Is may good for Pisces?

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Is may good for Pisces?

Happy May, Pisces! This is a brand new month and, tbh, you're actually enjoying the energetic shifts. On May 11, the Sun and Moon meet in Taurus, forming a brilliant New Moon that's all about fortifying your community.1 2021 .

Hey viewers, do you care about the zodiac sign? It's all the rage these days. I mean, you can't talk to someone without them talking about their zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign has its own characteristics, even favorite colors, that's a great topic for today 'sarticle let's talk about what we think your favorite color is based on your zodiac sign who likes yellow which sign is more blue what do green brown and pink wait for second turquoise which sign is we talking about all this and more libras September 23rd to 22nd of October ah the beautiful and calm Libra to learn more about your favorite color we have to talk about your personality first Libra are generally very easy to defuse the situation, that you don't need in your life.

This is the reason why most Libra appreciates blue as a calm and gentle color appreciate many people may associate it with depression the color often represents stability in a person's life She can symbolize wisdom Libra do a pretty good job of giving you their knowledge to show you are the relaxed one in your group does that contradict what your horoscope says about you? Comment section and start a conversation with our beast community Scorpio October 23rd to November 21st Scorpios are generally quite brave there aren't too many things they shy away from, that's why the color red can also symbolize love and passion A high quality mini -Scorpion Show on the Regular A Scorpio is always on the lookout for love, be it in the form of romance or friendship. This type of hunting carries a certain risk on its side. Scorpios find themselves jumping which makes red even more of an ideal color for they just look like red brings danger to bear in mind this is the perfect shade for someone living on the edge of Aries March 21st to April 19th, if you know in Aries y you've probably noticed that they are really open-minded they are determined to achieve their goal and rarely let anything bother them.

That is why they prefer the color orange. Orange usually represents enthusiasm, determination and happiness, but we usually associate more orange tones with the summer sun, it brings us untold joy in a way it can represent what it is working towards, a time when you are in warm weather Being able to relax and not have to worry about stress anymore August 23rd to September 22nd This mercury-dominated sign is always geared towards organization If life could be perfect Virgos would have it so they keep everything at the highest level White is often as the color viewed in perfection you could see a lot of neat freaks with their houses in this color because a virgin works hard and is driven to success the white color can represent their enlightenment they are always aware of what many others are not and so they are successful ceed move on Sagittarius November 22nd to December 21st A Sagittarius i st one of the more interesting people you will meet, we need more people like them in our daily lives their personality brightens up a room, which is quite ironic considering that their favorite color is purple can symbolize quite a bit while Sagittarius are energetic with a lot of humor they are are often stuck pondering the meaning of life what is my purpose on this rock what does it all come here purple can represent the secret the unknown the divine question of what our place is in the great system of things capricorn December 22nd to January 19th this Saturn-ruled zodiac sign works pretty hard you achieve success through self-discipline and control capricorn is so obsessed with your own work that you are often accused of working too hard why you like black black has different meanings while some use it associating death and evil, others see it as a symbol for mac ht strict gth and authority capricorns are attracted to black for its display of power and the ability to achieve anything Aquarius January 20 to February 18 Aquarius is usually the person in the room with the most advanced views, maybe not the most advanced, but they do voice them definitely more than others they are not even in the room for 10 minutes before they start talking about social issues and ways to save the planet and what is the color of an aquarius you ask turquoise wait really oh yes turquoise has one quite heavy symbolism turquoise usually represents wisdom and protection in the case of Aquarius it underscores the hopethat the idea that things can turn out well if we are realistic, while an Aquarius may not be right with all of his opinions, they are certainly the most optimistic that is why people enjoy being around Leo July 23-22 August This is another optimistic sign for the zodiac sign the sun ruled Leo is usually the one who stays positive in the situation even if there doesn't seem to be any hope, Leo also lives to entertain people with these qualities and more is what they are therefore attracts people yellow is their color yellow usually stands for happiness positivity and energy what better way to describe leo they are naturally spontaneous and looking for a good time the yellow can also represent your passion for things you love before we move on. Are you trying to find a partner who shares your personality traits? Watch our article in which they discuss your perfect combination based on your zodiac sign now back to our list of favorite zodiac colors pisces february 19th to march 20th shared by neptune and jupiter Pisces, known for their compassion for others, treat total strangers with the same warmth that they have for friends their gentle nature is best represented by pink the color pink usually emphasizes friendship and friendship, while both elements are reflected in Pisces The greatest Quality that it shares with Pink is the accessibility it is extremely responsive due to the compassion they show that people are comfortable coming to them with issues that make you feel around Taurus April 20th to 20th.

May hey viewers! Are you interested in zodiac signs? All the rage these days means you can't talk to someone without them talking about their zodiac sign. Each sign of the zodiac has its own characteristics. Even favorite colors.

