How will Saturn transit affect me?

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How will Saturn transit affect me?

Saturn which rules the third and fourth house from your Moon Sign, will transit into your third house explained in Saturn Transit 2020. This transit will bring an end to the Sade Sati period that you had been facing. You may feel lethargic and may not complete your work in time.

Namaste and welcome to Sonali Joshi's Astrojyoti healing. In this article we will see the effects of retrograde Saturn on all signs. Welcome back to Sonali Joshi's YouTube channel.

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Rahu Ketu are always. When Saturn is retrograde. Saturn It's about karma.

Usually people have the option to repay their karma. Usually Saturn is viewed as someone who can bring a lot of hurdles, delays and when that Saturn is retrograde things can be done very quickly. It's karma.

It is a karmic planet and so it is sometimes another opportunity to repay our karma. And the necessary repayment cannot be negative. Sometimes someone will return.

It all depends on the individual horoscope. Now let's see what the meaning is. If you have Saturn retrograde in your natal chart.

That means when you were born Saturn was already retrograde. It means you have certain things Repeatedly doing in your life are born with some karma. That has to be done in this life.

Does that mean that everything will be turned upside down. No, Saturn goes retrograde approximately 36% of the time of the year. That means that you are not alone on this journey.

There are so many people born with this placement. Stay away from the retrograde time frames of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, they are decided too, and there are many people born with these placements because you are here to do certain karma related to this planet. Those of you who have retrograde Saturn.

You will find yourself working on similar projects over and over again. Basically to repeat. Why repeat because we have to learn from our mistakes, we have to do some things better.

Those of you who were born with retrograde Saturn usually have one thing in common. Most of the time, these people are workaholics. They don't know when to stop.

Very rarely have I seen a person who has retrograde Saturn and is very lazy, but we find these extremes. Either you are a constant work person or very few will fall into the category of always avoiding high work, physical work. And you must be thinking, what are we going to do now? every time we become Saturn retrograde.

There is a part, a specific part that you need to repeat and that will be decided based on the placement of Saturn in your horoscope and Rashi in 2021 when Saturn is in the sign of Capricorn retrograde. That means everything it has to do with its discipline and high status, taking responsibility. Follow the discipline.

Do your hard work and repeat this. It can happen that your father did something good for others and you can receive returns. But you have to continue this chain.

So work hard and help someone on a health basis. I usually see people with autoimmune diseases, people with high levels of stress related to chakra meditation. When you have retrograde Saturn it means that your Anahat chakra is being blocked, you need to do the meditation that is associated with it.

You don't have to be afraid of the return that a satin will always remember. You have to find a balance between a lot of work. Absolutely no work to try to be perfection is to seek that balance, this way you will understand the importance of other and other things in life.

However, the best remedy for retrograde Saturn is to make sure you know when it is inadvisable to stop excess, and hence when that Saturn goes retrograde, you will be sure to notice emergency things. All the projects that are going really well. You could suddenly get out of the cycle, and the things that we do not get anywhere, they can certainly move forward and are finished declining is usually difficult to predict.

This time Saturn is retrograde in its own sign. That means he has a lot of strength, a lot of support. And if in your natal chart.

This Saturn has a good dignity, then you have less disturbance from this retrograde. It will work in your favor. Now let's see how this works for all of the signs starting with Aries.

If you have the Moon in Aries, Saturn going retrograde in your 10th house will affect your work, your workplace, or your relationship with your father. If you have the Moon in Taurus, Rashi Saturn will be retrograde in your ninth house. That means you will notice.

Suddenly some uncertainty, some irregularities in the way mentors treat you or your views on religion. As you go through your college education, you will suddenly notice if there are others around. You go away now.

But your ninth house of Dharma duty is affected, you might be in confusion over any decision base. Let this regression happen, let it go a week or so, and then you make the decision. If you have moon in Gemini, that happens in your eighth house.

The eighth house is about sudden ends, new beginnings. It's about your in-laws, your inheritance. And it's about something that is hidden.

The basic idea is not to make any changes. For the first week. When the second is recorded, and then you can make the change.

As you like. When You moon in Cancer, you characterize Saturn in your seventh house in retrograde. You will find that your spouse suddenly changes their behavior.

You will find that the partnerships you have are a bit strange, did not respond instantly, will pass. And then you can react to that. If you have moon in lion-like ice, Saturday will bring you your sixth house.

