How long does Sun transit a house?

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How long does Sun transit a house?

The transit (moving) Sun travels fairly quickly, spending almost one month in each sign. The aspects it makes last for about two days, the day before and day of. The transit Sun can show variances in your personality. With the transit Sun in your 1st house, your focus is on you.

As I said, the Trik Sthanas 6th, 8th and 12th houses, of which the 8th is called the most unhappy house or means death. Since the first house shows the birth in the table, the 8th house shows a death-like situation for a person, and therefore it is called a malicious house.

It is not necessary that death means the literal meaning of the word, but sometimes, as we say - 'Life has gotten difficult', such a situation is shown by this trik or 8th house. As said in Jatak Parijat 'Ayurdayak anishtham hetu', it means the bad events that occur during the course of our lifetime that disturbs us has a connection to the 8th house. It is said to be one of the most unfortunate houses among the Trik-sthanas as we say that no house in a horoscope is 100% good or bad, there are good things from the 8th ho too. we will see that what Parijat has to say about it 'Runa daana grhana yogurde chau vaan guna dayaha gatyanudikam sarva pashyandadhi chakshana', which means from this house we see longevity, happiness, which means physical pleasure, since the Scorpio- Sign in the 8th house is coming we had studied zodiac signs, we had seen that the sign / house that is ascribed to physical pleasures is Scorpio.

Defeat is seen from this house, the wealth of the deceased as well as the wealth of the ancestors. Who doesn't want wealth? Everyone wants it, be it from any source. We'd play a game.

Everyone here is educated and knows astrology. Anything that has to be done or learned as a duty may be a little difficult for us, but when we see it as a game to be played it is easy to do. I am making a statement here - if Saturn is associated with 8th house, native father lives long. (Statement is repeated by Shri Sunil Ghaisas).

Ordinarily, those just studying and interpreting would say that death is seen from the 8th house and for the Father we see the 10th house, so there is nowhere any connection between the 8th house and Saturn. I will now try to tell you how this statement can be proven. As we just saw, the ancestral wealth is seen from the 8th house, so the features of the 8th house are shown.

And it is characteristic of Saturn to delay things. So when he is connected to the 8th house, the wealth that the native receives after his father's death is delayed. So, indirectly, it means that father will live long.

So things in a horoscope like this become easier to understand when we play and learn as a game. I'm not 100% claiming it, but whatever I said above, there is nothing wrong with that. Since the ancestral wealth is seen from the 8th house and delays in things are the mark of Saturn.

This is what I am trying to say that when Saturn is connected to the 8th house, the native father will have a long life. This is controversial and can be discussed. Insurance can be seen from the 8th house, cash withdrawals as with insurance, here also cash withdrawals from the insurance after the death of the father.

Then the internal reproductive organs are seen from the 7th house. From the 8th house we can see the external genital organs, so from the 8th house we can see complaints related to the excretory system. The 8th house also shows the wealth of women.

The 7th house is the woman and the 2nd to this 8th house is her house of wealth. All kinds of problems like financial, physical, psychological or defamation are associated with the 8th house. Blackmail can also be seen from here.

So anything that creates a situation of fear or worry is seen from the 8th house. As we say, the 8th house represents death, and when Saturn is connected here, it causes a prolonged illness for the locals. The associated Mars leads to sudden death.

Rahu and Ketu, associated with the 8th house, die under suspicious conditions. What our sense organs cannot perceive is due to the connection between Rahu / Ketu and the 8th house. When a benevolent planet is placed in the 8th house, the native dies peacefully.

As I've always said, a single house, sign, or planet doesn't fully define anything. Everything in a horoscope has to be studied through the contribution of 12 houses, 12 signs and the planets. When we started we saw that in Panch Mahabhootas (five elements) anything can begin when it has to start from the heavenly element and come down to the earth element.

Likewise, the planets and signs of the zodiac are classified according to these five major elements. For every event in life, be it death, defamation or loss of the entire horoscope, 12 houses, 12 signs and the planets they contain are responsible. 8.

House will do its part in matters that mean it. But what the result will be depends on the entire horoscope. I will remind you here that in the transit lecture I talked about the timing of events, that I discussed a colonel’s map where we had seen the transit of Sun and Rahu in conjunction in the 8th house.

Everyone will think that the Gochara transit of Sun and Rahu via the 8th house will be harmful to the colonel. But we had seen that Sun in his card, which was in the 11th house, the 10th house, the 10th of the natal chart, gave good results and Rahu placed himself on the 10th house of the natal chart, if that Original diagram shows good results, you will get it. As we know, Rahu gives Chatrakaal Yoga in the 10th house, the sun in the 11th house is always good.

