What are polarities in astrology?

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What are polarities in astrology?

The zodiac has cosmic pairs called polarities, which are two signs that sit directly opposite each other on the elliptic and are six signs away from each other. Aries, the first sign in the zodiac, and Libra, the seventh, are polarities; so are Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, and Scorpio, the eighth.21 2020 .

In the last article we discussed the categories of the planet. If you haven't reviewed this article I'll include a link in the description section as well as a map. In this article we are going to talk about the polarities of the planet.

We have nine planets but they work in pairs to balance each other's energy and what are these colleagues and how they balance their energy all this and more comes to Namaste and welcome to the Pramanik Astrology Channel, I am your host Prasad Mahajani will help you get in faster to start studying vedic astrology if you are new to my channel please consider subscribing you will get vedic astrological articles like this today we are going to talk about the polarities in the planets we have nine planets they work in the pairs of their meanings and the energies are alike off are the planets that work in pairs and balance each other's energy first pair is sun and moon second is Mars and Venus third is Jupiter and Saturn fourth is Rahu and Ketu, these are the polarities of the planets, which as a pair and balance the energy of the others work fine and mercury has no polar opposite l so let's look at the first pair sun and moon sun are you yourself, some are dynamic main energies child whereas moon is passive and feminine energy SUN is about expressing creativity and apology not 4th house moon is about Your privacy and it's about the non-expression It's about the reception It's about the risk Dimity okay son Ismail Moon is femaleSony's King Moon is queen son of his father moon his mother okay so that was the first pair of sun and moon let's move on to the next Couple that is Mars and VenusMars is a male energy Venus is a female energy Mars is independent and independentVenus is dependent on each other Venus believes in networks and relationships and more fun to nourish Mars, can make the sacrifice, no sacrifice is more a Saturn- Thing, once he is disciplined and once he decides to take the disciplining action, he will no longer look at everything, he marches e just go on like a soldier and he is ready to make the sacrifice he is willing to sacrifice, while Venus cares more, he loves to pamper himself, so Venus is more luxury while Mars is more about her Discipline is where Mars is independent, Venus is interdependent Mars is independent Venus is networked and more relationships tend to be more relationships than independent Mars is a duty under disciplined action Venus is about luxury. Let's get to the next pair, Jupiter and Saturn is Jupiter is positive benefit extremely expansive planet which is about our higher purpose believes in spirituality what is Saturn Saturn is pessimistic is more restrictive for the materialistic planet and he doesn't think anyone doubts that everyone is ok so he is critical and jupiter is like a belief yes there will be a god and saturn will be like please show it methe god otherwise i have to go to my work to keep working because work is worship that Sutton says okay and Jupiter is more of this spiritual and metaphysical higher purpose and the belief that there will be a universal power that will control everything and Sutton doesn't believe that he is very critical, he has this scientific approach, he looks at things the way it is, it's really hard for him to believe in God or in inspirationality or any higher To believe in beliefs that could exist He will not believe that they exist He just believes in work He just keeps working because he is very materialistic I need money and to make money and work every day that is Saturn both works on another level and balances each other's energy to care for us, which is true, but you have a job that you will surface every day. Activate the Jupiteronz you have this belief, as soon as you have the conviction of Saturn, it becomes yours higher believers ascend and once you have that higher belief Saturn allows you to make the sacrifice and it allows you to do things that are beyond your understanding that spiritual things do not have.

You have returned on the stone, they are really very insecure , so it is very difficult for Saturn to believe that you must have expansive optimistic Jupiter to believe in your intention to believe in spirituality, okay so this is a very interesting pear and the positivity of jupiter gives you everything in life and saturn makes you realize that even if you have it all it means nothing, yes i will return to the soul where all of the is Sun started out, okay, so now I'll show you the real side, be practical, keep working, that Saturn is next pair Rahu and Ketu Rahu looks up and k2 looks down lazy intensifying things came intensifying things Rahu is materialistic Spiritual Rahu is the obsession Rahu is obsession with letting go of things Rahu means the things we should follow in this life the placement of Rahu shows the area we need to focus on in this life and the placement of k2 shows us the things we have already accomplished in the past life so we don't care so we are quite reluctant if you got through to certain houses g permit that you already know these things mean that she is very comfortable with them because you have already achieved this, so what happened to it, you achieved, that you start to fight back, so that other people don't understand why he doesn't do these things because it is about life. K2 looks inside. K2 is very spiritual Rahu is very materialistic.

