Which house is good for Neptune?

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Which house is good for Neptune?

In the best scenario the chart holder with Neptune in their second house is able to make a living doing something artistic, spiritual, or at least people and feeling related. If the chart holder can focus on the joy of a job rather than the responsibility of having to earn a living, Neptune is much happier.

oh hey i just played with my webby before we dive into tonight's episode we wanted to let you know that we now have youtube memberships, support our show and get great perks click the 'join' button below and choose your level now back to our regular program, it's big, it's blue, and it's going to tear you apart if you happen to fall into one of its giant earth-sized storms, as calm and breathtaking as it may appear on the surface, Neptune is a dangerous and violent place, so who fancy an excursion Why do Neptune's rings clump together in certain areas? What treasures are hidden under its atmosphere and where could? you'll survive the longest, that's what if you fall in neptune in 1989 nasa's voyager 2 spacecraft whizzed past neptune five years later we captured incredible images of this planet 4.3 billion kilometers from earth with the hubble space telescope, even though it was what a fun place might look like The oceans of yachtneptune aren't quite the same as here on earth, roughly 80 percent of the planet is made up of a toxic substance made up of water, methane, and ammonia, so where exactly should we take the plunge, how about that big dark spot over there? Dark Spot was one of Neptune's most violent storms, even though it has disintegrated so-called arc astronomers suspect that it is likely Neptune's moon Galatia and its gravitational perturbation that causes this bizarre clump effect in Herne Hemisphere, where the windsaretamer as a gas planet having different parts of Neptune Rotate at different speeds and depending on your location, the length of the day at the North Pole will vary. The day lasts 12 hours, which is a full six hours shorter than a day at the equator you have to work smarter, not harder as they say unlike Earth Neptune's atmosphere does not contain oxygen, so make sure you bring an adequate supply, to breathe easily in very little sunlight.

The brightest Neptune has about the equivalent of a twilight here on Earth, so pack a light source or night vision goggles as well, be ready to prepare for winds of up to 550 meters per second, which is about five times stronger than the harshest gusts here, at twice the speed of sound as you pass through Neptune's exosphere, its outermost atmosphere, your spacesuit will experience freezing temperatures as you drift through the methane clouds, and it might stink a little that in some places wasn't mine Here on Earth the weather can be a little unpredictable, if you suddenly hit the thermosphere the temperature rises to around 477 degrees and you will encounter clouds of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, astronomers agree that this rise in temperature is a result of the atmosphere's interaction with ions could be in the planet's magnetic field once you hit it afft have the scorching heat of the thermosphere, you'll notice an increase in pressure in the stratosphere and the closer you get to the planet's score, you'll find things heat up quickly as you move through Neptune's 3,000-mile-thick hydrogen and helium atmosphere about the crashing into the bottom of the neptune, no one on the other hand has more of a muddy layer of ice and water about 17,500 kilometers deep if you were hoping for a spectacular view, i'm sorry the atmosphere here is too dense to see anything when you finally get through it all go muddy, you will encounter a super hot ocean and possibly a hidden treasure, one of the consequences of the highpress urea and temperature on Neptune, that its carbon and hydrogen atoms could separate, forcing isolated carbon atoms to squeeze into diamond structures that would likely sink into the core of the planet but could be up to three feet tall, who knew Neptune had so much bling degrees comparable to the surface of the sun, realistically speaking, a mere human probably couldn't survive this journey, but perhaps a resilient spacecraft could now that we are got our sea legs, maybe we could explore Jupiter next think you might be fine with it This is a story for another What if you?

Is Neptune in 1st house bad?

Neptune in first house indicates that you are extremely sensitive. Facing the harsh reality can easily overwhelm you, just like too much sensory input. For people with their natal Neptune in first house, it is essential to take good care of their mental health and to create healthy emotional boundaries. .

In the last article we discussed Rahu in the first house and Ketu in the 7th house. What exactly are the effects of these placements, in this article we will mirror that placement exactly as it happens when you have Ketu in the first house and Rahu in the 7th house your vedic astrology natal chart. If you want to know more about it, keep watching No Mas and welcome to the pramanic astrology channel I am your host prasadmahajani I will help you raise your vibrations and become your true self with the help of Fetty astrology and if you if you are new to astrology my channel please consider subscribing you will read astrological articles like this and these articles will help you get into astrological studies faster if you have any questions add me on instagram on chromatic astrology or ask your questions or questions under the comments section of the relevant YouTube articles I have gel all the comments eat and try to answer almost all comments if you are looking for readings and co.

