How do I know if Vedic is compatible?

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How do I know if Vedic is compatible?

If you rely solely on this computer generated score, the whole point of compatibility is missing. You shouldn't be doing this in this article. Welcome to Pramanik's Astrology Channel I Am Your Host, Prasad Mahajani, Using Vedic Astrology to Help You Increase Your Vibrations and Become Your True Self, please visit my website and get your planetary alignments there Your reports and deliberations.

Okay so marital compatibility is very important Marriage compatibility is very important I get hundreds of emails every day asking about marital compatibility and mmm horoscope matchmaking this is a very karmic sensitive thing when making suggestions to someone who is Connecting with someone is a huge responsibility and I'm going to walk you through the important points to look out for in marriage compatibility in this article. So when you visit an astrologer be careful with him, he will have a lot to do in making a compatibility at the end of this article, you will understand the points to look out for in a marriage compatibility Disclaimer This is a very basic analysis if you are are intermediate or intermediate level this article is not ok for you this is very basic analysis but this might give you a different perspective as you look at it you are intermediate or intermediate level hope you will enjoy it let's get started the first thing to look for in a marriage compatibility is the moon the location of the mood the first thing to look for is the moon rush ok for a boy and a girl and here the basic rule for the moon placement is the man's moon The boy's moon should be close to the girl's moon so that he can reach her the normal one ice why masculine energy is always the i. takes initiative and female energy is somehow receptive, so you have to turn to the woman so that she has the feeling that my husband is always there for me I have a crying shoulder for me I have someone to support me in my lows or when i'm upset Okay that's the role of a male energy, so the boy's man moon should be near the female moon, but here's a tape it should be the woman's moon after the man's moon so it should be instantly I'll explain this to you with an example, assuming the man's moon is okay in Aries, so five houses in Aries are like Leo.

If a boy has a moon in Aries, the girl's moon in Taurus Gemini should be Cancer and Leo so that this Aries guy can get to him right away, but if the female's moon is in Pisces or Aquarius, he isn't near Aries because it has to go all the way and or 11 houses to reach Pisces or Aquarius, five times from man's moon place is what you have To look for the female move is what mine I use this in this example to see compatibility, there should be more female moon of tourists to be ok and this goes for all of Russia if you are looking for Taurus and Virgo Gemini and Libra Cancer and Scorpio all but shouldn't reversed the young the moon the boy's moon should be in front of the girl's moon so that he can reach him immediately that is very important you can also add the house placement to what i mean by we by sprac If the Aries is in the second house, the boy has Aries in the second house and the girl is a Leo ascendant with the moon in the ascendant, you had to travel twelve places around the moon to Aries again of the woman to reach the girl's moon so that the girl always complains that he doesn't understand you he doesn't care about me that's why compatibility is very important we have to see the moon placement for the boy and girl this way, okay , next you need to look for the placement of the mass. They are going to do a completely different article about the Manglik dosha, but I mention a couple of things here about the Mongolians, the placement of Mars in a few areas makes one person manglik, the placement of Marsin 12 first second fourth seventh and eighth house makes one person monthly , so you have to see a partner who is compatible with the manglik person, what do you mean that a person should have too? the same placement as the basic rule okay next is the placement of venus the placement of venus for a boy and the placement of venus for a girl just like the moon we have to see if they relate to each other, if they complement each other, if they are Compatible with each other Another thing to look out for in marriage compatibility is the Chandra Rashi Gravimetric Grahamy Three which is the lunar zodiac sign or the ascendant, what do I mean? thus in the same example Aries moon for boys and Leo moon for weapon Aries is ruled by Mars and Leo is ruled by the sun Mars and sun our friends this is an additional compatibility plus this is a positive sign from a compatibility point of view in this example the girl is Leoyo moon Leo ascendant who is ruled by the sun, so the Lord ascendant is also sun and the boy is Isis ascendant who is ruled by Jupiter Jupiter and sun our friend Webb plus one we have another positive point for compatibility, so yes, this is a very basic analysis of marriage compatibility that you should follow, in this article we didn't discuss About the Gemini Karaka, that's the Derocker Akka that we didn't discuss About the Namaha diagram, we don't have this 3D -Raha speaking, okay, so we're going to discuss these things in the next level of compatibility. Right now, those three four points are very wise correct.

