How do I find my Google reviews?

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How do I find my Google reviews?

Find & share your reviews

  1. On your computer, open Google Maps.
  2. At the top left, click Menu .
  3. Click Your contributions. To find places you've reviewed, click Reviews. To find suggestions of places to review, click Contribute.
  4. To share a review, at the bottom of the review, tap Share .

Google Merchant Center Customer Reviews. They look amazing on your Shopping ads. How to set them up? In this article, I'm going to show you exactly how to do it.

Let's go. (Upbeat music) That's what I get asked a lot, so show I teach you in this article how to set up customer reviews in Google Merchant Center. It's super easy.

Google Merchant Center customer reviews are great because they build social proof and look fantastic on your Google Shopping ads. If you are new here my name is Sam and I do a lot of tutorials, case studies, strategy articles on how to grow your ecommerce store remotely, and I also build my own stores and show you exactly how I do it Okay, so what are the requirements to get customer reviews on Google Merchant Center? Two, you have a Merchant Center account and sign up for the feature and three product reviews in a format that Google a ccepts. Hello folks, Sam here from, and now we're in the Google Merchant Center, let's enable these reviews.

Okay, we go to Growth here and then Manage Programs. Okay, once we get into the Manage Program screen , you have all of these additional programs and things to enable. We'd like to scroll all the way down and then go to product reviews.

This is what you have to do, okay? You need to fill out this form here and get google approval before you can see, upload and connect your reviews, so you need to fill out this form, how many reviews do you have? So go to your website and check which review aggregator you are using and add how many reviews you have, your store name, your merchant id, your merchant homepage url, basically fill in all of these Things out here. Let's get all of my information. And then but you are Enter your own information, your role and then are you currently collecting reviews on your website? Yes or no? Click 'Submit'.

Now you're ready to go. You already need 50 reviews. Enter these when you have 50 and submit and then you're good to go.

It takes some time, sometimes a day, sometimes three days of our experience, once verified, you can basically see an option in your Merchant Center account to view the 'Reviews' section and once we are approved we will get through that no customer reviews. We have to import them into, into the Merchant Center. Okay, I'll outline the ways we can do this, and then I'll walk you through each one.

The first and free option is to use Google's reviews collection program to use to collect reviews. The advantages are that it's really easy to set up and it's free. The disadvantage is that you cannot import past views.

Many other software programs that you can use for your reviews actually allow you to import as a CSV file or the previous reviews you may have collected over the years or even the last few months. You Can't Do This Using Google Reviews Program You need to start collecting reviews starting today. The second disadvantage is that reviews are only requested from customers who have already signed up.

When a customer goes to your thank you page, they'll get a box that says, 'Hey, right? want you to want to provide feedback later? 'And not every customer will tick Yes. This means that you will only be requesting reviews from a few of your customers, which means it will take longer and longer to actually get enough reviews. Make this worthwhile.

The third downside is that it's the worst customer experience in my opinion. If you choose a paid app, you can customize all of the emails and experience of requesting a review, even the language, so what is best for your brand and how you communicate with your target market. The Google Rating Program sends an email with templates that you can't edit and all you have to do is accept them, but it's free.

The second option is a paid method with a rating aggregator. Basically a software that you plug into your device and our shop collects reviews for you. The benefits are, I say it's even easier to set up, but I'll walk you through that anyway.

The second benefit is that you send it to every single customer whether they dial in or not, and the third benefit is that you can import previous reviews. This is insanely powerful, really, really powerful, especially if you already have an eBay store, AT store, Amazon store and want to import those reviews into your Shopify store can get social proof right from the start. And I've seen stores get massive conversion rate increases by importing their previous reviews from their old platforms.

The fourth benefit is that you can customize the branding of the emails and the way you communicate with these people. This can have a significant impact on the conversion rate of collecting these reviews because you are talking to people for who they are. The negative is obviously the cost.

You have to pay a monthly fee or whatever for this software. But in my opinion, depending on the size of your business, it is really worth it. If you are just testing the waters of ecommerce and learning the basics, I wouldn't recommend it.

But if you take your business seriously, then a review aggregator will make life a lot easier. It's not just for the Google Merchant Center, either. You will be using this app across your business.

But a lot of these apps like that I'm going to talk about today make it really easy to display these reviews on your website in a really nice way that shows the value of the products to your customers. Okay, I'll show you the free way with google and then i will also show you the paid way which i recommend. ok, depending on your approach there will be a number of links that you need to access.

I'll leave a link in the description to a page that has all of the links so it's really easy to access. Just take a look at the description below. Okay, let's go into my computer and set up the google customer reviews.

