Are cancers temperamental?

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Are cancers temperamental?

Cancers are known for being moody due to the complexity of their emotions, which can quickly jump from extremely happy to extremely sad. When a Cancer is upset or uncomfortable, they'll immediately seek refuge in their shells. .

Who are the most dangerous zodiac signs? Our zodiac signs and horoscope can tell us a lot about ourselves, from the way we are in relationships, how we deal with stress, to how we deal with our emotions. Some zodiac signs can be creepy about exactly who we are as People are some of them represent our personality traits are to the utmost when we speak of astrology and zodiac signs and how accurate they can be or not have you ever wondered what the most dangerous zodiac signs are? Well you came to the right place before we start this article. Subscribe to our channel So now you don't miss out on all of our great new articles, keep an eye out for the most dangerous zodiac signs, from the least dangerous to the most dangerous number 12 Aquarius If you are an Aquarius you might be a little relieved to hear that this Aquarius is is the least dangerous zodiac sign of all zodiac signs.

If you are an Aquarius you are probably very independent and fun to help people, and love to help people is also known for running away from their emotions and sometimes being very aloof, to be shy and calm. They also tend to use their wits whenever they can because, as thinkers and humanists, they are an air sign. It's really no wonder they're the least dangerous zodiac sign on the list number eleven leo.

This strong creative, passionate, and often headstrong sign is the next least dangerous sign on the list, Leo is notorious for being self-centered. They also love expensive extravagant things as fire signs. They hate to be ignored and not treated like a queen or the king they have.

Because lions are sometimes viewed as lazy and like things that are done for them and given to them, it makes sense that they are not really dangerous it seems like they probably want someone else to do the dirty work for them so that their reputation stays intact Some of the most notorious serial killers are and whatever their signs are good you have to watch until the end but you will find out Over 10 Libra are known to be charming and lovable, while at the same time they tend to be indecisive, vain, and sometimes delusional for being so lovable and sincere that it is hard to even imagine this sign as dangerous, which is why She's so high on the list of committed partnership and fairness and hatred when things are out of whackNumber nine Virgo-Ju ngwomen are known to be more devious than most other zodiac signs, so they are more likely to commit small crimes than funny and practical people they are also more prone to less dangerous antics are known to be uptight, critical, and sometimes even preaching while doing them at the same time very hardworking, resourceful and dedicated, they hate lazy people and work very hard to achieve their goals, this would probably explain why they are not very dangerous-deserved work at risk number 8 Pisces Pisces are known for having them a little self-destructive and unrealistic for this r Since they are sometimes prone to impulsive and destructive decisions that can become dangerous, they are not all dangerous, although Pisces are helpful, comforting and romantic people, they are poetic and dreamy and have a mysterious Atmosphere standing up for yourself number 7 CapricornSteinbo ck are seen as the average criminals, they are right in the thick of it and have a high respect for rules they hate when people make careless mistakes. So when they commit crimes, they are often very efficient and sneaky, although they are more likely to be pessimistically cold and unforgiving, which can lead to some rather sticky and chaotic situations if provoked by Number Six Scorpio, you'll be surprised to find Scorpio no closer to the one Number one on the list, believe me, it's me too Scorpios are known as the evil bunch of the zodiac signs that they are sadistic and jealous and when triggered or provoked a dark and evil side can emerge n of To them, this aggressive and often manipulative sign has some good qualities, although Scorpios are passionate, loyal and brave, they are very intense, you will be as surprised as we are that Scorpios are not the most dangerous sign on the list, unfortunately Scorpios, but it is the one Truth Number it Five Aries Aries can be stubborn but are natural leaders because of them are so energetic and brave that they can be unstoppable in their actions. They are often viewed as reckless, impulsive, and proud of what can get them into trouble because they like to be the leader of the pack and are very brave, ego can make them do dangerous and criminal things Expressing verbal activities, which may be part of the reason they are one of the more dangerous signs on the list Number four Taurus Taurus can be stubborn and exaggerated when ruled by Taurus, who this zodiac sign has a tendency to become hyperactive and ready to charge, if provoked they can become abnormal They are angry which would explain why they are one of the more dangerous characters on the list the Taurus is known for and very temperamental a Taurus is prone to fighting, which can make it quite dangerous and worrying - everyone has been waiting for the three most dangerous signs in the entire zodiac, as has the S. serial killers who shared this sign number 3 Sagittarius SAGs are known to be very insane, they are master manipulators, leaders and control freaks These kind of qualities can lead the wrong kind of person to commit some pretty cruel deeds like notorious and deadly criminals Ted Bundy Joseph Stalin and Pablo Escobar were all Sagittarius signs because Sagittarius are so argumentatively reckless and cocky that they can act tactless and impulsive, although very enthusiastic and optimistic, their enthusiasm and overconfidence can be extremely dangerous around so watch out you were warned number two Jim and I sorry twins but you are considered pretty dangerous if you are a twin or know anything about twins then you probably know they are quick witted socializing and fun, however have another side that is more serious and restless, they change their minds ng often and are quite curious and difficult to read they are very hot or cold and therefore can be very dangerous wanting to know who some of the most notorious twins in the world are Jeffrey Dahmer of the York Shire River and DavidBerkowitz Son of Sam yikes are not a twins known to be one of the most emotional signs in all zodiac.

