on the price. They are hardworking and very loyal to loved ones. There is not much that they would not do for those in their closest circle.

Even so, they can have a darker side. Virgos can be very defensive. When they feel like you are threatening them, bite back.

You can be really tough. For example, imagine you made a mistake and forgot to do something for her. A Virgo's criticism will go deep.

You also have a knack for judging people before they get to know them. If a person exudes some kind of mood just because of their appearance, Virgo can quickly tear them apart. Now I make it sound like Virgo is the worst person alive.

That is not the case at all. In fact, we can all be a little less judgmental in our daily lives. And although they are quick to name some people, the Virgo's loyalty to those in their lives makes up for it.

It is only when they become aggressive that they are difficult to be friends with. Taurus, this is just another example of someone with amazing traits being really difficult. Ruled by Venus, Taurus was born between April 20th and May 20th and is dedicated to his family and friends.

They always have a project they are doing and are committed to it. But at the same time, they can be very stubborn. When a Taurus has made a decision, they stick with it.

There is no going back. While this certainly has its perks in some ways, it's really annoying to be around. Suppose a Taurus decided that they didn't like someone.

Too many chances have been given to the person concerned and this is the final straw. Taurus drops them almost instantly and there is almost nothing they can do to get on their good side again. The decision has already been made.

What if you're the next person to get on your bad side? There could be a whole storm of emotions coming your way. Taurus also tends to ignore other people's feelings. When they say something hurtful, they find it difficult to admit their guilt.

Because of this, they are difficult to get along with. But if their goal is to make you happy, then they will devote themselves fully to this task. So it's not all bad.

Yup, the zodiac sign sure is insane. Every zodiac sign has a good and a bad side. Now that I've piqued your interest, let's move on to the conversation.

Here are a few more articles that you should check out. Check out everything you need to know about fixed zodiac signs. Or how about we make things even more interesting and talk about how rich you can get based on your zodiac sign.

Just click on a article. Or better: How about both of them? And don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel. Do you agree with our article? Which of these signs are you struggling with? Let us know in the comments below!

Are cancers good gift givers?

Cancer. Cancers are super sentimental, and they really appreciate the people who are close to them because they're close to few. They will get you a gift that speaks to your heart. Their gift is something that will probably make you cry it's so good. .

Are Gemini's good at giving advice?

Gemini. If anyone knows how to have a good time, it's Gemini. They get bored easily, so they're always working to keep things interesting. When you're planning an upcoming trip, Gemini will undoubtedly have awesome travel advice, so it'll be a vacation you'll never forget. .

What zodiac sign would win in a fight?

1. Aries (March 21 - April 19) 'Aries is the warrior and is prepared for any and all battles,' astrologer Elisa Robyn, PhD, tells Bustle. 'They're always fully armed and are ready to attack in order to win.' When it comes to fighting, Aries believe that the best defense is a strong offense. .

What zodiac sign is the prettiest?

Pisces is the prettiest zodiac sign. .

Which zodiac is the sweetest?

Cancer is definitely the most gentle and sweetest zodiac signs due to his personality traits. .

Which zodiac is emotionless?

People tend to mislabel Libra as being emotionless or unfeeling, but they feel all their emotions. Libras just don't want to cause a scene or make someone else feel bad if they can help it.20 2020 .

Which zodiac sign is the prettiest?

Pisces is the prettiest zodiac sign. .

What do you need to know about the zodiac signs?

To take the zodiac seriously, you need to visit an expert. They will go far deeper, such as using tarot cards. Use only the professionals within the field of astrology. If someone doesn’t have the credentials to back up what they are saying, pay no attention to them.

When to turn to Aries or Taurus for advice?

If you need advice that isn’t sugar-coated, turn to Aries! Taurus advice is often heavily weighed down with tradition. However, if Taurus is forthcoming (and they are not always), you can be sure that they have given a fair amount of thought to it.

Is it good to Know Your Lover's zodiac sign?

Finding out your lover’s turn-ons can assist you in your quest for togetherness, and finding out his zodiac sign can give you an astrological glimpse into what turns him on. Is he a romantic Cancer or a kinky Aquarian?