What does it mean if my ascendant is Libra?

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What does it mean if my ascendant is Libra?

If you're a Libra rising, those who come into contact with you likely think of you as pleasant, sweet, and charming whether or not that's what's going on below the surface. Since Libra is an air sign, you are social, enjoy being around others, and collaborating on projects. .

In the last article we talked about the Virgo ascendant in Vedic astrology and what formation Virgo ascendant offers your horoscope. In this article we will talk about the Libra ascendant in your horoscope and what basis it provides your horoscope channel, I am your host prasadMahajanie has helped you to raise your vibrations and to become your true self with the help of Vedic astrology. If you are new to my channel please consider subscribing, you will read astrological articles like this one, these articles will help you raise your vibrations and help you get into Vedic astrology faster, cool studies if you don't tell me Follow Instagram, this is my ID, check out my Instagram grid and if you are looking for metrics and consolidation check out the link in the description before we talk about Libra ascendant let's talk about what Libra is Libra is ruled by the penis, so it has all the Veneto n qualities.

The sign of Libra is a science of the air elements, so it is intelligent and likes to be sociable. The Libra sign is a cardinal sign that represents the profit of houses in a natural horoscope , it also contains the energy of the seventh house in the natural horoscope, so it has all the qualities of the seventh house diplomacy dealing with business trading other people these are the very profound traits are the very profound traits of Libra these people will collect the support, if they think the cause is valuable, if they believe in something they will use their social contacts social skills to collect the support For this reason they are very careful about the social issues, these guys cannot tolerate injustice, their balance is fine so this is the Libra sign and what happens in the ascendant, what has risen is the sign that appears on the eastern horizon . We have 24 hours We have 12 rushes, so each rashi rules the eastern horizon or is on the eastern horizon for two hours every day so that we have the whole ascent every day is just a matter of your own karma which time you choose to pay off your sin debts now you have decided to include scales what we will do we will put up this seventh sign and put it in your first house houses are fixed now we carry them the environment now we give them the environment to manifest everything we all about them first house qualities know what the health of your body is like and so many other things it is also your first house, the durometer maize house now we have the scales sign up at the first house okay we have discussed this for all six sections now we are discussing that seventh Rashi the liberal sign the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Libra ascendant is equilibrium t these people are extremely balanced let's talk about the first house if you have the sign of libra in the first house, we have already talked about what libra is but the sign of libra in your ascendant makes you attractive and makes you very good natured Makes you very attractive I said, attractive, okay, so these people aren't very diplomatic either.

What is a Libra sign Libra Sign is all about dealing with others, so it's all about the diplomacy business. So if you are you are in such a hurry in the first house you will become very diplomatically very attractive you will become very enterprising you bring balance to every area of ​​your life why because if you watch all the houses it will have the energy of the house seven places away from each like the first House will have the energy of the seventh house, the second will have eight, the third will have nine, and so on and so on until the 12th house will have an energy of Virgo t the sixth house and the sixth house have the energy from us, even if it doesn't make sense at the end of this article you will learn what we are talking about about okay, so in the first house we have the energy of the Libra sign in the second house we have the energy of the Scorpio, which is called B. We all know that Scorpio contains the energy of the eighth house.

The eighth house is about ups and downs and the things that are buried underground all of this can be seen from the eighth house. Now we have the energy of the eighth Rashi in the second House what is second house is the house of your speech how you talk about your immediate relationships now you are born in the first house love you move into your immediate surroundings your family your childhood friends your immediate surroundings from the rising ok so that you can have your childhood early childhood can also be seen from the second house second house is also about finances and the accumulated wealth The second house has the energy of Scorpio Scorpio is an intense energy, so these people are very proud of their family of origin, they have a very strong affiliation with theirs Family of origin ok this can also be seen on the second house with the Scorpio energy energy The third house in which we have the energy of Sagittarius Sagittarius is a sign ruled by Jupiter that is about spirituality. Religion is about higher beliefs and all about the ninth house.

Bringing meanings about travel and all that stuff now we the energy of the nine thousand a Sagittarius into the third house what is third house third house is the house of your courage third house is the house ofyour siblings is about your hobbies, but about the things you like to do and now you have them Sagittarius energy in the third house so that these people always talk about the inspiring things when it comes to their siblings. The communication with the siblings is very positive and mostly revolves around the religion and spirituality in the fourth house we have the energy of Capricorn Saturn what a Capricorn is Capricorn is a die-hard workaholic an unstoppable sign, but the fourth house is a very private and very caring home, so e.g.

