Is June a good month for Sagittarius?

Questions And Best Answers - Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope and June

Is June a good month for Sagittarius?

General: Sagittarius people will have a good month. It can bring some travels at work and some wealth accumulation unexpectedly. The relationship with family members will be good. Sagittarius natives will be fortunate regarding their family and financial matters, but money will be delayed for them.

Hey there, Sagittarius. Welcome to your reading for the second quarter of 2021. This is for April through June 2021.

We will look at your current energies in this first row. We'll look at all of the messages from your future you on this second row. On your third row, we're going to look at all the unexpected, but here we are looking at good news.

So no matter what comes up in this series, it will be positive. And then in your last row we will look at all the messages from your guides. And on top of that, I end up drawing three yes or no question cards.

I will also answer these three cards like I know what your question is, even though I don't know, so it will be something new that I try and it will be some kind of personal reading, but Sagittarius. Let's see what's going on with you. Also, be sure to watch your sun, moon, and rise for the full picture of what's going on for you over the next three months, but Sagittarius let's see what's going on for you here, Sagi ttarius, so let's here See.

Protect, do you have the Healing Chaos Card here? And that comes under your general energies. So I have a feeling that some of you are obviously healing the chaos, or healing from a situation here, for some of you that you are healing from a change that has occurred. You have the two of swords, the seven of pentacles.

The Seven of Pentacles change the direction of the Queen of Swords in your recent past. And it's like you're healing yourself from this situation here. I also feel trapped at home protected and unable to do the things you want me to do.

You have the Two of Swords here, the Seven of the Pentacles and the Queen of Swords. I have a feeling that you are very clear about what you want. All three fire signs had some kind of message that she is very sure of what she t want in her life at this time.

And I get that feeling for you with this Queen of Swords here. You have the Queen of Swords here for the nine from Pentaclesto, the Seven of Cups, here. And although these are separate roles, I'm considering everything Sagittarius here.

And I have a feeling that in the next three months you will finally be collecting resources, or finally getting the resources to start with the Seven of Cups to be able to do whatever you want. Seven of Cups is something that you have always imagined I really feel like you are manifesting a dream here, your readings for a long time. As I literally titled some of your readings, Living the Dream, because I have the feeling that you are manifesting something here that is a dream for you.

I mean, you can't make up this stuff. Even the messages of your guides here: The wheel of fortune is your destiny, is your personal vision for your life. So it's like you're manifesting what you see as your destiny, your destiny (laughs).

I don't know how else to tell us here Sagittari, and we'll sort this out real quick because I want to see what's going on with you, hermit, yeah, it's like there are more things you can do Finishes with the hermit. King of Wands, I have a feeling this is your energy. You show yourself in a very strong position and the four of the pentacles.

Yes, I have a feeling you just have to try new things. Think four of the pentacles in the box. And so I have a feeling that some of you are able to live this whatever your destiny is or whatever you think is your destiny, with the wheel of fortune I think it will be very useful, about the Think outside the box.

The hermit kind of says you're ready. Do you know the hermit somehow and you? have The Hermit here too. And what I would love to see in this reading is The Fool.

I would love to see The Fool come out and you know that would be good. And there are a couple of other cards I would like to see would come out too. King of the Pentacles would be another great card to see your reading.

So keep that in mind. But the hermit card really says you're ready. You are ready to take a kind of leap of faith here.

The two of the swords that she sits where she always was. It's like having to move on to something new. This energy has In these three months the energy of Two of Swords, the king of wands comes for almost everyone to feel, is your energy and the feeling that you are ready to move forward here.

I have the feeling that here too, when one comes in for you, something has to do with love. I drew an extra row for Leo. So I will also draw an additional clarifying row for you.

You have the Judgment card here. You have the Four of Swords or something you've been waiting for and the Seven of Pentacles here. For some of you, I feel like you are walking away from a person.

Here's what I would say The judgment card almost tells me that you've already given someone a second chance. Might be a virgin. I also lose weight for some reason on the water.

I don't really see it in reading here, but just intuitively I f eel you could have been with a watermark or a virgin, and if that is the case I feel like you gave that person a second chance. Very specific story. And it's like now you choose to walk away or now you choose to move forward.

That's why you got this message from here. This line represents your message about yourself in the future. As if we They would ask what happened in the next three months in June at the end of June.

And they have the hardship card for you. I have a feeling that you are realizing that a person, a past person, here with this energy is not for you is. The word plaster also comes to mind - help like big wounds they have.

And not literally, it could be literally, but I feel like you have these like big problems in your life. And it's not so much the problem or issues that make you move away from that person, you feel like it's just the fact that they are trying, they are not really trying to fix it. You know they aren't really trying to fix it ything.

