Is Mercury retrograde a transit?

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Is Mercury retrograde a transit?

Mercury, Venus, and Mars Retrogrades in Astrology

A planet is called retrograde when it appears to be moving backward from our view here on Earth. It isn't actually moving backward, it just appears that way because of the way the planets move in relation to Earth.

Hi, I'm Kari Samuels, your intuitive advisor and happiness trainer, and we talk all about Mercury retrograde. This is the transit that is known for mischief, chaos, all kinds of madness and it is actually a time when you can have productivity and positive energy and peace and quiet can be a really really magical time when you know how to find your way around it, and that is where I will now help you. So when you go with Mercury's retrograde flow of energy it's amazing, and when you force it against it, all these crazy things happen.

I will really help you navigate properly and it is really important to know the do's and don'ts. It doesn't mean there are certain things you can't do, but the rules and prohibitions suggested it actually feels like mercury is declining at random times and it's just random, so it's not random like everything in the universe that is divine timing and it happens the eve ry 88 days for three weeks straight, three to four times a year, and it really is best if you put it on your calendar so you know how to plan it and actually have dates for you for Mercury retrograde and my guide below. that you can access for free and that way you can put it on your calendar and know how to schedule it.

So plan for Mercury retrograde, so mercury first. That's fine. Let's talk about what it is and why it happens, okay, so Mercury is the fastest moving planet in the zodiac, it's like a little speed racer, so Mercury is racing through the solar system and every 88 days if Mercury is declining from the Earth's perspective, it appears to be moving backwards, it really isn't moving backwards is really like one car driving past another.

The other car looks like it's going backwards so that's the wreck grade but because this is a fast moving planet and because mercury in astrology g overwhelms your mind as you communicate all kinds of comings and goings as well as methods that we use to communicate and transport. When the mercury is declining and in that backward seeming motion this is a time for you to go back and retrace your steps and retrace aspects of your mind that you have overlooked because when you think about it, that is what you are in your daily conscious life perceive, really, a very, very small part of all of the intuitive information you get Well how often do you tell yourself I'll get to it later I'll look at it another time I'll look at this later I don't have time right now to find out. Well, these Mercury retrograde cycles are the perfect time to go back and gather that information and deal with the projects that keep you sweeping under the rug, and we're all getting it right, so this is the perfect time and then comes the trickster energy as we keep fading to move forward, we always want to move on and get on with our intentions or our intentions when the universe tries to get you to go back and collect yourself, and maybe the kind and the way you communicate and the means that you communicate including your computers or even electronics or gadgets or your car is not working optimally, okay, and maybe there are things that you have overlooked.

There are things that you need to pick up on. There is intuitive information that you are overlooking that is very important to you to recognize and to reevaluate your intentions so that if you move forward that fast you can go straight back to Mercury so that you can get a brand new one, or at least at least have a revised perspective with information that is very important that you would have overlooked, it's something like the nature of the universe, just now to say speed racer. You need to chillax, you need to take some time off and refuel and you will find that there are plenty of words when mercury is declining.

Hence, this is what you should focus on. So there are some general rules suggestions I wouldn't call them rules. They are really suggestions because they're here to help you again.

It's all about swimming with the flow of energy, and when you're in a rush and moving forward, it's really important that you follow these guidelines. Okay, because what happens during Mercury retrograde is that your thinking changes, so we apply these guidelines because after Mercury retrograde your mind will be different, there will be different information in it. One of the things you might have heard not to do during Mercury retrograde is signing contracts, why now? Again, because you change your mind and don't necessarily want to commit to someone or something when the mercury goes down, because usually afterwards, if it goes right, there is a remedy.

It can happen that things are overlooked. So if you do need to actually sign a contract while the Mercury is in decline, it is recommended that you look at someone so you can look at other details to see the things you may be missing out on and make sure you do so thoroughly read and know that if you have to sign a contract, don't be afraid. You just have to know that there may be some changes in electronics buying now that we won't.

We'll talk about what is not recommended first. So, buy large appliances or cars, or make large purchases. Why is this again because you're likely to change your mind and not want to commit to something that you do? You might think that afterwards you might realize that you want something else, for example, you bought a 15-inch computer and then later you realized that this thing was too big.