They tend to be jealous and passionate and have extremely emotional mood swings that are very unpredictable. They can be reserved and extremely sensitive at times, which is why they can act impulsively and even do extremely dangerous things at times. Cancers also tend to be manipulative and passive-aggressive.

They are also known for not being able to control themselves, they feel emotions more strongly than other zodiac signs and tend to react to these emotions. This makes them far more likely to commit dangerous crimes than any other sign. Notable serial killers who have had cancer include infant serial killer Jeanine Jones and the infamous JohnReginald aka the monster of Rillington placelaut wikipedia are you surprised by anything in this article what do you sign and how accurate are these prophecies do you follow your horoscope or sign religiously let us know in the comments below share this article click the like button and share it with your friends also subscribe to our channel for more articles like this thanks for watching

Does cancer fall in love in 2021?

Cancer Love Horoscope 2021 predicts that the life of the Cancer natives in love is going to be better than normal this year, because according to Cancer Love & Relationships Yearly Predictions, you will get auspicious results from the beginning of the year to February.

(Star explodes softly) - Top five signs a Cancer man loves you. When it comes to loving and being emotionally connected to a partner, you will never find a better man. Cancer men are usually very nice and friendly people and have been known to be extremely sensitive souls.

Ruled by the moon and born under a feminine sign, he will have strong intuition and emotional depth. So it should come as no surprise that Cancer people keep being referred to as the perfect man which type of the zodiac makes a wonderful partner in a long term relationship, go nowhere because we've rounded up the top five signs a Cancer man loves you . He only has eyes for you fall in love with you because he will only be attracted and interested in one person.

And that's you. He's motivated to forge intimate emotional connections that last. Whether you are alone together or in a crowded room, his gaze will never be far from your particular toilet.

He is reserved for you and only for you who convey his hidden messages of love. The more he starts to fall in love with you, the less interest he will have in others. So watch carefully.

And when you notice your Cancer man can't take his eyes off you, that's a clear sign that you are the only one for him. He shows his love through actions. When it comes to male cancer, your happiness is always paramount.

His true feelings can be revealed through his actions when he believes they are stronger than words alone. Making you food, washing your car or bringing you a cup of tea without being asked are all small signs that he has a deep love for you that cannot be measured in conversation. He wants to make sure that you feel loved and safe and will move heaven and earth to do so.

These random acts of thoughtful kindness throughout the day are a surefire sign that he's deeply in love with you. He wants an emotional connection with you. When a Cancer man feels in love with you He will ask you lots of questions and become an active listener.

He wants a sense of connectedness and intimacy and has really invested in your everyday life. He will see you for who you are and will love your mistakes and everything else. (calm, optimistic music) He will be loyal and loyal.

The Cancer man is arguably one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac, loyalty is rooted in him. And it is certainly one of the most attractive properties. Once he's in love with you, he'll be one hundred percent committed to your relationship and be devoted to you for a lifetime.

You can always rely on his helping hand and we will always be there for you whenever you need it. Being loyal and loyal is a deadly sign that he is in love with you. He will open up to you.

Cancer men are usually reluctant and not easy to open up. They often hide their real feelings, but he's going to start opening up to you. When he sees himself building a future with you, he expects a relationship based on trust.