Rahul looks outside and looks up. Rahu is about the outside and K2 is about it about the inner things, in fact Rahu and Ketu are a Graha, there is a story about Rahu and Ketu but we will talk about that story in the other article that only left us one planet made of mercury which has no polar opposites, but these four pairs are very interesting if you follow this one. We all know Mars and Venus, but if you follow Jupiter and Saturn, if you follow the Sun and Moon you will know a lot of things you will know a lot of things about the planetary orientations If you look at a map now If you look at a map you will start If you look at these planets from a different perspective you will not get them from the same perspective, because if there is a conjunction of the sun and the moon, or if there is a conjunction of Jupiter and Mars, then you know these two planets and now these two planets who came together and one more element is what house they came together in.

Prediction yes that was my analysis about the polarities of the planets and what is the balance of each other's energy. If you are new to my channel, pull up please consider subscribing, otherwise we will see you in the next article Love and Peace

What do signs and houses mean?

A house in astrology is coincidentally similar to a clock. The zodiac is divided into twelve individual segments, or houses, each one being ruled by a different sign. People often study the houses to predict which parts of their life will come into focus and where they can take the best possible actions.

Why on earth are Astrology Houses so important? In fact, they're so important that they make up around 50% of your natal chart. 50%! Crazy, right? But don't worry, at the end of this article you will finally realize what each astrology house means and what it means for you and others around you. Hola, my beautiful lotus flowers, thank you very much for coming back and for those who are new, thank you very much for being here I appreciate it so much when you want to get the most out of astrology, spirituality and fantasy, this is this Community for you you One of the most frequently asked questions I get about astrology is about the houses, so I always explain to these people on Instagram what the houses mean and they are always so relieved that they really are not that difficult, as they originally thought, and I know you're ready to learn about the house too, so let's jump right into the info you're waiting for, what are the houses in the first place, before we start, let's clarify two things about the houses for me so you don't get lost.

All of the number one article for this article, I'm just going to skim over the key details of each house and what it means for your life Since a whole article is easily de easily about any home there are so many details that I won't delve into. So if I am missing something that is very important to Youthink, I really apologize, but feel free to add something in the comments below. I love to watch an astrology discussion and maybe we can all learn from every other second is a fact about the houses that you want to keep in mind in this article so again you are not a backup.

Remember that there are twelve signs of the zodiac and there are also twelve houses, but both are different zodiac signs that determine a certain personality traits and quirks that you individually have, apart from all the others, the houses talk about certain areas of your life like yours Living life in these particular categories What many people are confused about is that the houses follow the same 1 to 12 organization as the zodiac signs, for example the first house is also ruled by the zodiac sign Aries and so they have similar characteristics, but here too is If you want to show off a person and their personality while the house itself is an area of ​​life, you can find that you are calculating your own natal chart and I'll have a few links below from great websites to help you calculate your own bird horoscope to help you better follow this article or learn en from this article. So if you calculate your own you may find that if you look at my natal chart, you will find that your houses are incompletely different areas than mine and that is because they move contrary to the zodiac constellations, so that the zodiac constellations in a fixed position in the sky all the time, but the planets and ascendant moon we all move through the zodiac constellations the houses move however because they are actually attached to the rotation of the earth's axis the very first house in astrology is called the house des Self it is made by the zodiac sign Aries and the planet Mars, so this house is actually the one that determines our ascending sign, also known as our ascending sign and if you don't know what it is, this house is where you should watch this article. The car will be right here and the link will be in the description because I give a great overall summary of what each type of sign on your zodiac diagram means, but since the first house first, your ascending sign, also known as your ascending sign, has determined , it essentially determines you as an individual and how you get on with everyone around you, so everything from the way you dress, how you tend to interact with others, whatever the first impression can determine the people of you from you is whether you like to dress in dark clothes whether you like to dress in glamorous all these kinds of surface features will be reflected in your house and the zodiac sign and planet that are also part of this house is the second house that we have is called the house of possessions and this house is ruled by the planet Venus and the zodiac sign Taurus, although this house is the general measure materialism and our attraction represents represent For materialistic things in life, it also determines what we value, who we value, why we value it, etc. etc.