In fact, that's a great topic for today's article. Let's talk about what we think favorite color is based on your zodiac sign. Who likes yellow? Which sign is more blue? What do green, brown and pink mean? Wait a second, turquoise? Which sign is on it? We're talking about all of them that AND more ...

Libra (September 23 to October 22) Ah the beautiful and calm Libra. To find out their favorite color, we need to talk about their personality first. Libra are generally very loose.

They usually choose people and environments who are peaceful will be around. If two people are fighting, Libra will do their best to defuse the situation. You don't need that kind of stress in your life.

This is why most Libra appreciates blue. Blue is a calm and gentle color depression, the color often represents stability in a person's life. It can also symbolize wisdom.

Scales show you their knowledge pretty well. Are you the relaxed one in your group? Does this contradict what your horoscope says about you? Hit the comments section and start a conversation with our beast community… Scorpio (October 23rd to November 21st) Scorpios are generally quite brave. There aren't too many things that they shy away from.

This is exactly what the color red can represent, it can also symbolize love and passion, a quality that many Scorpios regularly show. A Scorpio is always on the lookout for love, whether in the form of romance or friendship. This type of persecution carries some risk on their part.

Scorpios find them jumping on their own, which makes red even more of an ideal color for them. Just the appearance of red is reminiscent of danger. This is the perfect shade for someone who lives on the edge.

Aries (March 21st - April 19th) Aries, you've probably noticed he's very sociable. He's determined to get where he wants to and rarely lets anything bother him. Because of this, Aries prefers the color orange.

Orange usually represents enthusiasm, determination, and happiness. But there's more to it than that. We usually associate shades of orange with the summer sun.

It brings us untold joy. In a way, this can represent what Aries is working towards, a time that it is at sit in warm weather, relax and you don't have to worry about stress anymore. Virgo (August 23rd to September 22nd) This Mercury-ruled sign is always oriented towards organization.

If life could be perfect, virgins would be. They keep everything at the highest level. White is often seen as the color of perfection.

Many nice freaks have painted their house this color. Because a Virgo works hard and is driven to success, the white color can represent their enlightenment. They are aware of the things that many others are not and that is how they succeed.

It continues ....

Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st) A Sagittarius is one of the more interesting people you will meet. We need more people like them in our daily lives. Their personality lights up a room, which is quite ironic when considering that her favorite color is purple.

Purple can symbolize a lot. While Sagittarius are energetic and have a great sense of humor, they often think about the meaning of life. What's my purpose on this rock? What does it all mean? This is where purple comes in.

It can be a secret. The unknown. The divine question of what our place is in the great system of things.

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 19th) This Saturn-ruled zodiac sign works pretty hard. You achieve success by practicing self-discipline and control. Capricorn is so obsessed with their own work that they are often accused of working too hard.

That's why they like black. Black has different meanings. While some associate it with death and evil, others than others see it as a symbol of power, strength, and authority.

Capricorns are drawn to black for its representation of power and the ability to achieve anything. Aquarius (January 20 to February 18) Aquarius is usually the person in the room with the most advanced views, maybe not the most advanced, but they definitely speak them out more than others. They're not even in the room ten minutes before they start talking about social issues and ways to save the planet! Wait, really? Oh yeah.

Turquoise has pretty heavy symbolism. Turquoise usually represents wisdom and protection. In the fall From Aquarius it underscores hope.

The idea that things can turn out well if we are realistic. While an Aquarius might not be right with all of their opinions, they are certainly the most optimistic. That is why people like to be around them.

Leo (July 23rd to August 22nd) This is another upbeat sign of the zodiac. The sun ruled Leo is usually the one who stays positive in a situation. Even if there is apparently no hope.

Leo also lives to entertain people. These traits and more attract people. That is why yellow is their color.

Yellow usually represents happiness, positivity and energy. What better way to describe Leo. They are really spontaneous and looking for a good time.

The yellow can also represent their passion for the things they love. Before we go any further, give one a try To find a partner who shares your personality traits? Check out our article that discusses your perfect match based on your zodiac. Now back to our list of the most popular zodiac colors.

Pisces (February 19 to March 20) Pisces are both of Neptune and Jupiter are known for their compassion towards others. NS They treat total strangers with the same warmth they feel for friends. Their gentle nature is best represented by pink.

The color pink usually emphasizes friendship and kindness. While both elements are reflected in Pisces, the greatest quality it shares with pink is accessibility. Fish are very accessible.

Because of the compassion they show, people like to come to them with problems. They feel calm around them. Taurus (April 20th to May 20th) If there is one thing you cannot blame Taurus it is unreliable.

It's just not in their blood. A Taurus will devote itself to a task. Sometimes several at the same time.

