Are house overlays important in synastry?

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Are house overlays important in synastry?

The houses are of utmost importance in synastry chart overlays. Your mate's planets fall into various houses in your chart. These houses show exactly how your mate affects you and the feelings your partner arouses in you.

hey mystic welcome to my channel or welcome back today i will talk about the ascending descendant axis and what it means in our synastry when we have this axis in boom, as always i have my two small disclaimers the first is even that this series means that this series is called synastric aspects for soul mates, I really just mean Whatever word you use for these deeply impactful relationships, they can be very short-lived, they can be part of it I don't even talk about the duration I only talk about these relationships, that really really affect your life in powerful ways in synastry, however it's still not all you need to look at your synastry as a whole and not focus too much on individual aspects other than understanding what they bring to the table, your relationships need to be belo Okay, with a broader lens, not so much that you focus on one aspect and then use that to describe the whole relationship that makes sense, okay, I'm sitting in a rocking chair so I'm going to try not to rock, it's very hard, okay, um, so the descendant ascendant axis is sometimes called the magnetic axis so let's start by talking about the ascendant, who is the ascendant, which is sometimes abbreviated to an AC, is also called your ascending sign that you have probably heard of yours Ascendant is the sign and the exact degree of the sign that was on the eastern horizon at the moment and the position of your birth and it marks the vertex of your first Houses and many people somehow abbreviate what the ascending or ascending sign means and you may have heard that people see you like this or the mask that you wear to go a little deeper with this your ascending signor your ascendant? The mask you wear is also the way you interact and react with life. It's your first reaction to people in life, it's like the suit you climb into to show the world, often it represents the qualities the world is supposed to see in us. It doesn't mean we aren't those things, but it's a way we present ourselves, and as a first house high point, it also represents how we look and how we look and how people see us, for example, I have Sagittarius but I'm actually an introvert and Sagittarius are generally very sociable, you know, very upbeat and adventurous and I am these things, but I'm a great introvert and people who have known me for a very long time when they hear me say that I am introverted, they mock me and don't believe me when I say that you are not introverted Ananda you are the most sociable party person I have ever encountered and this is how I interact with life, but it wears me out and that's because of that for them to see this mask I'm wearing that makes them believe that I'm totally extroverted okay let's get into the offspring a bit now, sometimes shortened to DC the na come marks the top of the se the fourth house and the fourth house is the house of marriage and partnerships one-on-one relationships also other things like open enemies and such things it is ruled by Venus, so the simplified explanation that You may have heard what the Descendant, or DC, represents is that it represents your partner and you know there is something to it, but I want to go a little deeper with the youth, think of the Descendants as the parts of you that are not supposed to see the world or the masks you don't want to wear, it's the parts of ourselves that We struggle to accept and love, and if that's not perfect when it comes to relationships, that brings the concept to life with yourself how relationships can in some ways really be a spiritual path, because in these qualities, when we see them in our partner and we see them in our dear partner, we unintentionally learn to love and accept these qualities ten in ourselves connection this connection is like glue magnetic opposites attract each other completely, so let's see what this looks like on a diagram and an asymmetry diagram.

If you don't have your synastry diagram, I'll attach a card to mine here Tutorial so your diagram can look like the diagram I am working with, sometimes this is very helpful, looks the same I found this very helpful when I was learning astrology Okay, let's see what that looks like in the table and how I said earlier, I created this table exactly as I show you in my tutorial how to get your synastry diagram for free, so either put a card on earlier or maybe I put a card on now link is okay in the description field too, so let me set up the diagram okay, so in this example the woman is in the blue the husband is in the red I usually write either the woman is the female P. female partner who has nothing to do with gender or my client is the one I focus on I tend to be the focus that's just a little side note on how I kind of keep track of who is in the middle and who is out is so the blue is the woman in this example? mple the red is the husband female and male hold on for a moment, apparently one of the dogs wants, I'll be right back, I'll be back Trying to record with four dogs is sometimes a bit of a challenge anyway, so here we have this one Ascendant-Descendant-Axis-Conjunction especially each partner Ascendant is a conjunction of the descendants of the other partners, so here in this diagram the descendant is not marked. We just know that this is the opposite point on that axis.

