What are the hemispheres in astrology?

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What are the hemispheres in astrology?

You could say it's opposite day when you look at an astrological chart. North is South and East is West. The hemispheres are the opposite of what we're used to seeing on a map. The southern hemisphere is above the horizon and is the realm of public life and image.5 2018 .

Hey guys! Welcome back to Lavendaire, I'm continuing this series of fun self-discovery tools on my channel, so if you missed the first article I was talking about tarot cards and how to use them as a beginner because I'm a beginner, today I am super excited to be talking about astrology. astrology is something I've been dealing with for most of my life, literally since I was a kid, and it's not that I'm an expert on it or anything. But I was more into astrology and natal chart reading last year than I read Steven Forrest's book The Inner Sky.

I've learned a lot about reading the natal chart, a lot about astrology and the meaning of I know I know more about astrology than the average person. So this article is for the average person. If you are an expert there is no need to look at this.

But I just want to explain astrology more deeply than just your sun signs. So get ready for a fun article! First things first, let's clarify: Astronomy is the scientific exploration of celestial bodies, so it is based on cts and research. And astrology is the interpretation of celestial bodies, that is, this is how we interpret what is on Heaven is.

It's the poetry, it's the art. But it's really cool that everything has a meaning and it's not exactly scientific, but it's more of an art. So what is a natal chart? Your astrological natal chart is basically a snapshot of the sky at the time and place where you were born, where in the world you were born and the exact time, it is the picture of what is in heaven.

It is a kind of map of all the planets, the sun and the moon. So it is very important to be precise about the exact time that you were born because every hour or two your natal chart changes because the sky moves - no, the earth moves - and so moves the snapshot of the sky was born if you can get your exact natal chart r side note: if you are chinese, i know there is a superstition in chinese culture, because of feng shui and all that stuff, never to give your date / time of birth to anyone out there. So I don't want to post my exact natal chart or anything.

But it's because we believe that once someone knows your exact date and time of birth, they'll know a lot about your destiny and people can use it against you. So this is something that I personally - because my mom influenced me - personally I would like to keep it a little bit more secret, so just let you guys know. So how do you get your natal chart read? There are many websites where you can enter this information.

Café Astrology is one, Astro.com is another. And there are also plenty of mobile apps that you can use to check your natal chart.

My favorite astrology app is co-star. This one is very modern and chic and outlines your natal chart and all of the details in a very neat way. So check out these - I'll link them below.

Now let's talk about the original triad which is your sun, moon, and ascendant. Sometimes people also refer to the ascendant as their 'ascending' sign. In general, these are the three most important signs on your natal chart.

So you might see other people who are really interested in astrology, they will list all three signs because all three are important in listing more than just your sun sign. Your sun sign only depends on the day you were born what time of year you were. I was born in October so I'm a Libra.

BTW, I have this diary in which I made a lot of notes from the astrology book I read so I can refer to it now and then. In general, your sun sign represents your ego, your personality, your self-image. It's the core of who you are.

Your moon sign represents your emotional self. Your moon is your sensitivity, your emotions, your feelings, your mood, your heart. Sometimes people refer to their moon sign more than their sun sign because your moon is your emotional self and you feel more about that sign.

And whatever sign you are in your moon, that is an indication of what makes you happy and what makes you feel fulfilled. Well, I'm a Sagittarius moon and Sagittarius is about adventure and exploration, trying new things, and I can often really relate to that too. Your ascending or 'ascending' sign is essentially your mask for the world.

It's how other people perceive you. Think of it as a first impression. Other people may see you in a certain way when they first meet you, and then when they get to know you they realize, 'Oh, you really are like a different kind of person.' So your ascendant is how you appear to Others, and just so you know, my ascending sign is Gemini.

By the way, in order not to make this article too long, I am not going to go into the details of the meaning of each sign, planet, and all because there are tons of resources online about that. I'm actually going to make simple notes for you to read on my blog post, just quick keywords and notes on each character, planet, or house. After receiving your natal chart, you can write down your sign, moon, and rising sign.

