How will be this month for Libra?

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How will be this month for Libra?

Team Libra could be an active (and occasionally stressful) scene as collaborations will pop off all month long. Once the Sun moves into Leo and your teamwork zone on July 22, you'll be more inclined to join forces or find win-win avenues for achieving your ambitions. .

hey Libra welcome to reading for July 2021. uh we will jump in here right away and take a look at what's going on with you uh make sure to watch your sun moon and get a full picture of what is going on with you Libra also feel free To like and appreciate the support, but um also what I was going to say, just follow the social media accounts linked below. There are tons of scammers out there now all pretending to be other readers so I'll get you never contact, i will never contact you offering personal readings I don't do personal readings.

So if you have someone who claims to be meit is a scammer make sure to report them but uh we see Libra here you start with the three cups here it's interesting that you have three cups here, three cups around here so for some of you it's like the front row has been celebrated in the past but I felt like it was ruined whatever that is because because you have the three cups you have the strength card k With the five swords, it's like five walking away from swords or giving up something, so this might be a connection for some of you, uh, that might just be the feeling that you know in many ways, three cups could just be your community, so maybe you feel like you are disconnected from your community or a community it doesn't literally have to be where you live, it could just be, you felt disconnected from your community you know eat something and you know maybe you belong to a certain community maybe you belong to a certain group as it literally could be like an online community and i feel like some of you are reconnecting here and i am not saying this how a reconciliation is is a reconnection reading and maybe you could reconnect with something else here ngmit uh health uh spirituality pretty much everything you have the strength card the king of swords and the five of swords here it's interesting because you are the king and the queen of swords it doesn't matter which sex you are drawn to by the wayum it just shows up like this divine counterpart for me. The king and queen of swords are the worst divine counterparts and you can see for yourself how she got her back to the way she got her back to this side here and her just facing the stari. No matter what gender you are this is just general reading, this is just the energy that you are hugging here and it is like focusing on healing.

Some of you have dealt with a person in the past who either Wants to win at all costs or just seeing things one wayum and then another card of winning SW Ords, but then you have the eight sword sitters like you could have literally flirted with a person in the past who was only into winning focused, that's easy and um, and maybe that could be when maybe they got into an argument, they weren't interested in finding a middle ground they were just interested in winning uh maybe um in the light maybe they just play in life in general unfair but that's kind of like feeling i have a feeling that you are focused on healing like i said uh you got the dinosaurs when you i tried m being patient with the power card I feel like you've tried again to be patient with the person from the past, if this isn't a person for you is not necessarily stubborn but I have a feeling he can, so that's what i'm going to say over there, you have the 901s here, yeah you draw certain lines with this person who wants a load? was too great, pretty straightforward story i have the feeling that in the past you only had to deal with one person who was only willing to win any prize, and i have the feeling that you are very stubborn it became too a burden, you made up your mind to go away and now you heal the end is what i would say uh to you Libra, but that looks pretty good so i like you heal uh you got the card to be home i feel again like you probably just say, heal from home or you heal well from home with this energy mind, you have this clock and weight energy too, so I have a feeling that for some of you it is when would you wait for you to wait for your cups to be filled with these three cups I just look at the three cups I'm getting healthy wealth and happiness right now as if you are trying to fill those three cups right in your life, so I have the Ge feel that this is more of your energy if that makes sense. It's like the three things in your life that you are trying to bring together now and you are kind of like in this waiting mode, but the good news is that you have the sword -Ass have what is definitely a win. I also like that she is holding a sword here, so I feel like you guys are very focused on achieving that health wealth and luck with that sword ace the eight of swords kind of say you might be stuck a bit here, but you have the hermit in this row, hermit kind of says you're at the end of this long journey, the hermit usually holds the star in his lantern, which can also say you've found your inner light, but here's a star like I said as I always say on the hermit, the star is in this lantern.

