Are Oracle and Tarot cards the same?

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Are Oracle and Tarot cards the same?

And while oracle cards can offer insight similar to tarot cards, there are some major differences. Though there's room to play around while reading tarot, there are also structured spreads and ways to read tarot that have power in tradition. On the other hand, oracle decks have fewer rules. .

Silence divided into words presents oracles, tarot and other divination tools Living in the HereNowSince ancient times mankind has consulted oracles, for example the Oracle of Delphi. People looked to the stars in search of their fate; Turtle shell. Here we use your tarot deck as a meditation tool so we can move from head to heart to the present.

Osho, why are we avoiding this moment all the time? There has been a great misunderstanding between life and time. Time is thought to be made up three tenses: past, present, future, what is wrong. Time consists only of the past and the future.

It is life that is made up of the present. So if you want to live, there is no other way than to live this moment. Only the present is existential.

The past is just a collection of memories and the future is nothing but your imagination, your dreams. The reality is here now. Those who only want to think about life, about life, about love, for them the past and the future are perfectly beautiful because they give them infinite leeway.

They can decorate their past, make it as beautiful as they want, although they have never lived it, when it was present they weren't there. These are just shadows, reflections. They ran all the time, and as they ran they saw a few things.

They think they lived. In the past, only death is reality, not life. In the future, too, only death will be reality, not life.

Those who have missed life in the past, automatically to fill the void, start dreaming about the future. Your future is just a projection from the past. What they have neglected in the past, they hope in the future; and between the two non-existences is the little existent moment that iswhich life.

For those who want to live, don't think about it, love, don't think about being, don't philosophize about it, there is no other alternative to come back; once gone, it's gone forever. But because of the misunderstanding that is almost as old as humanity and all cultures contributed, they have made the present part of time. And the present has nothing to do with time.

If you are only here in this moment, there is no time; there is immense silence, stillness, no movement, nothing passes, everything has suddenly come to a standstill. The present gives you the opportunity to dive deep into the waters of life or soar high into the sky of life. But there are still dangers on both sides.

Spans and future are the most dangerous words in human language. Between past and future, living in the present is almost like being on a tight rope. There is danger lurking on both sides, but when you've tasted the juice of the present , then dangers are not important.

Once you're in tune with life, it doesn't matter. And for me, life is all there is. You can call it 'God', but that's not a good name because the religions have polluted it.

Existence 'which is beautiful. But what you call it is no. It should be clear that you only have a moment in your hands, the real moment.

And again and again you will get that real moment. Either you live it or you leave it unlived. Most people just drag themselves from the cradle to the I heard a Sufi statement that when a man died, he suddenly realized, 'My God, I was alive.' But only death as a contrast made him realize that he lived for seventy years, but life itself had not enriched him.

It's not life's fault. It's our misunderstanding. My insistence on vigilance will give you life without thinking about it, for vigilance can only be in the present.

You can only experience the present. Live whole and live intensely so that every moment becomes golden and your whole life becomes a series of golden moments. Such a person never dies because they have the Midas touch, whatever they touch turns gold.

When it touches death, death becomes golden too. It's as much as life - or maybe more because death is more compressed than life. Life spans seventy, eighty years.

Death happens in a single moment. It is so condensed that once you have lived your life properly you can step into the mystery of death. And the secret of death is that it's just a cover.

Inside is your immortality, your eternal life. Copyright OSHO International Foundation, Switzerlandwww. is a registered trademark of the OSHO International Foundation

Should I buy Oracle or tarot cards?

Oracle decks, because of how much easier they are to read, can be a much quicker option. If you're a busy person, then oracle cards may be the best for your daily divination. If you're a complete beginner and feel intimidated by tarot cards, then again, oracle cards may be your gateway divination tool. .

Today I will be reviewing cheap tarot decks No they are Oracle - hey friends welcome back to my channel today I will be reviewing cheap oracle decks that you can get online I ordered mine on ebay but I saw them on demand and Aliexpress and so today I'm going to be checking out these fake decks and letting you know whether or not it's worth starting all of these stacks come in just these very simple boxes like a playing card game, most of the Oracle decks at least the Oracle decks I do own, come in boxes like this, okay this is actually the moon, i leave you deck and that's a very common way i bought decks i think yeah all my decks come here but i think oh, these are all of my guests from every house apparently, so this might just be their style, but this is how most beautiful card boxes come. This is the typical size of an Oracle Cardnice types you can get shiny finish too but this is a typical size Oracle card let's stick with the Earth Magic Oracle This is a Hay House deck This is by Stephen D Farmer I am happy to give credit to the artist, because i didn't really give credit to the artist when buying it so this is the earth magic oracle again the back of these cards first let me show you the size difference they are now for me much smaller than a typical oracle card i like this size i have very small ones Hands my ten year old actually has bigger hands than me and so I find these cards a bit difficult to shuffle I do, but I actually prefer this size but the card quality is not very good. These are better than most of the tarot cards I checked in the last article I checked my tarot cards in, but if the quality is still not great the artwork on this card is nice but I have the legitimate version of this one Seen decks and the colors are just a lot stronger, they're a lot more vivid in the legit deck, which also the legitimate version of it has more of a glossy finish w here that is pretty matte and then there are just things like this card in this imitation, only there is a bit strange the color is just not right and again i saw these cards in person, my friend actually has this deck and it's just not so very nice in comparison support your artists the next deck i have are the energy oracle cards this is one again tae-ho's deck so it should come in a box like this but it's not that these cards are very similar to the earth magic cards i mean they are beautiful , you saw me use these while reading these are actually a bit more robust than the earth magic but again the color is just a little different these are some of them are other colors let me see if I can so go ahead I have four cards from the same deck and they are all slightly different suits.