And that's the energy i get here. You know, there is a chessboard on this card, it's like you're not ready to play the game anymore I also want to say that it's like seeing how you were played in this situation. I think in relationships we all do things no matter what.

You know, even when we know this, I feel like we all do things to stay in the relationship. So what the hell do I mean by that? Well what I mean by that is, for the most part, when we do get into a relationship, for the most part, it's what people do to make sure the relationship holds together off the wrong foot if you think so, for like the law of Attraction, if you do things to keep the relationship from falling apart, then it will be as if you are inauthentic and then the relationship will fall apart from liking what that person did to keep you in the relationship . And it's like you're not a loner who's ready to play the game here.

You once have the ten of pentacles, the nine of pentacles, wow. This is you, you will be set free. Ten of the Pentacles is all you want in life.

The Nine of Pentacles is a card of independence, but it is also a card of wealth. Both cards are cards of wealth. And the four of the wands is a card of freedom.

I have a feeling your future self is saying, like hey, on the other side of everything you've done so far. There's partying. Four of Wands is marriage, but these people are really already married on this card.

It's part of celebrations, card of freedom. And it's like good things are coming up for you. So I feel your future self is saying you, saying, keep going around, around.

Nine of Pentacles is also my round, round card because there is a snail on the card. And it's like the snail has a spiral shell on it, right? So I feel with some of you that says, you know that you can't keep walking around with a person and you, I have a feeling that your future you are saying that this is clearly the right thing to do. By the way, I have a feeling that most of you have already made that decision to get rid of the situation.

Some of you have already, I feel. And again I have the feeling that this is coming your way. It's almost like I'm not calling it a reward, but it's kind of a reward because I have a feeling that our lives are going to improve a lot because of this change of walking away from someone.

If you don't walk away from a person I feel like you are walking away from a messy situation like work, school, something I get to school, which is weird. And I feel like I'm saying this to you all the time, Protect that you can be like you're leaving school and maybe change your major as well or something. When you're in school, kind of weird.

You have the ten of the cups here, like I said like watermarks. And I got a watermark that you want. Some of you might walk away from a watermark n here.

You have the Five of Pentacles. I have a feeling you will be sad about that. There is no doubt about it.

I think it was Leo. That seems like a fire sign energy to it but a very similar energy, how i feel this, you know your future you is saying yes you will be sad but it will only be temporary, you know? The Five of Pentacles also tells me how your future self wants you to be careful not to point out your weaknesses, as if you also have to pay attention to your strengths. And Eight of Pentacles love it.

I definitely think some of you could just focus on either working on yourself or working on your personal projects. This could be wealth building. This could mean creating more money in your life.

Additionally, this series really tells me that your future self, how I feel, is saying that you attract a new person by focusing on yourself. The King of Cups is someone who is very stable emotionally, very caring, kind, caring, caring, intuitive, it's not true to me, I don't feel water energy coming in for you. It might be a watermark, but I feel like it's more of a person who just has these traits.

Someone who is emotionally stable, someone who doesn't really care what is going on in the world. The King of Cups, he's always kind of very stable. He sits in troubled waters on this map, so it doesn't play Matter what happens in his life.

He always keeps his head straight. And then I feel after you that you attract someone like that. And again, it doesn't matter what gender you are attracted to.

I don't assign a gender to my cards. Next for any unexpected good things that come up for you. You have this toil and work card, this is considered a difficult card.

But again, this is a positive series no matter what, so to me I feel like you are being rewarded for your work, look here. Ten of Pentacles, Eight of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles. Even these Five of Pentacles don't have to mean anything.

It's like everything else is positive. I alw Ays say to people like Trust me, I always get comments. Like I have a billion positive cards at the table and there is going to be a challenging card.

And that's what everyone focuses on. Five of Pentacles literally say you don't pay attention to your weaknesses. So don't focus on the one negative card that's here, do you? It's like there's only the Five of Pentacles here, it doesn't completely erase everything else.

So I have a feeling that this means that you are being rewarded for your work. You have the Seven of the Cups, the Six of Wall Sand and the High Priestess. It's like a great opportunity coming up for you.

And it could be pretty be unexpected, but I have a feeling that your guides are leading it into your life here with this wheel of happiness. There is like an element of karma, judgment, wheel of fortune in this top tier. So it's like getting karmic rewards for likely hard work or work you've done in the past, or for passing an exam despite the Not For You card.

It's like saying no to the above person. Seven of Cup says you will be spoiled for choice. Six of wands like good news or success.

I have a feeling that this card could bring a raise. And for others, I feel like you are being given a new opportunity. I don't really feel like saying second.

