Is March a good month for Virgo?

Questions And Best Answers - Virgo Monthly Horoscope and March

Is March a good month for Virgo?

Monthly astrology 2021 for Virgo sun sign students envisages a good month. Planetary influences will make you sharp and learning will become easier. Students of fine arts will come out with their best output. Language and communication students will achieve considerable progress.

I've listed them in the description box below. I've already mixed them up and as we take a look at the recent past of the energy between you and the person you are dealing with, we shall see what to come for the two of you.

We find out what the challenge is going to be and then we look at each other and see how the result is Virgo the last energy between you and yourself well we finished the chariot with the 10 cups, so the chariot is the card above that Word Pass it's actually a very quick move, um, it takes off the chariot very quickly, so if you get the chariot you might be tempted to pressurize you if you're driving fast or you're doing this to someone, it is possible that if you get the chariot you are tempted to go too fast. So I'm getting a lot of confidence in this connection and you were willing to get in the driver's seat and take this over because you felt like this person was someone you felt you could have taken seriously, because it is with the ten cups the ten cups pass the card under the word ten cups. is all that can be about happiness, by and large, it can be about the end marriage birth obligation engagement living together so that you were ready to work with that person to the full, and they might have felt the same way for some of you the connection broke up very quickly and it felt right this person made you happy and you made them happy Now let's go ahead and see what comes our way for both of you that we have a wand ace with ends with the 10 of Pentacles Well this wand ace can be a fresh start like these ten cups for some of you is what I get that could give someone else in their energy.

You want some kind of powerful fresh start with this person or you feel like it could be mightily explosive for some of you Virgos. I just understand that a little differently than this person from the last time or it is someone different from the person you are dealing with. You feel like you could have a great passionate fresh start with someone else, and you feel like it might have the potential to get serious about the Ten of Pentacles and the two of you might succeed at Ten of Pentacles simply all good will you feel positive about that fresh start you want with someone and as i said before i understand that for some of you it is different from the person you are with or a different person than that lately energy that we just talked about yeah it's not the same person we just talked to with the chariot making a fresh start you want a fresh start and you feel like it might thrive, it might actually be somewhere now let's go on and see what arises for the challenge we have, the king of wands and. the empress now the king of wands can have caring and protective feelings and the empress can be about abundance, just having anything it could be a great attraction to get the empress, so that tells me that you have for that person You caring feelings might feel like you want to protect the bond or you might want to protect that person in any way that brings about protective feelings, the king of wands is the two of you that are very attracted to each other that for some of you that is this s person you have that wand ace with, this person you want to start a new beginning with, both of them are very drawn to each other and you have emotions for that person, but let's move on, let's see what the result is is okay we got the high .

Priestess and it's with the nine of swords wow the nine of swords a card that is under the word result that clearly shows stress, so you could emphasize that fresh start that you want, with this empress you could for some of you emphasize having sleepless nights and it shows, because with the high priestess the card that stands above the word result for some of you, you may not have heard from this person in a while. Yes, you might feel that this person is being persecuted by other people because the high priestess can be a mystical time when people are attracted to you or when people become high priests people are attracted to high priestesses men and women it is a strong one Time for lovers and women alike for friendship and romance this is what you get with the high priestess. People are attracted to you and you feel that this person could be like the hybrids other people might be fighting for their attention or attention, and the high priestess is the type who will be quiet just be silent, that's why I say that many of you have not heard from this person or that communication has been interrupted or that it just doesn’t turn out the way you would like for some of you to be stressed out about how I said you feel very much feel attracted to this person and she is very attracted to you you also have emotions for this person you want to start over with her you have a lot of passion for her, but I'm just joking, you haven't heard from this person or them for a while Communication is missing the high priestess will fall silent yes, so this is the reading I have for you Virgo, I hope you enjoyed the reading, I hope it resonates, as you know general reading they do not come to everyone then again if you like the reading please comment subscribe press the notification bell this way you will be notified when I post my next reading, I also add a link below to the extended one reading where I will discuss how you two feel about the situation, what is in store for you both in the near future, how you best see each other and what will happen between you two in the next few weeks if you do one of these so virgo want to try Thank you for watching.