These tasks can take an hour or several years. Either way, they'll end it. This is why they appreciate the color green.

Most of us think of money when we hear 'green'. Well, there's a little more to it than that. Green usually represents growth.

Taurus always progresses in life and learns new things about themselves over and over again. If they have a problem, they will emerge with a new skill or ability. In other words, they adapt easily.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20) A Gemini is always at war with himself. I mean, they are really cool people. You are smart and passionate.

At the same time, however, they can also have a darker side. I mean, they often get impatient or frustrated. This leads to people calling them inconsistent which is why their favorite color is gray.

Sounds a little boring, doesn't it? Listen to me for a moment. Since gray is the hue between black and white, it often serves as a symbol of balance. This is something that a Gemini seeks in their life.

A place where he can be comfortable in their shoes and don't get too carried away. Cancer (June 21 to July 22) Cancer likes to put up a front. They act very harshly at times just to shield their sensitive side from others.

In reality, Cancer cares very much about those around them. They are really loyal to family and friends. That is why their preferred color is brow n.

When people think of brown they may get sad and lonely. It certainly isn't a color that comes to mind when we have happy thoughts. For Cancer, brown represents their reliability.

People rely on them for so many different things. That's because they are reliable in times of need. The zodiac sign is certainly a popular topic these days.

Would you like to learn more? Well, I have a few other things to check out. Do you want to move on to the dark side? Check out our article on the dark side of each zodiac sign. Let's get even darker, how about the dangerous zodiac signs? Click on one now and learn more about your zodiac sign.

Which zodiac sign are you? Are we right with your favorite color? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe to our channel.

Is May 2021 good for Pisces?

Pisces May 2021 Horoscope suggests a highly eventful month in various aspects of life. Resolve family problems after the 20th with compassion. Planetary aspects are helpful for cordial relationships. You will get the enthusiasm in your action with the help of Mars.

Hey, fish. Welcome to your reading because this is your bonus reading in May. We're going to do an experimental reading.

So let me know what you think of this reading. We become one of my favorite people of 'When your head and your heart become one, you can move mountains,' says Gregg Braden all the time. So let's take a look at where your head is on that front row.

We're going to look at where your heart is on that second row, and then we're going to look at how you can bring these two things together so that you can move mountains here in your own life, Pisces, and we will. It's pretty easy. So let's see what's going on with you at this time, Pisces.

I don't read inversions, but it's interesting. It's interesting too. I usually spread the cards out but I just started flipping these up? We're going to take it.

Because I have the feeling that this is how it should be here, Pisces. And so we will read your reading. So let's see what's going on.

This, by the way, is also the Tarot of Mystic Moments. So let me rearrange this really quickly. And fish, you start here in your head, with your head.

I have a feeling that your head is dreaming. You have this lizard spirit. Says: 'Dream the world into being.' I would just, number one, I would continue to be you, Pisces at this time.

I feel that it would be a good time for you to keep dreaming, keep imagining things, keep imagining things here. This read really says you know this read really wants you to be cheered, the King of Wands and the Star. I mean, it doesn't matter what you're trying to achieve at this time, these cards, you know, especially these four here, Queen of Wands, Sun, King of Wands, and the star really wants you to be cheered on.

Really want you to be motivated and engaged, do you really want you to get moving on things. The lizard spirit is also somehow represented. I don't have to give up or not give up.

It always reminds me that when you want to go google or something, fish and you search 'don't give up' and type in the word like lizard or something like that, there's a meme and it's like a picture of a bird that is like eating with a lizard in your mouth. But the lizard has its hands around the bird's neck. And it says' don't give up 'or' something like that on the meme and that comes to mind with this lizard card.

So I feel like there is something that you see as something that could be very successful in your life. And I have a feeling that this is where you really need to move towards giving in as much as you can. You have the fool here, the queen of wands and the two of wands.

The fool, this fool card is amazing. It's a bit like this underground alligator. And this lady, you see the flower she is looking at here.

It's like the alligator is underground, but it's there, it's almost like a trap, isn't it? thinks it's a trap. But I feel with you, it really means that something that will get your attention may seem small, but it will actually be something that will devour your life. And that's not a bad thing, Pisces.

I feel so like is a good thing. I have a feeling that what you are discovering is your goal. And it's like your head is headed in the right direction as you read this.

Your only challenge, but there really aren't any challenges here. I think the only challenge is you here, Pisces, really with the fool's card. So I feel like your head is in the right place.

It's like seeing something as an opportunity. She sees this flower here as an opportunity, but she has to take a leap of faith to somehow get the full opportunity. And I have a feeling that something is going to consume you, but in a good way.

You have the queen of wands here. And again, the queen of wands, the sunflower here represents the sun, Pisces. So, you know you have the sun right here.

