What does Sun sextile Moon mean?

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What does Sun sextile Moon mean?

People with the Sun Sextile Moon in their birth chart are fun, charming, friendly, attractive and popular because they can express themselves in an easy way. Furthermore, the same sextile indicates they're going to succeed in life and not have too many regrets. ... .

on june 24th the fourth and last super full moon of 2021 closes an important season of the year from capricorn the sign of consequences and responsibility becomes the main actor of the conclusion of the super moon season, special decision and balancing act between two important facets of our life unfolds a dramatic turn of events makes you ready for a moment of action where something has to give in or take out the full strawberry moon in capricorn takes place on the 24th of the month of this year astrologers believe that the june full moon will be one of the most energetically intense full moons without humanity in is in an energetic state and ready to receive the power of the moon whether they know it or not, and the event could prove to be very positive changes for many signs in the zodiac. The super moon, which bears the name Strawberry Moon, is said to bring luck and success. Many intuitive powers will increase as we fully approach June Moon this is a time to gather and wait for the west you planted this spring The strawberry moon is a time of transformation as you continue to mature It is a time to pluck your intentions wind of change is in the air the spiritual meaning of full moon June 2021 relates to happiness optimism and generosity June full moon is kind and will feel different from the series of powerful full moons we have had since the beginning of the year, it is more than now ever the time to stay in the present moment, manifest in your heart and soul the spirit of love and light and send it into the world that is filled with great darkness, archangel raphael will work with us and help us slow down to become and breathe.

He knows that our lives have been hectic and demanding over the past year. The emotions were raging and he is here to help us heal and be reborn into a new peace of mind. More than ever it is time to stay in the present heart and soul and send the spirit of love and light him into the world that is filled with The great Archangel of Darkness Raphael will lend you his patience, his understanding and his grounding to help you further.

His name means the one who heals or God heals and he can teach you these traits while gently guiding you the energies that come from that full moon are positive in nature The Jupiter full moon sex style should make you happy, optimistic and hopeful Make it harmonious internally and externally Take it on with a large projector Create new initiatives that will get you to work face-to-face with the public, as we mentioned earlier, be careful in doing so, but remember that good and Evil light and darkness are positive and negative but you can choose who to turn to. The energy that comes from this full moon is quite positive overall, but that is not the only energy we experience when we move from heaven with Saturn and Mars come in opposition to each other negative energy can invade our lives and overtake the positive force of the strawberry moon positive and ready for change can get bogged down by frustrating things going on in your life, take the time to process the bad things when it looks like you just can't get over the bad news in what it offers you, the heavenly energy that passes through us is a coincidence, not a claim. The planets stars and moons in our universe do not do what they only do for the youth, the energetic currents are offered or swim with them and the moon and planets and stars are to blame for nothing our destiny is our own use these energies as tools to fulfill your destiny but don't expect them to do anything for you to be like water and allow you to get through your day flowing to feel the coolness of the water and the gentleness that it brings with it.

Ask Archangel Raphael to be with you in these moments. To watch over the situation and in whispering your ear contemplating actions, breathing through the situations that will test your patience and feeling or sensing steps you need to take, practice this daily and it becomes second nature in no time should stay the same and the ups and downs of your spiritual journey are no exception. If you are mentally wandering or perhaps looking for more clarity in a situation, do not be discouraged by the uncertainty you are feeling in the present moment, you have to deal with Jupiter, Saturn Pluto and Neptune retrograde remember things might feel like they are completely silent, but for this reason, this pause should not be taken for granted when a planet is going retrograde and current astronomical weather encourages you to do the same.

