How can I talk to astrologers for free?

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How can I talk to astrologers for free?

All those customers who wish to avail Free Astrology Consultation on Phone are required to make a call on this number (+91-9213-300-900). If you did not feel comfortable talking about your problems on call, then you can also chat with Acharya Jee by adding them on your WhatsApp.

Is AstroSage free?

AstroSage Kundli is most powerful Birth Chart software (Kundli software, Kundali software or Vedic Horoscope) based on Indian Astrology / Vedic Astrology/ Hindu Astrology/ Jyotish in Windows 8.1 App Store. Moreover it is absolutely FREE. .

Please watch the article until the end, because if this article is a bit long we will split it into two parts then you might not get bored, if I do a long article then you guys get bored and you don't want that Listen to the whole article and only understand half of it For our own horoscope we may have to learn three important things and these are three things that I will tell you in order to use a horoscope to predict that we know 9 planets, 12 zodiac and 12 houses and also 27 If we should know constellations, then only we can predict the horoscope of everyone, but if we want to know what I am about our own horoscope, what can I do? how much knowledge or intelligence do I have and how much is my luck favors my knowledge and my intelligence because we want to know this we want to get a lot and in this want we do a lot of hard work and investments, but still no results and when we know how much can we or will we get in the future? the grace of our happiness after so much hard work and a lot of investments and in order to know these things we have to learn three things and the first thing to know when looking at your horoscope on a computer laptop somewhere, because there is a lot these days Software, you just have to fill out your birth details and you will get your horoscope in front of your horoscope means that the chart is displayed in the foreground t by you and you should know three basic things in this horoscope, this is the type of chart that is displayed, this chart consists of 12 Houses, and in these 12 houses, knowing about the first house is very important, because if we want to know anything about ourselves, we should know that this is the first house in the horoscope, this is also known as the ascendant in astrology, and the ascendant means ours Body what we are according to our horoscopethis is the first housethe number is writtenis written in this first houseis on wic Mostly because there are 12 numbers, whatever number is written in your first house that is your ascendant that is you what that number is assumed number one is written there, so number one means because there are 12 zodiac and this card also has 12 houses and if number one is written there, it means that your Aries ascendant is the person who knows about the zodiac, then he obviously knows about the Lord of the Planet and if number 1 is written there is Aries ascendant, and the Lord of Aries is Mars -Planet maximum people know that you have to understand Aries and now you have to understand the ascendant because this number is your character, your progress, this is your fame or your slander, this is your physique, because through this number you will learn more about your zodiac sign and your lord zodiac sign and that's you and if you get the knowledge about zodiac and planet, then do you learn who you really are your life depends on this is the basis of your lifethis is your progress, your future you will get everything after this and it is based on according to the planet or it is very important to us to know from what number it is consists of which zodiac and also the lord of this zodiac, then you will find out what you are, your character, your development about your being and how much you can achieve in your future. You will only find out about this house if you get it now knowing about this, this is the first thing we discussed, now for the second, if you have the physique or your body from the first house then on the second thought we should check the fifth house from house number one means the fifth house from the first Houses the first, then the second, third, fourth and then fifth now which zodiac is written in the fifth house, we should know that or which number is written there just whatever number is written there that means that the zodiac belongs to this place If we have written the number 1 in the first house, then the number 5 is written here, so first, second, third, fourth and fifth, so the fifth zodiac maximum people know the Aries, Taurus Gemini CancerLeo, that means the fifth zodiac is the Leo and now who is the Lord of Leo The Lord of Leo is the Lord of the Sun What do we look at from the fifth house, we have the physique of the first house what do we make of this physique what do we need for our life to prosper? we make our body hard work and for that we need knowledge and intelligence, if there is knowledge and intelligence with us, which we consider from the fifth house as It is according to the Lord of this house, whatever is written in the fifth house of your horoscope, Your intelligence corresponds to the lord of this planet who shows what kind of intelligence or knowledge you have, your body movement or your hard work or work skills the knowledge or intelligence that you have even though only you make the progress.