Hey guys, Sam here from I'm back on my computer now and show you guys how to do the process Enabled to collect Google customer reviews, so we're right here at the Merchant Center, let's go to growth and let's go back down to manage programs.

So we should already have activated product reviews. Now let's go to the Customer Reviews section and then click Activate. You can get this agreement here.

Make sure you read this. Click I'm reading and once it loads, continue. Awesome.

So now we have this code that we now need to edit and put on our website. Now I've created a blog post for this article. It's in the description.

Check the description for this link. Go to the blog - Post and I actually edited this code for you so it is all but ready to use. There are just a few things you need to edit before we put it on your website.

Let me get it out for you, just a second. Okay, here we have the code that will be here on my blog post. And he has these variables here that are made by Shopify.

So it can incorporate the various details. You will see in comparison here, it is very, very similar, but it means for the order_id that it is indented dynamically. So if every single order someone makes on your website it shows it on the thank you page.

You don't actually see that code, but there. A pop-up will appear. And this tells Google the right information it needs to make the whole thing work.

So all of these things are going to show up here, so if you really need to change the Merchant_id first, really important. See here it has the merchant_id. Just type in exactly what it says there.

So what I would do is copy and paste that code here, but it will be the XXX. You will change this to your Merchant Center ID. The other thing is the estimated delivery date.

So this is actually where the year, month and day is created, but based on when the order was created and then you can add a delay. So if someone orders today, you don't want to send the reviews collection email today because people haven't even received the product yet. So you want to wait a bit, so I made this google sheet here and you can get access to it in this blog post.

And that's basically a calculator in seven days here, which is just the standard in this formula. What you can do here is that they may always get the product within one day, you can change that into three days, and then that's the total seconds. And then just replace that there.

That's how long Google waits after someone orders before sending them the review email and that will be, you have to think about how that works for your store. Now that that's done, let's copy this code and you're good to go. We then go to our Shopify dashboard here and then we go into settings.

We go to the checkout. And then we scroll all the way down until we see additional scripts. Once you've pasted that in, everything is ready.

Fantastic. That was actually a bit of what I wanted to show you right now. But basically yes, there is the code.

And just notice the first access, this is really a great thing for Shopify. It means that when someone goes back to review the order and check the thank you page it won't reset so you get multiple emails. You just want to receive an email for your order.

This means that this only triggers the first time someone says thanks page, that's all good, boom, and then just hit save, and then that's now on and that's all you do need to sort these reviews, that's all great. And then once it's verified, once it starts collecting those reviews you can actually test that your reviews are active by going to this url that is also included in the blog post, and then enter your shop here. So this is one of the shops that I work with.

And you can see here that they have all of these reviews that are being collected, but they are basically collected by a review app, but when they are collected by that app with google it will show up here, you can do that So check it out for yourself. Here's how. Here's how to install the code for the free Google app for collecting customer reviews.

Hey guys, now I'm in the Merchant Center and I'm going to set up the product review feed straight from to the Merchant Center.

So let's do it right now I'm here on the dashboard and now, having completed the form you completed earlier in this article, you should now have access to Product Reviews under Marketing. That is exactly what we need here. This is for product reviews says your account is eligible for product reviews.

Phew, your star ratings will appear in your product listings. So you can be seen in your Google Shopping ads. So let's go to the product reviews feeds here.

I had a feed that I added earlier, but we're going to create a new one here just like you would. The feed name is go nna sein, scheduled retrieval.

Great, the filename will be, well, here is what you need to get the filename. So basically you have to log into

I'm signed in to my account right here, and then go to this url, so I'm going to put this url in my blog post here. Once you put that in, the settings will open in the SEO section, and then you can go here scroll down to google shopping. and when you upgraded to the plan you can access the google shopping reviews. here is your feed url. see it's an xml file so go back. let's do that enter here at the bottom.

But the filename will be here and it will basically be the pubkey, oh, and . XML. So you should get the last, basically the last, piece of text there.

So boom, all the way to XML, and we'll do it I don't need that line there. Great. So basically the daily frequency of fetching will be daily.

That's okay, midnight. That’s just when it’s picked up, that’s not that important, and that’s going to be empty and empty. And then you I'll click Create Feed.

Fantastic. We have now imported our feed like this. And if that works, it will be added, it will now be processed.

So it will take a few minutes, but you can also click Get Now to get this feed. And then it will tell you if there are any problems. Now this is a feed specially created by

So if you have any problems they really have fantastic support over there. And I've looked at it so many times, and they are really good at fixing these feed issues. This is a very quick way to set it up.