Being open and honest with yourself tells you that he is ready to move on to the next level. And he will expect this honesty in return. Aside from his family and a handful of his closest friends, when you find your Cancer man who will confide in you and tell you his true feelings and secrets.

Look no further because you may have just found the most perfect man in the zodiac, now and see you next time.

How is the day for sign Cancer?

Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this area between approximately June 22 and July 22, and under the sidereal zodiac, the Sun transits this area between approximately July 21 and August 9. In astrology, Cancer is the cardinal sign of the Water trigon, which is made up of Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio.

During the day I work for an arborist, at night I tell jokes, stand up comedy. I love dogs, my dad is a vet, i'm like a dog whisperer get me every time. (light music) I'm looking for someone to just connect with, have a good time with, we could have a good time, laugh a little bit but we don't mind a night or a weekend or a month later because there are a lot of germs out there.

I definitely think that I am a cancer. I have feelings, I have feelings, it's okay, I can, emotions, they happen. (light music) I believe that astrology and signs play a big part in 'patibility, but today I can't really ask these girls directly what their sign is.

I'm excited. Hope you are excited because I am excited, we are excited. Like your hair, what is it? your name? - Lizzie.- Okay, what are you doing? - Me I'm an artist, so singer, dancer, whatever, I do it.

I'm in entertainment - I do tree work, I work in the forest - (laughs) You got the lumberjack thing going - I have the energy of the lumberjack and then I tell jokes at night, so the same as entertainment stuff. Okay, can you tell me a joke? - Yes, absolutely. - Try to make me laugh. - Okay, what did that one tree say to that one? others? - I don't know - trees don't speak - Oh, (laughs) you're funny, I'll give you that. - (indistinct) I have that? - No, you're funny, you're funny, you're funny. - I made puzzles. - And what does it mean that you made puzzles? - I served and at all my tables, I gave them puzzles and then they tip me just because I made them think. - Let me see, really, really quickly.

There is a house, there are three rooms, and there are light switches on the outside of the rooms. You can just turn them around and then go in. The goal is to find out which switch goes to which room? - And they enjoyed that? - Yes, because it made them think, it made them think really hard.

Can I just move into a house with the lights that just work I thought Lizzie was really cool. She seems to find a way to have fun no matter what, thinking Lizzie was probably either a bull or a fish. (light music) I have to ask what are you doing? - I can do all kinds of shit - I mean what is work? Do you have work or are you just-- I'm freelance, so like PA, I can do nannies, bartenders, like all kinds of shit.

What are you looking for in a relationship? - I think I'm looking for someone who doesn't. You don't mind being boring together - Okay, how chill out? Like calling yourself a home body.- Very much so.- Yes, I feel that.- How about you? - I want someone who is definitely a bit wild, but can also chill out and read a book.- How was your last relationship? - So technically, I was never really in a monogamous relationship.- Say it.- Yes, I've always had very open relationships.

I feel like monogamy isn't for me.- That's the weird thing about the city , everyone is in open relationships.- I've always, always done.- I'm old-fashioned, I'll just cheat.

You know i'm just kidding, i'm just kidding. Joke, joke.- That was good.- Come to my show.- I mean, it happens, come to my show, it runs on the ninth gate whatever, yeah, I'll go.

Would you ever be in an open relay Relationship? - It had to be someone I was really crazy about and just really trusted. There had to be a lot of trust there.- I mean, maybe you should try.- Maybe. - Perhaps.

What is the most interesting thing about you? - I'm a dope juggler. Hope you will know but your boy juggles games. Do you have a tennis ball or something? - How did that happen so quickly? Yes production .- Aren't you amused? I thought Sophia was more too funny, it's easier to talk to, the thing about open relationships put me off.

I'm not sure how to really go into this. I think Sophia was a Scorpio because she seemed to be very open and honest, but by doing so she wasn't afraid to let you see into the darker parts of her. (light music) - Marcus.- Quella.- Nice to meet you, Quella. - Nice to meet you. - Let's say you get a free weekend, how do you spend it? - So either I watch castings online or I just call at work - You have some free time and just work more, right? - Yes, work more or when my friends are free I think: 'Hey, what are you doing today?' But when they're busy I just go to work, what's your ideal date? - My ideal date is activities.

