How is the month of October for Aquarius?

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How is the month of October for Aquarius?

An excellent month for financial advancement, since the stars are in a obliging mood. All your efforts would be characterized by a touch of boldness, and with a good deal of self-confidence you would carry out your pursuits successfully to their intended conclusions.

Facts Verse Presents Things Your Birth Month Reveals About You January babies born in January are considered headstrong and strong-willed when growing up they tend to be ambitious when born in January you're a people watcher you become People Watching and Studying a Way to Learn About Others and About ThemselvesJanuary babies also have a strong desire to teach their fellow human beings and help them improve themselves. February, if you were born in February, they are likely to be very artistic and creative and Sometimes rebellious A good thing is that they are really in touch with their personality and know what they want February babies can be aggressive at times, but they also have a sensitive side that people really appreciate. Being more shy than most of the others if you were born in March is what you usually consider Hiding your true personality until you know someone very well March babies are nice to almost everyone and they want everyone to get along Kees said harmony is very important for March babies people born in March are very trustworthy It's true Until that trust is broken then all bets are offApril April babies are often strong and athletic, they always seem to be around People born in April love attention and they seek thrills.

Part of the reason they're always in a rush because they're looking for their next adrenaline rush April babies are usually no couch potatoes If you were born in April, you probably have a lot of action and adventure in your life. Lots of people born in May like that to be very attractive, they use their left brain more than their right brain, which means they are more logical than they are numbers and facts to be happy they have great dreams while they sleep and also for their future when you are born in May you use logic during the day and dream big at night. June June babies are very sensitive it doesn't take much to upset someone born in June, but they won't let you know that is because they are so very polite June babies tend to be soft -spoken, but because of their calm, people often listen to them and they take their advice seriously.

If you are a June baby you like to please other people when you want the same thing as another person, if you are likely to step aside for others, if you were born in July chances are you are always full of energy if you are a man it's fun hanging out with your friends to see your fiery personality and make them spend time with you you have that energy that makes people get close say something to you, it only takes a second to come back with a hilarious Coming back August babies are full of humor they love to laugh and they love to make other people laugh they use this humor to bep be ersonable If you were born in August You are probably a natural born leader August babies use these leadership skills to both be in business September September babies are very detail-oriented if they were born in September You are probably a perfectionist You always have to have everything perfect and you expect that from people in business as well as from your private life September babies have very high expectations for organization and detail and if someone falls short, September will be criticized very quickly October October babies are very light and carefree, they are extremely independent, when they were born in September you often look on the bright side, if you can't see the bright side right away, then you have to try to find a lot of people, those born in October are full of beauty and fun wherever they go because October babies are fun and talkative, it makes it easy for them to make friends in November, if you are born in November there are those Things Your Birth Month Can Tell About You November babies tend to be very stubborn and very secretive when a November baby is really focused Bad the Potential for Greatness If you were born in November you are likely very astute and self-motivated November babies sometimes don't want help from anyone's mistake, even if someone offers help to a November baby they probably won't take it. These people are not happy Unless they can do something all by themselves If you were born in November you can grow up, but only if you want to become December Babies are fun and they love to be the center of attention when they're in a room full of people all attention needs to be on her if you were born in december you are probably very active in the house watching tv that is not your cup of tea december babies are very proud of themselves and they don't want them to be held back by anything when they are constrained by something, they have no problem defending themselves r ibe let us know in the comment section below and subscribe for more of you

Is 2021 good for Aquarius?

Is 2020 a good year for the Aquarius? 2020 is a great year to try to improve yourself and your surrounding. You are likely to feel more impulsive this year, which will bring some changes in your life. You are also more direct this year, which can also help you to get ahead.

If you are watching this article right now and it is now 2020 or 2021 then this article is still relevant. This article is dedicated to the representatives of the zodiac sign Aquarius.

This is not your ordinary article and it is not like other astrological articles. The fact is, like content creators, we are on YouTube. We are restricted by the laws of the genre.