Definitely lots of appiness and good things are coming for you. But I have a feeling that this series says that if you give something, you will be very successful if you give everything you have. And again I feel like you have your headspace, your headspace, it's like yours.

The head is telling you it wants to do something. I have a feeling that your head is very motivated. Your head.

You know, your brain is very driven at this time. I feel like your brain is very focused and seeing something very exciting. I think this is your challenge right here, is the two of the wands.

The Two of Wands is like having to leave a comfort zone or take a leap of faith. Usually it's the Two of the Wands, it's like the guy, there's a village here in the lower corner of the Two of the Wands. And it represents leaving or going out of a village, I have a feeling for some of you it is like taking a leap of faith at this time.

You won't regret it here, Pisces. This is very solid read here, Pisces Let's see if we can get more details on this first row quickly. You have the Knight of Swords.

Yep. You just have to take a leap of faith, right? Two pentacles that just have to put the work into it. And the King of Pentacles, whatever you leap of faith, whatever your brain is I'd do it here on this front row.

Even if, as I said at the beginning of the reading, it brings head and heart together so that you can move mountains. That is the whole point of reading, which we will talk about here at the end. But as for your head, I feel like it's in the right place.

I feel like all you think about could be a person, a job, or a business, something you want to start. I would try the front row. I mean, the front row really is kind of your answer.

It just means do it. As for your heart, you got the time to go card. A little bit of conflicting energy, right? Some of you feel like your heart is just not here anymore.

I kind of understand the energy here, Pisces, where it is like you're working on something and where your heart is just not there anymore. I feel like you, it's more of an obligation. Let's put it that way.

These are like the words I get here, especially, it's kind of weird because I dropped the Nine of Wands. I have removed the Time to Go card. Then I put the Nine of Wands here.

And I was. For some reason, the combination popped into my mind as a commitment or something you have to do. For some of you, this could be a job or business commitment, or a relationship.

So, in certain relationships, you may be required to do certain things that I would be careful about because I feel that Pisces can be exploited very easily because we are Pisces, right? We are emotional sponges - we want to take care of people. We want to help people and all that other stuff. But I feel like your heart is telling you it's time to go.

But at the same time I have the feeling that you are having a hard time getting out of a situation or taking the leap of faith that your brain tells you, your head is telling you to take because of something like that. You have the sun, the knight the swords and the eight of wands here. It's like, once you take that leap of faith, things will move very, very quickly.

In many ways, I have a feeling your heart challenge here, Pisces, is going to be very easy to complete. The reason I'm saying this is because the Sun is a card that just can't be ignored. You know, the sun is something that you are drawn to.

Something that gets your attention. Something too exciting, even with the king of wands here. For some of you, it might be a new love.

For others, it could be starting the business you want to start, or starting a new job or career that you want to start, it could be anything. But the sun is like, you see something as being able to I feel like I tell you this a lot in your readings because every time I read for you, Pisces, it shows that there is something that you are know it would bring you luck, but there are doubts. You know, the doubts I'd say are again number one, commitments with this Time to Go card.

Number two, I feel like a shortage, right? As if you don't have enough or not? be able to feed yourself or whatever. These are the words I get Therefore, your heart may find it difficult to move here. Again you have the Sun, the Knight of Swords and the Eight of Wands.

I have the feeling that this Knight of Swords and the Eight of Wands are also a kind of pull that you feel in a new direction. In many ways, I like this because I feel like your head and heart are getting stronger and stronger in alignment. As I said, when your head and heart are one, you can move mountains.

So I have a feeling that both things somehow come together. Both things are starting to converge here because Knight of Swords and Eight of Wandsis like very fast movements. And it's like you're moving very, very quickly here.

I come here to this Eight of Wands that is going to be very important to you, like the words you use with the Eight of Wands. I'll try to remember to post the Gregg Braden article under all of these readings I do, these head and heart readings. This is how you can learn more about it, learn it, if you want, Pisces.

But like part of brain-heart coherence is being in the right state, in the right kind of vibration. So give the right vibrations. And that's what I get here with the eight from with wands.

So I want to keep a positive environment or create a positive environment around you where you can be more positive or where things are moving in the right direction or you are feeling happy. Do you know it's like, i'm i have a feeling that your condition is going to be very good is going to be important. And even if you could just be, even if you were unhappy Pisces, I feel like if only 51% of the time, even 1% more, you could stay positive.

That's all that is important to you at this point, so it really isn't much of an effort I get for your heart to become one here on this middle row. But let's clear it up here, fish. You have the nine swords, many what ifs, too many worries and obligations.

Nine of swords. It's your choice. You can be either the bug or the windshield, fish.

You know, every now and then I feel like the Nine of Swords say, the choice is yours. You may be the bug or the windshield you want it to be the immovable force. You want to be the windshield here, fish.