Like any activity I like. I prefer doing activities than just-- Doing no activities - Doing nothing and just sit.- Okay, how do you feel about dogs? - I love dogs.- Okay, that's good.- How would you describe your ideal man? - My ideal man is someone who will always be there.- Me found Quella very composed and knows how to have fun alone, which I found interesting.

She likes dogs, that's good. If I had to guess, and I do, I think Quella was a Capricorn just because she seemed very patient, she seemed pretty dry joke about her. (b real music) Least popular thing about New York City.- I don't like the garbage.

It's pretty dirty - Would you consider yourself a very clean person? - Yes, I shower, I love to shower, it's great, hygiene is key - You are in the apps? You look like you're in the apps - I give off this mood that I'm in the apps? Where else do people meet people, right? I feel like it's hard to go out in bars and things and men don't really get close to women like they used to - you like being courted? - yeah, I love being courted - what was that Most spontaneous thing you've ever done? - My roommate and I decided to pre-book a vacation to Mexico in two weeks because we had just gotten over the cold and were both off work. Well, that was fun, that was spontaneous. I'm more of a planner. - You said you want to plan? No plan over here - No plan, so if we were going on a date, I'd get a confirmation message the day before that said, 'Hey, are you still free? Let's go here this time .'- I'll be like, 'Hey, do you want to go bowling on Friday?' and it's tuesday.

You say yes, of course. At 9:00 am and you say okay. I could literally spend the rest of the week not talking to you and then just meet you on Friday at 9:00 p.m. like everything is fine, I'm out, you are you ready, and you think wait what? The bowling wouldn't happen.- Yes.- Yes.- I thought Gabriella really had her things together, way too much for me.

So I guess she's a virgin. (light music) - How are you today? - I'm fine? - A little nervous. - Please don't be.

Look at yourself, busy. - Thanks. It's my transformation (laughs) But you know Dragon Ball Z, don't you? - Of course I know about Dragon Ball Z of course - This core here, it's like my super healthy person, but usually I'm (indistinct) - You see from like Android 17.- Aaay, more 18, 18 is the blonde.- You're right (indistinct), it's been a while.

Okay, who is your Dragon Ball Z character (indistinct) - I would tell Bulma, Because she's cute when she has to be. Of course if you're like a bonehead I'll say what's wrong with you? - Yes, she wants to put down the hammer well. - Yeah, but I'm more of a supportive cheerleader type. - Do you have cheerleaders? - No, not at all.

I dance, can you dance? - I can move, I think I can move, this is my goal, this is my goal, I did that earlier, catch it, catch it, let's go, bring it back. - Marcus, where have you been, man? - Up here. - I don't have a watch, but something tells me it should be time, we should have met, man.

We'd have (laughs) you have a great smile - you too - thank you - you have great eyes - thank you - I'm a fan - thank you. Fan of what? Oh, thank you, Marcus (laughs) Thank you, I appreciate it.- So what do you do or do you want to do or do? Okay, I work in an office that makes music for TV shows.- Can you sing? - Yes I can.- Can you give us something? I would like to hear you sing - What song will I sing? - Your favorite song, something you feel. ♪ I want to be the best ♪♪ That there was never anyone ♪♪ Catching you is my real test ♪♪ Training you is my business ♪♪ I will travel across the country ♪♪ Come on. ♪♪ Search far and wide plew, mbu, mbu ♪♪ Teach Pokemon to understand that the power of Pokemon is. ♪ Come on, Marcus.

Okay, that was (laughs) - Chan was dope. We have a lot of similar interests, she has a lot of energy. I feel like we could have fun doing anything, guess Aries.

She seemed really confident and I saw a lot of fire in her. (light music) Okay so you definitely have a style for yourself. Okay, what would you do for fun on a Saturday night? - I'm a bartender - You are a bartender? Yeah, I'd work - Okay, that's dope.

Strangest bartending experience.- There are so many.- I can imagine.- Once we had a woman who didn't want to pay her bills, so she decided to go to the lobby in the middle of winter and undress completely.- Has it works? - no, she still had to pay her bill. and then the police get called, so - oh dammit, that's an L.

Have you ever streamed or stripped naked in public? - No. I've dived thin, but yes. Do you have? I had a period in college where I just really hammered and walked down the street naked to the next party - Was anyone invited? Did you do that or did you just do this by yourself? - It was a lot of me.