Look at the link in the description and go to the intensive horoscope analysis and if you want even more content, please subscribe to my email List one I am sharing exclusive content only for the email subscribers that I do not upload on YouTube, so the link is in the description section and come to me I am waiting for you there Rahu and Ketuin the 1st and 7th axes we have already talked about the origin of the Rahu, theastronomy of the Rahu and the mycological story about the Rahu I will not repeat it here if you want to know this story go and watch the article again I have already done it. I also put the timestamp in the description section of this article on my channel for the first time Rahu and Ketu consider them an army Rahu is an army that will go out and conquer the New Territories and Kaito is an army that will stay on the ground and that Protecting territory while he has already conquered both functions are important, but in this life our goal is to go towards the Rahu house. Wherever you place Rahu it will be unknown territory and you have to go and conquer that Rahu and Ketu are always 180 degrees opposite and if you are aware of the history of a sauropod Rahuand Ketu are not two planets but only two parts of the same body , the Rahupart is with the head and without the body and Kato is with the body without the head, so Rahu is always considered someone who is never satisfied because he has the head but does not have the stomach so he never is satisfied and Kato is about satisfaction but because it is directionless, why because it does not have the head, are these the two parts of swing honey that we are? If we talk about always being 180 degrees apart, we will not balance it, but we have to harmonize these two polarities of the same sura balloon which is Rahu and Ketuk2, the first Rahu in the seventh which is the first house which is the first house the house of you your body your physical existence can be seen with the first house first house everything revolves around you your head is okay and what is k2k2 is a downwardly internalized and intense planet that is also a spiritual planet if one spiritual planet like k2 in the thermo-tracon house comes the first house of the ascendant it makes the locals spiritually oriented these people have the understanding of the material things as well as the inclination towards the spiritual things, because what is Dharma Dharma is when you are focused on yourself Dharma is when you are focused on your purpose when you feel good you are doing the right things right And that's what Dharma is all about so one five nine are the Dharma Tricona houses and now k2 is in the first house first k2 somehow neutralizes the house, the first house, so you will notice the person with the first house first k2 in the first house person is that she is not confident.

The first house is usually just about yourself, self-esteem and self-confidence and awareness, but when k2 is in the first house the person is not convinced of their personality, they have certain reservations about their appearance, not being confident about themselves and this will grow up when it comes to a relationship because he is not ready to approach a person right now. He's not ready to ask someone to date someone because he feels like he doesn't deserve it because of k2 and that's a big challenge, if you are a woman with a k2 in the first house you have to have the feminine side of hug each other and if you are a guy with a K2 in the first house you need to embrace the muscular side of your personality, if K2 is in the first house you are towards less you don't know where to go and this time it's in the Personality so if you are confused about yourself you are shy about yourself this will make you fail in three ways giving you a skill where our house comes second, if it gives you a skill it will give you the Approach to be perfectionist You will always seek the absolute You will accept nothing less than the best and that does not exist because we are human we all have mistakes we all h But our bad days we all have a bad side of our personality we can't be perfect but in the first house the person will strive for perfection and if you are looking for perfection you don't get it and so it fails so now it is in the first House for the person so that they can feel the person in relation to themselves why they are failing the person, if a third person looks at the person who has the name in the photos, nothing is wrong with the person who it is everyone here, they are not feeling well enough themselves and that is the key so that they are not willing to speak to another person because of this inferiority complex. The person with the K2 in the first house has a psychological dimension rsonality as well as the spiritual dimension more so that the person with the K2 in the first house has the highest ability to work hard This person's physical ability is unmatched You can't beat them, No matter if the person is male or female, they will reach the next level of physical strength because they are able to do so now.