The most exciting thing about this full moon in Capricorn is that Jupiter will send a ray of bliss in its direction, which will be one of the first full moons in a while that has no strained interactions or disturbances from any of the other planets. Yes, you might be filled with a desire to reflect, but the energy of Jupiter will not only ignite your mind and self-confidence, it will bring something a little more shine to your life and you deserve it in the case of this one from this moon ruled season Harnessing the power of Mother Moon's many phases is the key The lunar cycle resonates with the cycle of death and rebirth like the germination of a seed a symbol of our inner world Luna illuminates our innermost feelings and intuitive instincts To start waxing again The crescent phase is a time to set intentions and think about how to take actionThe first quarter phase is used to make decisionsThe gibbose growing phase is used to reflect your progress so far and the full moon phase is to see the truth for yourselfThis happens when the moon is directly g Sitting across from the sun, which in turn creates a spiritual balance between our inner and outer world, the arrival of the full moon in Capricorn makes you dedicate yourself and try to be useful to society as you become the justification for everything you experience lay your surroundings so that you stop paying attention to what you are feeling and the astrological conjunction requires you to return to your inner world to explore your needs and desires, otherwise you could become a puppet during this full moon on June 24th being at the mercy of external forces you have to regain your personality so that you can increase your power The influence of the full moon will affect the emotions with great intensity your feelings will take control, building a wall between you and other people your shyness could turn into mistrust transform due to your feeling of abandonment in the universe que cksilber begins its transition to twins so that clarity for your ideas creates the thoughts and projects that have stayed on the wait will be reactivated that will help you overcome the challenges that the full moon disorder comes with the right frame of mind on a voice could sneak in and tell us that we are not good enough and that we could do something much better if we made the best of our circumstances. When we've made bad decisions that have harmed ourselves or others, it is time to pay the piper.

The consequences are to be drawn now when changes have to happen, be it honoring yourself, being able to see them, and not getting upset about what needs to be done last, but not at least this June full moon will be the last super -Being the full moon of the year 2021 Each super full moon tells a story, but an even bigger e merges when we look at them all together at this stage you have now experienced all four super full moons that took place from March to June 2021 Capricorn-themed offer you the opportunity to reconsider and analyze carefully everything you have achieved and whether these personal and / or professional milestones were built on a solid foundation of who you are and how far you have come this year the full moon in Capricorn will close everything and bring clarity, from professional success to your sense of authority over your prestigious tenth house The boss's professions and legacy hovering in the world will illuminate everything from your sense of stability to the foundation of your desires and goals. Your challenge, if you choose to embrace them, is to reach for the stars and dream big while you're in Staying rooted in your authentic self, what needs to be given up and or restructured in your life Look to the future with clarity and confidence An additional burst of full moon energy will send Capricorn vibes straight through your inner self, the side of you being dated Moon rules and it's entirely up to you how you take this, but if you want to make the most of this time, go hard or go home, take this as the inspiration you need to get into your work, this is the one Thrust that will help you get recognized in your carreer volatility and drama, but it also provides us with a breeding ground for emotional breeding through example loose self-reflection and the chance to reach an exciting climax, and this time this positive result is more likely to be on the table, as a hardworking Capricorn with the support of spiritual Pisces masters this moon moment as an acardinal sign. Capricorns are by nature initiators who show us the beauty of thinking big, but given their ruling planet Saturn's preoccupation with rules, foundations, structures and restrictions, it is no surprise that the upper limit can hang on all the rules of the road If you don't know how much ground you have covered in the long run, so this full moon serves as an awake call to enjoy all the fruits, while all full moons represent a point of completion and the end.

This full moon brings with it some wildcard energy, which can distract us or create a feeling of restlessness or discomfort. We may feel guided to let go and give up control, but this work can be challenging, but it can also make us regret having returned to the surface. To be cleared and forgiven once and for all, keep your heart and mind open to forgiveness and regret embrace the grounding and supportive qualities that the Capricorn frequencies can bring with them.

Focus on things that build a sense of security and stability, and you know how everything, this too will actually pass, once the energies of the full moon we will perhaps feel clearer, more confident and supported with what is going on on a personal level us is. Perhaps in the days before the full moon and even in the days after you wake up feeling dissatisfied with the state of your personal space or life and feeling compelled to make big changes in your daily life, the way you use the heavenly energy use, regardless of the event, is entirely up to you. Imagine the energy of the moon as a gentle suggestion, you can choose to listen to the suggestion or take a different direction.

