What happens if Saturn's aspects of the sun?

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What happens if Saturn's aspects of the sun?

If Sun and Saturn form a hard aspect in your horoscope, Saturn (work, achievement) is inexorably tied to your life purpose (Sun). This means you're here to develop Saturnian qualities such as self-discipline, integrity and focus in order to accomplish your goals. .

Since its discovery by Galileoth in 1610, the rings of Saturn have enchanted us for centuries. Remarkably, we visited Saturn before stunning photographs from the Cassini spacecraft showed that Saturn's rings are much more complex than you might think it takes to travel to Saturn, what would you see along the way and what could you see in the rings Surviving Saturn This would be if and here is what would happen if you jumped into the ring of Saturn on October 15, 1997 NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Italian Space Agency have come together to make the history of astronomy The mission was to study the Saturn system, a diverse mix of stellar objects made up of rocks, ice, and multiple moons. Together they developed the CassiniHuygens spacecraft, which was propelled on a seven-year journey to Saturn adventure are they good luckily we're taking the scenic rou After a year of drifting through space and saying goodbye to Earth, our first stop is the Venus.

Don't worry, this is not a crossing, we are only visiting the outer edge of Venus' orbit to give you a boost in the speed of gravity, if you pass it you can save fuel and take the view of Venus a swirling landscape after the first Orbit you get a nice boost of seven kilometers per second, but we still need a trip around it for the optimal speed boost we are about 600 kilometers from Venus this time I hope you have a strong stomach traveler as the pull could be like back then when you ate funnel cake before going on that crazy ride in the marketplace hello never again after a quick spin around venus you will be thrown in the direction of mars and jupiter, but this part of the ride could get a little bumpy so buckle up me am about to pass an asteroid belt. Fortunately, the chances of hitting an anasteroid are pretty slim as they are very far apart from what you see in the movies, but you never know ow just be prepared to take manual controls in case your proximity sensors fail once you make it through the scary part. It's pretty smooth from here.

Sit back and admire the view on your right in the distance see the red planet Mars and on your left Jupiterlook, that tiny speck orbiting the gas giant, the Galileo spacecraft is a small but welcome reminder of home too It's been almost five years by now Wow how time flies when you're thrown through space Saturn is our next stop, but is it sure we'll find out after waiting? a lot of sudoku andre have been watching all your favorite-what-if articles for a few years now we have finally arrived in orbit of saturn surprisingly the flat and solid ring structure you saw in the pictures, you are far away from them Rings are complex systems of orbits that are divided into several different circles. Sections of each of these rings are separated by gaps made up of over 60 moons of Saturn. The rings are made of chunks of ice and rocks that are as small as l tiny boulders and some as big as houses These are the remains of comets, asteroids, meteoroids and shattered moons that have been torn apart by the force of gravity of Saturn.

Good traveler, it's time for a spacewalk, you probably won't get much success walking on Saturn's rings unless you land on one of its moons like Metheny Pelini or even Titan which is a potential location for a future space colony but you should keep your spacesuit on as Titan is cool at this point, minus 170 nine points six degrees Celsius. Moment of Truth The Grand Finale As we approach the last rings of Saturn, we must fly through them on a careful trajectory, the Saturn Circled 22 times to get our best travel shots here. You would be only 2,000 kilometers from Saturn's atmosphere, after about 20 years in space you would reach Saturn's interior, let's face it, you would probably disintegrate, but luckily you were careful and managed to hang around on Titan Instead of going ing the Cassini probe to do the rest of the work, the amount of data Cassini was able to send back to Earth is really fascinating, and makes it one of mankind's greatest success stories in astronomy, maybe we could ourselves on our next trip take a closer look at Saturn's big brother Jupiter, but not too closely, because that is a story for another what if

What does Sun in Saturn mean?

Sun square Saturn natal represents tests and challenges that have to be overcome to get ahead in life. This aspect may cause difficulties early in life with self-esteem as a result of criticism from people, especially authority figures like your father. You may be too hard on yourself. .

While billions of stars are scattered all over the universe, the one in the center of our solar system plays a special role for us here on earth. Our sun was created about 4.5 billion years ago in the fur of the Orion galaxy of the Milky Way, It was born as a cloud Dust and gas became known as the Sun Nebula collapsed, and in the middle of this formation, matter condensed into a fiery ball of gas that became our Sun.