The things that we have in our life in addition to material abundance are determined by the placement of our possession house as a whole, the material fulfillment personally determines whether one is someone who really values ​​the success of material wealth or the success of attaining material wealth through spiritual means, artistic means etc. The third house in the zodiac is the house of Communication, also ruled by the planet Mercury and the zodiac sign Gemini, the main aspect of life that affects this house is the way you think and analyze situations and how this affects your communication with other people, whether you are prone to it to talk to others, whether you tend to be very overpowering, whether you tend to be about being shy, this can all be translated into your third house and where it is placed on your diagram the fourth house is the family house and home ruled by the earth's moon and the zodiac sign cancer this governs our own emotional base as well fulfillment and how our upbringing is influenced so much that the effects of the fourth house are felt as much as one imagines future domestic nature or how you sustain your current domestic life. This is where the home part of the name comes into play.

When you finally decide to settle down, do you want a home that is just your own? Do you tend to have certain types of? Decorations you prefer over the likes of other things like the fifth house we have is a house of joy that is ruled by the sun and the zodiac sign Leo how do you spend time in nature whether you like things for sex shopping whatever you do in your life for happiness and fun, before we move on, make a note below if you find a particular house more interesting than the others and what you've learned so far, be sure you like it too If you've liked this article so far and subscribe to it so that you don't forget it and ring the bell that way. When I post new astrology articles every Tuesday and Friday, the sixth house we have is the House of Help , which is also ruled by the planet Mercury and ruled by Virgo, the zodiac sign, how we deal with it, depending on the placement. If you have a good placement of this house, you will be in all three categories orien be balanced, but if you have a negative placement you may have three of them in life in any of these categories or in all trouble, the seventh house that we have is considered to be the house of partnerships, and so is the applicant Venus and the zodiac sign Libra reigns ps will really have an impact on your life is what you are looking for your romantic partnerships and how that affects for example what you value whether it is monetary success with your partner if you value sexual attraction laugh such things we will all depending on your placement determine from this house the second thing that is strongly determined by this place can also be your business partnerships and it may sound strange, but in fact you are looking for the same values ​​in a business partnership as in a romantic partnership, only because this house basically determines all areas of intimacy with others en people in your life that you will be close to so that you know that you can appreciate someone who has the same mindset as you about romance and business, etc.

About those relationships and the way they are in Play your life to a large extent, the eighth house we have is the house of the six and it is actually owned by the pl. reigns AnetPluto, which I know, is no longer considered a planet, but in astrology it is due to its strong influence and is also ruled by the zodiac sign Scorpio, so it is considered the darkest due to this planet and zodiac combination that rules this house House in the zodiac can be viewed, that is Hence it has a nickname, depending on where this house is located, you will find here your deepest darkest desires, your darkest secrets, your taboos, your limitations, what challenges you have, all of this is strongly influenced by this house So two largest areas of our life that are strongly influenced by this house placement are sex and death, so that death can also represent a change in your life, for example, it can represent how you deal with death in your life and the events that take place in your life in relation to death and the way you deal with it, but it can happen Furthermore, it also means a more mystical symbolism such as reformation, reincarnation, transformation and w and we can actually learn a lot from the eighth house because it talks about these limitations and these deep longings and the things that we are trying to break free from, so that the way you deal with death and rebirth will have a great deal of meaning from this house and you can learn a lot from it if one pays attention to it and when it comes to sex, so determines sex and the placement of this house in an almost mystical way Way this house sees sex as a mystical connection between two souls and not just a physical act between two physical bodies The way this house is placed on your charts will greatly affect your experience of sex and how you see it, as well The eighth house is well known for symbolizing exactly how you will deal with common finances in your life- be it finances Your partner and family friends etc. Our ninth house is the house of philosophy and this is ruled by the planet Jupiter and the zodiac sign Sagittarius, so the location of this house will guide the way in which you expand your spiritual horizons and higher education , strongly affect.