They'll even edit your feed and edit your product reviews feed to make sure it meets Google's requirements. Go to the feed.

Let's go. Okay, we've now set up customer reviews in the Google Merchant Center. That wasn't bad, was it ? If you have any questions about this process, just leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If this article helped you set up your customer reviews on the Merchant Center, please give it a like. That tells YouTube that I do I do great content for my audience out there. If you want to learn more about how to grow your business remotely, you can find more tutorials like this: Marketing Strategies, Operations, all these things, please consider subscribing.

I post articles very regularly on how to remotely expand your ecommerce store. Thank you for watching and see you in the next article. Goodbye for now. (upbeat music)

Where can I write a review on a company?

These 14 review websites are worth looking into if you're in need of honest feedback about a business you're considering hiring.

  • Credit:
  • Angie's List. Angie's List is a major name in business reviews.
  • Better Business Bureau.
  • ConsumerAffairs.
  • Expresit.
  • Foursquare.
  • Glassdoor.
  • HomeAdvisor.

Here at Think Media, we've created hundreds of product review articles and learned many lessons in the process. Now, product review articles can be a great way to get discovered as a small YouTube channel and share products that you love and use. In this article, I'm going to share five tips with you to create engaging product review articles that will get hits and make you money.

Let's get into that. All you have to do is hit record. Hey, my name is Nolan Molt at Think Media and we had a question and Matthew asks how to do a product review article.

And that's exactly what we're going to cover today. The first tip I want to give you is to test the product and form your opinion, if we are doing product review articles now, or if you are doing product review articles, you are usually buying something and already know you are going to review, but You just want to hold back a little and really test if it's a camera, if it's a microphone, whatever it is, you wanna test it and make up your own mind. Because people will watch this article to hear what you have to say about it and to see what your experience is with the product.

So take your time, test this thing, and then make up your mind. This is different from an unboxing article or a first impression article as you don't make any real recommendation in these types of articles, but when you do a review article create, people come to your article to see if you recommend it or not, and they also wonder why. And you need to know the answer to that question before you hit record.

Tip number two is to create a script that you write everything into the script so that you don't forget anything on the day of shooting, and these are the things when we review products that we always put in our script, and I'll read that to you right away Now the first is the price, you want to mention the price because the person comes to you with your review article, they are probably looking to buy it or not and so I like to start with the price at the beginning of the script so that people know if it is too expensive if it is out of their budget, they could even just click right there. But if it's on your budget then maybe stay and watch the entire article. Well, the second thing we're going to cover is the most important functions.

What is useful about this product? Why is it worth buying? What are the cool things about this product that you would like to share with someone who wants to buy this product? The third would be the benefits. I want to list everything I love about the product and after that I would list the cons. What about it? Product not working very well? What do you need to add to the product to make things better? Even if there are any deal breakers out there that could make someone not buy it? This is definitely what you want to mention in your article.

And then the last part to add to your script would be your conclusion, yes our final thoughts. Do the pros outweigh the cons? Is it a good price for what you get ? And then also to talk about who you might recommend the product for, so when we review a camera at Think Media, I like it to talk about who this camera is for and who it is not for. This is definitely just a template now, but you're welcome to add something to your script, but I definitely recommend using a script to write everything down so you don't forget anything while filming.

Now, if you want to watch a article creating a script, now you can click the screen, click the map, and watch the article, and that'll go into a little bit more detail on how to create a great script that viewers will use your Busy article. The third tip I would give you is to get a lot of b-roll. So when you are talking about some of these key features, or you are talking about the product being used in a certain way in the real world.

They also want to see what you are talking about. So when you talk through a microphone, you want to record from the microphone. If you're specifically talking through a camera's microphone jack, you'll want to get a close-up look at that mic jack.

Now you don't have to think about it anymore and make it look super cinematic and super cool. If you're just starting out with article, keep it simple. And just take the time to get that B-roll, whether it looks great or not, will really improve your article.

Tip number four is to get to the point, I've seen many review articles online and one of the biggest Mistake they make is that they include like a 10 minute vlog before actually evaluating the product. And I think the people who see a product review article want to get started right away. They may not necessarily be interested in the vlog, but they do care.

Sometimes the YouTube algorithm can actually hurt and your article won't be recommended that much Go to the right page of the YouTube algorithm I definitely recommend getting to the point and start your review right away. This is where the script comes in handy in keeping you on track and getting to the point right away. Now of course it's very important to be creative, to be unique and to experiment.

You can definitely do that too. But this is really about thinking about the viewer. What do you want? You are watching a review article What do you like about someone reviewing a product? So be creative but also think about the viewer and what they want when they watch your article, well before I get to the fifth tip, I would love if you like this article and comment it below.