And then you can take a look at the notes I made on my blog post and see what corresponds to each character. One way to understand your original triad sign is to put it in a sentence like this: 'I am a __, with the soul of a __, wear the mask of a __' Depending on your sign, you will find the meaning and the archetype of your sign and just pocket the words. For example for me: I'm an artist with the soul of a philosopher wearing the mask of a teacher, that's because an artist is what a Libra is, the philosopher is an archetype of the Sagittarius moon and the teacher is one of the archetypes for a twin.

I hope this made sense and I hope it helped. So that was the basics. Are you ready to dive deeper? Let's go! Let's talk about the components of the natal chart.

As I mentioned earlier, there are 12 signs, you've heard these before - Aries, Scorpio, Libra, Leo - all of these I know do not take them one after the other. And then there are ten planets, and after 'planets'

What is the horizon line in astrology?

The line of the horizon cuts across the circle of the chart horizontally, and forms the most important angle of the chart: the Ascendant, or the exact place where the Sun's path crosses the horizon in the East.

Did you look at natal charts like that and just get confused and give up trying to figure out what the hell they mean and how to read them? Don't worry, that's what I'm here for.

I promise you that by the end of this article you will be able to read your own natal chart and other people’s natal charts and learn so much more about yourself! Get my beautiful lotus flowers! Thank you for coming and for the new ones, thank you for being here. I guess tons and tons! If you are interested in astrology, spirituality, and fantasy this is the community for you. So make sure you hit that like button, subscribe and hit the bell notification so you know when I come out with articles every Tuesday and Friday.

Now actually some people on Instagram have asked me different questions about astrology and every time I explain to them something they were confused about, they are so excited, which makes me excited. So I thought, why not make articles on common astrology questions and help other people learn? Better follow this article if you want to make your own natal chart before we start so that you can keep track of it, because by the end what I'm going to actually be walking you through an actual natal chart is going to have a few links to some great astrology websites that allow you to easily calculate your natal chart. Remember you need your time of birth, date of birth and the place where you were born, all right? So if you want you can take a break from doing that and let's go ahead and jump into the information.

First and foremost, what is a natal chart? As I described in a recent article, be sure to check it out if you haven't seen this article. This is right here and the link will be in the description or you can click on this card. So in this article I talked more about the makeup of the zodiac and its basis.

So your natal chart takes into account the solar system and keeps track of where all celestial bodies, all important celestial bodies, were at the time you were born. So if you were to pretend you were floating over the Milky Way, you were pretending to be looking down at the Milky Way above and ready to snap a picture as soon as you were born. The moment you come out of the womb you take a picture of the solar system and the moment everything in the solar system is when you were born.

That translates into your natal chart. So what are the main parts of a natal chart? Let's start with the outer edge. The outer edge will contain the 12 signs of the zodiac.

You can see that the natal chart is divided into twelve different sections, and each section has a zodiac symbol associated with it. Each zodiac stands for personality traits. Basically, then, personality qualities that you individually have, that distinguish you from everyone else.

The second main component of a natal chart are the twelve houses. So the houses are different from the zodiac signs, and we'll get into that in a moment, but the houses basically govern the different areas of your life. Zodiac circles regulate certain personality traits that you have.

The houses on the natal chart represent different areas of your life, such as your wealth, your public status, your social status, etc. The reason the houses do not match the signs of the zodiac, even though there are twelve of them, is because the houses actually do are directly correlated with the rotation of the earth's axis. So now I'm adding a article that I unearthed on the internet and I was so happy that I found it because I was horrified at the thought of having to explain this to you without visualization.

So go ahead and roll the clip. The main difference between houses and signs is that houses move with the earth while the signs of the zodiac do not. As the earth rotates on its axis, it changes the position of the houses in relation to the signs of the zodiac below.

The houses can be thought of as a personalized version of the zodiac overlaid on the actual zodiac. The two systems overlap, creating an ever-changing kaleidoscope of endless combinations. Houses give the natal chart a personalized dimension and make each chart unique.

The placement of the houses depends on the time of day an event takes place. For example, if this were a natal chart, we would be taking a still image of heaven at the time of birth. In our example, that person in the middle sky is Sagittarius and the ascendant is Pisces.

Since a horoscope can appear at any point in time within 24 hours, a house often contains parts of two signs of the zodiac. For example, this person's eleventh house contains part of the sign Capricorn and part of the sign Aquarius. So the third main aspect of your zodiac sign will be the ruling planet.