The sun's fiery nature along with tremendous gravitational pull and an extensive magnetic field helped it become the heart of our solar system can be divided into six layers or regions the corona the chromosphere the photosphere the convection and radiation zones and the core in terms of atomic number the sun consists of about 91% hydrogen, the sun fuel eight point nine percent helium and one percent heavier elements such as carbon and Nitrogen due to the extreme tempera tures of the sun sun these elements stay in a gas-like phase called plasma. Combined with the strong gravity of the sun, hydrogen molecules fused into helium called thermonuclear fusion. This releases an enormous amount of energy in the form of radiation, electricity solar wind and, like us on earth, life-giving heat and light that volatility is contained.

Thanks to the sun's enormous gravity, it is strong enough to keep the solar system intact and is primarily due to the size and mass of the sun. Our sun is the largest and most massive object in the solar system, it is more than 100 earths wide and could theoretically fit almost 600 times into all eight planets contains about ninety-nine point eight percent of the total mass of the solar system Due to this mass, the sun has a great gravitational force that causes nearby planetary bodies to be attracted This gravitational pull enables the sun to hold together a system of eight planets potentially dozen of dwarf planets at least 170 moons and countless comets and asteroids Without the sun's gravity, these celestial bodies would drift into space Another critical property of the sun is its magnetic field, which encapsulates the entire solar system. The heliosphere becomes this force Eld called protects the planets from harmful cosmic radiationIt is ca is used by the solar plasma, which drives electrically charged particles to the star polesThis process transforms the sun into a giant magnetAlthough the sun's magnetic field is invisible to the naked eye, its effects are noticeableOn the solar surface there are dark ones Areas called sunspots that mark strong pockets of magnetism on Earth, and on some of the other planets, the sun's magnetic field interacts with their atmosphere, resulting in a beautiful aurora.

Despite its size and strength, the sun won't survive forever in about 6.5 billion years then collapse into a tiny star known as the white dwarf. In the meantime, the sun will continue to play a vital role in the system that bears its name, The Magnetic Field Protected by the Sun, The tremendous attraction and ability to generate vast amounts of energy will protect our sun and give its life system

What are my Saturn aspects?

Saturn Issues: Structure, discipline, desire for quality and accomplishment, maturity, age, passage of time, authority, perseverance, self-discipline, realism, accountability, learning from experience, ability to face and deal with reality, establishing limits/boundaries, raising the bar, standards, taking ... .

Why are the Sun and Saturn enemies?

While Sun sheds the divine light, Saturn expresses darkness and gloom. Both are bitter enemies. It is evident from the fact that the sign of exaltation and debilitation are opposite to each other. Sun is a fiery planet and Saturn is an airy planet.

What is 'Makr' in Makr Sankranti? Because the Sun enters Makr (Capricorn) On this day the month of Paush comes to an end, which is considered unfavorable, and the Sun enters the Magh month and Makr (Capricorn) rashi a Capricorn or who is the ruler of CapricornSaturn (or Shani) Well who is Saturn? It's Shani Everyone is afraid of Shani (Saturn) Because Shani is a planet that of course represents darkness, but it shows you how much ego you have in you Shani shows how much ego you have, if you have ego in you only then have you both pain and joy in life, we understand? Because you think that you are apart, I am different from others. So there is happiness and sadness in your life. Today is the thing that makes you happy is the same thing that makes you sad makes.

And the meaning of life is that we have to get out of this happy and sad phase.

As the Buddha said, 'All suffering is due to attachment.' Sorrow will go away. So today the grief in your lifeless or more, it's good or bad, it's hard or easy All the definitions in your life are called Shani (Saturn).

And these definitions are the cause of the grief. If you go deeper we have the definitions that we have in our lives. .

I'm not happy todayI'm not happy todayI have little money, my growth is slow. So the misery we have today is all our definition, not the truth. Ten years ago we thought if I get this position I will be happy.

Today you are in that position and you are still not happy. So all these definitions, the definitions of Saturn today on this Makr Sankrantithe the sun comes in and sits near Shani (Saturn).

And what is sun it is light When we talk about chakras, people who write about chakras, the sun resides in our Manipur chakra.

The sun is our consciousness. And our consciousness is what we need to discover in this life. You must have heard the word 'ENLIGHTENMENT'? What does 'ENLIGHTENMENT' mean? It means to enlighten yourself.

To be true you must have seen that people who become great yogis have a sun sign behind their head. Guru Nanak, Jesus Christ you can see a sun sign behind all of them.