It is best to go with the flow of this moon energy and listen to what they offer you during the two weeks surrounding this full moon look in Take care of yourself and discover what you think should be changed and make a plan, the moon will be not doing it for you, but he can give you the kick in the can to get started. Beware of dissatisfaction and negativity during this strawberry full moon, although you may be looking at your home and not what you love to see, you may be looking in the mirror and feeling unhappy with what is staring at you, the strawberry moon is not trying to keep you in your life to make you feel bad you should feel a lot of self-love during this time love the body you have love the space you have but don't be afraid to think about how it could be better in steps, sometimes you have to do your own magic, so look for all the silver linings you can find and celebrate them one way or another the full moo of the next month n will be your time to light up the awakened who are listening to this message when you watch this article and it is in resonance with you day you will be fully endowed with fifth dimensional consciousness and you will exist in a state of love and dic h never fear again for the rest of your current 3D reality while you stay tuned to this channel and follow our assignments and do your part by sharing this information with others about your mind, body, soul and experiencing the earth with no other choice than to begin ascending to the unlimited abundance and wealth that you never knew existed but will happen for you now as you activate your 5d higher self that will begin to download all of your talents and abilities, that you have saved in you channel like this to wake them up again and to show you the power you always had in you thank you for watching

What do Semisextiles mean?

Semisextile(noun) an aspect of the planets when they are distant from each other the twelfth part of a circle, or thirty degrees.

COM, you can find it in the link in the description box below and let me see what else is trying to get hundreds of thousands of subscribers So thank you for everyone who supported this channel I feel very humiliated by you and yourselves who support this channel and help me grow, so show your support like this article and make sure you subscribe, share and comment on a LIKE thank you for everyone who has this week so the rising semi-sec tilingarañas in the first and second house can be very original or find unique ways to save money and so you have it in your first house and some of you have it in her second house that we deal with like many of the same energies from last week so you can be super sensitive so be careful with this one ergie be the conscious creator that you are and you know, practice a little more self-control and be more grounded During this time, but everyone in the URANUS sextile, Agh semisextile ascendant. You will find a unique opportunity to save money or money or make money during this time, you can be more about the big picture and want to do something in the name of humanity, you can volunteer your time during this time or donate yourself or Help the people in Guatemala in a crisis or in Puerto Rico still in a crisis or in the West Indies some islands are still in a crisis You also have good leadership skills during this time then we will also have changes on Monday This could be a second chance for some of you making up X's, or this could be a second chance to prove yourself working with this energy here, but by this point you know you are being made promises at this time, read ischeap, so be about facts and about what you can see with your eyes because now that this plan is in place and then the sun goes into Cancer on the 21st, it will be very much , a lot more about your art and your feelings and what you see in what you see with your heart and your emotions okay so try to deal with facts do not compromise your values ​​during this time recognize your self-worth also in this time that is a time where you can be a bit with others you can be a bit intense so pay attention to your emotional self, be aware of yourself and practice self-control again and give others their space when the people in your life are not ready to change that's okay okay, keep up the example and let someone else come along and say Exactly the same thing you said sometimes, the way we phrase things scares others or we are not the person that this person is supposed to touch, so don't be offended, just means someone else should come along and whatever it is you planted their opinion in, then we have the nor here dknoten in connection with venustrining tritone conjunct with Chiron in the 1st and 5th house this could be a date or a new love for others of you you know exactly what to say to get others to see your way of thinking or to express your point of view Speaking up These could be people in your life who are returning you a favor, doing you a favor.