The same goes for your character or it will be because your character will be like your thinking and if your intelligence or knowledge gets corrupted or defective it will definitely affect your character and that will also affect your progress is the second, what one should understand and now to the third, what do we have to see in the third position and for the third step we check the fifth from the fifth house and the ninth from the first house The first house is our physique The fifth house is our knowledge and ours Intelligence and from the fifth to the fifth house What number is there, that is important, if number one is written here, then there will be number nine and what does the zodiac of number nine mean what is the name of this zodiac Aries Taurus GeminiCancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Libra Scorpio Sagittarius, that means the zodiac is at number nine Sagittarius, if it is written number one then s This is number nine and that is Sagittarius and who is the Lord of Sagittarius The Lord of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the ninth house of the horoscope indicates our luck or fate or fortune, what kind of future would our future be or would we be cheap or very lucky or maybe we have no taste ? Luck we are very intelligent and astute we also have a good physique, but luck is not auspicious You have seen many people who are very intelligent but out of luck they are not successful in life and on the other hand many are not so intelligent and not so knowledgeable and bad physique but there is so good that they make progress in life as if an illiterate person gets everything oh how? that means luck is in his favor now you have to see what kind of zodiac is in the ninth house if the first house is number one or number 10, whatever then will be in the ninth house or fifth house, we need to check if these three things are the basis of you horoscope, knowing these three things or houses then you will definitely improve your life, you will make progress in your life because health, intelligence and happiness favor youth, you get it all whatever you need in your life or you want the number in the ninth house, this is the house of your happiness or your progression, so these three basic things should be known and when you get the knowledge of these three houses then you will never fail in your life because these are the foundation of your life and if you learn the basics of your life and you choose or take the right path then you will you definitely never feel disoriented, you will never doubt yourself and you will get the progress you desire and if you want to know how your present time is going or what your future time will be or what your future time will be, i will give you that in my next article say NAMASCAR until then (thank you & bye)

How much does an astrology reading cost?

Most Astrologers charge by the hour. I charge $100 for a one hour reading and $150 for a two hour reading. The reading covers your natal chart, transits, progressions and graphical images that explain what may expect over the next year.

Hey guys! Welcome back to Lavendaire, I am continuing this series of fun self-discovery tools on my channel, so if you missed the first article I was talking about tarot cards and how to use them as a beginner because I did. am a beginner. today i am super excited to be talking about astrology. astrology is something that has kept me busy for most of my life, literally since childhood, and it's not that i am an expert on it or anything.

But I was more into astrology and natal chart reading last year than I read Steven Forrest's book The Inner Sky. I've learned a lot about reading the natal chart, a lot about astrology and what it means I have found that I know more about astrology than the average person. So this article is for the average person.

If you are an expert there is no need to look at this. But I just want to explain astrology more deeply than just your sun signs. So get ready for a fun article! First things first, let's clarify: astronomy is the scientific exploration of celestial bodies, so it is based on cts and research; and astrology is the interpretation of celestial bodies, that is, this is how we interpret what is in the sky.

It's the poetry, it's the art. but it's really cool that everything has a meaning and it's not exactly scientific, but it's more of an art. So what is a natal chart? Your astrological natal chart is basically a snapshot of the sky at the time and place where you were born, where in the world you were born and the exact time, it is the picture of what is in heaven.

It is a kind of map of all the planets, the sun and the moon. So it is very important to be precise about the exact time that you were born because every hour or two your natal chart changes because the sky moves - no, the earth moves - and so moves the snapshot of the sky was born if you can get your exact natal chart r side note: if you are chinese, i know there is a superstition in chinese culture, because of feng shui and all that stuff, never to give your date / time of birth to anyone out there. So I don't want to post my exact natal chart or anything.

But we believe that once someone knows your exact date and time of birth, they will know a lot about your destiny and people can use it against you. So this is something I personally - because my mom influenced me - personally I want to keep it a little more secret, so just let you guys know. So how do you get your natal chart read? There are many websites where you can enter this information.

Café Astrology is one, is another. And there are also plenty of mobile apps that you can use to check your natal chart.

My favorite astrology app is co-star. This one is very modern and chic and outlines your natal chart and all of the details in a very neat way. So check out these - I'll link them below.

Now let's talk about the original triad which is your sun, moon, and ascendant. Sometimes people also refer to the ascendant as their 'ascending' sign. These are the three more important signs, generally in your natal chart, so you might see other people who are really interested in astrology, they will list all three signs because all three are important in listing more than just your sun sign.