You have the four of swords here and you have the death card too. It will require, I have a feeling, your heart knows that it will be like you, I feel the need to let go of something that is more of an obligation or where you feel an obligation. I almost feel that this is your answer.

If you're wondering how do I get away from this job? Am i going away from this person in this relationship? I would say if it feels like an obligation, if it feels like something you have to do for no reason, then I'd say yes, it's time to go away. You know, that's really what this whole thing is saying here, Pisces. How do we bring these two things together? Well, number one, you have the Nine of Wands here.

For me this is a very simple one. For me, that last line here means the main goal. If you don't know what a primary goal is, it's basically bigger than just a project to work on, Pisces.

It's for example, You Already Know, like I'm starting my new channel, I'm working on this channel, my whole goal, I wouldn't even call it a goal, but my main goal is to help people make their own Leaving a dent in the universe, and I've only been doing this since last year to do that. Every single project, everything I've worked on is just for that. And it can also include different things.

I can create articles for my other channel can do this by creating articles for that channel. I can do all kinds of things as long as it brings me closer to helping people make a dent in the universe. I feel like I'm a fish Pisces, Pisces.

So I have a feeling that this is what you're doing in this row. It's like saying you have to come up with your main goal. It doesn't even have to help people, it could be anything.

Getting married and having a family may be your main goal. I feel like you need it, all you do should help is, see here like a tiered list in my head, Pisces. And I feel like there are things you can do to make sure this happens, you know? But there is a lot behind it, too, right? It's like when you want to have a family, you have to stay healthy.

You have to like all of these different things. So I feel like you kind of bring it all together here on this last row, if that makes sense. Nine of the wands is a card that says don't give up, keep pushing, but you know it's also a card of perseverance and perseverance.

So I feel like you have to persevere, don't give up like we said at the beginning of the reading here Lizard Spirit, but what I would say more importantly is that I would keep experimenting and that will get you here with this card the most Help The King of Swords, the King of Wands and the Star Card here. Again, the star card is like having that one goal, one thing to focus on. And it won't focus on the map, right.

But it, you know, the Star Card is a card for the one thing you focus on, the one thing that you experience. And if you can do that, I think that you will be very successful with this Star Card, Pisces Pi, so there are sure to be a lot of good things to come. I would definitely encourage you to make a wish with the Star Card at this time.

I have a feeling that you could achieve a lot. I also have the feeling that for you too, when you become one head and heart, you move mountains. We're looking at this last row here to see how to bring the two things together.

These two rows basically. The star map says condition, right? I believe the answer for you is to keep it really positive, you know, keep that positive state of mind. I feel like you have to kind of keep it very focused at this time, let's put it this way, Pisces.

And I would keep it positive. It's interesting too, you know, you've got your eye on this bird right here on this King of Swords. The sun map also has the bird above its eye, and it's almost as if you're becoming aware of something.

She has a bird over the other eye, which is interesting too. But I feel like you need to stay focused saying that your focus is in the right place. It's like you know exactly what you want to achieve at this point, so all you have to do is put your focus in the right direction.

The Wands King is just getting started You know, the Wands King comes to mind, (chuckles) this is going to sound ridiculous, Pisces, but the Wands King for me is number one, I'm just saying, just start . I feel like, for some of you, it's like you want to know the answers before you even start anything. So it's like when you want a new relationship ip, it's like maybe you get to tarot articles, like you want to know if this will work out? Won't it work? I have a feeling that this is saying don't do that. (laughs) And you hear that first from me, a tarot reader, right? Don't look at tarot for something you're thinking about.

Or don't try to get advice. Right? I have a feeling that almost says just do it. You just have to have the experience.

The way it is, I think so, and I have a feeling that some of you have already had this experience, wherever it is you are trying, no matter which mountain you are trying to move, Pisces, I have a feeling that you are have already asked tarot readers about it. And I have a feeling that you're getting different answers, getting contradicting answers from both sides. I feel like the universe just wants you to do it.

The universe just says, no, no, you have to find out for yourself, Pisces. You have to have the experience and guess what? That should be an endorsement to you, Pisces, the fact that I am telling you this when you are in a confusing situation where it is like one person is saying this and the other person is saying that. re on the right track.

Right? So there is your answer, Pisces. But let's clear that up. You have the moon here.

Yes, you can't have all the answers, Pisces, moon map. The moon says feel the fear and do it anyway comes several times at different times in the past few months. So I feel like you just have to go on a journey.

You only have to accept the trip here with the moon map. And the moon map is about mysteries straight down the middle. The moon rises, the moon goes down.

The sun comes up right. There will be clarity for you here, Pisces. You just have to start something that you are afraid of, it says here.

Three cups. People will help you along the way, but these people are not, this is like the true hero's journey for you, Pisces. Because you know, I feel and I have told you this before that I keep getting a message for you.