So whether you are someone who embraces Christianity, whether you are someone who embraces Buddhism, whether you are an atheist, all of these things are determined by the placement of this house in your horoscope and it again determines the education, i.e. whether If you want an education through travel or a degree, all of that can go under this house, also known as the House of Social Status by the planet Saturn and Capricorn, this house can make an individual's career path strong influence.

It has the greatest impact on your career and where you may end up later in life of any house, but a common misconception is that this house is telling you that you should be in the career you are about to be in, but that may not be true as this house is focused on the career you should be making because of your career ue love and passion for something, it is not focused on a career that should be made out of commitment or because you have to or out of responsibility or whatever it always comes down to the essence of what you really love and where to look in life for life's greatest success and happiness in relation to your career and public status is a fun fact to give you a better example of that a lot of celebrities tend to have their 10th house in Leo, and that's because Leo is familiar with the 10th house to signal that you are very open public status, you will be known to many other people who you like to be the center of life and what better way to be the center of a group of people than to be some kind of celebrity or having this house connected to social status It also greatly affects the way groups of others perceive us that they judge you on social media or people you work with who are heavily ruled by this house and that's why the idea is said is strongly connected by karma so that the picture and the information and what you pass on to others there also come back to you. The 11th house is also called the house of friendships and this is from the planet Uranus with the zodiac sign Aquarius, who also rules it, and this will be a kind of extension of the previous house, the house of social status and it will also be on Our personal social life and business social life expanding chart will affect the way you interact with your social life, how you work in teams and organizations, rather than just focusing on our careers and worldly success as the previous one House somehow focused on this house, promotes the way in which you cultivate these relationships and develop these relationships further. In your life we ​​then have the twelfth house, which also addresses the house of the subconscious, so this house is ruled by the planet Neptune and The zodiac sign Pisces and everything mystical rules, whether you are talking about the spiritual realm of Taro t fortune telling buddy anything like that is governed by this house placement and depending on where it is on your chart it will dictate how you connect with the spiritual mystical realm that is not quoted.

It is also heavily viewed as the house that governs someone's karma in their life, so many people are actually scared of knowing their twelfth house placement. A lot of people think it's kind of taboo, but actually it's very important to take care of your placement in the twelfth house because it is so similar to the eighth house, the house of gender, this house tells you your deepest restrictions and things that you are trying to break free from and somehow represents rebirth, so the twelfth house is similar in this sense, except that it is a subconscious so it goes even deeper so these are habits and things that we think subconsciously that we know nothing about d it can really, if we take care, it can really change us spiritually, spiritually and physically, if we choose to learn from it instead of running away from the subconscious if this article was helpful to you, ask Make sure you go ahead and click the link in the description and join the Lee Blue Lotus Facebook Community where there will soon be more about Astrology-Crystal-Spirituality-Enlightenment tung will give planetary energies, zodiac signs and lots of other cool stuff coming your way, and don't forget to watch these articles if you haven't already, as these will teach you a lot more about astrology. I can't wait to see you in the next article

What house is your descendant sign?

seventh house

Hey everyone, welcome back to Trend CentralPerson, what I have for you in today's article is basically a test of how normal you actually are compared to the majority of people gathered through recent studies, now we all are unique individuals but some things are taken into account more normally than others If you want me to reply to your comments then make sure you leave a like on the articleSubscribe to the channel, just leave the comment that says ISubscribed and I will make sure that I answer as many of you as I can, but anyway let's jump straight to today's article Well, when it comes to image perception, many people would see a rabbit in this image at first glance, but few people become duck because of the The way our eyes perceive images, actually see them, or look at this image. What do you see first When you see the back view of a woman Then you are normal as the majority sees that first, however when you see the old man you are really unique in that he is less often seen, however when it comes to the human body90 % of people are actually right-handed and only 10% of the world are actually left-handed even if your parents are both left-handed there is still a greater chance that you will be born right-handed than left-handed, this is also normal since more than 6 and 10 People wear glasses but if you can't roll your tongue then you're not normal like 60 to can't raise an eyebrow then that's normal how few people can give you are one of the few do you have dark hair? If so, is this is normal because only 0.5% are actually born with red hair.

