Is February a good month for Virgo?

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Is February a good month for Virgo?

2021 Virgo horoscope forecasts a good month for the well-being of Virgo persons. There will not be any major health problems. Minor ones can be taken care of through proper medical attention. You should not ignore your diet and exercise routines and make extra efforts to maintain your mental health.

i wash my soul in the ocean in the tears of godi let it gofebruary 2021 something great is being brewed in the sky and as a reflection on earth and in our personal lives the greatest event of the year and not only of the year it has not been for 60 years since the beginning happening The 60s that happen this month, six planets meet under the sign of Aquarius and that means a powerful new beginning. Imagine it was a council from the gods. Imagine that your higher self will meet your guides and set the plan and program for many years in advance or just predict the next year but that will be for many years and everyone will feel it in different areas of their life, depending on its sun, moon or ascending sidePowerful months One of the most intense months of this year, which is crucial for your personal life and for the whole world, so join the february2021 articles with your own sign.

To explore these developments, I am your astrologerastrolada from, but I also prepared for it in February. In synchronicity with this powerful new beginning, we are also starting a basic course in astrology that will last a few months and will focus exclusively on the aspects.

In a few months time we will be looking at all possible combinations of aspects from a different perspective that you have never seen before. Not the normal ones before you know what planets do to Venus, but in a way that you have never seen before what the ruler of the first with the ruler of the ninth or Saturn with the ruler of the second what all these combinations mean, from all the different aspects and angles that you do I don't need to know astrology, I would explain everything from the beginning, but you can take this course use your whole life as a reference book, when you make horoscopes, when you read your loved ones, show whenever you want to use it, come to me init is much cheaper in the beginning, if you sign up so yeah, let's start this powerful new month together and now let's continue with the february articlesvirgo sun moon rising february 2021o t Its huge convergence of planets that happens which activates for you and brings out new beginnings for the whole world, especially the sixth house and the sixth house is a virgin house so it will make you even more virgin than you already are and you were born to do these things, yeah sixth house is a little bit challenging because it brings more responsibility, more chores, uh, to do every day, uh, you know chores and errands, but it's what virgins do best anyway where they do the Sun make moon rise in Virgo and it is time to come into your full Virgo power and these planets will help you, whatever new changes they bring for you, so let's start the first part of the month, actually it's more about everyone Revising things because mercury is declining there, all planets are invisible. The first, I would say 20 days, it's almost like revising things from the past or your health registers me questioning health routines around you could some old health problems flare up and come, but that's all for one person because at the end of the month after the 10th after the 20th sorry, three planets Mercury Jupiter and Saturn will become visible in your sixth house are born and this is so rare that you usually find a planet in a certain area of ​​your horoscope every few years and now three within 10 days it's such a boost from the cosmos in the universe, it's as if your higher self is these planets conjured up because the sun is always the highest self and said okay we need a new plan and while they converge there in february you have been given your higher self than you planto saturn jupiter and mercury and when they become visible at the end of the month , you are thrown into a new way of being, uh, you initiate it, because mercury is a part of it, so your mercury even if There are some old problems flaring up and six house animosities with other animosities or old problems that had to be solved or old things that broke that had to be fixed, the old problems at work also six house work tasks that have to be fulfilled, or health problems of the Old ones, with something you've been grappling with for a while, needing to work over so that they flare up when these three new planets are born, they are going to give birth to something new, to a new health routine like never before - check your health habits with mercury retrograde am End of the month is so okay, I'll just go vegan, okay, I'll just remove dairy products or okay, I'll just get the kit kettle or I'll start exercising and this time you stick with it.