And most of us do a month, year, and so on articles for the zodiac signs. But this article will be devoted to a longer period that will last 7-8 years. This is very important information and I don't think other astrologers will be making articles about this time.

I'm not doing this article because Aquarius is kind of a unique person. Of course, each sign is unique in its own way, but it is your sign that will have unique events and no other sign will have such events. Voice article on my channel has received an incredible number of views and positive feedback from viewers.

Because of this, I decided it would make sense to do the same article but in English. I want to say that this article is aimed at adults. If you are a kid or teenager, immediately turn off this article and don't watch it.

In general, when I started studying English language articles about astrology on YouTube, I found that many writers only present all information positively and do not talk about negative things. But in my opinion this is wrong. For example, when I was watching one of your astrologers, he said in his article that Jupiter will be in the 4th house in September and this offers good opportunities for property purchase.

But I was outraged. After all, Jupiter created the opposition and the tense aspect in this sign and this indicated that you may have this month when dealing with real estate transactions, but this astrologer did not mention that real estate deals are very dangerous and losses entail. Of course we are dealing with the mentality of English speaking people.

They present negative information to each other in a positive way, thereby rendering the viewers a black service. I think this article will not be properly perceived by American viewers, but I think people from Europe will be more careful with this article, that's why this article is mainly for people from Europe. So let's get to the forecast itself.

From the beginning I wanted to reserve this article had to be made a year ago or earlier, but a year ago my channel didn't exist, I didn't start uploading articles to my channel until April 2019. But I think that forecast is still relevant. So this story begins in 2019 when Jupiter is in your eleventh house.

The 11th house is where we plan the future and if you watch this article now it will be very useful for you as you understand how to plan your future. At the same time, Saturn is in your twelfth house in 2019. Since the 12th house is the place where Saturn feels joy, it should not cause any significant problems for the youth.

Although possible minor health problems. In addition, in 2020, Jupiter will be in your twelfth house, harmoniously viewing Neptune, which will be a very relevant topic of informal income. 2020 is your serious opportunity to make a significant amount of money, but you need to take 2020 as time to prepare for 2021.

In 2021 Saturn and Jupiter will move into your first home. Usually, when Saturn passes through the field of the first house, such periods are perceived quite harshly by people. But throughout the year 2021 Jupiter will be in this house, which will weaken the negative manifestations of Saturn and also give you expanded abilities and ambitions, your authority will increase.

Of course, it all depends on what kind of person you are, but this period will be very harmoniousfor everyone who wants to take a serious position in society and achieve career heights. The next year 2022 is a time when you can significantly improve your financial situation and get great results. The year 2023 will be just as positive for you.

This year, Jupiter will bring many harmonious aspects into your zodiac sign. So this five-year period will be very positive for the typical representatives of the Aquarian sign. This is the time when you can achieve serious material success and gain credibility and status in society.

However, astrology suggests that not a single negative or positive period lasts forever. The long period from 2024 to 2027 will be quite stressful. You will be left alone with Saturn which will cut your cash income significantly if it is in the range of your second home.

And in 2024 there will be another major event, in the area of ​​your first house, Pluto will enter. Pluto in the field of your first house will stay for 20 years, but especially negative manifestations will be relevant in 2024, because in astrology the principle of 'beginning' is very important. So this article states that by 2023 you have unique opportunities to lay a solid financial base and achieve good results in order to prepare for the tense 2024-2027 time.

The fact is, people often come to me for one-on-one counseling at the moment when it's too late to do something about the problem they're asking me about. This article gives you unique information to prepare for a difficult time and to make it as easy as possible. Thank you for your attention and good luck to you all.

Is 2021 a bad year for Aquarius?

When looking at the upcoming astrology, 2020 will be the worst year for these three zodiac signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. For starters, there will be six eclipses taking place in 2020, as opposed to the four you would generally experience annually, which will cause a bit of chaos. .

I'll list them in the description box below. I've already mixed.