Hope you are all well and safe this virus season if you hang there it will pass and we will all get through so stay strong and take good care of it I hope you come back and join in the next virgo reading, in case this one didn't arrive, maybe the next one will also remember that the roles of the people can be switched, they can be reversed, which means that you could be like you or they could be you and if you not selling romantically with someone, the other person might actually be a friend, family member, co-worker, or situation. These are not personal readings so Virgo I can never say enough thanks for watching I hope you have a good day

How is March for Virgo?

Welcome to March, Virgo! Last month, you may have gained some clarity regarding your love life. You are steady and reliable, dear Virgo, although at times you can come off as being critical to others. Propelled by your recent success in love, this new moon helps you put behind habits that no longer serve you. .

Hey, virgin. Welcome to your reading for the week of March 8th. This week we're just jumping in here as usual, right? And I'll do this spread a little differently.

So please let me know what you think about, but we'll start with your general energies here on your front row. In your second row, we're going to look at any blockages or blind spots you may have at this point and of course, how you can overcome them. On your third row, we're going to look at anything unexpected that might come your way, Virgo, and for your fourth row, we're going to look at any advice from your guides.

These will be your next steps from your guides, whatever guidance they have, right? And then at the end we also draw three yes or no question cards. I will give you time to pause the article. When you have you know if you want to take a look and or if you want to pause and think about your questions or whatever.

So I'll do that, but Virgo, let's see what's going on with you to watch your sun, your moon and your rise to get a full picture of what's going on here for you, Virgo but Virgo , let's see here, virgin, what we have for you, virgin, virgin, virgin. Virgo, you have the Big T fairy tale card. So great.

I have a feeling for some of you you have faced a very toxic person. Even in this row you have the devil. So I think I would be careful with this person this week for some reason.

Yeah you got the shine through, that's like the truth is coming out, but do you know what's weird? I wanted to pull this card right here. You know it's like yours, I feel like you were hoping like if I draw this card when I'm honest with you. I read intuitively, I do whatever my hand tells me, right? And I really didn't feel that card.

I have a feeling it could mean the truth is coming This is the card I wanted to pack here. So I have a feeling that you were hoping someone would change, I have a feeling that this is where the truth is emerging and you have this Tall Tale card. So I feel like someone can't tell the truth.

And you have the Four of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles, and Strength Card. I have a feeling that you really gave that person the benefit of the doubt too. When you walk away from a person here Virgo I feel like you have been patient, I feel like you hold on to it and say for yourself, if only I'm patient, if I just put in enough work, if I can doing all these things i keep hearing in my head when i only, right? Person and I feel like you are walking away from that person.

For others, I feel very different. You know, so this is in love. For others in other areas of your life, I feel like you're developing like this crazy story about yourself here, Virgo with the Tall Tale card.

I don't think it's a big story. I think it's the truth, but it's almost like developing yours, I have a feeling it will get you a lot of attention. You have the strength card here.

The strength card is a demonstration of your strength. You're doing something other people don't expect you to do, or you stand out for something you've done, so I feel like a lot of attention is getting to you based on your story. I think this series is trying to say that at this point you need to prepare to put on some armor because I feel like you're there that might be people who think you are not telling the truth or are think you are lying or whatever the case may be.

I get this kind of energy like genuine outrage or something in my head. For some of you it basically means someone is going to challenge you this week, but I feel like you have to face the challenge. For example, I feel like it's pissing you off, right? It's almost like I understand the feeling of someone telling you you can't do something or somehow doubting I feel like you have to strap on your armor and prove them wrong.

For many of you, I feel like this is at work where it is like you might have a boss or mentor that you want to try and get hired on a job, and I feel like you are only have a lot of doubts coming from the other side. And I feel like this is basically the universe that says you know what? You can be pissed off about something, that's fine. Maybe you.