It my god you mean Saturn is part of the picture Mercury and Jupiterite, I mean we have free will if you don’t have anything in di Doing this direction nothing is going to happen in that direction, but when you feel the impulse and many of you will feel it and you will be balanced the slightest kind of effort is like a rocket launch this time it won't be like someone is on that Pat on the shoulder, it's going to be like two, you'll get fuel to do a lot longer time, much longer way and um fascinating so you know if you wanted to make these changes I think by the end of February a lot of you will be going in that direction start who will be forced to, but the sixth house is work too, so this is a new beginning for some of you in February could be a powerful new beginning in your work environment uh you know it could happen i say from mostly towards the end of the month when the planets become visible but um it can happen earlier because such a strong activation in the sixth house again i want the story of my virgin sister telling law because she's the closest person I watch and since all these planets went to her sixth house she suddenly decided I wanted to stop doing this and work in Arizona, and it happened in three days, like she approved everything and she leaves in February, I mean, I don't do anything, it's February when she starts this new job, uh, for Uhit it's like a traveling nurse anyway, but something new happens and plus because during Mercury 20 days is long declining is the first old job you applied for, or the job opportunity may come back to you, that's a different matter Oh, you could start revising If this is the right place I want to work, this is the one right conditions is the right thing, what I want to keep my life energy and you have a kind of enlightenment or realization, because mercury decline means to do things from a different perspective see, reevaluate and then or even if it happens without your being able to agree, maybe layoffs or something you know that your business is closing or whatever, don't worry because something new is born is born in the end, you know with mercury, saturn and jupiter will be visible in your sixth house and i even told my sister-in-law that i said yes you will start this traveling nurse job then arizona brand new place but at the end of february you would also get a new idea because of it only been there for two months, but i said that you come, you could start thinking about your own b work or something like that so some even if you have already started a new job uh now uh something new happens to you at the end of the month there are ideas about your employment or if you are a boss about uh if about your employees first you might check which employees you want to remove with mercury retrograde somehow um and then you can incorporate new ones you know with the birth of these three planets or it can be like a new work condition popping up around you or a new work project that you start first, although with mercury you may be declining a few finish old ones and finish them off and then these planets will be reborn at the end of the month and in march you start something new which is great, very fascinating it will bring more responsibility it will bring more seriousness and hard work, because the dominant planet in stallion is Saturn and it may feel stressful because all of these planets are squared by Uranus and Mars, you can see Uranus and Mars from your ninth house and but it's almost like Uranus and Mars are this one Drive change here in your approach to health. Your approach to the sixth house too is the state of being grumpy and critical and being victim, so this planet almost tries to get you out of such a state when not everyone feels like being a Virgo, but some Virgos, like any normal person, might have gotten used to being uh grumpier, feeling unfair because six households hold the house of lack of fairness and, or at least are perceived that way by you, or have more extreme conditions with more difficulty was called the house of slavery before the sixth and twelfth houses. With this activation, you may feel that you know this is unfair, or you may have long felt that you are stuck in certain situations like a slave or slavery that you know and and these planets are them They try to push you out of this situation, especially with the birth of them, to re-examine attitudes and look at them from a different perspective, mercury is declining and when these new planets are born to take the initiative to help them Circumstances and difficult sixth house changing circumstances could be poverty Success is one of the things that determine poverty or a sense of happiness, uh, something else is uh, in a state of illness, so again you examine and you say ok I've had enough of feeding you know maybe you drink or maybe you smoke uh or maybe you uh have an inflammation in your body that keeps you going Makes you foggy or causes you pain and pain Lack of energy and you say and that somehow intensifies in february and it has already started your planets in the sixth house already and you are like okay i have enough or you know i have enough i will stop being a victim to be of it or just to change my eating habits or or another disease and many of the diseases 95 of them if you change your lifestyle you can relieve the pain or i am enough i am enough a victim of this terrible ibler boss, you know i will change my work circumstances, so I did enough, it was unfair enough, I was a victim of this unequal relationship for six hours also rules of the nico relationship, where you are slave and master, one telling the other what to do, is dependent on it others in some way and again it asks you when these planets first mercury retrograde we examine that and then Uranus and Mars through d he ninth house of beliefs like Uranus and Mars gives you a very deep house of perception of reality Uranus and Mars are very innovative energies, so like revelations of seeing things from a different perspective, you have yourself out of the comfort zone of a situation the inequality of a situation of the injustice of a situation of a disease imbalance situation to force some kind of sacrifice that you know and and it is because Uranus and Mars they are in the ninth house give you a different perspective, you see reality through different lenses, often it can happen Pen in some way, maybe you are dragging somewhere that you know the house is going to places you haven't been to attracting my sweet sister-in-law, like moving to another state for a while giving you one gives different perspective about yourself and can make you change very painful patterns h ier sacrifices or this balance of some sort or uh slaves they scream or serve them they scream some kind you know that comes in all different forms and and and manners and but that gives you the courage and that makes you uncomfortable because it's a difficult aspect but it annoys you at you and as your belief systems keep getting newer you look like life and of course it can be a painful process but the ultimate goal is to help you and it can be on a lower level now with mars them in the ninth house how you feel about the world your belief system and with Uranus you are almost ready to rebel your kingdom you know that you are ready to fight very loudly and opinionated over your belief systems and it collides with sixhouse here, with that You might collide with, um, six houses with colleagues at your workplace that you might collide with and six houses that you ore can see and fight but that is just the law of manifestation the high manifestation is that very new Uranus and Martian new and very new knowledge of the word possibly by traveling through learning something new to expand your world vision to your world vision from some sort of even inspiration of some sort you hear it, you see, you know it drives you and possibly through a person or a teacher or someone you admire the rules of the ninth house all of these things or your own Belief system can lead you to get out of a deadlocked situation with some kind of illness balance and start again with a powerful new beginning with the new work project with the new work environment with the new health routines with the new organization around your house when you I am trapped by you , you know any messy ho usage or circumstances or routines i kind, so this is my take on February if, like me, you want to learn astrology by repeating it in your head for 60 hours

How is February for Virgo?

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Collaborations could take flight this month as the energizing Sun visits Cancer and your community sector until July 22. But pace yourself regardless of how excited you are about the reopening social scene. But with intensifying Mars moving into Virgo on July 29, don't expect to completely hibernate.

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When looking for a person to marry a Virgo should look for signs such as Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio and should usually stay away from another Virgo, as well as Leo, Libra, and Aquarius.

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You're going into February with productivity and self-care on your mind, Virgo. After all, the month begins with Mercury retrograding through your sixth house of work and health, disrupting your usual routine. Your Virgo February 2021 horoscope may be tedious, but it's building up to something big! .

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