Another point to look for in compatibility is the dasha these people go through t the - ah how their period goes, it is compatible that is very important one person may be showing signs of divorce or late marriage and the other Person has none, so this is incompatible Karmas do not go well together, so this match is not feasible okay You should not recommend that as an astrologer you have done all of this then go to the computer generated reports because computer generated reports with a score of twelve fourteen fifteen are based on the eight factors that are more similar to physical and sexual compatibility and the graha my three the chan radha she has the maximum number of points so that is very these are tiny points if you only rely on this computer-generated score you miss the whole point of compatibility you shouldn't do this is okay the first thing? We have to search is the moon placement is the Russia placement of the moon for a boy and a girl a boy the boy the boys moon should be a boy moon should turn to girl moon immediately it should be placed so that it should have the feminine energy immediately we took an example from Aries and Leo we are in the Aries boy the moon can turn to the female energy of the lion right away, but when the female's moon goes to six seven and beyond it becomes very difficult for many male energies to achieve okay and that frustrates the woman nothing more frustrates her than an indifferent husband ok he should always be there to take care of her that is her expectation and for that the moon placement is very important. Next we assessed the mars placementThe placement of mars in certain houses that they have the pattern should be compatible with the other person okay next thing we put in the diag looking for ramming, the placement of Venus is the placement of Venus we should be looking for Just like a placement of MU, it should be compatible because care and love are the essence of marriage Okay Venus is the karaka of marriage, so it is compatible Ability is very important and becomes a very crucial point sometimes a decision point to decide and Venus Venus is Venus is Cocaine Venus is Karaka of marriage, therefore compatibility of Venus becomes very important ok that was my little analysis of the Marriage compatibility level once as much as I could hold and share it with you guys if you're new to my channel, please consider subscribing. You will get Vedic Astrology called Videos, just like this if you are not already subscribing to this article with your family and friends Share with your friends, keep watching the Brahmanic Astrology Channel and and and sending your high vibrations see in the next articles Love and Peace

How do you do a synastry in Vedic astrology?

Familiarize yourself with the different signs of the zodiac.

To understand relationship compatibility, you must first have an understanding of the signs of the zodiac and what they mean. The twelve signs are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Always up to date on what these stars have in store for you Hi I'm Maren a professional astrologer, current college student and witch who proudly comes out of the broom closet The lunar knots are one of my favorite astrology concepts and there has been a lot of research there So I'm definitely very passionate about this article being brought to you by Rasi Collective Rasi Collective is a platform, my newly launched platform that connects spiritual practitioners with their ideal clients, so for example if you are after Atarot readers Search in Los Ange If you are a Reiki healer offering your services online, you can post your services and or search for other metaphysical esoteric healers to help you. All the details are listed below and if you are part of the spiritual community interested in these metaphysical topics we would love to have you join our platform to facilitate healing and to hold space for each other to hold space.

Incidentally, I've already made two articles about the nodes of the moon, one about the underlying understanding of what the nodes mean and mean in astrology, and a second about what the transit nodes of the moon entail when you do this Have not seen articles, they are linked below. So I would recommend that you watch the meaningful article first, with the underlying article justifications so that you understand what we are all talking about here, someone else's diagram acts as a long-term static transit to your own, what I mean by that is the Since synastry superimposes ay on the diagram and seeing planets on one diagram communicating with other planets in the other is like a transit that is never constantly moving there as it is an outside influence that is in that manifestation Another person crystallizes instead of this transit moving fluidly through the sky representing the North Node, then we'll cover what synastry represents with the South Node and we'll round things off with some diagram examples to show you specifically what I'm talking about in the Practice speaking We do not have an exact match of the knot on a personal point or planet, on which we inevitably get overstimulated or drained by another person, with the nodes falling on our charts, so stay to the end to understand where we can all apply this, whether we have one or not the exact one Hit that reaches the north node to the moon represents expansion and inflation. It's not what we need to evolve or what? In synastry, however, we must be careful not to grab or put all of our weight on it when the North Node, also called Rahu, is on another person's personal planets or luminaries or an important point such as the Ascendant MC, IC, The Node Person can feel extremely possessive of everything that planet or point in partner represents the point or planet person can feel very seen by the node person You can also feel very suffocated when the node is on someone else's personal planet looking Look at which houses this planet rules in the diagram of the planet person for more context to this karmic story, to recap the South Node, also called Ketu, on another person's personal planet or point it can feel super exhausting for the planet person, how the south knot person is cting and the south knot person can feel have to exceed their limits or be on the planet, whether intentionally or not, even if you are in or have had such a relationship with any of these aspects.