I'm talking about the line that should be consistent across all of them, but it's not some of them like they're just desaturating the colors, they're just not as vivid as you should be, these are from Sandra and Taylor I will the images are actually buying all of my Oraclecards I want to replace with the legitimate versions of them I got the Chakrawisdom Oracle Cards by Tony Hartman illustrated by Gretchen Raysh Baskin I want to say a very similar review I mean these cards are beautiful, the illustrations are beautiful, but they're just the weakest of any cards like this one. I play cards in the dollar store are better quality than this, they are out of date the quality of the card supply on this card if you like them when you buy these cards on eBay. Another thing about buying these cards on eBay is that very rarely do they come properly packaged.

If you watch my hands unpack you will see this text like this when you buy them online beautiful sturdy box they come with bubble wrap and they are properly wrapped these come in a poly mailer and only the edges are so worn the next two Decks I want to show that you are the most disappointing and there are two completely different reasons we start with this one. When I bought this deck I had no idea what it was. I didn't know which artist I was supporting or, in this case, not cover to make it look like it was real This is nothing I had no clue I have since found out that this is actually a Kim Krantz cover that is the universe got you back but again i just thought these were confirmation cards when i bought them oops! I don't know that they are ripping anyone off.

I mean you should have known him better, but I didn't do it again. The size is really small. I just thought they were nice carts and I wanted them and since I didn't know their name I couldn't do any research to find out what they were and then I was actually in a store and saw this card and I thought i would have this deck i know exactly what it is i feel bad because this is my second camera wreath big deck and i love kim krantz our work is a great work of art she is a great artist i actually have some of her children's books for my kids and it's like there's a thing, if they at least give credit where there is credit, there is no indication of who they are cheating, they just literally stole someone's work, claiming it's their room, so I feel so bad that I bought this but what is done is done and I can't return anything to eBay so I got it and then this duck, that's the last one I have and it was like that a waste of money beautiful i have seen who uses it i think enchanted charms tarot something has these and they are beautiful i really wanted them again i couldn't find them so about them online and i'm in thecards myself i can't even get them them out of the box so that BarbaraMichael John for free and Flavia Kate Peters and I assume that the illustrations are by Richard Gauner, yes, they at least give recognition to the artists, but the downside of these cards is that they have that nice gold border, but i do i don't know if you can see that but they stick together.

I've shuffled and shuffled and shuffled these cards and some of them I've never seen because they are behind another card and I would literally have to go through it and pull them all apart so to bring them apart is like a deck of cards and I literally have to breaking the seal on each of them to get them apart, and sometimes they stay separate when you've broken up, but sometimes they just don't get back together so when you shuffle is a real pain in the butt and actually when would they hurt their fingers to shuffle because of that fake glittering silver like it was all over my hands, just that little bit, but you can see how they like it to clump together what is not pretty, as if there was There's no stopping it As if the universe can't let you tell which cards to pop when they compensate like that, so don't even waste your money on these Cards yes I feel bad buying these like me? Useful I wish I had waited to find the artist, actually with all of these cards these cards are all beautiful but as you can see on my shelf back here I have a lot more real oracle cards than I have fake ones. that they are small so they are easier to mix but don't waste your money. This is my review on cheap knockofforacle cards.

If you enjoyed this article please give us a thumbs up and if you want more in-depth reviews of the different cards I really need to discuss specifically on the cards then let me in the comments below know I'd love to put such a series together for you guys and as always guys have a fantastic day, dear light and good luck to you all bye

Can you use Oracle Cards as Tarot cards?

Yes, that's right, you can use oracle cards AND tarot cards at the same time for a detailed and intuitive reading.19 2020 .

What do oracle cards tell you?

They Offer Guidance

Individuals know when they're walking into a tarot card reading that they're about to gain insight into what the future may hold for them. Oracle readings can help many people since, although they reveal predictions, most of their focus is figuring out the potential outcome you would like to see.

Do oracle cards work?

Oracle cards can be just as effective as tarot cards at providing guidance and clarity; easing fear and anxiety, and helping you tap into your intuition and the answers already within you. .

Should I learn oracle or tarot first?

There are two primary types of decks to read with: oracle decks and tarot decks. Oracle decks are considered easier and more intuitive. I recommend starting with tarot. But first let me distinguish between the two. .

Are Oracle cards easier to learn?

That said, an oracle deck is usually easier. They're more straight-forward and designed with the express purpose of having some cards drawn from them. They're typically accessible and don't really require that you dive into a small library of books in order to understand it.

Can I use my Oracle cards everyday?

One of the most common ways to use oracle decks, especially for complete divination beginners, is a one card pull. Using the cards in this way gives you a focus for the day and tells you what the universe wants you to know that day. You can do these readings as often as you like, so it doesn't have to be every day. .

What religion are oracle cards?

Angels are a popular theme in oracle cards, and there are a few decks that even have heavily Christian overtones. When you buy an oracle card deck, you'll find a booklet includedmuch like the little white book that comes with Tarot decksthat explains the meaning of each card. .

What does an Oracle do?

An oracle is a person or agency considered to provide wise and insightful counsel or prophetic predictions, most notably including precognition of the future, inspired by deities. As such, it is a form of divination.