It was a lot of me to do this just for me. - are you a cancer? - Yes, did they tell you that or is it you? just guess? - I just vibrated. - You just thought? - Yes.

What did it reveal? - Just empathy. - Okay, that's a good thing. I loved Paige, she was a lot of fun, she seemed to have a really vibrant energy.

The fact that she could read me, I appreciate it. I hope she is not a twin, but she could have been a twin. (light music) - I'm Alma, nice to meet you.- And where are you from? - Queens.- Queens.- Yes, I was born in Corona and was in China.- Do you have? recently? - No.

No, no, not (mumbling) The last time I was there was a year ago. So before the whole thing happened. And what about you, do you like to travel? - No matter where I go, the only thing I want to go to Applebee's.

It doesn't matter where I go, I just want to see what their Applebee's are like. I feel like you could find out all about a travel destination by-- At your Applebee waitresses? . They'll just tell you what's going on in town.- I don't think there are any Applebees in Germany.- Because you haven't searched hard enough.- Really? - So you like going out a lot? - I do. - Do you like to dance? - I like to dance, but I'm not very good at it.

What about you, do you like dancing? - It happens, yes, I could dance. Children, right? Do you want children? - No. I don't want.- You don't want kids? - No, I worked with kids for a while when I thought they were demons because they like to suck all your energy out of you.- You like dogs? Do you like animals? Do they pick your life out too, right? - I don't really like dogs, they are too needy. - Have plants that you only - They all die. - I hate them.

I didn't like that she didn't like dogs and that all of their plants died, that was a red flag. I guess if I had to guess that she was a Sagittarius just because she had a lot of chaotic energy. (Upbeat music) - I'm a giant - nice to meet you giant.

Tell me a little bit about yourself, anything - anything ? I'm an opera singer, I do jazz. - Okay, you know how to make it out of your diaphragm and all that good stuff? - Yes, do you know the diaphragm? - I have one. - You have one, or do you know, used one you it? - It happens, I can sing, I can try to sing. - Giant, can you give him some diaphragmatic singing lessons? - Oh, okay.

You don't have to choose your arms so high. Your chin will sit there. You don't want your chest to rise, you want that-- This goes out.- Yes, so let's let go of all the air.

Breathe in. - I don't sing without breathing. - No, I bring teach you how to breathe properly.

So let go of all of your air More of that, I think there are more, right? Yes everything and now take a deep breath. No what are you doing Okay, just breathe and you want this part to expand. Now sing your favorite song. ♪ Girl I know this may seem strange ♪♪ but let me know ♪ So you just sing? - I can sing. ♪ I'm not trying to pressure you ♪♪ Just can't stop on you to think ♪♪ You are not e I really have to be my girlfriend ♪♪ I just want to know ♪♪ Your name may be something ♪ Okay, I'll work on it.- Yeah, it was really good. - But that helped. - That really helped.

Big giant fan. I started singing, I was like, oh what, we're gonna do this forever, which is really cool because she's so passionate about it. Because I couldn't really read on Riese, I feel like she was just so balanced, so I'm going to make a guess and say she was a Libra. (upbeat musc) - I'm Rachel. - I'm Marcus. - What is Marcus? - Why cheetah? Do you feel particularly connected to the cheetah community? - A little bit, but I'm a very simple dresser.

I wear black and white and jeans and then I put on a nice pair of shoes. I love Dr. Martens, I have 11 pairs of Dr.

Martens, I'm working on my 12. So I always wear fun shoes and a fun jacket every day. Do you like fashion - I only buy converses getting dirty, I buy another pair of the exact same shoes and when they get dirty I buy another pair of the exact same shoes.

Pretty easy. - Yeah, yeah, that's cool. So what are you doing? - I tell jokes, I do get up.- You get up, so do I.- No way.- No way.- How did we get here? I have a feeling that none of us have been funny so far, us don't do a really good job at the moment - No, but I'm not funny every day, I have the feeling.

I feel like you probably. I'm never funny, I'm trapped in this humorous existence and everyone else is laughing and I don't get that joke, it's really exhilarating. The same thing happened to me.