You can be very yielding in your relationships with this energy, so be careful with this help for helping for the sake of helping, because you don't expect anything in return, as if you would never see this person again, okay then we have Uranus in the second house Quintiling Pallas in the fourth house you are completely dependent on your comfort at this time, so take care of yourself spending this may be To spend time with family or to be more family oriented You like to look after family members at this time or even for some v On You To Care For This could be related to children, or these could be new additions, so congratulations and prepare for it, you may experience insights and inspiration as you tend to care for the downtrodden and the dogs in your life first card that comes to mind is the hermit card for some of you you could be more career focused at this time or you could spend more time at home and with that energy be a little more introverted and just spend more time with yourself so be careful with that because with so much water this week but we actually have a good week but we are still dealing with the same energies that we have been dealing with all month with this energy try, Spending time with family and friends with this energy to create more create emotional balance in your Chalice Knight life Blessings for the universe this week with this energy also new love comes for some of you with this energy the six coins that you are giving very much at this time for others of you can be done with this energy alone or donating to the charity of the knight the swords again emphasis on love comes this week for you the ace of coins creating your own reality with this energy the help of swords i feel With this energy here it is time to overcome old wounds and this is a time for you going forward and focusing on your peace of mind and sanity and working on yourself with this energy that the wheel of fortune card brings out a turn of events so a change is coming so just try to go more with the flow at that time the eight wands now for some of you give your two with this energy so that you know that this is in one Bread of Shame goes and you have to be careful that just because you give with your energy at this time if you give then give for the sake of giving but not because you expect something in return you see what I do is Bread of Shame okay and im Basically I give free horoscopes that come true every week to people and then nobody you know, a lot of people support the channel by happy to subscribe and share, but the buffer is supposed to be paid in exchange so I don't get negative feedback or I don't pretend people are mad at me, that's the bread of shame, okay, so if you end up doing something like that I know, don't expect anything in return and just do it to do it or start asking people what you do or be careful with your energy when it comes to family and be careful when you take the shirt off your back because then they will tease you later and then is there It's a shame the three wands, this is a time where success is moving forward this week for you guys the knight of wands this is a great time for communication it's a great time for those of you on the media and social Media with this energy the six wands a lot of communication runs here a lot of focus on online communication this week first some of you in using the internet or just communicating with your friends and meeting in general. I think that at this time you can get a little more into your game for some of you or you can focus a little more on a new love relationship and it pulls you away from your ambitions and it pulls you away from what you are you are supposed to do what you are supposed to do for others of yours you are on the right track and I see funding opportunities based on creative ideas or creative projects that you are currently doing for the other of you I think this is a great time when you are alone is a great time to bring out masterpieces. This is a great time to do business planning.

This is a great time to be creative with this energy the devil card this energy brings out in new beginnings for some of you for other of you this could be whoever gotta leave her life let her leave your life cause the lesson was learned there and it's over okay and the six of swords like the travel is on for some of you this week with this energy try to stay out of your head with this energy this energy here for some of you this could be a pregnancy that is pending during this time so that Mazel is okay for others you can focus more on your mother or more on your children with this energy for some of you this also gives a time of fate for others of you with your relationships in relation to relationships with others you know, other people in your life come together for a reason because you are the glue that brings them together without you there wouldn't be such as family reunions without you there would be no family reunions Be in their own little cliques, okay so you just know that you have a lot of influence on the people around you

Is sextile a good aspect?

Sextile ? This easy aspect is fun, full of good vibes, and undoubtedly positive. 'A sextile is a friendly and flirty aspect between signs that are 60 degrees apart,' Stardust says. The energy of planets forming a sextile is usually easy and compatible, so it doesn't tend to bring much drama to a situation. .

Here are a few ideas about something that caught my attention this week. The aspect that I am looking at is the Venus sextile Uranus, which happens from 13 degrees Cancer to 13 degrees Taurus and takes place on Sunday June 13th.

There is a 13 repetition here. If you like articles like this, be sure to like the article and subscribe to my channel. This article is a brief excerpt of the types of articles I share in my monthly Astrology Guide subscription.

So if you like short, cute, and succinct article content like this, head over to my website kellysastrology.com where you can register for membership. So Venus sextile Uranus, why did this aspect get my attention? There is something playful and somewhat stimulating about Venus about the Uranus aspect, especially when the aspect is a supportive sextile that is activating but not over-stimulating.

There is a quality of surprise, excitement, things moving fast or getting faster. And to do with some of the joys and precious people in our lives because that is what Venus has a connection with. First, let's talk a little about Venus in Cancer.