So ultimately we have to enlighten our consciousness.

And it is the sun ...... covering the planets again and again; Rahu (northern lunar node) covers the sun, Ketu (southern lunar node) covers the sun It is always the sun that is in the dark.

Because of this, people did not realize their true nature. So today the sun begins its journey on Makr Sankranti from Uttarayan (north) instead of Dakshayan (south). It is said that the sun begins on the. to go north, it means summer is coming, the days are getting longer and this is the time when we purify our consciousness.

And what does the sun symbolize? DHARMA (The Truth), the Sun represents DAAN (The Charity), Do you know who the son of Sunin Mahabharata was? Audience: KARNA and what is Karna known for? Audience: DAANVEER (a philanthropist) He was so charitable that he aw ay his precious love just before the war, MAHABHARATA.

He never said 'NO'. You can also see that the Sunit shines in the sky and does not ask anything of us. Even if a tree bears fruit today, he says, you spend fertilizer in Methen I will give you fruit.

Does the sun ask for something ?? That's why the sun is called Maha Dani (The Great Donor). And actually our soul is a philanthropist. But we don't know because she lives in ignorance.

So today on Makr Sankranti we worship the sun and wash away the negativity that lowers our inner consciousness.

So what is the most common use today? It's til (sesame seeds) Who will say what is the specialty of til that til is used? Til is black on the outside and white on the inside.

Audience applauds !!! There is no difference between black til and white til. You have Bark and you have no bark, just like us appear black on the outside, but on the inside we are white. When Shani's (Shani) darkness disappears, the light of the sun becomes visible.

Therefore, Blac k til (sesame) is used while Shani is worshiped. While removing the skin and using white til for sun worship it is said that if you bathe with Tiltoday, you will always be beautiful. So today til (sesame) is heavily used and for the attribute of the sun which is generosity, khichdi (polenta) is offered in charity jaggery until etc. are donated and shared.

And definitely this time of Uttarayan is quite auspicious.

The mythological story associated with this day is that Bhishma Pitamah (from Mahabharata) gave up his life on that day. And there are different stories like this.

Even, Pongal is celebrated today because of the harvest time. In four days all the things that give one abundance in life are venerated. The farmers revere their farms, their products and their yields.

Then we meet and greet each other in life. Also the cattle are worshiped. And the sun is worshiped.

It is said that all past things, bitter feelings, should be left behind.

Wash away all the negativity, let them go. It's like a new year for Hindus. That is why it is said, 'Til Gud Gaya Aani, Ghod Ghod Bola' (Eat sweet up and speak sweet).

What would happen if Saturn's aspects Mercury?

Saturn aspect to Mercury hampered communication and blocked intelligence of the person. Mostly these people are quiet and don't like to speak much. Depending on closeness of the aspects can give speech problem and understanding in mathematics. However sometimes this aspects can give good focus on studies. .

What if Saturn and sun are in same house?

Sun is confidence and power, this sun with Saturn gives lack in power, less confidence and gives fear. Sun conjunct Saturn synastry or Sun and Saturn in same house or conjunction gives poor digestion. Sun is fire and Saturn is cold gives gastric problems. .

Is Sun Saturn conjunction always bad?

Sun and Saturn conjunction is one of the most dreaded combination in Vedic Astrology. Both the planets are bitter enemy to each other. We have a in general idea that it is a Bad Combination to have in Birth chart. But we have to understand that every year Saturn and sun will conjunct in a particular sign for one month.

What houses does Saturn aspect?

Saturn's Aspects In Astrology, Saturn has 3 aspects. Saturn aspects 3rd house from its position, 7th house from its position and 10th house from its position. So, if Saturn is at 3rd house, it will aspect 5th house (3rd house aspect), 9th house (7th house aspect) and 12th house (10th house aspect).

What do aspects in astrology mean?

In astrology, an aspect is an angle the planets make to each other in the horoscope, also to the ascendant, midheaven, descendant, lower midheaven, and other points of astrological interest. The more exact an aspect, the stronger or more dominant it is said to be in shaping character or manifesting change.

Is Saturn enemy of sun?

Sun is also known as the father of Saturn, but the relationship between these planets is not so good. Both planets are enemy with each other. According to Vedic astrology Combination of sun and Saturn in the birth, the chart is not good. .

Who is more powerful sun or Saturn?

Among these planets Sun and Saturn are main. Sun is said to be the most powerful among all planets.