As if I wasn't funny every day, but if I have to, I can be - Be funny now - Does it work? 'Oh, I'm a singer.' They say, 'Oh, sing now' - That happened several times today, it is definitely going down in this room - Oh no (laughs) - Comedian, it's either the worst idea you could have or the best idea, that you can have but it's like no in between She just had a really bold style. If I had to hold on, I would probably say Leo. (light music) - Where are you? from? - I'm from Virginia. - You're from Virginia.

Yes, how about you? - I'm from New York - Oh, ok ay. And what brings you here? - So I'm actually a model, a signed model, so I moved here when I signed up with my agency - Okay, how does it work? - It's good, it's fun, so good so far. It's only been a year, in a year it probably can't be that bad - Was it your dream as a kid to become a model? - I think when you grew up people would say that you just therefore should become a model I've always been a little taller.

So I think deep down I thought I could do it, but do you sound conceited or what. So I went to college and graduated. - You went to college, a little pretty. - What? - What kind of job did you study in college, you're a model.

You want to be a model, you said you went to college right? Take it like a modeling college? - No, I'm smart too, so I went to regular college. Oh my God. Can I go? He's so rude.- Yes, you can go.- Thank you.- Yes, that was brutal.

Was it me I could have been. Was it me It could have been me, it was me Abbie reminds me of my last ex who happens to be a Leo. (light music) - Hi.

What's wrong? - Not much, what about you, how are you? is that possible? - That was definitely an adventure. I'm number 11, right? - (indistinctly) tell me about yourself - I'm an actor with a normal job, I like to say media or and work in a gym What about you? - Same as an entertainer with a day job.- I love that.- Yeah, so I do a lot of acting, comedy stuff at night.- I have a lot of admiration for comedians.- You do that? - Yes.- Why is that? - To a bit like it takes five to like, I don't think I have it in me - I have faith in you.

I think we could get it out of you. Okay, siblings, family? - Okay, so I have a younger sister who is my superhero. She's a climate scientist so she's going to save us all - This is great - Yes and then I have mom and dad and a three legged dog - Three legged dog? - Yes, she's a sucker, I think she looks like now a dragon because its tail is very long and it drags.- What's her name? ? - Molly? - Molly? - Yes - Molly the three-legged dragon - Molly the three-legged dragon - What did you dress up as on Halloween last year? - Do you know the band blink-182? You know their song, Rock Show ? ♪ Fell in love with the girl at the rock shows. ♪ - I believe you.

I think that's how it goes.- I dressed up as the girl at the rock show.- That's dope.- Do you like Halloween? Do you dress up? - I love Halloween - Yes, what was your last costume? - I've been Tiger Woods for eight years. - Do you vary it with this drama around him? - Exactly.

I had a Lindsey Vonn for a year. A year I got a golf cart and we drove around campus. I had a lot of fun. - That's amazing. - I thought Julia was great, I had a lot of fun.

I think her nuclear power was just like mine and she wants a family and she's beautiful. She's gorgeous. So I would say she is like me, I would say she is a cancer and I would definitely have a second date with Julia and a third date. (light music) - Very light. - Thanks, I'm Tina. - Some kind of artist? - Yes / Yes. - Okay, all right, what kind of artist? - I'm a singer - Really? What is your favorite kind of music genre? - R&B for sure.- Really? - Yes.- My favorite artist time, I would say, is Alicia Keys.- She's amazing.- Who's your favorite? - I don't want to say Drake .- You don't want to say Drake. - I don't want to say Drake. - But you mentioned him.

I'm not against it.- I appreciate his reach, the guy does everything.- And he did a lot for the culture.- Right man, we (indistinct) Jimmy came up like that.

Who would have thought that. Tina, what are you most passionate about? - Okay, so obviously, you know, I'm passionate about music, but I'm also passionate about my people. So I'm Filipino, I like to stand up for her.- Shout out.- What are you burning for? - I love my comedy.- Who's your favorite comedian? Chappelle, by far. (Stamps his foot) Do you know him? Have you heard of him - What? Chapelle show.

Yes - who do you like? Who makes you laugh? - I like Chappelle, I like Trevor Noah, I like that guy Mo Gilligan from the UK - Okay all right, all right (mumbles) - We flow? - I thought Tina had a really good spirit liked the way she dressed, even if it was kind of out there for me. I appreciated the fact that she wasn't afraid to flash. Tina was a Capricorn because she just looked like she wasn't bullshit, straight to the point.