Like in and out at different times when you're on the right track it's like, I have a feeling that people are just gone. A beginning is popping up in your life. Like people who will drag you along, people who will move you forward.

It's like when you're doing the right thing, when you do whatever that is, that mountain you want to move, that challenge that you want to overcome, or do you know whatever great you want to achieve here, Pisces . It's like everyone will look like this once you get started. So I feel like you have to start And you got the wheel of fortune, yep.

This will change your life forever, Pisces. Plain and simple. You see, Pisces, what I'd tell you, based only on your astrology, for the past 12 years, is something like that, you know, Pisces, you're set up to be kind to other people here on earth To be a guide.

Right? That is why it is very important for you to do something that is difficult at this time. Because by doing it, it's like showing people in your life that it is possible and then they will do something. And then it will just create that waterfall effect for other people.

It's like you're literally helping the planet by doing that. I know that sounds intense and extreme. And it is, fish.

Pretty tough if you ask me. So I'd try fish, it looks really good. You know really I have a feeling you are coming into line.

There really is no, your best advice is to create an environment of success. And also to make sure the words you use about yourself are positive and all that other stuff. But I feel like you are going in the right direction.

And besides, I feel like you just have to start. It's like you're procrastinating too much. I feel like it's a little bit scary.

I will not lie. You know, I don't want to drag this read on, but it's like, some of you might have a job and want to start a business, but it's like the universe is asking you to sacrifice something stable for something that is uncertain, right? Now the same in a relationship. It's like if you are unhappy in a relationship I would leave because you know it's how scary.

Because maybe you're in something stable, but it's just not right. And I have a feeling that you have to listen to your inner voice here, Pisces. But that's really good.

I like it. So thank you for being here. I really appreciate it.

Be sure to let me know what you think of this type of reading. Because I kind of like it. You're also the first I do this stretch, so we'll see how it goes.

But thank you for being here, fish. Really appreciate it. Be sure to watch your sun, moon, and rise for a complete picture of what is going on for you this month.

You are also welcome to like and subscribe. But thank you, fish. And definitely enjoy the rest of your month.

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According to Pisces horoscope 2020, your lucky days are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Pisces, the year 2020 will bring some things for you that will give you a lot of happiness but this year you will have to work hard.

How will be this month for Pisces?

Don't worry: Jupiter WILL return to Pisces at the end of 2021, and for much of 2022. With masterful Saturn and philosophical Jupiter teamed upeven while retrogradeyou may pursue certification in a creative or spiritual field. .

Hey Pisces, welcome to your read, mid-July 2021, we're going to jump in right here, Pisces make sure you watch your sun moon and rise for a full picture of what's ahead of you for the rest of this month goes. Also just follow the social media accounts linked below because there are a lot of scammers out there these days pretending to be me and other readers, I will never ask you for money damn fish I like that last line for Sureum because this looks like something more, it's almost like it's almost like invading your life. I don't think it really matters what it is obvious it could be a love affair with the lovers here, but it could also be just like you building a permanent business or career position? Ace by Pentaclestwice i really like it, you know it? Oh, I have the ace pentacles twice, is a very good thing, you start with a love card here in the front row and I feel for some of you, you've obviously experienced conflict and you have the five wands here with the four cups that is like disappointments and all these others in so many ways I feel like you're getting out of here, Piscesi would say, especially when someone, uh, you know, ran away from you or something like that, that four cups for me like one Person who leaves you thinking that the grass is greener on the other side, you know it is? like a card that thinks things are getting better and I feel like this is something that has let you down.

You have this orphaned card here and this is basically the Five of Pentacles and it's card number five uh here piscesso uh you know the good news is i Feel that you're kind of back in that uhglow-up energy that uh seems to have disappeared from your readings like in the last couple of months, since maybe maybe like May June youkno w in July you know how in the first half it's kind of like that, you know that glowing energy that keeps coming back in yours Readings showed up, was gone so you know it's possible that you may have been feeling a little cloudy over the past few months, maybe you've been feeling a little more you know maybe not literally sick under the weather, but i just have the feeling that you are getting out of this time that you know you are more like a hermit mode, more like a hermit crab mode, Pisces so absolutely get it, but um, I feel like you're going into more of that , uh, six of a success right here abundance of good things coming for you and probably positive attention too six of wands for me can definitely represent that I'm going through something, I always say you know it was him, Towarhe went through the five wishes, he experienced the conflict, now it is cheered on, but because it has achieved a victory but has also experienced a lot of losses, I understand that somehow eling for you here Pisces for some of you definitely love-related I feel like someone is here of yours might have walked away thinking the grass would be greener and it's like you're glowing up here so who cares about others I would say this is more like you're just feeling a little bit more dimis die energy that i record i don't call you dimi i just say maybe you feel like you are in recluse crap fashion like i said uh let's see where it's going yes you have the three from pentacleshere pi scesthe kaiser and imperorus here and the magician here and the magician is definitely a kind of fresh start for you. It's funny that magicians who point in this direction here point to the five of Pentaclesi. Feeling that you are fed up with chasing your tail is like the words that jump into my head here the Pisces feel with a lot of you, especially those of you who are professionally or professionally maybe you get up Investments or something.