Venus is in Cancer for most of June and this is an opportunity to beautify the Cancer portion of your horoscope or think about building more nutritious relationships with people. Venus in Cancer is generally about that, but when you get very specific you can think about which people might be connected to the topics of the Cancer part of your horoscope and how you can nurture and support those relationships or those people. Moment.

Venus in Cancer is very domestic and very caring. There is a real feeling of wanting to create a safe place or space. Whether we create security and security in your home or create nourishing bonds with other people, we want to nourish what nourishes us when Venus is in Cancer.

There is a quality of protecting and caring for things that really nourish us or that we feel we need or that we get a lot of. Venus in Cancer makes me think of a home environment, but it doesn't have to be for all of us. Some of us have cancer in the career sector which is part of our chart and as a result we may feed our workplace or develop a relationship with coworkers, co-workers or our boss.

Maybe we want to make the Cancer part of our chart more comfortable. You could get yourself a new bed or couch, or upgrade your office chair or desk, or whatever. When Venus is in Cancer, prioritize comfort and safety.

Venus, well, not Venus per se, but Cancer has a link to the past, so maybe go back to things related to important relationships or maybe your family history. Cancer has a cautious trait, so for the most part, Venus is not a very risky place in Cancer unless Venus is an aspect of Uranus. There we are ready to take a risk to treat someone, to surprise someone, or maybe to add a little excitement to an area of ​​our life that may have become too safe and stable.

Venus and Uranus together can also talk about breakthroughs, how to penetrate a fear or overcome an attachment to the past, and this is very specific to Venus in Cancer, which forms an aspect for Uranus in Taurus because Venus can have in Cancer, you know that the past can have a real hold on it. She can be very sentimental or really hold onto memories or talk all the time about how things used to be. But Venus in relation to Uranus is much more than that.

You know Venus in Cancer has to spin and look ahead and think about where we are going, how we can get there, how we can stay together in changing circumstances. And Venus in the Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus is well placed to face unexpected developments. But we know that things will change in ways that we may not have planned.

Hence, it is really important to be a bit flexible about how we can stay in our vulnerable selves without becoming defensive when things change, when Venus sextile Uranus. Now, while Venus is in Cancer, let's pay attention to what the Moon is doing because Venus in Cancer is guided by the Moon. So as the moon moves through the different signs, Venus in Cancer becomes more cuddly and longs for closeness or maybe a little more independent.

At the same time that this sextile Uranus aspect of Venus is occurring, the Moon will be in Cancer with Venus. There's this real Taurus Cancer theme on the weekend of June 12th and 13th. The other thing I wanted to say right now for Venus in Cancer, Venus in Cancer in June 2021, is getting a lot of protection from Jupiter in Pisces.

There is a beautiful trine aspect, there is also a beautiful reception between Jupiter in Pisces and Venus in Cancer because they are in places of mutual exaltation. There is a real relationship and willingness to work together and I think that Jupiter's influence on Venus in Cancer is another indication that this Venus aspect can lead to a good outcome for Uranus. Even if it was surprising, unexpected or at the last minute.

The Venussextile Uranus is about doing things differently. It's about experimenting, it's about trying something new. It's definitely about getting out of our comfort zone and that almost feels inappropriate because Venus in Cancer is all about your comfort zone.

So how can we cross the line between security and clinging to things we truly value in love, or branching out a little? And while Venus is in Cancer most of the time, you may want to stick with what you know, order your favorite dishes from the menu, go to places you know nourish your soul, or just be with your favorite people If Venus sextile is Uranus, this is a time for outbreak and liberation. Order a dish that sounds crazy on the menu that you never thought you would try, but just give it a try. Go to a new or different place and maybe you will be a bit more open to getting in touch with people who are different from those you would normally get in touch with.

Venus sextile Uranus has an integrative quality. If you want to open up, open up, and accept, there is this quality of love, which comes in all shapes, sizes, and variations, and there is no one size fits all. I think the Venussextile Uranus is a little bit about breaking up some of these myths or false expectations about what love should look like or feel like.

