Is May month good for Virgo?

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Is May month good for Virgo?

Career: Ganesha says This month, you will earn from external sources more than your usual job. There will be no major turns in your career this month but you must be more attentive towards people from the same field.3 2021 .

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How this month will be for Virgo?


Collaborations could take flight this month as the energizing Sun visits Cancer and your community sector until July 22. But pace yourself regardless of how excited you are about the reopening social scene. But with intensifying Mars moving into Virgo on July 29, don't expect to completely hibernate.

Is May 2021 a good month for Virgo?

2021 Forecast for Virgo is very much auspicious for professional growth. Mercury will make relationship with seniors and colleagues comfortable with good communication. During the last 10 days of the month, professional people will have the support of Venus, Mercury and Jupiter for their career growth.

Welcome to your reading for mid-May 2021. We'll jump right in here and take a look at your current general.

You always get this card, Virgo the Butterfly Spirit. So this is funny. We're going to look at your current general energies in this first row.

We'll look at your blockages and blind spots in the second row. And we'll look for solutions to those blockages and blind spots as well. In the end, we'll look at all of the good things that come in for you.

So any positive things that come in for you this month, we'll look at there. We'll also draw three yes, no, maybe cards at the end. This will give you time to think about questions.

If you don't have any questions at the end, that's fine too, because I'll just put all three cards together and I'll be me only answer topics if it's just a regular reading. But let's see, virgin. What's going on here for mid-May? With this butterfly spirit you will always get this card.

No joke. This is a card that says transformation is beautiful. And it's funny because you have a change in the wind in your blockage and your blind spot here, a kind of transformation was a little challenge for you here with this energy.

It's kind of funny because on this butterfly it's almost like it's transforming into all of these other little butterflies that are up here. I wonder that, and even this map. Here, in the area of ​​your blockages and blind spots, it looks a bit scattered upstairs.

It's like a wind blowing some things around when it wants to focus, but just up here there are some things floating around here Virgo, so it's a bit of a chaotic energy here, and what I think is That you, as always, have the Knight of Goblets in your reading here too. And I feel like That means there is one thing that you see as thin g for you, right? It's kind of interesting how it's set up. King of Pentacles, Knight of Cups, King of Cups.

It's like there is a goal, wish, or dream that you have. And you see it as something that offers you a lot, will give you a lot of stability, happiness, security and probably also provide you with the King of Cups emotionally. I think people forget that sometimes the King of Cups doesn't have to be a person, this could be like a goal, a wish, a dream, something we want to achieve, and the King of Cups can represent like this to us Thing emotionally supplied.

How makes us happy or fulfills us. Or whatever the case may be. So the cup knight sees that.

The cup knight usually looks into that cup and looks at what he wants to manifest in his life. I love this Knight of the Cups because it's actually a lady, but she's got her heart here. And it's almost like saying, and that's like a perfect portrayal of the knight of the cups.

There is some something that he carries very much in his heart. There is something his heart is in. There is something that his heart should belong to.

And that's what I feel for you here, virgin. It is as if you are seeing something that you are really feeling, filling yourself on a very deep level. For some of you it could be love.

But I think there has been a lot of chaos. I feel like there were a lot of little things floating around somehow. Like those butterflies on that butterfly ghost that's kind of in the way.

That may have built up some blockages so that you have the only thing that you really want. And it's almost like one step forward, but like three steps back, right? Where do you make a bit of progress, or somehow begin to approach your goal, wish or dream, and then something happens and you go backwards. And that's something like the energy that I get here.

I also understand that it could definitely be love that comes in for you. I have a feeling that this love will come together through a change. Like moving, traveling, changing jobs.

Go to another store. I mean it sounds ridiculous. I always tell a story.

There was a girl I read for years ago and she was looking for love. And there was a message like this. I don't remember which cards came out.