It's right to be pissed off about something. But at the same time, it feels damn good when you show off when you prove that person wrong. Nine of Pentacles, you have all of the skills, talents, gifts and abilities that you need to be able to do this here.

You have the side of the trophies here. It's like an offer. I think it's like a challenge.

Strange news, wheel of fortune. Look at that. This is all going to change.

And you think this is crazy for you here Virgo. I feel in a lot of ways because I mean these cards don't necessarily mean that, but I read ely intuitively. And I feel like that This week you're going to be facing some kind of challenge where it's almost like a boss is like that, oh no, you'll never make it, it annoys you.

I think that's your hint to make it happen, right? Or maybe you are telling your friends that you want to start a business or start a YouTube channel. And I feel like people are telling you, oh no, you're not funny. Or you're not, you wouldn't be good on camera.

And like all that other stuff, right? I feel like the catalyst. Me feel like that's the thing that makes you say you know what, no, i'm going to prove these people wrong. So it's like something is going on here.

I would do whatever it is here, virgin. You got these nine of pentacles, love it. Again, back to the whole love thing.

I have a feeling for some of you you just choose to be single, but it might be a new love. And you have the side of the cups here with Wheel of Fortune. It's alm it seems like the universe hasn't forgotten you in love.

And you even have the Lovers card here. So I have a feeling that the universe has not forgotten you. But this is super powerful when you want to prove someone wrong, or when you are trying to achieve something and people are telling you you can't.

And it's like part of your destiny with the wheel of fortune, so love that. Next in your area of ​​blockages and blind spots. They have the loneliness card, maybe you just want to be alone at this time.

And this could be a block because you have the three of the pentacles. Three of Pentacles is just saying that maybe even if you want to be alone, you can work better on a team this week. For some of you, working with others might be a bit of a block.

You have the six of the pentacles, the side of the swords. Those two wanted to come out together somehow, the ace of pentacles and the three of pentacles here. So again, I feel with some of you that blocking this week might be work.

I've already talked about it here. Again, I'll cover all of the reading, although we'll consider these as separate sections, I'll cover everything on each line. And I kind of feel with some of you like I said over here, there is such a thing as a block at work.

Again, don't be afraid to get people on your team. Don't be afraid to pick people up with you whatever you're trying to achieve here, whatever it is that people say you can't do, right? So I really feel like you have to do this. You know it's funny because I was talking to someone last night and they were talking about everything, you know how? we go into all of this energy in Aquarius.

I guess how did I not think of it? Aquarius is the collective, Aquarius, as you know, is helping people and all that other stuff. So I tell you teamwork, you know, it comes up in my readings all the time. I always say teamwork, don't I? And that's because we're probably participating in this very heavy Aquarian energy.

And so working in a team, helping other people to lift each other up, it's not about one person getting more than the other. It's not even about it, it's so strange. Because it's not even, I don't even know how to pronounce this virgin, but it's not even about fairness.

Like you get 50%, I get 50%. It's just like being educated at the same time, and I feel this energy here for you, where it's like saying don't be afraid. You know, I have a feeling that the block may be that you want to do things on your own.

There is nothing wrong with that, by the way. But you know, again, I have a feeling that doing it with someone else is much more beneficial is what this reading is saying. I feel like I'm looking for something here, financially, you know.

As for some of you i will like scammers would especially be wary of how to get rich quick, phone calls, say you owe money or something, right? I would be careful there. But it's a little deeper than that. The sword side is the map to really examine something, to be really curious.

Eight of the pentacles could be a purchase. And then the three of the pentacles is like quality. So I feel with some of you, if you are thinking about buying something expensive, I have a feeling that this side of the swords say really do your research, really make sure it is something you want.

You know, well you know, I just think it's a bit of a blind spot, here, so to speak, virgin. So definitely something to watch out for. But let's clear this row and see, you got the Queen of Swords things clear.

By the way, if I clear this row, that's your answer on how to overcome those blockages and blind spots. Queen of swords is clarity. Side of swords, the clouds are over the side of the swords; it is not clear.