We're going to look at the total energy Take a look and see what comes your way. We'll see what the challenge will be and then we'll look at the result. Aquarius this will be some basic general read, it is not my usual love read, but if your looking for love reads I have several new ones on my channel.

So when you've checked this out check out the homepage and you can find my new love readings for Aquarius and any other sign so again this is just additional basic general reading for Aquarius for the rest of February 2021, so Aquarius the total energy well we have the sun card and she is with the queen of pentacles so this tells me what the queen of pentacles is here that you might feel like you just want solace for some of you aquarius, you might feel, as if you were feeling like you are just at home, just falling back and just having joy and comfort in the ordinary things maybe just babysitting with your dog or cat your niece or nephew just falling behind at home, that can do the Queen of Pentacles, and with the sun card, the card above the word energy, it indicates that something makes you happy or something that'll make you really really happy, yeah, that little one you see that baby there he's running around chasing lollipops under some sunflowers yeah and he's just happy sun card is about happy times, something that makes you really happy and I say come because if we go ahead and look at what's on the map above the word, there is justice. Now justice can be about karma, it can be about the law of cause and effect, and it is about the three of pentacles, so the three of pentacles well, in this deck it doesn't look really happy three of pentacles the card present under the word someone could have someone, or someone you know should offer you something, it could have been teamwork, collaboration, it could have been some kind of advantage due to being able to have something like that. Those three pentacles, umm, could be about the two of you should get on the same page, but it didn't happen, this person who got you wrong was about benefiting themselves instead of getting together with you and that Doing right things.

They didn't do right for you and served some kind of justice that you thought necessary because that person got you wrong and if it hasn't happened already something like this might come up, yes, you feel like this person needs to feeling the way she felt because you've just wanted to stay in the house lately and just retreat, but something makes you feel like justice needs to be served and because justice is here it suggests that your person could be around, they could be about to get theirs, whatever they did to you, it will come back soon and you know what they say about karmakarma can relate to anything you do to people or whatever you spend on the universe. It comes back to you and they say if it's karma it comes back three or ten times as much, or or it comes back a whole lot bigger, so yeah, your person should offer you something that was yours and they should have it probably keep something the three pentacles could be about like i said it could be an offer or they were su wanted to do some kind of teamwork with you but they got greedy and maybe they didn't mention it to you what you found out or you will find out and this person with righteousness here their day comes or it comes or it has come that i try to say with righteousness righteousness is served so let's go ahead let's take a look and see what the challenge is now we have the queen of swords ending with three wands well like i said it suggests that your persona might get her right here. Whatever she did to you, it hits her three or ten times as much that she is repaid for the injustice she did to you, so it looks like you are ready to get up from your seat on the Queen of the Swords challenge the card above the word you feel good they got what they deserve you can put the sword down she has this huge sword in her hand you held up your defense when they came near you you felt like you had you cut her, so you get up from the chair she's sitting in and you feel like that Three Wands The car that goes under the word Challenge Three Wands is about to finally make a decision and you 'In the future, you could feel like your ship has finally arrived so you feel good these days yeah you will like i said you finally get out of that chair you've been sitting there for a long time wah Probably since your person wronged you and you put down the sword and you are ready to be yourself again yes, you have found out that the person who wronged you gets what they deserve and it actually gives you feeling good, not that we wish bad anyone on this channel, but yeah there is this thing called karma that you can't just go around treating people in any way and not expecting anything to happen or not expected to be repaid so yeah we don't want ba d on anyone except yeah there is this lady named karma and she shows up in this reading.

Someone got you wrong and the result is shows that the devil is with the side of the mug ends now the devil can be jealousy about greed materialism addictions it can umm Elderly fight because you can see if on the picture of the devil card you can see the card with the word where these two people come out. On the bottom of the card, they are chained by the neck and handcuffed to the devil. So what I get is that this is your person, you are in some kind of fight, you know they wronged you and it always affected you because you found out they didn't get it right, you just are stayed in the house with your sword in hand just didn't see any friends and just not really being outside and social within the confines of your house did you find out that they are when they get theirs they are doing something by some kind of really big now Struggle.