It doesn't blow its star all over the place, but for me it can say that you should share it like what you've been through should you join in with other people and things like that that the star card comes up with so don't be afraid to share your story but I have a feeling that a victory is coming for you here it's like you so it's like I'm saying finally too, it's as if the judgment card can be the last release where you wake up or get freed you somehow stand out of the coffins here Libra you're nice to wake up with this energy and I feel again me like this Queen of Swords is just your energy In this reading I feel like you're finally clear Queen of Swords is the first Sword Uhcourt card where the clouds only half pull up her body and again I have the feeling that you are finally Have clarity as on the direction of your life and how you can achieve this health and happiness all you wish, so let's see here Libra you have this son are you kidding Meuh luck celebration freedom good things come for you here six swords big improvements is that just really a big improvement, reading the scales and the eight swords? It's funny that Theada swords come up the other way around so it's like you're freeing yourself like I said Libra so I feel in many ways li keydu remove yourself from very stuck situations very emotional cards here even the six of the swords they're still in choppy water but this guide is walking back and forth between the choppy water she is leading this person away from the choppiness so i feel like you're being led away from the end of the swords? says kind of, don't get stuck in shallow emotions, it's in very shallow water on this card and it just says like the things you might be worried about don't text again, there's a self-imposed limitation, so it's like you're going in the right direction here, reading the other thing is uh, the beginning for me, uh, you know I don't want to jump too far forward here, Libra, but the star to me can say sometimes that you want to achieve something, she is pouring water on the land here and you could question it like you might want to start a business or maybe you want to get your health in order I have a feeling that you are three things I have a feeling that you are focusing on your health fortune and happiness right and and you know sometimes the star that I feel is we feel like it is a little bit far away. You know stars like this big star here, you know stars are very far away, they're out there and the star can say, sometimes you feel like you're not going to be able to achieve something, but she pours water on land, it basically says if there is something you want to achieve and someone else has done it then it is absolutely possible for you, even if no one else did it, it doesn't matter you still able to achieve something, but again she's pouring water on the land, it says what is possible for one person is possible for everyone and I have a feeling that this is all you have to recognize again sometimes I think that we get into this mode that we are in as if I want to start a business, but then you think oh, that can't be done, you will be able to be successful, but if someone did it then you can do it and that is What this says, I have a feeling that you have this health e wealth and this happiness can achieve all three things you desire, but you have to get away from it, here we will talk about it again in a moment you have the hermit in that front row hermit really says you're at the end again I want to say finally is it's as if you are finally at the end of that long journey you made at the hermitage, is a customer, he climbed the top of a mountain and he radiates his inner light and it kind of says as if he had one gone through dark night of the soul or he did a soul search, so I feel like you kindly you came from the dark or will soon come out of the dark the eight swords you have the eight swords three cups and the start has swords I want to say don't get stuck sometimes i think we can be stuck in the shit for too long and it's like it's becoming almost like a comfort zone, it's like the din ge are just so bad or things are just not great in our lives so we are just the way it always will be, so we just give in to do that, i got a feeling that it says don't be right I feel like you never have to indulge with this energy and I feel like eight of the swords are saying it's time, it's time to realize that things are getting better I have a feeling there is People like you really know what comes on my mind is that people are going to be extremely important to you this month and because I feel like they're kind of pulling you off the shit like I said that's this best word i could use for these eight swords like feeling i'm going there and i'm not referring to just loving here again, threecups is part of your community, so friends, family, uh, just people you outside see i have a feeling that you're on vi Ele ways you know that people are somehow pulling you out of that you know this kind of energy here and definitely like to heal yourself with the star map, so I have a feeling that there are definitely reasons for this Energy to celebrate I also feel like the Eight of Swords are saying to watch out, it's like we hear the news then you know the world is basically on fire right now what couldn't it being further from the truth, it's like you can choose what to believe I see good things happen every day, right I see people do good things every day. What I like to remind you is that you can do good things every day and make the world a little better.