So if these planets are well placed in the original horoscope, their transit will always produce good results in the 8th house as well. So here I am trying to say the same thing repeatedly that a planet, sign, or house cannot define results for natives. All the results we get are based on the entire horoscope.

Since we have seen the most vicious house in the chart today, we will continue to see the most benevolent house in the chart, which is called Bhagya sthan.

What happens when Sun transits 7th house?

Seventh House- When sun transit from ascendant house to the seventh house, then, problems related to married life may arise. During this period, you might face a rough patch with your spouse. In most of the tasks, failure and disappointment are handy. There is a problem in job and business.

In the last article we discussed about the planets up to 6000 thehoroscope, today we are going to start a brand new series with planets up to the seventh house of your horoscope. So keep watching Namaste and welcome to the Pramanic Astrology Channel I am your host Prasad Mahajani I will help you increase your vibrations and become your true self with the help of Vedic Astrology If you are new to my channel please consider subscribing you will Read astrological articles just like this if you have any questions add Meon to Instagram on Dramatic Astrology and DM me I have read all the DMS and I reply to almost all offers, if you have any questions you can also comment on the YouTube articles I have all Read comments and I reply to almost all comments Have you seen my Rahu-Transit-Ardra-Nakshatra article I didn't post this on YouTube but if you want you to see this, just go to the website and you will be given a link to watch the article. Let's start with sun in the seventh house, what the seventh house is first t house is all about yourself.

First house is the reference point the anchor point around which the whole diagram revolves around everything. The rulership of the planet can be decided with just ascended and the seventh house is just as important as it is right across from the first house, so the first house is all about yourself the seventh house is all about the other people and who are these other people these other people can be your spouse your business partner the other person in your life like your grandmother why grandmother because the seventh house is the second house for the mother like the seventh house is the fourth from the 4th and 10th from the tenth and seventh from the first, it is so important that the seventh house This is also the house of your career and also the house of your house What is Kandra Houses Children's houses are number one for 710 in your houses these are the foundation e from your horoscope and the seventh house is one of the most prominent houses in these types of houses. So when you look in the chart you are looking for these The Candida Houses When you have more and more planet indicator houses, it will give your horoscope a solid foundation today.

We are going to talk about the action of the sun through the seventh house today. The seventh house is also the house of the karma house of deception together with the third house and the 11th house seven thousand also one of the comet scouts Kama Trikona houses are the houses that drive you through desires or I would say distracting you from your Dharma through the desires one five nine are the swadharma are the houses in which you are inclined to what you align with your purpose and your community cone houses are the houses that will distract you from the desires third houses hobbies summer houses marriage 11. houses profits These are all material houses These are not spiritual houses, so yes, this is one of the three common houses of our own the seventh house is the house of the endings why is it the house? Endings we always talk about death from the eighth house, then why do we consider the seventh house here as death? is one thing about this seventh house when the son of the first house rises the sun rises in the first house on the eastern horizon and in the seventh house the sunset goes down in the seventh house sunrise it will be in the first house and it will go counterclockwise It won't go to the second house at 7 o'clock It will go to the twelfth house It will be in the eleventh house around 10 o'clock The 12th 10th house will be brightest at 12 o'clock and when it reaches the seventh house it will be sunset, now things are going to end now it's time to be with the other person so when we end our day we are with our family, we are with our spouse right now we end our days so these are the endings so this seventh house also signify the end and this could be deadly depth as it is directly opposite the first house, not just that if you look at the CalPERS land which is the Aries ascendant, the second house and the si The seventh house is one of the maraca houses The seventh house is also the house of travel You won't believe it, but yes , the seventh house is the house of travel most of the travel destinations are considered the same as death by the seventh house the seventh house also means business, trade, bipartite exchange of goods, if there is an exchange, trade, where the other person this other person is the seventh house, wherever there is another person, there is the seventh house be it spouse be it business be it another country foreign residents can also be seen from this seventh house now we have to look for something is sun sun is the planet of soulson gives the rigidity son gives the strength sun is extremely reliable sunis the planet of authority sun is light she gives the lic ht and enlighten us with the knowledge and when you have the knowledge it gives you the vision.