I want something lighter I want something smaller I want something that is more portable or maybe the other way around, it's something like that. So if you're making a big purchase or something like that, make sure you have a return option on it or buy a warranty. So if you worry about something later or something goes wrong you have some kind of safety precaution because you may actually have to buy something while Mercury is retrograde, because things break, so the reason things break when Mercury is retrograde is often it is not like a random thing, nothing is random, it is one of those things that if something was already not on a right foundation, or something was wrong, or something was not stable, then it is during regression when that reveals so it's not like it's one out of the blue, it's a bit like wow, that was on the verge of failure all along and during the Mercury retrograde, when that turns out, okay, so y They know it can happen in the way you communicate too.

I remember many years ago when I just had a few hundred people on my newsletter list and sent emails through Gmail, not like a real email system, but about Jima there is a long time ago, some time ago and me remember it was during a retrograde Mercury. I sent an email and found that my emails are only being sent to 25 people at a time and I have sent them to a few hundred people realized during Mercury retrograde see Ari realized an art you word, I did it during the recognized retrograde Mercury but it was something that was broken all along and something happened to me again years later, you are still years ago but like us a different email situation I finally had a real email Delivery service for my newsletters, but when people forwarded my email and other people signed up for my newsletter, their names didn't match and disappeared like one per son and I discovered that while Mercury is in decline. No, it's frustrating when it happens.

You think why is this happening to me The universe hates me right now, but really The universe protects you because you discover something that was broken in this particular case, it was a system, a form of communication and it gave me the opportunity to fix it, to revise it, fix it so I don't lose people on my newsletter in the future. So you see, in these situations it's really like the trickster energy trying to help you, there are other situations like you're writing a book or a newsletter or whatever and that's me in front of you Blog post happens where I write and as if everything in my energy is telling me to stop it's like I'm exhausted I don't think clearly anymore and keep pushing my way It's like I always want to know that I am Just want to end it, no, I just want to get it done and all of a sudden, all of a sudden, whenever it just disappears into cyberspace, it's gone forever, that's a Mercury retrograde thing - why is that because I'm pushing forward, so when you four Pushing things forward that shouldn't be forced when you're trying to do things the universe tells you, it's time to stop, it's not time to move forward, it's time to come back, it it is time to u check it is time to look at what you already have thats when the cheater. ? ? ? ? ? ?????????????????????????? Energy is happening so remember when that happens when all these annoying things happen, like knowing your flight is delayed while Mercury Travel like with anything you planned leave plenty of room for during retrograde Mercury First of all, your energy will be different because your energy is more inward than outward during the decline and it is not an advancing energy, so you want that flexibility in all of your events that you have during Mercury retrograde.

Remember to stay flexible so I have some suggestions on what to do during Mercury retrograde what was talked about was be flexible, please be flexible, good, um the other thing is very helpful to practice to be present so it's not like running ahead of energy that gets us into trouble and creates that trickster to get you back in and gathering your thoughts and feelings that you missed at other times of the year when you just did just want to race, so this is the time to really catch up. I know what you think and feel and collect this information that is very, very important for you to move forward. You know, I see people walking as often as I am with their dogs and looking at their phones. 'walk the dogs or they drive the car and they look at the phone.

It's like looking at your phone twice unless you're watching this article. Hope it's helpful, but in general it's like putting it down. Be here in your life...

Be present Be with your dog Be present while driving Be present with yourself and the people in your life and don't think about what to do next or we will try to do more, be you here and notice what you are thinking and what you are feeling and observing, so really another way to do this is to take more time to meditate and / or write during Mercury decline because that will help you find yourself catch up with yourself and and really connect with who you think and feel that you may not notice it, but maybe you are on autopilot sometimes, you know that too. I didn't say this before, but it's not so good to start new things or try new projects while Mercury is retrograde, but you can start something of course, or that if you've already shared something with the world, it's up to you Time to repeat something. Another thing to be absolutely aware of during Mercury retrograde is to have a sense of humor.