It has not yet become clear. So I feel like researching your purchases, all there is to do is what your thoughts on spending money would surely be a time well spent with this queen of swords. You have the three of the wands with the eight of the pentacles and more wands here.

You know, there are a lot more enhancements for you in teamwork. I really have this energy to do things carefully here this week. You know you're a Virgo, you know, for me, Virgos analyze things, and for me, Virgos usually do things very carefully, too, right? I feel like you have a very strong need here to really pay attention to the little things.

So if you are working on a project or doing anything in business I would pay attention. I also get this message where it's almost like you have to pretend people are watching you. I know that sounds funny, virgin.

But what I'm saying is, it's like you have to act like you're doing your job, I feel like you have to pretend your CEO is right behind you and do your best, not in a scary way . Like they're not standing over your shoulder watching every little thing you do, but it's like saying you know, be proud of the things you do, because I think what you don't see , is that I think someone will notice. That could be in work, but it could also be in other areas of your life like doing a good deed, maybe just helping someone out, or whatever, right? I feel like something, it's like someone is seeing it and it could be the universe, God whatever you want to call it, and there could be some weird reward coming for you.

But I feel this middle row here, it really means you pretend you have a camera, right? Not in a creepy way, but more in the form of just your best, what I'm trying to say. And you get rewarded, love it. On your next line here for the unexpected you have the leverage card so obviously it might be interesting to you.

You have the side of the cups here. The side of the cups that I used to tell this story about love. And then you have the side of the cups here.

So I feel like love is coming in for you obviously here Virgo and yes I feel like you got how could be? Received a message. This is worrying news, but I just feel like you are receiving a message from one person. So it could communicate with you.

You have the temperance card, the devil, and the side of the mugs. I feel like you have to get rid of this devil, this devil energy. Even the Temperance card is about transforming things.

In many ways, the temperance card just says you've changed. As if you are the one who has transformed here, and the reason this is important is that something with this devil energy is no longer serving you. It's like you've changed.

So it's like you're no longer attracted to the same type of person that you used to be attracted to, something like that. So I really feel like you're on a very deep level changed. I feel some of you that you might draw a Capricorn into your life.

It could also be like a watermark with Capricorn, could also be a fire sign with Capricorn on your chart. But I feel like it's someone who has either a Capricorn or a Capricorn on their charter regardless of what they are. And you have the side of the cups.

So this is like a new love. So I have a feeling that there might be a new love offer for you here. And it could be right after breaking things off with yourself, whatever that jerky energy is here.

But Virgo, I need to get this straight so I can see what's going on here, Virgo, but you got the hangman, yeah, you waited for it here, you waited for things to go with the temperance- Rotate the map. The hangman gets a new perspective, but it's a bit like turning around and he's upside down, isn't it? So I have a feeling that for some of you you've been waiting for a change. You have a five of cups.

There are too many disappointments with this person over here. Like i said i feel like you are all you could. You know, that's what I wanted to say at the beginning of the reading.

As if there are so many benefits to the doubt energy with this devil person who it is like you've really given them the benefit of the doubt. But if anything, it just made you sad. And you got the Pentacl side of it, new love, pretty easy.

This is a pretty straightforward series. You are a virgin If you are looking for love, this is new love, plain and simple. I feel like someone new is bringing a message, right? Quite easy.

For others, if you are not looking for love, this would be good news for me after a big disappointment, but there have been several disappointments here. It's like you were trying to fix something here with this Temperance card, as if you were trying to fix something. It could be literal.

Like it could be your car or your house or something, but it just feels like you can't fix it. For example, you know, it's like me. I used to have a car and it was like a screeching sound when I was driving down the street.

It would be like, um, like and then it stopped. You know? And I got that stupid car repaired? I can't tell you how many times, Virgo, about 20 times. I took that thing to the mechanic.

You could never find out. I have a whole electronics thing, right 'The fact that I've had this watch for about three weeks is amazing to me. I probably just bewitched her, so knock on wood, right? But you know the thing is, it's like I have this feeling here and it's funny because, 'I haven't thought about this car in a long time, but I feel the same like you're trying something to fix you know outside of love.