I would love to know your story about these karmic bonds and comment below, if you are open to share your story let me know so just make contacts on the knots, you can deal with past life karma knots, that are directly related to the Karmiccycle we play in this life, although it is not as simple as the south the knot is the past we have to let go and the north knot is the future we don’t have to evolve into any. In fact, such simplified thinking can often be harmful or simply mislead the entire node axis - a cycle of karma takes place in a more nuanced story when the north node is on another planet or point. This may indicate that you were not fulfilled by this aspect of another person in a previous life, or that you have not yet learned the healthy integration of these issues with a partner in this life, it could also indicate that that person and theirs Energies are very new to you and you haven't got them in a previous life or that they were like the person you did not get in a previous life and so the cycle is new to you in some ways when the South Node is on Another's planet or a point where it can be a very similar old song type of energy that you are really used to, being dependent on the planetary person in that planetary energy type and / or that you are with the energy If you are familiar with this person, especially in this past life planet point dynamics, you can definitely state that you have been here with this person before, u nd you'll probably pretend to feel this, which is why the South Node sometimes drains because you're the way I've been here before.

An example of this is David and Victoria Beckham David's Venus is precisely in connection with her south node an indication that he is in a relational dynamic with her in a previous life and from some of her descriptions of how they found and felt for one another makes very good sense that they also have matching Venus-Mars conjunctions which helps, but that knot contact is a strong indicator of having been with someone in a previous life, not just in a row, is in context, although it is with Venus somehow alludes to the fact that this also happens in their financial houses, so it is not surprising that they have been successful in companies together as they likely have had previous experiences with it as well. An example is Bill and Hillary Clinton Hillary's north is right on its tourist moon, which is definitely an indicator that she is insatiable attracted to his inner world, wants to get to know him personally and Barry is very intrigued by him on a deep level houses the second and the eighth for them, but this is just a coincidence in these examples in your own diagrams and in Esethi's life can obviously happen in any house axis that does not mean that it has to be so that Rahu can be terrifyingly attractive and Ketu can definitely be terrifyingly complacent, you will be aware of them when they show up, but that doesn't mean it is necessary for you to stay around and even if you don't have a particular planet or point that is specifically influenced by another person, wherever the nodes on another person's map are in synastry, they will appear wherever a person's north node is in one House on your chart will fall, it will paint a picture tour that they will push you to take or that they will grab a specific area of ​​your life for and wherever their south knot home falls in your horoscope, paint a picture of possibly dragging you into coping ms into the past or just improving the escapist patterns in that area of ​​life, one way or another, even if you are have no specific point that is really hit you can see where our knot access overlays and synastry yes i feel both insatiable and emptied in relation to that person in these areas of life with what the house means so if you like this article liked it and found it insightful and valuable, check out my private consultations below. I would love to read for you and I also offer Synastry, you just have to ask specifically in your reading description.

Also check out Rasi if you are looking for metaphysical ministries check this out below or post your own links in the description otherwise make sure to subscribe and leave a comment below if you have any synastric experience As for theMoon's knots, I'd like to know that it's usually a story worth telling, otherwise you can check out the articles that pop up on screen for more great astrology content I'm sending so much love and see you in the next

How do I know my marriage is compatible?

Synastry is an astrological technique of determining compatibility between two individuals comparing one person chart on top of the other person chart. In this technique we check if similar signs fall over each other sign in the birth chart to those in the other person's chart. .

Nobody wants to marry the wrong person, and nobody wants to marry the wrong person. With the advent of personality tests, dating sites, and self-proclaimed experts, it seems that many people are ready to tell you exactly the type of person you should or shouldn't be with. Let me explain.

On many popular dating sites it is customary to fill out a survey in which you state your favorite hobbies and interests, tell about your mannerisms, what you like and what you dislike; all that stuff. And based on your answers, it then brings you to someone you would be most compatible with based on their algorithm. And I'm not saying these algorithms are wrong, in fact there are parts of them that are just trying to virtually speed up over the internet, which usually happens when a personal relationship is established.