Have that white semicircle at the base of your fingernails which is normal as 90% of people entertain it after birth wrap is a signal that you are not getting enough sleep t of the colors that are most popular? Well, if you say yellow then you are not normal as a recent study found that only 5% prefer yellow compared to blue, which is the most popular, followed by red and greenhave brown eyes. Well that's normal as over 55% of the population have brown eyes. Now take a look at some of these simple puzzles most ordinary people get at first sight.

However, there are some people who rethink it and need more time to solve it, try to solve it solve yourself in the given time but positively necessary Mary's father has five daughters Nana nene Ninny. No. No, what's the name of the fifth daughter? No, look, if you answer Nunu, then you are wrong, because it is Maria, if an electric train goes south, where does it go? There is no smoke.

It's an electric train. Did that get you? We see it twice a week once a year and never in a day. What's that? The letter E Anyway, that was it for today's article, if you liked the article, then don't forget to like the article and subscribe to the channel, also if you want to read more information about all the information given Links will be in the description anyway, thanks for watching and I hope to see you next time

What is your polarity?

The descendant forms the cusp of the seventh house of the horoscope and refers to partners or relationships. The descendant is ruled by the seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra, and its ruler planet, Venus.

Molecules! So many of them in their infinite and beautiful variety, but while that variety is great, it can also be damn overwhelming. And in order for this complicated chemical world to make a little more sense, we classify and categorize our nature as humans, and it's extremely useful. One of the most important of these classifications is whether a molecule is polar or non-polar.

It's a kind of symmetry, not just of the molecule, but of the charge as well. It's pretty easy to see if you just look at them. You have polar and non-polar, polar, non-polar, polar, non-polar.

I will take sides now. I'm on the Polar team. I think polar molecules are a lot more interesting, despite their crooked, unbalanced selves.

Non-polar molecules are useful, and their symmetry has some kind of beauty, but in my humble opinion, it's polar where it is, okay. Here are two very different types of chemicals. Right here I have a piece of butter and then in this bowl it's just plain water.

So I'm just going to go ahead and squeeze that butter which, if you are wondering, is both a terrible and wonderful feeling. And then I'll just drop that. Now I'm going to try to wash that butter off my hand.

But that's just not happy that's just, it's not going anywhere, ever, always.

It just eats me up. Because water is a polar molecule and the various chemicals that make up butter are non-polar, and water doesn't want anything to do with it. What makes a molecule polar? Well two things.

First, asymmetric electron distribution around the molecule. A polar molecule cannot consist entirely of the same element because these atoms all have the same electronegativity and thus the electron distribution is completely symmetrical. Electronegativity is normally assumed how much an element wants electrons around it, but I think it's more about how many electrons want to be around that element.

If Electrons were 13 year old girls, Fluor would be Niall Horan. They do everything just to be around. Why? Some simple periodic trends.

Electronegativity increases from left to right because there are more protons in the atoms, and more protons mean more boys in the band. Meanwhile, as you move up and down, as the amount of electrons increases, they start to shield each other from the effects of the protons. What I'm saying is that electrons are hipsters.

If a bunch of other electrons are interested in this thing, they are less interested. Now there are a number of other factors here, but just like the relationship between tweens and their latest boy band fixation, it's complicated and weird and you probably don't want to think about it too much. But in this cute little map, you can see the trend is pretty clear; at the top right are all the superstars of electronic fame.