I feel like you're tired of going so up and then down and then up and then down, but I don't really feel like this is a message that applies to you, you know how? Investments work investments go down they go down you know blah blah blah I feel like it's more like you're getting into something like a good idea you know I look at Thisking Juan's as a different person, but I also look at it as uh, create your creativity and things that you have right and feel like what you are used to, not only in the last few months but for many years, I have a feeling that you are used to chasing your tail where you are create something, maybe it works very well or it is successful and then there is like that tower moment when it, you know, it crumbles and disappears, it's like you have a lot of these likeloops, I see in my head and I have the feeling that you are somehow withdrawing from this energy that I like this reading because you have the ace of pentacles twice, so the ace of pentacles says twice again that you have this cycle of this loop fen somehow end up where it's like going up and down up and down, you know it almost feels like a roller coaster pisces and um and even emotionally i would say it's like you know that you probably got the high, you feel really good and then it's like super low, right and that just looks like you're doing a little more uh, you know, kind of adding more stability to your life, like me so I definitely want to see you have this orphaned card here as you definitely felt left out in the cold Five of pentacles left out in the cold so for some of you I feel that you were the one who was orphaned in a situation, perhaps from someone young, a divine counterpart to the emperor? and the emperor showing up here together and you know i think we might see this again for some of you other than the fish above in the ones below and i will tell you why the empress is a very good card for the Empress is a map of total abundance but she has this waterfall flowing there on this side and the waterfall represents a chaotic force and is actually also tied to the tower and it represents the tower energy exactly what I said about it, where it is, maybe you have success in business or at work, then it goes down and maybe in love it's the same as if you have a lot of success, you feel really good, really high in the relationship, then it crashes and i'd say the the thing about the rag is that it's a more aggressive crash, it's like uh, you know it's something that might come out of nowhere because it's chaotic force again t, it's not like you know it's not like directed force or anything so i have a feeling these are some experiences you might have had would say you know you are looking on the light side because that's what I'm doing with the king of wands here, you know that these experiences have probably resulted in a lot of creativity in your own life where you learned to get creative, you probably learned to take risks with the king of wands too Making wishes in wands is like saying, okay, you've seen these losses, you've seen these ups and downs, but are you paying attention to what works and what doesn't? I think sometimes we make mistakes and always tell people that it is a good thing to make mistakes, as long as you take care making the mistake, as long as you say I made this mistake because or you know what I am can change in the future, for whatever reason, intuitively I feel like this King Juan is saying, did you learn from your mistakes? Don't point out your weaknesses and uh, we're going to look at this, Pisces, this ain't like a million cards so it's nothing, you know? Hat that's no pop out there Pisces that's me that's a pop out you high priestess but um let's see where that goes in a cup some of you might have the feeling of walking away from a divine counterpart uh you could have felt that you again that had loss in the pastpisces exactly, it's almost like I'm intuitive or something right, so exactly what I was talking about and the six of the pentacles that bring more balance to your life here feel like you'd also have to start planting seeds for something new Somehow where you put your energy and um yeah I really feel like you're giving yourself up in many ways here again I kind of feel like you're coming back I wouldn't call again very glowing energy you have the tower here, so you know that it is as if you had experienced this, uh, as I said, exactly about these secrashes I was talking about and I have the feeling that you are this crashessix of Pentacles, is that no longer given to you? Energy on things that make you feel weak about five of pentacles you invest in things that invest in you Certain wayum, there is one more sign that I can't remember but they had something very similar about increasing theirs Standards and this was in the July readings, not the mid-July readings, but I get this message for you, here six of pentacles are some kind of cause and effect energy, very similar to the justice map because it's like you would Putting energy into something, what you get back, that will make you create. It's like there's no more uneven giving here, you know, I feel like Pisces who are notorious for just giving, too giving, giving, giving without getting the right, and so there is such a thing as a change that is going on here and that's why you know that tower moments is what I would tell you, I have that feeling too , that you more creates diversity in your life, which is also a good thing, I would say, piscesi, I feel that in all areas of your life, somehow I have this feeling that you make sure that you don't put all your eggs in one basket and you know i feel like um kind of just diversifying the different things in your life and it will make you more abundant is what i feel and we see that right here, you have the star cross so it's like there is it's a new beginning and I feel like something has the potential to grow something that you are working on here Reading makes perfect sense to me when I think Jupiter will enter your zodiac sign next year, I mean you really know by the end of this year and for some of you it might still be in your zodiac sign even if it's retrograde it might still be in your first house do you know if you are one? Aquarius rises, then you know that it will probably stay in your first house until the end of the year, then it will start moving into Pisces, you know it will move into Pisces again, so you know what I am I would say that it makes perfect sense here that there could be something within you of great potential that is going to grow, or you could be very focused on something that has potential and like I said, uh, like I said, uh , here's the other thing fish are? then after the next year and I don't even know what next year is 2022 I don't know that who knows, but in 2023 it will move into your second house, which is even better, so you know, I don't know if we will being like you you know Pisces you're kind of in this place where you'll be, it's almost like seeing yourself. I see you more, you know there are many ways you develop a voice which also makes sense because then in 2024 you know that Jupiter is going to enter your third house and what? It's all about communication It's like you are prepared for the next decade, which is what I feel in this reading and for some of you this is pretty powerful because it's like you find your place in the world, but you do The Lovers have the Strength Card and the Cross of Pentacles The strength card is kind of like you are considered strong, um you know, as I always say, is part of determination and it's in a way a card of perseverance, but it is also a kind of softcontrol like and you know there are two cards of control chariot strength Cardcherry is called hard control, like taking control of something and uh you know this is more of a soft control card.