But this is where the problem comes in: it can make people think there is a perfect person for them, or it can make people focus on the wrong things to gauge whether they are be compatible with someone or not, and when you date, that may be all well and good. But once you're married and you've invested more in the relationship or have kids together, then you actually miss the real focus when you're still trying to measure your reconciliation against the more superficial measures like having the same hobbies or both To be clean freaks about what actually makes people compatible and what makes a relationship work. It's nice to have similar hobbies and similar personalities, of course.

But it can also be nice to be married to someone completely different. For a person who encourages you to try new things and do different ways, but here's the thing: all relationships get difficult and problematic in the end, even if algorithms or personality tests say you are a perfect match. All relationships take work.

There are actually three things that research has shown can determine where a relationship is and what the future might bring, or rather, there are three things that can make love permanent. And don't we really ask ourselves that when we ask if we are compatible? We want to know: will this relationship last? Can we make it work And it's about a lot more than whether the two of you enjoy traveling or not, whether you see the finances right away, or whether you both enjoy eating Chinese food, we have a free quiz on at Marriage Aid or one of the resources we offer you which you can attend to understand where your relationship stands according to these three measurements that I'll get into in a minute. You can find this link in the description below after researching dr.

Sternberg and his team have identified three things that determine love and that are present in lasting relationships. These three things are the first is intimacy the second is passion and the third is commitment Intimacy is basically so open, honest and transparent I can be with my partner, I have the feeling that I can open up to them when I talk to them and I am vulnerable, I feel that they care, I feel that they are listening to me again, when I talk a lot, do we think intimacy is sex, but we all know? that we can be sexual with someone and have no intimacy; intimacy is a relationship, it's not an act and sex without intimacy just feels empty and it's just as passionate about passion, too, it's not about sex, it's about more than just sex, though Sex part of his passion is the need to be physically one with someone, but partly after a lasting relationship emotionally, to miss his spouse when he is gone, the desire and desire to experience life with him a few years ago I was in Paris with a friend of mine and when we went back to our hotel one evening after dinner we found ourselves on this bridge which had the perfect view of the Eiffel Tower and if you've been to Paris you know that it is only an hour every night that they turn on the light of the Eiffel Tower to make them sparkle like diamonds and this was one of those moments that it atembera in Paris practicing is like a grown-up Disney World to me. Everything the architecture is just beautiful and it was one of the most beautiful places and at that moment I could only think that I wish my husband would wash with me, but it's not only like this with the big events, but also with the little things like when Rob goes out one night to have a boys' night out and I'm home watching Netflix, friends are watching and I laugh about it, I miss him being there and sharing this moment with him.

I miss the unity of the relationship and then there is the third and that is engagement because there are a lot of people who will use you to get what they want, but there are fewer people who commit to good for bad, until death takes part in us Commitment is the willingness to stay to see things through the struggles and the bad days and the illness and simply to cope with the everyday stress life dr. Sternberg defines it as the willingness to continue the relationship. There is more research that we teach in our workshops that we do with spouses specifically on all of the things that make up a commitment, and there are actually ten things that make up a commitment and only three of them have anything to do with yourself There are many reasons why we stay committed to a relationship and you want to have as many of them as possible and I can't get into what all of them are in this article but if you take our quiz then the answers you will get on Based on the questions we ask, will tell you more about where you are in each of these three areas, and where your relationship might be, but the bottom line of these three ngs is when you have the intimacy that deep relationship into that you connect emotionally when you have the passion, the desire to be one with someone physically and emotionally, and when you have the obligation to Keeping things out, no matter what, your relationship is going to last, you may not be compatible with the myers-briggs or the Enneagramor whatever it may be but that means absolutely nothing.