Oxygen, nitrogen, fluorine, chlorine and bromine are basically the one direction of the periodic table. So for polarity to occur in a molecule, you must have two at least different elements, and the difference between their electronegativities must be 0.5 or greater.

When it does, the outer electrons spend so much extra time around the more electronegative element that chemists refer to the molecule as polar. The result is a partial negative charge on the more electronegative part of the molecule and a partial positive charge on the less electronegative side. In extreme cases, when the electronegativity is greater than 1.6, we end up having two ions in the same molecule.

This is not what we are talking about when we talk about polar molecules. We are talking about differences between 0.5 and 1.6.

Another requirement for polarity: you must have geometric asymmetry. CO2 has included charge asymmetry here, but since the molecule is linear it is in a straight line a kind of symmetrical asymmetry. The same applies to CH4 with its tetrahedron of weakly electronegative hydrogen atoms around a more electronegative carbon.

These molecules have a polar bond s, but the molecules themselves are not polar because the symmetry of the bonds negates the asymmetry of the charges. For a molecule to be polar there has to be a dipole moment, a separation of the charge around the molecule into a more a positive area and a more negative area. Many molecules are asymmetric in both electronegativity and geometry.

These are our polar molecules, the asymmetrical beauties of chemistry. Check out them all! They are so whimsical and weird! We also have a system to show where their charges are. We draw an arrow with a plus sign on the tail that points to the negative side of the molecule.

A small delta plus (δ +) or delta minus (δ–) through the individual atoms mean a partial positive or partial negative charge. Liquids made up of polar molecules dissolve solids made up of polar or ionic compounds really well, until now that the electrons, instead of having a partial positive and partial negative dipole moment, have been completely transferred, creating two charged ions were. Now I suppose we've all heard that something like dissolving is polar or non-polar, it's just throwing it into some water.

But the why of this phenomenon is usually just glossed over completely. What actually happens to these molecules? It seems like they are all just fanatics who are a little afraid of everything a little different than they are. But that's chemistry, so there has to be a basic reason.

And if it is fundamental, it probably has something to do with the system's lowering of energy. And it actually does. These partially positive and partially negative charges of water? They have their lowest energy state when they line up, positive to negative, to form a kind of liquid crystal.

There is an order there. It flows naturally, but the oxygen sides always do their best to align with the hydrogen sides of other molecules. The effect of this attraction can even be seen in the surface tension, which enables me to pour more than 100 milliliters of water into a 100-mil container.

The strength of this surface tension depends on the intermolecular forces that pull molecules in a liquid together. These forces of attraction, also known as cohesive forces, pull the surface molecules inwards. And what you see when you look at this heap of water is the result of these cohesive forces is a minimized surface area of ​​the water in this cup.

If you add a little oil to this mixture, the water will freak out completely. Oils have notoriously non-polar molecules, so suddenly there is this mass of uncharged gunks that interfere with the beautiful, orderly arrangement of the polar water molecules. But if you take a closer look, the processes are very similar to those between water and air.

Water does everything possible to minimize its surf ace area and drive away the oil droplets. Instead of the water not liking the oil, it likes itself a lot more so it doesn't mix with the oil. Now when you put polar stuff in it, it's all about water. and these polar water molecules just keep track of whatever other partial charges they can find.

Or in the case of many ionic solids, the negative partial charges on the oxygen side are all bundled on the positive ions, while the partial positive charges on the hydrogen side surround the negative ions, break the crystals apart and dissolve them into freely moving ions. In some cases, we may actually observe these interactions in unexpected ways. Mix 50 milliliters of water with 50 milliliters of alcohol and what the hell? There is less than 100 mil of liquid! The arrangement of water mixed with alcohol is actually more structured and therefore denser, resulting in a smaller volume.

The polarity of water also leads to a phenomenon that makes life possible: hydrogen bonding, negative oxygen and positive hydrogen atoms in a water molecule are not 100% true to each other. They enter into additional loose relationships with other neighboring hydrogen and oxygen atoms. These loose, somewhat volatile relationships are called hydrogen bonds.