For some of you you have definitely tried to fix something in love, but I'm just saying if you are not looking for love I feel like you tried to fix something, but it's like it keeps coming back. Maybe it's fixed for a while. I mean, with my car, the same, it's like it's going to be fixed for a week.

It would, you know, it wouldn't make the noise and suddenly it would make the noise, right? So I like, I have this feeling here, where it's like you've tried to fix something, be it your house, a car, or a belief it could be anything. But you know, I feel like you are finally distancing yourself from it. You are finally, either you sell the car or you get something new or you have it fixed.

That's the energy here. So I feel like there is good news. On your last row here for your next steps from your guides, you have the 'Fork of the Road' map.

I feel like they are saying that in all walks of life you are choosing the new path, the fork in the road. I love this card swords, the six of wands and the king of pentacles. The Five of Swords, in my opinion, are like the universe or your guides.

I don't want you to give up anything. I feel like they want you to keep pushing, probably towards a dream or goal, the fork in the road map just says that there is probably another way to achieve whatever you want to achieve . Six wands, I have a feeling they want you to know that this path is going to be successful.

And king of the pentacles, it will be something that will last. If this is also love you are pulling into your life I feel like your guides, if you know that again, this new person walking in here, bottom row, I mean, look at this bottom row is just amazing . Wheel of Fortune, Strength, Nine of Wands, Three of Pentacles, Side of Cups, Side of Pentakelcle, Nine of Pentacles, very positive cards.

It's like that person is your destiny. This person will last for a long time. So as you move towards a new love, I want your guides to let you know that this person will simply survive, and for others, I want your guides to be open to teamwork.

Again, Five of Swords, he's like doing things on his own. He wins at any cost, right, on this map. But what does it cost? 'He really hurts himself.

He can't pick up all of those swords on this map, and he doesn't have anyone to help him either. I have a feeling your guides want you to focus on teamwork during this time as I said I said earlier. As you read it, I have a feeling that there is good news, good things that come here for you.

Trust your intuition. Might be a fish, virgin. The strength card, didn't I say that here? You will get a lot of attention.

You are seen as very strong. Strength and the Six of Wands, the Card of Attention. Are you kidding me virgin? I feel like a lot of positive attention is coming towards you for something you have done or are about to do away from that person by the way, but I love it.

And you have the three of swords here. You're scared, I feel like you. I laugh because I said this is such a good fight and then of course the Three of Swords comes up.

But I have a feeling that this just says that if we go that route, look you, Page of Swords, Queen of Swords, Devil, Five of Cups, Three of Swords, King of Pentacles I thought you'd be with me forever being with that person and it just didn't work out. I have a feeling that this also means that your heartache is temporary. Just like your guides want you to know, this won't last forever.

But it is really nice to read here, Virgo. Let's see we're going to ask three yes or no questions here, Virgo. So we're going to do one, two, and three here.

Feel free to pause this article if you need a second to choose your cards, but one, two, and three and we'll get started. For number one you have the four of the cups. I would say no right here with this energy.

So with card number one I would say no. For card number two, I would say yes, the lovers. This is how true love could be for you with this energy.

This is a card, the lovers, you Do you have the lovers. Didn't you have it here twice in your reading? Am I making this up? I think I am, but the lovers can portray that they are at a crossroads and you have that fork in the road here like yes, but especially when this is a new path. And for card number three, you have the seven of goblets.

I would say no, too much confusion. I get this energy. So I would say no with the Seven of Cups energy.

Of course, tarot is not set in stone. I keep reminding people with this yes-or-no section that you can turn a yes into a no, a no into a yes right? We have full control over our own reality. So, you know you could easily turn this around, but I would say no to question number three.

But this looks pretty good for you, virgin. So thanks for watching, really appreciate it. Make sure to watch your sun, moon, and rise for a complete picture of what is going on with you this week.

You are also welcome to like and subscribe. I really appreciate the support, but thank you Virgo and make sure you enjoy your week.

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