That was a lot. Lots of highs, a few lows. So if I had to narrow it down to three, I think my top picks would be Chantel, Julia, and Paige.

I thought they were all great. I thought we all had a really good connection. They were great fun talking to, just hanging out with them.

When I found out their signs, I wasn't actually surprised that it happened to be a Cancer, a Scorpio, a Gemini. I usually get along pretty well with Cancer women. I usually value Cancer women's energy, the same with Scorpios, another watermark.

And then the twins, every time you get mean, we vibe and I enjoy it and I love it, but I've been burned by one before so I'm just a little hesitant but you know Chantel was great and we asked them if they would go too? second date with me and everyone said yes. So yeah boy - I think he's cute. I like his mood.

He seems pretty cool - It seems like we have a lot of things in common, but we kind of broke into a song about Pokemon so that was cool, I'm in. - He cares about trees, which I think is a lot cool, and I think it's very cool that he can be physically active in his daily life and then he still has such a place for art in his heart - but if I had to choose one, it would definitely be Julia. - He was really open to listening to me.

Every time I spoke I felt like he was really locked into what I was saying - I think she just had a great head on her shoulders, I think she was very good at navigating me. I felt really calm around her and she is beautiful. She is super beautiful.

Yes, I go with Julia, totally. (upbeat music)

What year will cancer find love?

Cancerians will be expecting a massive shift in their lives which will be quite significant for their relationships with others. The year 2021 will be the year where you will regain fruitful relationships, look for intellectual satisfaction so that you can achieve your goals and ambitions. .

Action - My name is Claire Wineland - Kendrick Evans - Darth Vader - Isabel Bueso - Jess Oldwyn - Kat Lazo - I have terminal stomach cancer - I live with something called cystic fibrosis - leukemia - MPS 6 - I have end-stage sleep apnea - and i live with end-stage brain tumor - thanks for calling Sunrise Orthodontics, this is kat, how can i help you? The doctor's name is Doctor Chamberlain. A lot has happened. There are many changes in my life.

On July 7th, after three months of testing, my doctor said, 'Kat, there is no more cancer.' And I like freaked out. The crazy thing about this whole thing, however, is that I found it hard to deal with.

It was harder than finding out that I had cancer. Because for once I didn't know what was going to happen.- Sharing my story with the world, I was a bit hesitant at first, but now I know that God guides certain people through certain things in order to help other people.

I started exercising about two months ago. I train two days a week. I had to sit in my car for 30 minutes, just sit there and talk myself into going in.

But after the fourth time, I'm eager to get up and go to work out. And what really makes me work out now is when, you know, when I run and people say, oh, you're losing weight, oh, okay, thanks. That lets me know that, okay, I'm losing weight, I have this, I have that.

So when you open up, the design is desert based, which sounds terribly boring. But I kind of do it cool. Last year was like, I think, the first year of my life that I really realized that I was kind of ...

Take everything I did, really, really seriously. I felt my health slip severely and I knew that I no longer had as much energy as I used to to do everything I had to do, what to prioritize and what is important to me and what is important to me is and what I actually want to say is a marathon, a triathlon, 25 tough mudders and 40 half marathons. At that point my leg was just destroyed and luckily it just so happened that I could get in touch with the right people and my leg was amputated.

And since I amputated my leg, I've competed in seven triathlons, I had to get up again. And after such a major operation, I had to safely prove to myself that I could do it.- I'm now a senior in my senior year of college.

And I'm also the new director of my campus. That means that every person on campus and I have different tasks like organizing events, helping with students, going to board meetings. It's a lot of work, but when something is important to you and you want to make a difference, I'll give all I can, I'll just try my best to do this. - Yes.

Around this time last year, the MRIs started seeing very small changes. You know I look normal, I felt great. We just did it that way.

So we had brain surgery on Dan's birthday to remove anything they can safely remove. Right now we have an MRI schedule every three months. It's a day after day.

Oh that's delicious. Here's the biggest part since the operation, knock on wood that I haven't had another seizure. That's a big deal - you know, with leukemia and the diseases I have, I'm chronically tired.

As if I really have to force myself to get up every day. I've lived with it for so long, it's something I just have to deal with - it's my dad. He went through like everything in my life.