Each zodiac sign and house will be ruled by a different planet, while the zodiac signs will determine your personality traits and the houses will determine different areas of your life, the planets will determine different aspects of your mentality, the way you function mentally. One example of this is the planet Mars. So it is known that Mars rules aggression and is representative of aggression.

Let's say someone is an Aries, the zodiac sign Aries is ruled by Mars. So they are known to have a higher temperament, they react more out of temperament oraggression than maybe some other zodiac signs. So that you can now imagine yourself even better, we will look at a natal chart together and I will break it down for you.

If you are excited and have already learned something new and are looking forward to going through a natal chart with me, then be sure to LIKE the article, subscribe and ring the bell now so that you don't forget, so that you know when I'll be every Tuesday and Friday with other astrology articles. Let's go ahead and get in. Okay everyone, so let's actually look at a natal chart.

If you've calculated your own natal chart earlier, pull it up for you to keep track of and if you haven't done this and want to, again, I've got links in the description to some great websites, okay / but keep that in mind that you need your time of birth, where you were born and of course your date of birth. So, find where my mouse is in the top left corner so you know where to follow. So we're starting at the very edge of the chart, and on that very edge you'll see icons for each zodiac sign that lines the edge.

So the diagram is divided into twelve separate parts, each part has its own zodiac sign, okay. As you move further in from the zodiac signs, you will be shown in numbers. Now they're either normal numbers or Roman numerals, depending on where your natal chart is, but either way they represent the same thing.

If you follow the numbers around the natal chart, you'll find that they go from number one to twelve , and this represents the first house through the twelfth house. Now you will see small symbols in your natal chart next to the zodiac circles and houses that represent the different planets in your natal chart and where they fall. Now, if you don't know what each symbol belongs to each planet, it is okay to just google a table that will show you the symbols related to the planets they represent and it will be very easy for you to find out which is which on your natal chart.

Now you will see a small number next to each symbol, and that number will actually represent the degrees to which that planet or celestial body fell within each sign of the zodiac. So for example this symbol here, when you see my mouse orbiting the sun, that is the symbol of the sun. So if you look right underneath there is a little number that says 17, that means the sun was about 17 degrees inside the Pisces at the time I was born.

This is why my sun sign is Pisces. Make sense? That said, if you can find that little moon symbol on your natal chart as it did on mine here, you can see that the moon is 10 degrees within Gemini. Take a look at this, you have successfully found your sun and moon signs in your natal chart, so yeah! Baby steps right? Okay, so let's talk about the overall layout of the natal chart next.

So the natal chart is a circle for a reason, right? Because we focus on the orbit of the planets, the rotation of the earth around its axis, so everything is a 360 degree circle on that circle. You will see the names MC and AC, these vary from natal chart to natal chart depending on where you have yours, but they mean the same thing whether ASCor AC says they represent the same thing. Okay, so let's start with MC at the top of the natal chart.

This is representative of the midheaven line on your natal chart, which is technically the South Pole for Earth. Wherever that line falls in your natal chart, it represents your social roles, public life, and status. For example, here you can see that my midheaven line with this arrow is in Aquarius so I can look up Midheaven in Aquarius on Google and find out what that means for my social life and public status.

Now the ascending line intersects the center of the sky here, which is what AC stands for. So your ascending line, which is technically the eastern part of the earth, represents the horizon. This is what determines your rising sign, or ascendant sign, as that sign is determined by where the sun rose when you were born.

As you can see, my ascendant line falls into this area again with the arrow right here and we can see that it falls into Taurus, therefore my ascending sign is Taurus. So your moon sign, sun sign, and your rising sign are on your natal chart. Great? Brilliant.

I know right. Interesting fact, what is considered a balanced graph, is when you have an equal number of planets on the top of the horizon and on the bottom of the horizon. If you now notice that your planets are congregating in a certain part of your natal chart, this actually means something in particular for your life.

I'm not that advanced, but it's really cool to notice in case you want to dive deeper into this part of your natal chart. In addition, you will see some fun little symbols that do not match any of the planets or other celestial bodies. The first one is this one when you see my mouse circling, this represents the North Node, also called the Moon Node.

So, the North Node basically represents your future, the traits on the life path that you want to follow in order to grow and be successful. Your south node will now be across from those 180 degrees. Now it doesn't show every natal chart as you can see, mine doesn't, but you are literally only tracking 180 degrees precisely from your north node and that will be your south node.