There were a couple that I went with a few years ago who said that because of the marital problems they had, they went to their pastor and their pastor gave them the Myers Briggs and then, according to their findings from Myers Briggs, the pastor said oh you two shouldn't be together, you guys should get divorced and that's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of a Myers Briggs disc review and an enneagram, whatever it is I'm not going to tell you if you married the right person or if Should you get a divorce or not, it just tells you what each of you is Like what drives you What your personality is I won't go into all of that here, but whatever your personality is Its style is, everyone will have problems, everyone has to learn to speak each other's language, it's all about having these three things, the intimacy, the passion, the devotion that makes marriages and relationships permanent. All these other things are just symptoms, on that gets people focused when the real thing to focus on is so much deeper now when you take our free quiz with the link you can find below there will be three questions and this is not one as in-depth quiz as we could give you. They are just short questions that will give you an idea of ​​where your relationship might be, and based on the question you are asked for each of these three areas, it will tell you where your relationship is and it will give you some advice as well Guidance on what you can do to zoom in on the areas that may be low because here that is the thing where your relationship isn't going to be 10 out of 10 in all of these areas every day.

The days that are will be bright, but most days you will feel less passion for your spouse after having a big argument or you are going to feel less familiar with your spouse when you feel like him hear nothing what you say. That is why it is important to measure these elements over a long period of time, the average over a few months or a few years as opposed to yesterday or today or what happened at lunch, think over a longer period and if you take our quiz with it in mine , will share the results with you, which areas you are high in which areas you may be low here is the key to how you can work on improving yourself These areas don't look at you and you say, well, we do have little intimacy or passion or commitment or two or maybe even all three so we should just end it no not at all, it's just a measure of where to start, focus on how you can improve things, and do Then do the things that enlarge each area, don't throw away the relationship, try to fix it first, so what if you are extrovert rt and he's introverted so what if you like things to be neat and your spouse is messier, so what if you have the intimacy, passion, and commitment, or at least willing to do things, for all of these try three things then you can have a great relationship even when you feel like there is no love all three realms are? low there is still a way to try and see if it can work, even if you feel like you did things to fix it, focus on the right things we want to help if you can Engaged, or married, or even separated then we have tools and resources to help you and your marriage become successful and better than ever, take the quiz below to get started or if you're ready, deeper help through one of our workshops, our online courses or the coaching we offer, you can give us a call at eight six six nine zero three zero nine nine zero or visit our website under marriage / You can fix what's broken seems we can help

Which Rashi can match which Rashi for marriage?

Get the destiny number for Marriage Matching

The destiny number is calculated by adding up all the numbers in the date of birth of the individual. For example, if the date of birth of a person is 12-12-1990, then the destiny number is 1+2+1+2+1+9+9+0 = 25.

Is Vedic astrology more accurate?

Yearly predictions based on Vedic astrology are more accurate and reliable than those based on Western astrology. All these sign based predictions are generic. This happens because both Vedic astrology and Western astrology calculate a horoscope differently. .

What is temperament in Kundli?

In Kundali matching Gana is the matching of the temperaments of the bride and the groom. The temperament over here is loosely meant as the nature and the demeanor of both. According to Kundali matching, there are three types of ganas, the Devas (celestial), the Manav (worldly) and the Rakshasas (demoniac).9 2020 .

How many Ashtakoot should match?

Note that the total number of points under the Ashta Koot matching makes 36 Gunas. Nadi: 8 PointsBhakoot: 7 PointsGana: 6 PointsMaitri: 5 PointsYoni: 4 PointsTara: 3 PointsVasya: 2 points Varna: 1 Point. Hence the total number of Ganas is 36. Among the 36 Gunas, at least 18 must match for approving the marriage. .

How do you know you love someone?

In other words, your happiness is their happiness, and your pain is their pain. Someone in love will care about your feelings and your well-being, Dr. Flores said. If he or she is able to show empathy or is upset when you are, not only do they have your back, but they also probably have strong feelings for you.29 2018 .

What are compatibility issues in a relationship?

Compatibility is not only about having the same interests. It is about sharing the same values, having compatible libidos, knowing how to work through a conflict, handling each other's stress, supporting each other's dreams, feeling safe with each other and planning a future together. .

Which is the powerful Rashi?


The mighty Taurus is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and dominating signs of the zodiac. They know what they want and also know how to get it either by hook or crook.

Which is best Nakshatra in astrology?

It is also favorable for artistic activities including singing. These were the most powerful Nakshatras for wealth according to Vedic Astrology. Other than the ones mentioned above, the Rohini Nakshatra, Uttar Phalguni Nakshatra, and the Vishakha Nakshatra also have an important effect in terms of influences on wealth.