Once you have the vision it gives you the clarity to achieve that vision and when you have that you get that authoritative figure you become authority in Your work You will be successful in your career You will be a leader in your career These are all the qualities of the sun that you can relate toSun quality with the real sun, what he always appears in the morning is always because he is reliable he has that strength he has the light you cannot look directly into the sun it is so powerful now all that the qualities of the sun come into the seventh house of the horoscope it is also the meaning of the soul the self is also the meaning for the consciousness one has the self-confidence can too to be seen from this earth the sun is now in the seventh house of horoscope what is the seventh house the seventh house is the house of the ends the sunset and now come t the sun in here, so the sun is not as powerful or as comfortable in the seventh house seventh house sun is like a sunset, so it is not as powerful as a tenth of the sun, whats at 12 o'clock sun whenever you want to judge the position of the sun in the houses, just look at the time, go to your graph, see what time the sun is strong, and see which house is at that time, when the seventh house is it is towards evening, so it is not so powerful he does not feel comfortable in the seventh house, because the sun is about himself in the seventh house it is about others here is a little loose power and that and that and that he doesn't like, Son likes to be in the first house in which in his king, health, personality, self-confidence and the child is calm in the first house and he loves these meanings. It vibrates very strongly with its own energy, but in the seventh house it is not convenient if it is the seventh house the House of the other himself and the son is the planet of self the seventh house is the Muraki house and the sun is the planet of life the seventh house is the house of travel 7,000 is all about travel you travel to another country far away from the first house you walk far away from the foresters and son is stability son neve r moves all planets around the sun sun is stable so it's kind of a contradiction for son to be in the seventh house, he doesn't like that, so is it a kind of contradiction or to be in the, so it's like a contradiction for the son to be in the seventh house the seventh house the seventh house is the house of relationship and sun is extremely independent self-sufficient is very like a bar, but self-sufficient swings more with Mars, but Sun himself is so powerful that he doesn't feel the need to have a relationship so this cat frustrates son in the seventh house son from the seventh house r-spec the first house of the horoscope that now brings d he element of the sun some like the first house's health and personality all of the meaning of the sun resonates with the first house, so he loves to be the first, even though Sun looks at the first house from the seventh house, you can expect to get a highly esteemed spouse who will increase your self-confidence or self-esteem if Sun is strong in your horoscope, well worthy and in good condition This gives a very good spouse a reliable and devoted spouse I would say what you as next, go to my playlist and check out How to Get Into Vedic Astrology so this playlist will help you get started with Vedic Astrology and you can also go through the playlist to learn more about relationships or the retrogression planets Learn playlist. I would highly recommend these two three playlists if you are just starting out with astrology, so yes that was sun in the seventh house as far as I could get and share it with you, sending you tons of positive energies and sending you high vibrations.

See you in the next articles Love and Peace

Which house is good for Sun?

The Sun provides good results if placed in houses 1 to 5,8,9,11 and 12. The 6th, 7th, and 10th are bad houses for the Sun. The Moon, the Jupiter and the Mars are the planets friendly to the Sun, where the Saturn, Venus, Rahu and Ketu are enemies. .

What is meant by Sun transit?

The sun transit time, also referred to as Sunmeridian transit time, is the daily moment when the Sun culminates on the observer's meridian, reaching its highest position in the sky. This solar time is most often used as local noon and therefore will vary with longitude. Sun transit corresponds to solar noon.

How long transits last?

3. The longer a transiting planet's aspect remains within a one degree orb to a natal placement, the more potent the transit. For instance, planetary stations, retrograde or direct, can last up to nine weeks or so for Jupiter and up to twenty-four weeks or more for Pluto, depending on its sign.

How long does each transit last?

The length of time between each transit is the planet's 'orbital period', or the length of a year on that particular planet. Not all planets have years as long as a year on the Earth! Some planets discovered by Kepler orbit around their stars so quickly that their years only last about four hours!

How long does the moon stay in a house?


In the sky the Moon takes about a month to complete a cycle; when seen through progressions, it slows to almost 30 years, taking about 2 ? years through each house, several months in contact with any natal planet.

How long does Sun Transit take?

Sun spends around 1 month in each sign before it transits to the next and it takes around 1 year to travel through the complete zodiac circle.

Which house is bad for Moon?

Moon is the Lord of 4th house, stands exalted in the 2nd house of Taurus and becomes debilitated in the 8th house of Scorpio. The Moon provides very good results if placed in houses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 whereas the 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th and 12th houses are bad for the Moon. .

Which house is bad for Saturn?

Saturn is considered good in houses 2nd , 3rd and 7th to 12th, whereas 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th houses are bad for Saturn. Sun, Moon and Mars are its enemies, Venus, Mercury and Rahu are friends and Jupiter and Ketu are neutral to it. .