What questions do you have for us? Maybe we'll answer your question in the next article. Also, stay through the end of the article for our free resource on the strategy we use to make over $ 4,000 a month creating product review articles. All right, so tip number five is: create a powerful title, thumbnail, and tags on your YouTube article.

Now the title and thumbnail are so important because it leads to someone actually clicking on your article. Now, if you look up the YouTube Studio, there is such a thing as click through rate, and you want that percentage to be as high as possible. And this will cause YouTube to send your article to more and more people to get that number of your CTR you want something that will make people click.

So you want to think about your title, you want to think about this thumbnail too. For the actual thumbnail, what you want to do is when you do b-roll you get all of the article, but you actually want to put your camera in photo mode and get some really good high quality photos while you're at it. A really nice photo of the product you are reviewing will help you stand out on YouTube if you have a really clear and crisp thumbnail, check out the other product, watch articles of the product you are reviewing, see look at the thumbnails, look at the titles, see which are most viewed and you definitely want to stand out.

So don't necessarily copy what they do, use that as inspiration and then do it differently. For the title and tags, it is very important to use the actual product you are reviewing. So let's say we're making a article about the Canon M50, we definitely want that sentence in the title. and we want that in the tags too.

This will help with search engine optimization. Because we want people who search for Canon M50 on YouTube for our article to appear at the top of this search. So use other tags that are Relevant for the Canon M50, maybe mark Canon, make another separate one, which is the M50.

A lot of people ask if tags actually work, and they do so so that you can be sure that you are marking relevant tags for your product and article. Now my bonus tip is to use affiliate marketing to make money. At Think Media, we make over $ 4,000 a month, only with Amazon Affiliate Marketing that companies actually pay you a percentage to recommend a product on their website.

So if you use Amazon, for example, you can become an Amazon Affiliate and you use a link that Amazon gives you for the product you have reviewed. And when someone clicks that link in your description, they'll get you a percentage of how much they spent. So by ranking your articles in search and using affiliate marketing, you can see how much money you can really make from it - go in-depth and see how you can actually do it.

Then right click the screen and Sean has a free article on YouTube talking all about affiliate marketing and also teaching you how to do this article, see you guys in the next. (Happy music)

How do I get more Google reviews for my business?

How to get more Google reviews

  1. Tell customers how to do it.
  2. Create a Google review link shortcut.
  3. Shorten your review shortcut.
  4. Link out to your Google review page from your website.
  5. Create a Google reviews page on your website.
  6. Include a Google review CTA in your footer.
  7. Create leave us a review cards.

How do I ask customers for Google reviews?

The Email: What to Include When Asking For a Review

  1. Personalize Your Message. via GIPHY.
  2. Keep It Short. The most important thing about asking a customer for a Google review is to keep it short, simple, and to the point.
  3. Include a Review Link.
  4. Test Different Messaging to Find Your Sweet Spot.

Can a Google review be traced?

As a normal user it should not be possible to find out from which IP address user made review. These IP addresses made connections to google and submitted reviews are confidential data of Google.

Why can I see my Google review but no one else can?

There could be several reasons why your review is not showing. If you can see it but no-one else can, it usually means that there are symbols, such as $ % * ( ) or @ in the text, or you have included an email address or URL. Please check your review and remove any of these items and try posting again. .

Are Google Reviews reliable?

Google suggests reviewers use their real names, but does nothing to enforce that. 13. Reviews can get filtered, unfiltered, and re-filtered multiple times. A good review is never safe. A review doesn't go away if you close down your Google My Business page. .

Can you get in trouble for leaving a bad review?

If a customer posts a review that is factually inaccurate or contains accusations about your business that are untrue, you may have grounds to sue the online reviewer for defamation.

Can I remove a bad review on Google?

If you believe you have received a review that is fake, inappropriate, or promotes a competitor you can flag it to be reviewed by Google for removal. Only reviews that violate Google policy will be removed. Find the review in question. Click the three-dot menu, then select Flag as inappropriate.

Can owners Delete Google reviews?

If you believe you have received a review that is fake, inappropriate, or promotes a competitor you can flag it to be reviewed by Google for removal. Only reviews that violate Google policy will be removed. Follow these steps to flag a review: Log into Google My Business.

Why would a Google review disappear?

Find why a review is missing

In most cases, missing reviews were removed for policy violations like spam or inappropriate content. We do not reinstate reviews that were removed for policy violations. These removal measures help make sure that reviews on Google properties are relevant, helpful, and trustworthy.