Every milestone. I just want him to be there for everything. I just don't want to lose him loosely .- Knowing that Alexis graduated from college and is working hard gives me a sense of relief that I really don't have to put that much emphasis on raising my daughter, uh, that job is done.

My job now is to be there for her unconditionally and to support her when she needs me. Okay, I'll talk to you soon. - Okay.

Bye - bye. Drive fast, take risks. - Come here, girls.

I haven't been feeling so good in about a month or two. And we've done more tests and more tests. - Sit down. - And we wait and see what happens.

It is frightening. Because I've done everything to heal myself. Changed my diet, the people around me, the things I do, the things I don't do These changes I found.

And she turned out to be the most beautiful person I know - Sorry the champion is coming through - Oh wait what? - Ouch - The new thing about my health right now is the right side of my heart going faster for some reason . And right now I'm just waiting for results. It's scary, but I try my best to just be relaxed.

And what I do every morning and almost every night is listening to the music. Music helps me. Because when you feel the music you don't want to just sit there.

You want, you want to go - So the warmest, loudest, best welcome we've ever given, please welcome Claire Wineland on stage .- For the past few years we've all tried to encourage her to have a lung transplant. But when she turned 18 and grew up, she told us very clearly that it just wasn't for her.

And it's their way, so we have to respect that - you see, when I was born, my life expectancy was 10 years. I knew I wouldn't live very long. My parents both tried to find things that would make me better, stop the process. or to find miracles.

But at the same time there is a certain kind of receding that must occur when you have an incurable disease. And now something is happening that is happening - So my right side, from that last surgery, I couldn't do it at all and now I can feel a little, I can write a little, my hand is getting tired, I think what is so interesting is that people are not looking at me and they are like, um, they just went through something. This is great because it's nice to have that anonymity and just be a normal person - you know, I could just sit around and have a depressed day about being hurt and sore, or I could stay positive and fight through and whatever I have time, I want to be able to pack as much as possible.

And then, when it's time to like, then it can be how, okay. And I can be satisfied with that. - All right, hot potato one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

A few days ago I shared my story with some of the kids in my family at Boys and Girls Club. And a lot of them knew Mr. Kendrick was sick but they didn't know how serious it was.

Since you had been through so much I want to change my attitude and behavior and I want to thank you for this experience that you have given all of us.- If your story can make a difference in the life of a three year old, a 65 year old, a 20 year old, then It's worth living for it. Clap.

Ah, right here.- Even if I have an illness, or have to undergo an operation, or have a problem that are no longer problems, I'm happy. I am happy, I am blessed.

I am who I am and I love it.- Being aware of people willing to love mefor me has helped me make better decisions about my life. When you have good people around you like I have good people around you, you just become a better person - I told my kids today that there was a time when I was afraid to go to sleep because I thought I would die in my sleep But now I'm at peace with myself.

And so, I mean, if that was the case, I mean, I know that I've given, I, I know that I've served, and I know that I've made a difference. I'm fine.- I tell people, you know, we all have our own cross that we have to carry.

But not defined by that situation or circumstance. Sometimes that's the nature of life, whether or not there is a life changing health problem.- This last year has been, I believe, the most spiritual growth I've ever had.

I don't have to be able to write perfectly now. I don't have to do everything. I enjoy the process.

I just allow myself to be simple for something. A lot of pressure on me to be who I want to be before I die. Even though I can't do all the many things I want to do with my life.

I don't want to do this article. It hurts all of me to have to do this article. Pretty much, I'm getting new lungs.

And it is very exciting and, I mean totally terrifying, but exciting. But I can't work and it will take you loads of money to get through a transplant. I have a GoFundMe.

Ah, I feel so uncomfortable you made a donation. Have a nice day, enjoy your life, really. I mean seriously, not sarcastically, enjoy it because there are people fighting like hell for it.

You know. Well, there you go, adios amigos. There is so much I want to say and there is no way I can say what you did for me.

I really have no words to say how thankful ul i am. There is no way to describe it. I guess now it's just about getting the lungs and doing that, you know? So I guess let's do that.

It's terrifying to be invested in life, terrible things to do because you inevitably know that you will end up losing. But it's also the thing that makes your life really worth it, you're going to lose. That's a little bit of where I am.

So in the end I don't even really lose. Yes

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