Sometimes it happens that the fourth house is also from your mother and your initial training that your mother gives you so that these people have a very disciplined and strict motive. You can also see that this is a sign from Saturn and Earth into the fourth house the darkest house the lower house the house under our feet and now you have the capricorn and enter this in the fourth house so these guys are very disciplined and sometimes very strict mother, they feel it in childhood but it is all to theirs Best, because the fifth house is ruled by Saturn too, fifth house is also ruled by Saturn and the fifth house has the energy of Aquarius What is an Aquarian sign Aquarius is a very scientific sight Aquarius is everything The things of the eleventh house about larger organizations are always talking about the Age of Aquarius, that is the Age of Information that revolves in the eleventh house or Aquarius, so they are se Your scientific, because you are ruled by Saturn in the air element, so you are very, very scientific and now it comes to the fifth house which is fifth in our fifth house is about your creative skills art performances cinema it is a bhavat bhavam for the t Hirdhouse Having told the third of the it becomes like a home for your hobbies and things you enjoy doing, and now you have the eleventh house friendly energy in the fifth house. What it shows is that these people are very kind with their lovers as well as their children Aquarius also holds the meanings of the 11th house so these guys benefit from the performing arts and the creative fields, their lagna is also ruled by Venus which is about beauty and the fifth house has a friendly air element sign ruled by Saturn so this is a very good combo for artists in the sixth house these guys have the energy of fish the sixth house is the house of eight diseases and enemies, but even more so the sixth house is also the house of your daily routine also revolves around your job when you are on repetitive jobs like 9-to-five job The sixth house is also more about job and when you have the energy from Jupiter to have the sixth house, the twelfth house, which is the emotional water element, log in The sixth house, what it shows is why, because the first house in which we de energy r Libra, and one of the most important of Libra's diplomacy is dealing with others, so these people are very tactful in dealing with others, so these people have the third house, which is the house of courage, is owned by a fiery Sagittarius- Sign rules okay so these people have very fewer enemies okay let's go to the seventh house the seventh house has the energy of the first house the first house has the energy of the seventh house the seventh house has the energy of the first house is the seventh house all about business marriage relationships dealing with others diplomacy sexual relationships long term sexual relationships marriage all of this can be seen from the seventh house and now we have the energy of aries the marshal thing mars what is mars mars is like a soldier and what is that what is the strength of the soldier soldier is very dedicated soldier is very disciplined soldier is sometimes aggressive and violent, but negative side on one positive side soldier always obeys orders soldierist very committed to his motherland soldier is disciplined, so not only are these guys commanded in their first house, they also have balance in the seventh house, so these people have the Aries energy in the seventh house so these people get a partner who is disciplined and committed, only the giving side is the sign of mars so it can be tough at times and can be inside you but it also has the positive side of loyalty, devotion and discipline that we in the 8th house we have the energy of Taurus Taurus is ruled by Venus which ascendant also rules Venus now the first house and the eighth house are ruled by Venus what the eighth house is the eighth house is all about the heights and deep instability the transformation death and rebirth and transformation but now we have the fixed or elemental sign in two of the eighth houses, it kind of stabilizes the highs and lows in their life If you have me in balance for the Libra ascendant, if you have the seventh rush in the first house, you have balance in all other houses, that is the power of the ascendant in the ninth house, they have the energy of Gemini Gemini is an air element sign that is ruled by mercury Mercury is everywhere in search of information.

Mercury is information and the Gemini very enthusiastic energy always looking for a hundred hundred things to understand, ok and now it's about a night house in the ninth house it's all about spirituality it's all about religion it's also about religious things and now you have this young mercury in the ninth house so that these people keep checking up on their spiritual practices in Bez Look ug on your religion and once you are convinced you will move on, these are not the Virgo energies, if it would happen Virgo you will get deep into one of the one of your beliefs and you will bring out some organized information from it, but this one Guys are only interested in the information and even more so, to share this information with the rest of the world in the 10th house. These guys have the energy of cancer. Cancer is a rule according to mood and what is the first quality of the state it always changes during the Mood throughout the picture it changes from the first day from the new mode to full moon to full moon to new moon it is constantly changing so the change is constant for the moon and now you have this fluctuation energy in your 10th house I am not saying unstable Korea but their working hours can be very flexible as these guys can work a night shift or these guys can be freelance fler who work at their own pace or who they are, or the freelancer where they work their own pace and their own time they have very good timing for working in the 11th house these guys have the energy of LeoLeo is a sign ruled by son Leo is a solid sign so these guys get very loyal friends.