Your sun sign depends only from the day you were born, whatever season you were in. I was born in October so I'm a Libra. BTW, I have this diary in which I made a lot of notes from the astrology book I read so I can refer to it now and then.

In general, your sun sign represents your ego, your personality, your self-image. It's the core of who you are. Your moon sign represents your emotional self.

Your moon is your sensitivity, your emotions, your feelings, your mood, your heart. Sometimes people refer to their moon sign more than their sun sign because your moon is your emotional self and you feel more about that sign. And whatever sign you are in your moon, that is an indication of what makes you happy and what makes you feel fulfilled.

Well, I'm a Sagittarius moon and Sagittarius is about adventure and exploration, trying new things, and I can often really relate to that too. Your ascending or 'ascending' sign is essentially your mask for the world. It's how other people perceive you.

Think of it as a first impression. Other people may see you in a certain way when they first meet you, and then when they get to know you they realize, 'Oh, you really are like a different kind of person.' So your ascendant is how you appear to Others, and just so you know, my ascending sign is Gemini.

By the way, in order not to make this article too long, I am not going to go into the details of the meaning of each sign, each planet and all that because there are tons of resources online about it. I'm actually going to make simple notes for you to read on my blog post, just quick keywords and notes on each character, planet, or house. After receiving your natal chart, you can write down your sign, moon, and rising sign.

And then you can take a look at the notes I made on my blog post and see what corresponds to each character. One way to understand your original triad sign is to put it in a sentence like this: 'I am a __, with the soul of a __, wear the mask of a __ “Depending on your sign, you will find the meaning and the archetype of your sign and just pocket the words. For example for me: I'm an artist with the soul of a philosopher wearing the mask of a teacher, that's because an artist is what a Libra is, the philosopher is an archetype of the Sagittarius moon and the teacher is one of the archetypes for a twin.

I hope this made sense and I hope it helped. So that was the basics. Ready to dive deeper? Let's go! Let's talk about the constituent parts of the natal chart.

As I mentioned earlier, there are 12 signs, you've heard these before - Aries, Scorpio, Libra, Leo - all of these I know they are out of order. And then there are ten planets, and after 'planets'

How do you find a good astrologer?

Choosing an astrologer is a lot like seeking any other professional; ask for referrals, ask your friends who is a good astrologer, use your own intuition, check out the astrologers experience and education.

How much of astrology is true?

Belief that astrology was at least partially scientific was 76%, but belief that horoscopes were at least partially scientific was 43%. In particular, belief that astrology was very scientific was 26% while that of horoscopes was 7%.

How can I talk to my astrologer?

__ Rely on word of mouth. __ Astrologers don't need to be certified to practice their craft. Ask friends for recommendations, or if you have a favorite horoscope columnist, look him up. Chances are he offers private readings. .

Is AstroSage a good app?

The is one of the best website for Horoscope. Through its astrology based software it can provide suitable and accurate prediction for all individuals. The Service and Support is good. This website is very user friendly.

Is AstroSage correct?

Extremely Accurate (EA) - Quite Accurate. Either first hand information or information from good reliable source. Information is not from reliable source and hence chances of inaccuracy is very high. ...

Who is the No 1 astrologer in India?

Dr Sohini Sastri is the recipient of many Best astrologer in India awards which includes one in 2019. .

Can astrologer predict future?

Astrology purports that astronomical bodies have influence on people's lives beyond basic weather patterns, depending on their birth date. This claim is scientifically false. As published in Nature, he found that the astrologers could do no better at predicting the future than random chance. .

Is there a way to ask an astrologer for free?

Or, get manually prepared forecast in your email account for free - Free horoscope reading. You can ask an online question in English or Hindi for free, and can find psychic predictions.

How to ask a psychic question about astrology?

Simply, think about a definite number from 1 to 108 and submit, then ask a psychic question and get an instant free astrology prediction from the virtual online astrologer. The answer will depend on your question and number which you selected. Example: When I get the job? Or will I get money and fame?

Is there a free online astrology reading and prediction?

This Janam Kundli or more commonly know as Birth Chart, Birth horoscope, Vedic horoscope, tewa, just simple kundli, is the geometrical design of the heavens at the time of birth. This Free horoscope utility by gives the Free Online Astrology Reading and Prediction through the study of the Horoscope.