So you can see that mine would fall in Aries if they were included in my natal chart. So your south node represents the past, i.e. the opposite of your north node, which represents the future.

This represents traits that you need to leave behind in your past life, they are emotional memories or trauma that you experienced in a past life, and it represents what it takes to grow out of OK. So you need to look towards your north node and away from your south node. The last weird symbol you might see on your natal chart is this little black moon with a cross on the bottom.

Not everyone believes in it, I'm not sure how I think about it, it's still mysterious to me, but it's called the black Lilith moon and that represents your deepest, darkest temptations. Maybe you have a really dark fetish that you don't tell anyone about, you know your seductive side, anything you think is your dark side is pretty much what the Lilith Black Moon is supposed to be. Congratulations, you have completed the basic natal chart tutorial and you can go ahead and read your own natal chart now.

If I've helped you read your own natal chart, be sure to give this article a big thumbs up, comment below, and let me know if you can and are successful reading your natal chart and what you've learned from it about yourself Make sure you subscribe and ring the bell so you don't miss my future astrology articles every Tuesday and Friday. And if you really enjoy positivity, enlightenment, law of attraction, crystals, astrology and everything in that area, join the Facebook group of the LaBlue Lotus community and that will be linked in the description as well. And if you have not seen these articles before, make sure to check them out because they are very important in further understanding astrology and your personal natal chart as a whole.

And see you next time, Adios!

Where is the horizon on a birth chart?

Everyone's birth chart is divided in half by a horizontal line that's meant to represent the horizon. (Your rising, or ascendant, sign can be found on the left, or eastern, end of this line.) .

What does it mean when most of the planets are located in the top right quadrant?

A concentration of classical planets in the upper right quadrant indicates a focus on cooperation through social expression and significance. A concentration of classical planets in the lower left quadrant indicates a focus on self-actualization through private expression and exchange. .

How does astrology work in the Southern Hemisphere?

If you were born in the Southern Hemisphere, your birth chart is not completely accurate. And no, not because of any 13th sign or peripheral factor. In the Southern hemisphere, the Sun also rises in the East but we see it as crossing the Northern sky from right to left. ... .

What quadrant is the moon?

4th Quadrant

Having other planets here can be interpreted in same way. If your moon is there, that's what you are emotionally hungry for, but might not be your life focus and purpose unless your sun is there as well.

Are horoscopes different in Southern Hemisphere?

Practically, the main Southern Hemisphere difference is that the Southern hemisphere Moon's Nodes are reversed: the Ascending or North Node that shows in astrological charts* is the South Node if you were born below the equator. .

What is Beyonce's birth chart?

Beyonce Knowles was born in Houston, Texas at 10:00 a.m., on Friday, September 4, 1981. She has a Virgo Sun, a Scorpio Moon and a Libra rising zodiac sign. .

What are non spherical rocky objects?

Asteroids are rocky remnants from the formation of the solar system. They are not spherical and have differing compositions and histories. Most, although not all asteroids, reside in a region between Mars and Jupiter where numerous other small rocky worlds orbit the sun.

Where is the sun located in the galaxy?

The Sun, and everything that orbits it, is located in the Milky Way galaxy. More specifically, our Sun is in a spiral arm called the Orion Spur that extends outward from the Sagittarius arm.

What is the emphasis of the northern hemisphere?

People with a preponderance of planets in the Northern hemisphere tend to be private and more subjective. The Southern Hemisphere is comprised of Houses 7 through 12—the upper half of the chart (above the horizon). This is the social, objective, and collective portion of the chart.

What are the four hemispheres of the House?

The Hemispheres of the Houses. There are four hemispheric divisions of the chart—Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western. They’re slightly tricky to remember because their positions are counter-intuitive! When we look for hemispheric emphasis, astrologers generally consider only the planets and luminaries, not the Nodes and other points.

What makes up the Eastern Hemisphere in astrology?

When we look for hemispheric emphasis, astrologers generally consider only the planets and luminaries, not the Nodes and other points. The Eastern Hemisphere is comprised of the first 3 and the last 3 houses—in other words, Houses 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, and 12. It is the half of the chart that is on the left.