So if we just want to focus on the blue person, this is their ascendant right here and their descendant right here and if we lower them / c is at 22 degrees Leo, that means their DC is their descendant at 22 degrees Aquarius. It is always in the opposite sign because it is an axis, so your ascending sign is in Cancer, your descendant will be in Capricorn if your ascendant is Virgo or your ascendant is Virgo I will be Pisces, is always in the opposite sign I am Sagrising , my descendant is in Gemini, so the same thing here, the ascension of the man Dantis right here and so we know that Hisdescendant is the opposite, so Hisascendant is 23 degrees Aquarius, so Hisdescendant is 23 degrees Leo, so this is a very close one Conjunction that is within one degree within two degrees, so you can use the axis conjunctions or anything conjunct in the axis up to six degrees for a conjunction of theaxes I like it when it's closer and within two or three degrees, but it can be felt up to six degrees, sometimes eight degrees, although that is generally much wider than I like to work, now hangs r depends on the situation, so you can see it here I mean, of course we're only talking about the ascendant descent and axis in this example, but if you see here because the husband has these, he has Venus and the sun in connection with his Ascendant, all of these things are related to his wife's offspring as well, which brings additional aunts to this conjunction, but only the ascendant-descendant conjunction alone makes it a very interesting thing in the table when you are looking at the houses here and even when you are I don't know about the houses I think this will make sense if the ascendant is the top of the first house right here and the descendant is the top of the seventh house, when you have this ascending and descending conjunction it means that all the houses are for the entire chart is conjunct to their house opposite, which really highlights that magnetic quality to that connection, so here we have that House of the self in the house of the other house of the partner Here we have the house of daily life and daily service in connection with the house of spiritual life Imean it is the house of romance and creativity and The love that we give connects the house of Love We Receive I mean, it's just beautiful how this brings these two magnetic energies from these people and holds them in place. This gives them some kind of extra ability to handle the challenges that come with marriage.

Sorry, it There was no fly mean that their struggles are less than those of other people in their relationships. I'm sure you know marriage and relationship Relationships are difficult, it's hard to overcome many of the things we face when it comes to marriage and relationships, but this conjunction ascending descending conjunction will add a few extra powers to get through these very difficult times and you will often find that these people stay married for a very long time during this particular time stay example they were married within six months of meeting they have been married for 20 years now i recently Got a session with a couple who have been married for 33 years and they had the same conjunction and now these are not easy marriages like I said it doesn't mean it's that easy it just means they tend to get on with it glue they are magnetically glued to each other that is very difficult to pull apart you know how hard magnets are when they are i are locked together which is very similar so i hope this makes sense if you have any questions about this or if something i said about the houses or something is confusing we need to sort that out please leave me a comment and i will get on with it Answer your question and thank you for being here as always, thank you for clicking my article There are so many other things you could do with your time, I really love that you are here with you find me on instagram and facebook @ galacticmystic now you can also visit my website I put a card for it here and you can also join my face group Oh facebook group called galacticmatrix mystics where we do a lot of astrology tarot mystic of all artsit is a very intimate one Group, so if you really want to get to know a small group of people who are talented astrologers, tarot readers, and oracles, and share that magic of using this he presents

What are house overlays in synastry?

How do you read synastry overlays?

House Overlays in Synastry are often over looked, they occur when your natal chart is superimposed on another individual's natal chart. Every person you come in contact with gets a different part of you; you are not all things to everyone.

What should I look for in a synastry chart?

The most important planets/luminaries in synastry are the Moon, Venus and Mars. The Moon rules the emotions and the way each individual responds naturally, making it an important factor in love relationships. Venus rules the love nature and determines what type of partner a person is attracted to. .

What is overlay in astrology?

In a synastry chart overlay, one person's natal birth chart is layered on top of another person's chart to show how your signs, planets, and houses work together. Especially where their planets are in your chart. .

What does synastry mean?

: concurrence of starry position or influence upon two persons : similarity of condition or fortune prefigured by astrology.

Can a planet be between houses?

Many times the planets are in the same house, but not always. It's more challenging to interpret charts where the stellium lies over a cusp, the dividing line between two houses. The most striking stelliumand easiest to see at playare close in orb and in the same house.7 2019 .

What is a Davison Relationship Chart?

The Davison chart is a way of combining two charts to obtain a third separate chart that describes a particular relationship dynamic and this chart has an actual birth date and location. A Davison Relationship Chart has a date, time, and location just like any natal chart. .

What is the difference between synastry and composite chart?

Composite charts are based on the science of midpoints and unlike a synastry which compares, it combines the two charts into one which defines the relationship of the two people.

Where is your soulmate in my birth chart?

Soulmate information can be found in your natal chart by looking at the North Node of your Moon sign. In astrology, the ecliptic shows Earth's orbit in relation to the sky and it shows the journey the sun takes as it travels past the stars. .

How accurate is synastry?

Getting reports of over 90% accuracy. Like anything else in Astrology, Synastry has its limits in that human consciousness and Free Will can override any factor.