And instead a bit more authentic to our own individual experience of what love looks and feels like, or the kind of love that feels safest to us. It is part of this sextile Uranus aspect to dare to possess one's authenticity in order to find connection, closeness and security with other people. Many of you are likely to move straight to romantic relationships right away, and there is a component of that aspect that will ask each of us in romantic relationships or dating situations to break some of our own patterns that may come from fear.

But that Venus Sextile Uranus aspect of being easy to enjoy, being sincere and true to ourselves, and honoring individuality and others, also applies to things like friendship and professional connections and family relationships. So let me know how the Venus sextile, Uranus, adds a little bit of excitement or energy or electricity to your experiences. As I said, it happens on June 13th from the 13th Cancer to the 13th Taurus.

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I hope you have a lot of fun with this aspect over the weekend and I'll get back to you soon. Until then, take care of yourself.

What does Sun opposite Moon mean?

People with the Sun opposite Moon in their birth chart are competitive to the point of conflict, also extreme and at the same time understanding. When opposing others and having contradictory opinions, they're becoming more able to understand their position in the world. .

From my personal experience, especially when it comes to science, this man has the answer, okay. - Well, I have an answer. Whether or not it is the answer has to be determined. - Please, you, I'm ruining what I believe in, okay. - I don't want to dismantle your belief system --- Yeah, exactly.

My whole world is crumbling. I have to believe in you man Okay. (Popular music) - Tides are widely misunderstood. - Okay. - Okay, the next thing I say might be mind blowing, okay. - Okay - The tide doesn't really come in and out. (explodes) (laughs) What happens is there is a water bulge, two of them, on opposite sides of the earth, caused by the sun and moon, and the earth rotates in that bulge.

So when we say that the water rises and falls with the tide, then we turn into the bulge and then out of the bulge - So, the bulge is already there - It's already there - And everything we do is to go through the bulge --- Pass through and the water gets high and it gets low. So we stick to the language from our own perspective and not to the language of what actually happened. It's easier to tell the water is going in and out.

It's easier to say the sun goes down, rather than rotating the earth so that our angle is looking at that stationary sunset below our local horizon.- Right, yes, the sunset is much more poetic.- Yes, you go to the sunset tables to look at this. - Yeah, because you can't tell a girl, hey, how would you like to watch the angular momentum of the earth so that the sun disappears behind a horizon? - Hello, where did you go? (laughs) Let's just look at the earth and the moon for now, okay. - Many people think that the moon is the cause of this. - No, the moon has two-thirds of the tide, okay.

The sun is still two thirds, three quarters. It depends on the distance. The sun has its own tides on earth.- Oh snap.- Wait, actually the tides the moon raises on earth are the same regardless of phase.- Okay regardless of the phase of the moon that there are people who believe that the full moon is a higher tide because you have a full moon - you have a higher tide - oh snap - but the tide that the moon raises on earth is basically the same, no matter what phase - no matter what phase - what happens with a full moon is that the tides of the sun add exactly to the tides of the moon - oh yes, we are talking about a tidal aid of the sun --- a tidal aid.

Oh.- A tidal aid, and therefore --- And that coincides with the full moon - Coincides with the full moon, because with a full moon you have the moon here, the earth and the sun. All stand up. - That's the way it is.

In fact, we have a word for it that has the most letters when written below the line. - Okay. I know this is a strange record.

The word is syzygy. So Syzygy is when three or more objects are cosmically aligned. So you have the moon, the earth.

The moon will have the same high tide it would have at any time, but now it is aligned with the sun. They add up, you get the highest tides at full moon and new moon. So now I ask you when would you get the lowest tide? - When the sun is out of line. (laughs) - Okay, let me quantify that.

So when the sun is at 90 degrees, the sun is pulling in that direction and the moon is pulling there and the two waves basically cancel each other out. They are trying to cancel each other out so you have the lowest tide. It's called the nip tide. - The nip? - Nipp. - Nipp tide, look at that.

It's not the moon. It was the sun all along. It was the sun all along.- I see, and you think because --- wait, wait, so when people say I feel the extra tidal forces of the moon when it's full, it's just bullshit- Oh - So, I just want to clear this up.