You are the good side of life here or you show yourself that good things are possible and I have the feeling that it is you draws out of this energy the eight swords. Let's see, here you have the Queen of Swords again you see the truth uh uh, I think Aquarius had a very similar reading, if you have Aquarius in your diagram, I would definitely look at it while reading, because it is when Reading was all about seeing the truth or something and that's what I think as if you would see it too, it's as if the clouds dissolve clearly with the queen of swords, in your reading you have that too er seven of the wands here and you have again the great victory of the chariot for you, son of the sword chariot, this is a celebration for you, the seven of wandsis something like a map to defend their position on top of a hill it is apart from Believing it's kind of like knowing what, that you know something is the truth, so I feel for some of you it's like you the more you believe in something the truer it's going to be, I know that sounds ridiculous, a About it is the way it is, so I feel for some of you that you kind of need to realize this, whatever you believe, it's almost like creating your own reality just see where this is going You have the four of pentacles here, you have the uh devil country, the uh, the king of cups, I feel like for some of you you feel like a little T knocked four pentacles and the devil again has eight swords here twice soulful and really four pentacles ask you to step out of a comfort zoneThe devil you know, on the one hand, the devil can say that you are stuck and tied to something, but on top of that, the devil really just says that the devil is you really says. not because the devil says you just have to let go of something that you feel is stuck so I feel like you're not as stuck as you think Libra with that energy let's see where this is going you've got the web of cups, could definitely be a new love Come this month if you want it, you've got the emperor, some of you definitely feel controlled by something you think is out of your control and the ten cups of fortune after the difficulty yes I mean I have a feeling that the devil and the emperor are very general in many ways energy is how maybe you feel like you are from the world or government or theory being controlled or you know certain people in your life the eight swords are really like you twice.

He needs to realize that you are not controlled by anything you have free will and the cup net is a map of the Dreaming, you know that he just has to overcome this barrier, he has to cross the river that is on this map, in order to have success the water, everything in your reading, there is a lot of water here, star judgment, there is water eight times sword twice, there's water, a can of cups here, so it's like there's clearly some kind of emotional barrier, maybe or something that's keeping you from achieving a dream, a star in the night of the cups and the sun too, um the no cup she normally looks into this mug, he dreams of his perfect life outside of love the web of cups that he dreams of like health, wealth and happiness, right, it's like the three things that are good for him and but it's like He has to cross the water, he has to cross this barrier, there how do we make these scales, which are not very helpful, so we ask ourselves, how do we cross well here, um? Not a good answer because the queen of wands has to be brave, has to be assertive, really has to put your heart and soul into something seven wands that are similar again, Carter belief is very similar to the queen of wands because she knows she is knows she knows she will be successful in some way of taking the risk or doing something, so I feel like you must have believe you have the justice map you appear here in Libra that is in a very strong position shows up so you know this is a cause and effect map so I have a feeling you are manifesting things here very quickly and you have the hermit you know, in a lot of ways I feel like reading this means to say twice with the hermit that you are ready to begin this new journey or you are ready to cross this emotional barrier or this flow, the son this one r card is the justice card we could look at like you, we could also consider it your answer because the justice card just says like maybe you know like i said i get this feeling of leaving me here a bit Libra because I feel like I don't believe anything is possible with this star map, as I said earlier, but you don't know how to believe it, but still want to do something about it or still want to do something It's like you don't really believe love is possible, but it's like you still want love if that makes sense or maybe you don't think it's possible for you to have a business, but you still want to have a business or you still want financial freedom or you know whatever the case, it doesn't matter the legal ID says you just have to take the first step you just have to try basically fair goodness is cause and effect it says that if you take the first step, then in return you get results away from the astrology that we have been dealing with for a very long time, it is as if people are afraid to take these first steps, I think people are kind of this way of asking the universe asking I'm looking for something like proof before we get in, but it's like the universe isn't working right. It's like we have to insert the work then we get proof that it will work so i feel like there is a flip flop that has to happen a risk here libra it's pretty good read i wouldn't really call this a love read I would say if I feel like you're leaving to heal from past love, you have love here, can hold ten cups so it's like you could date but would? be like your future position, it could be a knight in shining armor for you here with the net of cups and so some of you could obviously meet someone in the future if you are already in a relationship, completely different story, um, if you're already in a relationship I feel it's okay here, I mean I would avoid toxic behavior and things like that, but intuitively I have the feeling that if you're in a good relationship it will continue to be go well right? some of you might be leo might come for you leo ​​i have a feeling that leo is a lot for you it could be a fire sign in general because you have the emperor too but this is pretty good read thank you for being here Libra I really appreciate it. Take a look at your solar moon and sunrise for a full picture of what is going on with you at this time

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