I like that weird second chance vibe comes off this card. So I have a feeling there might be a second chance, but it's not what you imagine it is to be a second chance. I feel with some of you, the high priestess says, that there is like a new opportunity that could be like love, for example.

But it's like a second chance in the sense that you get a second chance of true love, but it's not like someone from the past, if this makes sense, Sagittarius. So this is some kind of energy that I get for you. But that was pretty good.

Definitely good news for you here. You made it for something because some of you might graduate too. If you're doing something about school or education or training and it's like getting your graduation within six months.

You have the side of the cups. Definitely, it could be a solid love offer for you. Ten wands.

Yes, you will work here rewarded for your effort. And six wands. There you go.

So a repeating message. Both of these cards want to come out. It could definitely be love that you open yourself to your queen of swords and lovers.

So I have a feeling that communication for you comes in love, I have a feeling that this whole month or the next three months, I should say Sagittarius, a lot of unexpected positive things are coming your way. But an offer of love is coming for you. That is positive too, no matter what, I have a feeling that you will be rewarded for the hard work you have done with this Sagittarius card.

So this looks good. You have the Awakening Genius card. I just feel like you are awakening your true destiny because the wheel of fortune is really your destiny.

Yes, tons of abundance are coming in for you too. This is really nice read Sagittarius. You have the Wheel of Fortune, the King of Wands and The Hermit.

Like I said, I feel like you've learned something, you've climbed to the top of the mountain. And now you're ready for some sort of leap of faith I have a feeling your guides want you to know that you are in a position of power and strength. I also feel that your guides want you to know that you are safe from risk.

The king of wands. He's got all these salamanders all over his cloak, and he's got a little lizard right here. And in mythology, salamanders could not be burned by fire.

And so this king of wands somehow represents being protected from fire and basically being protected from risks, good luck comes to you. The wheel of fortune is your card Sagittarius. So it is clear that you are in a very strong position here.

I have the feeling that your guides want you to know that you are very lucky this time, and so again I feel like taking calculated risks in work, in business, in love, in communicating with someone. you you care. You will all benefit greatly from these things.

And you will likely be successful too. But let's clear that up. I need to get more details from your guides and I want to start the adventure.

I'm definitely starting a new adventure here, Sagittarius. Nine of swords, get out of your head. I have a feeling your guides want you to come out of your head.

I also feel like they want you to know that this situation here is only temporary. It's like feeling sad about someone from the past. High priestess, be sure to trust your intuition too.

You have a high priestess twice, right? Where was the other high priestess? Somewhere over here, right? So I feel like for some of you you have to ...

Oh right here. High priestess and you have the two of swords. Two of the swords is a bit like the high priestess.

Two of the swords says, trust your intuition. So I have the feeling that you have to trust your intuition here. As I said, I keep getting second chances with the high priestess, but it's like some so you know, I feel like it's a second chance at something get what you've always wanted, but it's different when that makes sense.

It's like you're starting something new here, say. But this is a killer reading. I love Sagittarius.

Many good things are coming for you. So now we draw three cards here. That will be one, two, and three, and feel free to pause the article right now if you want to ask questions in your head, but you can ask up to three questions.

I'll give you a quick yes or no and I'll read each one as well as if it were like a personal reading if that makes sense. But for believable and I would say yes, Eight of Wands, very creative fresh start. There is something very dear to your heart here.

You got the eights of wands somewhere over here, right? Or I don't think I'm making this up, but I have a feeling that there is something that you are very passionate about what you ask for. I feel like you need to move towards it. I feel like there is still a lot of passion, desire in this situation.

For some of you it could be love. And I feel like there is still a lot of passion, desire in the connection. Next up will be Ten of Sword I would say no.

I feel like you're walking away from something, letting go of something. I have a feeling that something is dead. Funnily enough, another card to let go of.

I feel like this whole reading to me is like saying what you don't see, that there is a lot of happiness for you on the other side of an end. And I feel that here. Ten of the swords is one luck after the other.

I mean, it represents the going on of something that is dead, but he's making a symbol here that represents luck, and you have all that luck showing up while reading. So I have a feeling you don't know the answer might be no, but something better is coming in for you. And for card number three, I'd say no, Five Cups, Disappointments, Sadness Feeling Like Again, a very similar message to what I just said about the Ten of Swords.

You can use it to turn around and be grateful for what it has. Then I'll bring this bridge to this castle. So it's like saying it's time to move on.

Something is not here for you. And you know what Sagittarius is. But this Sagittarius is really good read.

I like this. I also like the direction it's headed in the next three months. So thanks for watching.

I really appreciate what is going on right now with you. Also like to like and subscribe, really appreciate the support. But thank you, Sagittarius, and definitely have fun for the rest of the next three months.

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