These guys have very loyal network connections, they are very loyal and royalty. It can be royal because it's the sign of the son, so you have royal and loyal network connections and friendships in the 12th house you have the energy of the virgin sign in the second house in the second house is the house right next to the first house is 12th house also the house next to the first house, but for the 12th house the ascendant has to go all the way along the 12th house, so the 12th house is the furthest from the ascendant, so the 12th house is all about the strangers 12th house is also about long-distance travel 3rd house is also travel like a short distance ninth house is also travelDistance travel and 12th house are the longest journeys I said the longest it can be the journey the astral journey the journey beyond this life and so on so the 12th house is the house of dissolution and now you have the virgin sign as the environment in the 12th house for Libra in it, so these guys have the mercurian energy in the 12th house, so analyze d his guys always and always organize the things that have to do with spirituality. You will always have some organized information about the spirituality or religion or whatever your beliefs are.

Twelve house is also the house of bad joys and now you have the energy of a critical virgin that went up to the twelfth house yes that was Libra as far as I could grasp and share it with you if you are new to my channel please consider subscribing to share this article with your friends and family click the like button subscribe if you are not already and send tons of positive energy that sends you high vibes, see in the next articles love and peace

What do Libra ascendants look like?

Libra Ascendants usually have slim bodies while they are younger but tend to gain a little more weight as they grow older without ever being overweight. You are likely to have sensitive skin, and you probably have a lighter complexion.20 2020 .

Are Libra ascendant good?

Venus is the ruler of the Libra ascendant. Therefore, Venus influences their heavy inclination and love for beauty, art, music and nature. Libra ascendants are generally addressed by their nicknames. Natives of this ascendant are well educated, intelligent, well behaved and occasionally restless.

Are Libra risings charming?

Libra Ascendant

First Impression: Charming, graceful, indecisive, peace-making. Libra ascendants are attractive and charming, carrying themselves with beauty and grace.

Who is Libra rising compatible with?

Libra Ascendant Compatibility

Libra ascendant sign compatibility often begins with fellow air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, stimulating companions that share intellectual interests and appreciation for the arts. Fire signs Leo, Sagittarius and Aries appreciate Libra's sense of justice and Libra fuels their imaginations.

What rules Libra rising?

Libra is ruled by Venus in astrology, and if you happen to be a Libra rising, that means your chart ruler is Venus. In the most basic sense, it would essentially mean that Venus is the most significant planet in your birthday/what-does-my-birth-chart-mean-5961. .

Are Libra rising loyal?

Charm of Libra Ascendant Signs

You are a loyal and trustworthy friend. You treat people fairly and can be very persuasive in everything you say and do.

What body part does Libra rule?

Libra rules the kidneys, skin, lumbar region, endocrine system, and buttocks. If you are born under this sign, you might have particularly good skin and a keen sense of balance and support. .

Is Libra ascendant bad?

But it can't give that, as both the maraka houses ruled by the same planet loses its power. And one more reason, as a natural malefic rule a Kendra house 7th, it gives neutral results. For Libra ascendant, Jupiter or sun can cause death other than Mars. Rahu and Ketu give results depending on their placement.

Who is compatible with Libra rising?

Libra ascendant sign compatibility often begins with fellow air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, stimulating companions that share intellectual interests and appreciation for the arts. Fire signs Leo, Sagittarius and Aries appreciate Libra's sense of justice and Libra fuels their imaginations.

Who is the Libra ascendant in your horoscope?

Disposition and Personality For Libra Ascendant or Tula Rashi lagan in your kindly or horoscope (birthday/what-does-my-birth-chart-mean-5961 ) The sign Libra or Tula rashi is ruled by the planet Venus Or shukra and connects to material pursuits and comforts. As Venus rules the same. It also rules luxuries of the person.

Who are some famous people with the Libra rising sign?

Famous People with Libra Rising: Paula Abdul (Libra Ascendant, Venus in Leo) Jennifer Aniston (Libra Ascendant, Venus in Aries) Robert Blake (Libra Ascendant, Venus in Scorpio)

What makes a Libra ascendant to the Tula lagna?

The Libra ascendant to the Tula Lagna people are ruled by planet Venus or Shukra ruling the first house. This generally makes them handsome as Venus is a planet of beauty and art. Also, Libra people love luxury and comfort and are prone to fall into love matters easily as Venus rules love.