But basically I told her, I said, 'Hey, it doesn't matter.' I thought, 'What are you doing each and every one of you? Day?' She says, 'I'm going for a walk.' I said, 'Go in a different direction.' And I'm not kidding, she met the love of her life as far as I know if they are still together.

But the point is that it's just a simple change in our daily lives that sometimes can lead to love or business or whatever. So I have a feeling that this first row is saying whatever you are looking for, make a change. And especially when it's love.

Maybe you go to the same store to buy your food, right? Go to another. Maybe you go for a walk or you go jogging. Or maybe you go to the gym.

Go to another. Or go to ad other time. Or go to another place, right? For some of you, it's literally like it's a bigger picture again, right? Maybe you are moving, maybe you are traveling or looking for a job elsewhere.

Doing this tells me this first line will have great advantages. So any type of change you make is going to matter. But here too, not everyone moves has to do with the time of day, could have to do with direction, could have to do with the things you normally do and something else to do.

That first line just says that doing something else leads to fate, which I get here, that's pretty powerful. 11 here, so 11 11 or the number 11 could be very important to you on this card as well. But let's get it straight.

Yes, you have the seven of goblets here. And the King of Cups A watermark comes in for you when you are looking for love. And the side of the swords you have someone in your eye or they have your eye.

I don't understand what the raid is on that seven of the cups. I feel blocked I feel my tongue tied. My mouth feels dry.

Almost like a cotton ball. Is the best way I could describe it. I have really bad allergies.

Especially today. I always take such news with a grain of salt. Because for me, allergies could be causing my dry mouth here right now, Virgo.

But I almost feel like a tongue is tied at this point. So it's almost like someone can't open up. Again I feel that this is love for you.

By the way, if this is love, I feel that this is your person, if it is you find love. And you have the hierophant right here, marriage. Nine cups, lover.

Like a wish, wish fulfillment. So here could be love for you come in. I feel like that person.

It's kind of funny because it pops in my head as marriage. And maybe that's the problem is you are dealing with a person who is or will be married. I have a feeling that they are going to leave this marriage.

Some of you feel that you are married to something. Maybe they are very busy. You have a great career or something like that.

And I think that could be a bit of a challenge as well. It's definitely something you could work around. So I wouldn't worry too much.

For others, I think this is a return to that King of Cups with the emotions. There is something that is going to be very emotionally fulfilling, I think you just have to get rid of the extra steps here on seven of the cups, as always, I blame the school. Because I think school is why people complicate their lives in so many ways.

The way school teaches us to work hard, which is not necessarily true. School teaches us that we have to, it's like just the process of schooling, it kind of gets us into the way of always thinking that there is also a next level. It's like we go to first grade, then we go to second grade, then we go to third grade.

So it's like it teaches us to always stay looking for the next one. Maybe if there isn't anything else, right? Or maybe there is no need to overcomplicate anything, and that's what I'm trying to say here . But we're off to a good start.

In your next row here you have this change-in-the-wind card for any blockages or blind spots. So the change itself could be the thing that is your block, right? It's like this whole first row is clearly saying that anything you want is going to be due to some type of change, like moving house, traveling, going to the gym another time, going to another business, some kind of change right? Will bring exactly what you want in your life. But I feel like the change itself could be the block.

Make the change here. Obviously, it's like the love of your life might go to the gym at five in the morning. I don't go to the gym at five in the morning you can bet I won't wake up that early, right? So, you know, do you totally understand, or Virgo? If that t In that case, the love of my life can learn to sleep in, right? So that is the challenge that I am saying here.

With this Change in the Wind card. You have the Five of Cups, the Hierophants and The Lovers. I feel like I'm just getting a very simple message here.

I feel like just seeing there is another way to see that there is another option is the challenge for you with all three cards here. Five cups, she is. She is crying over spilled milk, but there are two cups behind her and all she has to do is turn around and see those two cups.

She just needs to see that there is another way to have something she wants. Hierophant is a card of learning. Hierophant is a card on which he usually has three levels to his crown.