Okay, so I didn't explain tides et. Let me take two minutes to explain that - Holy shit, that was just the moon and the sun and the fact that the bulge, do it.- So, and let's just look at the earth and moon for now.

The side of the earth closest to the moon feels a stronger gravitational pull from the moon than the farthest side of the earth. The closer you are to a source of gravity, the stronger that force is. And that goes for everything, no matter what. - So the moon always exerts a pull on the earth - On the earth, yes, and there is a difference in pull from one side to the other.

Because there is a difference, it means that it pulls harder. If you do, you end up stretching. So the water expands along the line drawn by the tidal forces of the moon.

Okay, it's a stretching force - right. - All right - By the way, we call this Earth Yoga. (laughs) Yeah, and now, downward facing dog - So, it does it for everything.

Water happens to respond better to this force because it is liquid. but there are also tides on the solid earth. But you don't see that and it's much smaller.

And so, but it basically does it for everything. And that's how you get the tide. And so this bulge is always there, but the sun plays with it.

Just as the moon orbits the earth and the tidal bulge --- the tidal bulge moves with --- moves with the moon and the sun is --- at the same time exerting their forces - at the same time and that either fits together or not. Wow - Okay, how much brain do you have left? - I don't know, man. We about it - Okay, so now, watch. - We just started with it.

Now we come to this topic - Okay so watch what happens - Go ahead - So it turns out that we are rotating faster than the moon takes to go around the earth. So, a day is short r than a month. Okay, so we're actually, if you are the viewer of the moon and you are trying to increase that bulge, I'm dragging the bulge in front of you because I rotate faster. - That is correct. - Okay, so the bulge is not exactly aligned. - No, it's over here. - It's like this, it's this angle. - And you pull --- So, now watch out.

So it's because I'm spinning, now look So, the moon actually tugs at this bulge and tries to realign it - right - and that against the will of our rotation. So, the tidal curvature due to the moon slows down the rotation of the earth.- So, you tell me --- this is why we have leap seconds.- Come on.- So the tides are not only responsible for what we perceive as incoming and outgoing water Rotation of the earth.

And the earth has been slowing down since the moon existed, and we know this because there are mollusks that have certain properties in their physical body that attract each other to the phases of the moon. - Really? - Yes, okay. So, dressed up like they get stuck on the ground when the tide comes in and takes them.

There is a record of the cycles of the tides. We also have other evidence of how many of these cycles occur in a calendar year - Right - And there were more of them then, which meant the earth was spinning faster then. So yes, the moon has always slowed us down since - or the earth is just getting very tired - and then there are people who say if the moon affects the water and the water is made of water and we are mainly water, affects not us the moon? Because we are 80, 70% water.

It's a natural thing to think about.- This is why people say that people act strangely when there is a full moon.- Yes, although the moon's tides are not stronger.- It really is the sun. - It really is the sun.

See, it comes full circle, baby. Just like the earth. - But you want to explain crazy people.

You really are Sunatics. - That's right, solar technician. - Solar technician, much better. - That's how they would be. - Yes, you are a solar technician.- You are a solar technician.- So here's the thing, the moon creates a tidal force over your skull.- I didn't know that.- Yes, about everything.

This side of your head is closer to the moon than this side of your head. But we can calculate what that difference in gravity is over your head. It's not very much. - Damn man, why do you have to do this to me? (laughs) - Because you have a small head, you can calculate how much that is and then you can compare it to other things that are acting on your head.

When you go to sleep, there is a pillow right here. The weight of the pillow to warp your skull is about a trillion times more than the tidal force of the moon's gravity over your skull. But nobody makes whole mystical predictions about what your pillow will do o - what brand of pillow you slept with last night.

Yes, so there are very powerful ways you can show that there really is no effect on people other than the effect you think it should have. You come out of the bar at two o'clock In the morning the full moon has risen, oh, it's full moon. I will act crazy. - I'm going crazy. - It has nothing to do with all the Jack Daniels inside me. (laughs) That's very cool - tides are the reason you tear apart, why you get shredded when you fall into a black hole.