In the ice 100% of the O and H atoms are involved in hydrogen bonds. The energetically most favorable spatial arrangement of these bonds actually pushes the water molecules apart, which results in the ice volume being 10% larger than the water volume, which is really strange for solids and liquids, when ice melts there is still around 80% of the Os and Hs are involved in hydrogen bonds, creating ice-like clusters that keep the volume of cold water relatively high. As the temperature rises, these clusters disappear, while the volume of the truly liquid water increases, which leads to an important property of water: its highest density at 4 ° C.

And yes, that's why ice floats on lakes in winter and why the bottom of frozen lakes is usually around 4 ° C. And also why hockey was invented. And why soda bottles explode if you leave them in the freezer.

But hydrogen bonds are also the reason why a warm bath is so great, why steam engines changed the world and why the temperatures on our planet are so constant compared to other cosmic temperature fluctuations. It takes a lot of energy to change the temperature of water , as every small change in temperature is associated with the breaking or formation of many hydrogen bonds and they absorb or give off a lot of heat. In fact, the specific heat capacity of water is about five times that of ordinary rock.

And amazingly, we haven't even talked about how powerfully useful these part-loads are. They also allow water to dissolve pretty much anything that is even partially non-polar, including sugars, proteins, ions, and tons of inorganic chemicals. Water and its useful little dipole moment can dissolve more compounds than any other chemical on earth.

To be honest, it's amazing that it doesn't dissolve us from the inside out, turning us into one last little polarity delicacy, the hybrid molecule. There are many different molecules, such as the surfactants in soaps, that have both polar and non-polar regions. Dish soap is so capable of removing the greasy parts of my butter disaster here, and then sticking out the polar sides so that the whole mess of Avogadro's many polar water molecules that I'm sticking on my hand is washed away.

Oh yeah. That's better, but not ...

I have to go to the bathroom to fix this. So be right back. Likewise, the fatty acids that make up your cell membranes have polar heads, which allows them to interact with the watery environment of our bodies, but non-polar tails, which prevent the cells from being easily dissolved by the water around them.

Pretty elegant if you ask me. Thank you for watching this episode of Crash Course Chemistry. If you've paid attention, you've learned that a molecule must have both charge asymmetry and geometric asymmetry in order to be non-polar, that charge asymmetry is caused by a difference in electronegativities, and that I am totally team-polar.

You have also learned to note a dipole moment or a charge separation of a molecule, the actual physical mechanism behind 'like dissolves like'

What are the 6 negative zodiac signs?

Positive signs make up the fire and air triplicities. Negative polarity signs, also called passive, yin, receptive, or feminine signs, are the six even-numbered signs of the zodiac: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces. Negative signs make up the earth and water triplicities.

Can a house have two signs?

So what does all this mean? When two houses share the same sign, they are both ruled by the same planet. When a sign is intercepted, it means the previous sign is the cusp ruler, but the intercepted sign exerts a very powerful influence, since all signs get their due in our life experience.

What is the difference between signs and houses?

The houses represent the view of the heavens as seen from Earth. The signs represent the actual directions in space that you would be looking at. .

How does your descendant sign affect you?

Your descendant is found on the opposite side of the zodiac wheel, and represents qualities that you long for or even admire in someone else. And that's another reason the Descendant rules over the house of partnerships, committed relationships and marriagethe people we pull in or desire as partners.' .

Does everything have a polarity?

The law of polarity is the principle that everything has two poles: good and evil, love and hate, attraction and disconnection. Think of the North and South Poles on a globe or a battery with its negative and positive terminals. Everything in the universe has an opposite. Everything is dual.

Which zodiac is the luckiest?

Sagittarius. Sagittarius is THE luckiest sign in the zodiac.9 2021 .

Which zodiac is dumbest?

Because Pisces is the most suggestible of all the signs. What that means, Pisces, is that you are perceived as one of the dumbest signs of the zodiac, the 'go-to schmuck' for gags, pranks and teases. You're the astrological wimp, the one we all know as 'too sensitive' and 'too emotional.'7 2020 .