However, many of you have a heart because the mug side here the mug side the card under the result of the request to speak It can be about opening your heart and reaching out to someone, perhaps with a message or a visit, so that some of you have hearts that you don't want that person to go through hell even though they got you through hell and you didn't get it right so some of you are actually making contact with that person you see that she's in trouble right now and she's going through something really challenging with the devil card here yeah so this is your Aquarius reading, it's just basic general reading don't forget, I have love reading and the next Aquarius reading will be in the next maybe four as well or five days will be a new love reading so I hope you enjoyed the reading I hope it comes across as you know in general readings do not come back to everyone then if you like the read request subscribe to the comment click on the notification bell so you will be notified when I post my next reading I am also adding a link to the extended version of this reading below, in which I describe how you like it situation and much more so aquarius thank you very much for watching. Hope you are all doing well and stay safe this crazy virus season. Hold on, it will pass and we will all get through this, so stay strong.

Take care of me. I hope you come back and join me for the next Aquarius reading, like I said, it's going to be a love reading and I already have new love readings so check them out on the homepage of my YouTube channels. Aquarius, I can never say enough Thank you So much for watching I wish you a good day.

I hope to see you at the next reading and take care of yourself

What will happen to Aquarius in 2020?

Welcome to 2020, Aquarius. If you play your cards right, this year will bring a transformative makeover that elevates your being and pushes you towards growth. If you dig your heels in, it's going to feel like an identity crisis. All of your fears (time, restrictions, rules) are in Aquarius. .

Is October 2020 a good month for Aquarius?

October 2020 Aquarius Horoscope predictions indicate that external objectives and professional matters will be in focus this month. According to Horoscope 2020 predictions, this month will be an auspicious one. Planetary influences will help your finances, love prospects, well-being, mental and communication abilities.

Is 2021 a good year for Aquarius?

With the new year comes a new crop of horoscopesand Aquarius is poised to have the luckiest of them all. In 2021, mbg's resident astrologers the AstroTwins predict that all eyes will be on the Water Bearer, largely thanks to the Great Conjunction that lit up skies (and newsfeeds) on December 21, 2020. .

Are Aquarius good with money?

An Aquarius may be too generous with their money.

As an Aquarius, you are one of the most creative signs of the zodiac, and sometimes a bit dreamy. You are also quite generous. Just be careful not to be too generous with your money to your own detriment.

Is Aquarius a powerful sign?

This fixed sign is born in the middle of winter (January 20 to February 18), which contributes to how resilient they tend to be. Think of them as the Sansa Stark of the zodiac wheel, because Aquarius traits include being fearless, independent, strong leaders, and, well, very badass, to say the least. .

Is Silver good for Aquarius?

Silver is a good metal for Aquarius, as it aids in blood detoxification and circulation while removing negative energies. .

Is an Aquarius good in bed?

Sexually it's almost impossible to shock an Aquarian. Open-minded, tolerant and undemanding Aquarius makes a great sexual partner and friend. But if you're looking for old-fashioned romance, and a lover to make you feel really special, the typical Aquarian is unlikely to fit the bill.

What is Aquarius favorite drink?

Aquarius: Coffee with Cinnamon and Cloves. .

What is the horoscope for October 2020 for Aquarius?

The Aquarius October 2020 monthly horoscope forecasts that on the 1st, you may be feeling a little bit underappreciated. This feeling could very likely stem from resentment about your position at work, but it could also relate to a family dynamic.

What should Aquarius do in the month of October?

Everyone's contribution should be clearly defined. Find order so you might confront your fears, and discern who are the fittest people to be your acquaintances. Aquariuses will find October full of conflicts because they are not usually pleased by intense emotions.

What does an Aquarius monthly horoscope look like?

This Aquarius monthly horoscope includes a detailed audio report of the current season. (3 months). The post is a general breakdown of the Sun’s movement through your houses month by month. It shows your peak periods to achieve, receive and recharge as explained in my Season and the Zodiac post.