The spaghetti of falling into a black hole is all because of the tides. You will fall feet first, a black hole is small enough that your height will make a difference if you fall in it. The force of gravity on your feet is starting to far exceed the force of gravity on your head. your feet are more attracted to the earth than your head.

But you are six feet tall, which is small compared to the radius of the earth. A black hole is small. So when you get close to a black hole, your size is important relative to the size of a black hole.

This difference in force grows and grows until it becomes greater than the intermolecular force holding your flesh together. And then you end up snapping in two, probably at the base of the spine. - Oh god, that feels good. - Well, at first you feel good.

You say, oh, I like to stretch. Who does it? Don't you like good stretch? And then you'd say okay, I've had enough. (pop) Pop. (laughs) Well, there are two of you down there and these two segments feel the tidal force and then they break in two.

You go from one to two to four to eight to 16 as you fork yourself as an atomic stream down into the cosmic abyss.- That's why I go into the cannonball of the black hole.- Actually, I tried to think this through.

When you're twisting some kind of rotisserie style, it can't focus on one way to stretch you. So, yes, you can possibly get in a little further.- Inside a cannonball.- Inside a rotating cannonball.- Okay, cool.- My recap about this time we had together is that-- - I got it enjoyed too.

Wherever there is gravity in the universe, there is tides.- Fine. Alright, you can see we're just starting to dip our toes into the surface of tidal science.

And if you want to learn more about it, how does gravity affect pretty much everything, or how does physics affect you? r everyday life or the scientific phenomena of the moon and what it doesn't cause. Hey, whether you are a science enthusiast or an astrophysicist or a professional or a lifelong learner, Brilliant will help you master concepts in math, science and technology by helping you Solving and solving fun and challenging problems You can sign up for free for access to weekly challenges, community discussions, and access to the math and science wiki. And as a bonus for Star Talk viewers, the first 782 who go to brilliant.org/startalk get a 20% discount on the annual subscription, which helps you think like a scientist, right Neil? the ability to track your progress with statistics and additional exercises.

If you want to learn more about tides, there is a link in the description that will take you to the Brillianton quiz on which this article is based. So try it out, all right. If you want to see more Star Talk articles, hit the 'Subscribe' button and hit the bell button to get a article each time you upload, and I'll let you have the last word because you always say go ahead what? - Keep looking up. (light music)

Are semi Sextiles important?

This view of semi-sextiles can be useful when comparing two different horoscopes. For example, a responsible and considerate Sun in Virgo can help and support a partner's Venus or Sun in Libra to realise their potential.

What are the signs of sextile each other?

'A sextile is a friendly and flirty aspect between signs that are 60 degrees apart,' Stardust says. 'Usually they occur between fire and air signs, and earth and water signs.' With a sextile, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the situations at hand are happy ones. .

What are the signs of a sextile?

'A sextile is a friendly and flirty aspect between signs that are 60 degrees apart,' Stardust says. 'Usually they occur between fire and air signs, and earth and water signs.' With a sextile, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the situations at hand are happy ones. .

Are Sextiles stronger than Trines?

A sextile is half a trine. Traditionally the trine is stronger than the sextile. If you picture a chart with the Ascendant at 0 Leo, a sinister trine takes you to Sagittarius the day rulership of the greater benefic Jupiter. .

Is your moon always opposite your sun sign?

Whrn they are opposite, what you want to do and how you feel about it are at opposite ends. A good example is a woman with sun in Capricorn and moon in cancer. these are opposite signs.

Is semi-sextile a good aspect in synastry?

Semi-sextile planets are placements that are one sign away from each other. For example, Moon in Taurus and Moon in Aries. An actual semi-sextile aspect, within about a three-degree orb is an especially problematic issue. A large number of semi-sextile planets is not at all good for compatible synastry.

What is a Biquintile in astrology?

or. A Bi-Quintile is a minor aspect where the planets involved are 144 degrees apart, (with an orb of 1 degree). It is two times the Quintile aspect. This aspect helps you to step into master consciousness and accept your potential for mastery. It is also said to have a harmonious effect on the mental plane.