Life is hilarious, the universe is hilarious and when you remember those times that things go wrong, by and large this is really here to help you and not take yourself or life as seriously, ever the more you become lighter and have a sense of humor. That's what trickster energy helps you. Let yourself laugh when you are so stressed and you really want to burn your forehead and freak out.

Just laughing and seeing what happens will change your body chemistry so I just made the laugh are all the important words so reflect renew revise repair regenerate - Rhett Really create tension through a massage letting go of negative thoughts It's a great time for anything, everything re yo you can imagine the piles of paper you wanted to check is a good time to check out the things that sat there that you wanted to fix. It's a great time to do the things you know that are good too, revise your work or revise your website, or revise texts that you have instead of like. Let's say you are writing something and instead of writing more chapters it is good to go back and edit it so it all goes back.

Things are what this time is really important for and it is also a wonderful time for healing your subconscious mind program everything to do with healing, letting go of the past, reviewing the past so that you can revise and rework the past so that you can create your own future, so it's all so productive at this time. So if you really know and put it on your calendar, fine during Mercury retrograde. I have it planned and I will take more time to myself and take care of all of the things that I always wanted to take care of I will not push myself on I will not overdo it I will think and renew my energy and rejuvenate and let go What does not serve me magical time regression specifically for your numerology It is so helpful if you know this and can get this information for free from the link below.

It is so much fun realizing how accurate and specific the universe is and that nothing is random, I encourage you to download this link that the free numerology guide is temporarily declining. It's really fun and really informative. I hope it helped you have fun and make the most of this magical time we call Mercury retrograde.

So if you liked this article I liked it. Feel free to share it with your friends and subscribe. I would like to hear from you.

Feel free to leave a comment below about how you manifest yourself during Mercury retrograde. It's an amazing time so thanks again and I have a lot more to share with you so stay tuned and I'll be talking to you soon

What should you not do during Mercury retrograde?

Popular DON'Ts during Mercury Rx:

  • Do not sign contracts and submit important documents.
  • Do not start a project that will take more than a day to complete.
  • Do not purchase gadgets, electronics, vehicles and anything with moving parts.
  • Do not renew your passport or apply for a visa.
  • Do not trust your memory.

How will Mercury in retrograde affect me?

According to Daisy, Mercury being in retrograde could cause huge relationship challenges, such as cheating, betrayal or loss of intimacy. She says: 'As this planet appears to retreat, it may feel like it's all going wrong in your love life, as you bring up issues and arguments from the past.27 2021 .

Who is affected by Mercury Retrograde 2021?

There will be three Mercury retrograde periods in 2021. All three will fall in air signs: Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. The first retrograde of 2021 spans from January 30 to February 20 in Aquarius. The second time in 2021 that Mercury appears to cruise in reverse lasts from May 29 to June 22 in Gemini. .

Namaste and welcome to Sonali joshi's astrojyoti healing and branding services. Today we are going to see information about declining mercury. Mercury is a planet of intelligence.

It shows your intellect, your abilities, your abilities - looking with analytical thoughts. Mercury indicates your presence. It's about your batchmates Mercury also denotes all seasons.

Mercury rules or the nervous system. And when that mercury goes down. It means that it behaves differently than its normal function in your chart.

Mercury rules or your language, your communication skills, mercury goes down about 20% of the time all year round. So if you are born with declining mercury it means you are not alone. There are more people with you who were born with a purpose in this placement and mercury is going down.

People are seen talking too much already. Don't speak at all. In general, this means that communication skills are definitely impaired - retro planets are strong planets, depending on where that Mercury is in your chart.

You will find that you have an extraordinary ability to deal with the importance of this home. For example, someone placed Mercury in the third house retrograde. You might be working in the telecommunications field.

They could be radio jockey, they could be excellent speakers. You must think this Mercury is retrograde, how to do it, why can these people still perform these functions. The most important factor is the way they communicate, will be different from other people, you have to think these people have declining mercury.

How can you work in the field of communication. How can anyone be a public speaker with a goal of mercury. Well, there is a catch here; whenever someone has recorded mercury, and even when they do the work that has to do with communication or the meaning of this planet, something different, and so these people will have a special style of speaking , To make speeches, to read the way they use the words.