And the three levels can represent three stages of a journey that you embark on. So it's like there are three different things that you have to go through an intersection. You just have to realize that there is a different way to go, or a new path or a new direction, is exactly what you need to do at this point, Virgo, with this energy.

Let's dwell on that a little more. You have the high priestess. Definitely, it could be a fish that some of you are dealing with.

You have the ace of wands here. And you have the knight of wands. So this is your solution to whatever you go through.

The high priestess is like a card full of secrets. And I almost feel like it's her saying to me, 'Secrets.' I always get the word secrets about them.

But they are not secrets as you think. It's not like someone has a secretary like that, virgin. I have a feeling it just means that you are learning somehow.

And by the way, these clarifying cards are the solutions to the blockages you are experiencing. The high priestess is a map of secrets and mysteries. And I have a feeling it just means you go on the journey and learn the secrets like yourself.

So, and I would also say, trust your intuition on this card. You feel drawn in a new direction. Or to make a change behind you.

Like the two cups that stand behind you, virgin. But I feel like you need to trust your intuition. The ace of wands is passion.

I feel like there's something very dear to your heart. Again, especially when you have a specific goal or dream, the Knight of the Cups says something that you have always dreamed of, I always get that for you, Virgo. There is something you really want to do.

There is something in your life that would really be fulfilling. And it's like a dream. But the ace of wands is passion.

So I feel like you need to turn to your passions. And that knight of wands, I have a feeling it says you'll just be more spontaneous. So this spontaneous energy is coming for you.

There is also much desire between the ace of wands and the king of wands. It's a bit like you are I have this strong desire to make a difference here. And it is as if your heart is pulling towards something, as I said with the Knight of the Chalices.

For others, there are these three pyramids down here on the Knight of Wands. And these pyramids represent secrets too. So I only feel with some of you, I feel like you.

You're more ready to go on an adventure with the Knight of Wands. And it's like you don't have to have all the answers. So it's like allowing yourself to do something.

Sometimes I think we're like, 'Oh, I want to move across country or start a business.' And it is, but we want to know beforehand if it works. It's almost like you're saying to yourself, ' I'll just see what happens. ”I think you're just throwing some caution about the wind here.

And you will just see what happens. And that's probably the best you can do here, Virgo. In your last row you have the justice card.

That's all the good stuff that comes in for you. So I feel justice, but I don't think it might be legal for some of you. It doesn't really cross my mind as if you are getting justice over one cause or another.

Which is kind of strange. I feel more like you're just getting into balance. You have the Knight of the Pentacles here.

The Nine of Cups and the Nine of Swords, so be sure to wish you find fulfillment here. Again, this row is the good thing that comes in, so it doesn't matter that you have the Nine of Swords, the positive side of the Nine of Swords, could actually be a couple of things I feel for you. Number one, the Nine of Swords, is my card for temporary positions at work or in business.

So it's like when you're trying to get a job or start a business or something, it could mean that you are getting something temporary. But the nine of swords represent something that is temporary and transforming into a full-time position. So this could be really good for work or business.

Also, this could be you getting away or escaping a nightmare, so I have a feeling that some of you are leaving some kind of nightmare behind, so I would definitely make a wish with the Knight of Chalices right now. I have a feeling that a wish or wish fulfillment is coming in for you, Virgo. The Knight of the Pentacles, I feel like work, hard work.

I feel like you are putting work into things and you are seeing results with the Knight of the Pentacles. Well, I like to see that. But let's get this straight, Virgo.

You have the Nine of Wands. Didn't I say Nine of Wands here? Somewhere or something? I do not remember. But nine of wands.

So I have a feeling that you are not giving up on something. It's like giving something one last shot. Probably what you really wanted to mean by that King of Cups energy, the Knight of the Cups.

And the king of the cups, really. Because that King of the Cups says that you find something very fulfilling. You see something as being able to fulfill you in your life.