For some of you it's like just seizing opportunities that present themselves to you For some of you I feel like this love is coming in, but I need more detail to see, I mean clearly, you start with a love card, but i wouldn't really call this a love read, you know it's about love but i think it would be a bigger picture six of swords for a lot of you i feel like you are moving away from someone you thought of that he was a divine counterpart extra row and seelike where you are going nine of pentacles and you feel very strong like i said that is how you work in many ways i have the feeling you are regaining your empress status like i said I kind of inflate a get-like energy, but not at the same time it's like you're working towards your glow here Pisces and three cups of celebration big celebration is coming in for you I feel like you're kind of out of tue r know how i said finding your place in the world it's like you 'finding your voice and nine of pentacles is, uh, you know that somehow you forestall the energy, to be very independent, to be able to taking care of yourself so how do you know what your aim is to achieve with these six swords here. Do you have the hierophant who has the keys to the universe for you? I know these two keys here are the keys to the universe and these are the words that just crossed my mind, so uh, you gopisces, damn, all I have to say is you have to part with things who hold you back here and you have the united swords that reminds me of wiechiron and leo energy is what i would tell you here piscesum chiron and leo energy and you know i'm sorry black moon lilith in leo that reminds me of uh you know i try to think of some famous people who have uh who were born with black moon lilith andleo and umi can only think of one hugh hefner isonly one i think of butuh black moon wealth in leo think it's about how uh, you know, somehow it's childlike energy, it's number one. People who have black women have to learn how to learn, you know how to enjoy kids or have that liberation, but there is an energy that it takes to learn how to behave or how to learn how it's about being actors, actually some very good actors that I can't think of right now, Black Moon have Wealth and Leo, it's kind of contradicting energy because uh Black Moon Willis and Leo have to learn how to act o learn how to play, you know it's about learning to enjoy things and enjoying life and learning that, like childish energy properly, that just came right into my mind I feel like it there are some things that it's like it's neat, where as I can best describe, that this devil energy needs this release in order to like, that there is a certain amount of tightness that I get with this devil energy, and it is as if she as soon as it triggers a boom, you know that it's as if things are getting a lot easier you know, i think of things like youtube for example when you watch mylike first articles on youtube i was super stiff and as with time you know you, it's like getting used to it and then you relax and you loosen up properly and i understand the energy here so i say that i feel for some of you it's almost like you can just learn to embrace a certain energy that you will have the key to the universe and that could mean uh all fish that you know will be super powerful, for you you have the king of sword skills, i mean the king the swords is knowledge, wisdom to learn, now you've got the knot of cups wishing all you can have whatever fish you want to hear and the three of swords are coming out of your head i have a feeling for some of you gotta you eliminate a toxic situation so you can have whatever you want.

Some of you might be in a poisonous love situation, but for the most part, I feel like I'm just talking about keys to the Pisces universe I definitely like this out of your head I have a feeling that nine swords is probably one energy that's more of an energy holding you back and it's like worrying about things that probably don't even exist with the three swords I remember what I said about something like emotional kind, controlling you here, and i kind of get that here, so some of you may like to learn how to interact with co. bypasses controlling your emotions, which would be good too, but this is good read here Pisces will be interesting for the next few years, like where things are going for you, but I love it so thank you for being here Pisces Really appreciate watching your sun, moon and rising for a complete picture of what's going on with you right now, also like to like and subscribe, but thank you fish and have fun with the month

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