And these skills will definitely be different from others who have direct mercury. If you have Mercury as your Rashi Lord, or Lagna Lord, that means you have Gemini ascendant or Virgo ascendant then definitely your communication, and the meanings related to Mercury will be different from anyone who has that direct Mercury on you are born with the function to do something special with this planet. So I observed that the humans Venus and Jupiter must be retrograde.

People are usually into teaching, coaching, or consulting on aesthetics, beauty, movies, or anything Jupiter and Venus related is portfolio, and so declining mercury will deal with communication business skills, but n have another Style than others. When someone has sublime mercury, when someone has retrograde mercury. You are strong mercury.

When that literal Mercury is Virgo, in your horoscope. That means they are in the same sign on your d un chart as well Your D-nine child, then this is definitely a strong Mercury, the case to be taken when you have Mercury retrograde. That said, we need to know when to stop.

Stop working this planet so you will feel the burn, you will feel tired. And that's the hardest part when a planet is retrograde in terms of chakra meditation. This declining mercury may be associated with the vegetation of the Muladhara chakra.

Mercury controls the senses, the sense of smell. And sometimes, when people have declining mercury, you will find that they either have an excellent sense of smell, or they have allergy problems, or problems willing to cool off and take care of something that is blocking their sense of smell - and can do these Chakra meditation help take care of the planets that are retrograde and when it comes to Mercury. It's about the Muladhara chakra.

When people have declining mercury. You act like impractical people, you don't understand? what works in reality. and therefore if you are willing to like theory.

You need to understand. You act slightly differently from others. It is always good to get help from your siblings, your classmates or your teammates when you make a decision meeting, which is always helpful during this period, you may find that people forget their dates.

Sometimes people will promise that I will call you now and this time and they will forget. This is normal, this is natural So make a point of writing down firm memories so that you don't miss anything important, you can always work in the garden, small pets with your siblings regularly discuss with your group mates, any type of group p- Activities related to communication will always help you make practical decisions. Mercury is not bad mercury.

It is the mercury that is in your horoscope for a reason. So you don't have to be afraid of it. Hope this article helps you understand how retrograde mercury works and how to work with it and what to do about it.

Share this article if you know someone has retrograde mercury or want to learn more about astrology. If you are new to it , please subscribe to this channel so you can watch upcoming articles on interesting topics, thank you for all the comments, replies and support of this channel. Namaste.

Thank you Shubham astu.

How long does Mercury transit last?

Mercury began its journey across the sun at 7:35 a.m. EST (1235 GMT), and the entire transit took roughly 5 and a half hours, ending at 1:04 p.m. EST (1804 GMT), according to NASA. .

How does Mercury retrograde affect Natal Mercury retrograde?

According to astrologer Nic Gaudette on The Dark Pixie Astrology, people with Mercury retrograde in their natal charts can be insecure about how they're perceived by others. Because their minds work differently, non-Mercury-retro people often have trouble understanding where Mercury-retro-born folks are coming from. .

Does Mercury retrograde affect relationships?

Mercury Retrograde has the effect of hiding information, which can lead to one person in the relationship looking at the relationship through rose-colored glasses, Terrones cautions. Remember: clarity! Be objective and take things slowand maybe use Spell Check when texting your crush, too. .

How does Mercury retrograde affect us 2021?

Mercury Retrograde 2021: The Effects On Love And Relationships. The June 2021 Mercury Retrograde sees Venus, the ruler of love and relationships, move into Cancer. The homebody energy of Cancer will not only affect the shifting mood of Gemini season but influence money too (another area Venus is also associated with). .

How will Mercury retrograde affect 2021?

The retrograde might make a big impact on your life and turn things upside down. The pace of life and rather unwelcome changes can feel very unsettling and disturb you. Expect snags and delays in the coming few weeks. Do not try to control everything and treat things with caution. .

What sign is mercury in now?

During this retrograde cycle, Mercury will be backspinning through its home sign of Gemini and because it's also currently Gemini season 2021, the retrograde effects may be amplified. .