For some of you, it might be family; for others, it might be love; for some of you, it might be moving to a specific place, traveling, or starting a business, right? No matter what it is. It's like you're seeing something with this energy here with these cards, you know that something in your life is going to be fulfilled. The Nine of Wands is like saying you get another chance whatever that is to happen.

I feel like you tried multiple times, for some of you, multiple times. I feel like you've tried whatever that King of Cups energy is multiple times. As I said before, I have a feeling there is something within you that would lead to fulfillment, and reading this with this butterfly really means to me that you have tried in the past, and it is as if You get one more chance to accomplish this.

You have the queen of wands here. If your looking for love, get out there. Queen of Wands is wholeheartedly energized too.

She puts her heart and soul into what she's currently working on. So if you hope to be successful I would put your heart and soul into something. And I have a feeling that you will be successful very quickly.

And you have the Nine of Pentacles, The Nine of Pentacles is like the energy before the Empress . So I have a feeling that you have a lot of abundance and success with this Nine of Pentacles. Nine of the Pentacles also says you will have more than enough resources to be successful Virgo.

So I love it. But Virgo, we are going to draw three yes, no, maybe cards here. The reason I say maybe because you control your own reality.

Tarot cards don't control your own reality. So you could easily turn a yes to a no. You could easily turn a no into a yes if you wanted to.

But we'll do one, two, three. Feel free to pause the article if you have to, to pause for thought. I will also summarize these at the end.

For question number one, I would say no. I have a feeling that something is holding you here with the eight of swords. I feel like you need it to break free here for question number one.

For question number two, Two of Cups. I would say yes. Two of Cups fits your higher self perfectly.

For me, two cups are you and your higher self. And they can just represent a perfect match between what you want and what your higher self desires. So I would say yes.

And to question number three, I would say yes, Eight of Pentacles. So Eight of Pentacles is material success on the horizon. Whatever you are working on right now, I have a feeling that in the near future it will be very successful with this Eight of Pentacles energy.

So I would say yes. When you put all of this together, I have a feeling that you are leaving a situation here with the eight of swords. So I have a feeling you are leaving one thing and it will make you freer.

But how crazy is that? More butterflies right there, Virgo. So, yeah, I don't know, butterflies might be important to some of you. But definitely going through a major transformation.

Probably one that will set you free in your life here, Virgo. But I love that. So thank you for being here, Virgo onfor you at this time.

Also, feel free to like and subscribe. Really appreciate the support. But thank you Virgo.

What is the lucky day for Virgo?

Lucky day: Wednesday proves to be lucky for Virgos to carry out auspicious tasks.

Is 2021 good for Virgo?

Virgo students may enjoy a good academic year in 2022. Although hard work may be needed to be put to succeed this year, efforts given may give you more than desired results. Students who are well prepared for competitive examination may get success in 2022.

Is Virgo lucky in 2021?

The period from the beginning of the year till 6th April as per Virgo Career 2021 Horoscope will be favourable for businessmen and traders. However, time till September 15 will not prove to be good from a business point of view.

Is 2021 good for Virgos?

People born under the Virgo zodiac sign will have a rather good 2020. People born under the Virgo zodiac sign will have a rather good 2020 in terms of their career and finance. In layman's words, you will see a very bright future in your career, come 2020. .

Is 2021 a good year for Virgo?

Year 2020 will be a positive year for Virgo natives. In the beginning of the year, you will be blessed by positive planets. Your inner strength, self confidence will be high. You will be focused towards your goals. .

How is May for Virgo?

Career: Ganesha says This month, you will earn from external sources more than your usual job. There will be no major turns in your career this month but you must be more attentive towards people from the same field.3 2021 .

What is Virgo lucky color?


Colours like blue, green, yellow and white are lucky colours for you, as you have a dual nature sign as an earth element. Your calm nature is further defined by these colours that can prove to be lucky for your personal relationships.

Is tomorrow lucky for Virgo?

The Virgo tomorrow luck emphasises that tomorrow it may turn into the epitome of achieving something which is deeply in themselves and they have got it.