It has given them the skills from previous life that okay you are okay with that now the Rahu part Rahu is going to come in seventh house laid what exactly he does because we always hear a lot of negative things about Rahu in the seventh house it's chaotic it will make it it will make it but the thing is it is just a reflection of the man in the first house the person with k2 in the first house feels that he is enough himself to manage everything in life, so it is not the seventh house full of hugs weather person with the person in the first house is in the relationship He thinks that the other person who is in your life is not important b Because you feel like you can cope in the first house on your own, the person always has the feeling that the person is not so important to his partner and he is Can cope alone, he has no need for his partner and that is why the partner in his partner behaves a rough way when you have k2 in the first house you have rahu in 7004 oscar what are the seven thousand seven thousand the house of marriage is about your status it is at stake around the other people and now you have rahu here, so this rahu will project himself on the other hand, the person with the rahu in the seventh house has a great social influence because rahu amplifies the thing wherever he is so that it is the person is now focused on the seventh house so that these people have a great social appearance and this is also a great placement that the stranger travels stranger or has some connection with the stranger, because the seventh house is also the house of the stranger you won't believe that debts and strangers can also be seen with the seventh house and now Rahul comes in here when Rahu is in the seventh house of the horoscope, it uses obsession from the seventh house this gives an obsession with the other people on the positive side, it could be a great person to distract the crowd with your skills or with your personality but on the downside it also leads to the exploration of the seventh house all meanings of the seventh house The seventh house is also the house of marriage and when we have Rahu in the seventh house I have seen many people thrive after marriage but when we have Rahu in the seventh house who has an obsession for the other , it is only the other part of the key that struggles with the self, so the Rao in the seventh house and thek2 in the first house are one and the same as one deals with it ht how to get the best out of this combination when you have your house in the first house the only thing that can save you from all this frustration is b Be true to yourself and your feelings when you are angry, just show the anger, don't pretend as if you are someone else or showing nothing else just to keep the partner just to be with them no don't do that instead the moment you start to become yourself the moment you start To love yourself The moment you start accepting yourself for who it is and this is not general advice I give to anyone who loves themselves No, this is specific to the K2 in the first houseThe moment in which you begin to express your true self and to be yourself as you are and your true feelings come your life will change the key to this has to be him or herself in front of the partner and in the moment in which you are yourself your partner will recognize your w Be your self-anger or something, just show your real feelings and your partner will understand the real essence you have been hiding because of the key and that will be the turning point in your relationship I know how it feels when you have chaotic relationships the only solution to this is yourself in the relationship and relationships will improve dramatically you wouldn't even believe no cures no gems anything just with this little reaction your life will change so yes that was the key for Rahu in the first seven axes of the vedic astrology natal chart what to do? Next watch, if you are new to Vedic astrology go to my YouTube channel, go to the playlist and explore the playlist and explore the fascinating world of Vedic astrology, but I would recommend you take your trip with the Getting into Vedic Astrology or the best of Pranic to start easing astrology or retrograde planets or the ascending sciences or the Ascendant series to start sending tons of positive energy that sends you high vibrations. See you in the next articles without and peace

What house is Neptune in astrology?

Neptune in Twelfth House Natal Meaning in Astrology

Neptune in twelfth house is a special placement in astrology. Here, Neptune is in its own house, the house traditionally connected with Pisces. If you are not sure why is this important, Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces.

What is Neptune's house rules?

Read more about Neptune in the eighth house.

How long do Neptune transits last?

? Transit (moving) Neptune travels slowly, spending many years in one sign. The aspects it makes last for up to six months, and transit Neptune through a house can last for years.

How long does Neptune stay in a house?

Slow-moving Neptune stays in a sign for about 14 years, crossing retrograde and direct over the same degree of the zodiac due to motion for at least two years. To know the length of its impact, first calculate how wide that house is in a particular chart. .

What happens if Neptune is in 1st House?

A person with Neptune in the 1st house carries the immense whirlpools of this oceanic planet around with them. It immediately adds a strongly sensitive, stormy, and magnetic resonance to their being. With Neptune in this position, they're often dreamy, thin-skinned, other-worldly, mysterious, and far-away. .

Is Neptune in my 1st house synastry?

Neptune in 1st House synastry is a promising, but very difficult aspect to establish a sincere relationship. Neptune distorts reality between us, but it does so differently for you and your partner, and a lot depends on the natal aspects of Neptune in his or her chart, and thus the natal aspects of your First House.

What body part does Neptune rule?

Neptune rules Pisces, and is the ruler of the oceans and waterways. Neptune deals with liquids, art, film, and creativity. The feet are Neptune's area of the body, platinum its metal, and turquoise, aquamarine, and sea blue are the colors that belong to it.

What happens when Neptune transits your first house?

A Neptune first house transit can bring heightened levels of spirituality, sensitivity, and inspiration, especially if it brings energy to Venus or Jupiter, and if well controlled, to Uranus. (That is, if Uranus is managed well by natal aspect.) .