The sixth house is about your physical health, your illnesses, dates as well as your daily karma can notice that the domestic health that you have, the serv is ants working for you or someone who reports to you can certainly be different cautious than before. Or maybe they are not available. Suddenly you have to let the first week go by and then act enemies are worried, you will notice the unpredictable behavior in this term.

When you have moon in Virgo. Can't see that Saturn is retrograde in the fifth house. The fifth house is now opening.

It's about your education on romantic relationships that have creativity, as well as children. You will find that this is a regular pattern there. However, you just have to wait.

Let the first week go by. You can react after the COVID. Yes.

Moon in Libra if Saturn is retrograde in your fourth house. You will notice some sudden changes in behavior by family members. Your mom could suddenly change the size.

Let that first week go by, however, and then and then you can make a decision on whether to buy new property, sell some vehicle, or how to react to how your family treats you. Let the first week of your penal return pass and then you can do something. When you have moon in Scorpio.

Saturn is going retrograde in your third house. Notice the style of communication. The fear of driving is changing now.

You are able to make certain decisions. However, don't react in the first week of decline and you can make these changes later. Wherever Saturn is retrograde.

Remember, there is karma associated with this house. So be careful, be aware that there is something you are helping with pairing, helping someone drive, or you can work on your communication, help someone, talk to someone, and help them. When you have Moon in Sagittarius your second home will be retrograde.

The second house is about the food you eat. It's about earning. It's about your family values.

It's also about the whole value system you have, if Saturn is retrograde there, it means you have karma towar it is a good idea to earn your family to support the elders. Your family is a good idea to reverse this karma. Do not make any abrupt changes.

Go slowly but always remember that when you have Moon in Capricorn because it feels like Saturn is going through the first house retrograde the means it gives you the opportunity to carry out certain karma. Most likely, this will get you into the highest status. Most likely we have some social responsibility, but we don't make an abrupt change in the first week after that before Saturn goes retrograde, and then you can make that decision.

When you have Moon in Aquarius Kumbha rashi, Saturn will go retrograde in your 12th house. That means that you have a certain karma associated with spirituality, donations, international positions, import and export of our simple cause as your daily, sleep, sleep routine, meditation, yoga, this own privacy. Do not make any changes to it.

Let the first week go by after the ritual and then you can take up some activity or what? Whatever you do, you can take it back to the 1000s through your ancestors too. So, think about the blessings of your ancestors and show them your gratitude. When you have moon in Pisces.

Then Saturn will be in your 11th house. House of real estate, awards, wishes, business circles, networks of friends. You are given the opportunity to help someone through your networking circles.

Big data opportunity. But don't make abrupt changes, politically they went home. It will rain in the first, and Sam should be followed at Saturn in October.

I hope this article helps understand how to deal with retrograde Saturn. You won't be the only one. There are other people with you on this journey who literally have planets in their horoscope.

It means that you have to do some karma in this life. Always try to find a balance between your work. And the way you help others.

I hope this article helps you with the regression of the Saturn. Also watch the articles of Jupiter retrograde from Mercury and Mars retrograde from this channel. I will share the link in the description as soon as they are posted.

And if you can are new to this channel, please subscribe to this channel. Namaste, thank you shubham astu.

Which houses are good for Saturn transit?

The transit of Saturn in tenth house is inauspicious for the native and he should maintain patience during this period. The native enjoys life with full enthusiasm. There is a marked increase in the respect of the native. He gets promotion in his job.

In the last article we talked about Jupiter in the 8004 area. In this article we are going to talk about what happens when you have Saturn yes Saturn in the 8,000 host code raise your vibrations and become your true self with the help of Vedic astrology. These articles will help you get into Vedic astrology faster, in case you have any questions, ask your question in the comments section of the related article I read all the comments and try to answer almost all of the comments If you have any questions, please let me know also add on Instagram for harmonic astrology.

Took my seat in the 8th house, but before we talk about Saturn in the 8th house, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Saturn is negativity, which is Saturn's polar opposite of Chupa, Jupiter is the Planet of optimism Saturn is the planet of pessimism Jupiter is about abundance At Saturn it is about scarcity, positivity Saturn is about negativity Jupiter is about optimism and belief and Saturn is about negativity and distrust Jupiter is the planet of higher believes things that cannot be seen and Saturnis is the most practical planet Jupiter is the planner of wisdom Saturn is the planet of efforts okay Saturn is so everything that is negative in your life Saturn limits you according to age, time and abilities Saturn means Death Restriction Age Age All of this can be seen with Saturn. Now this planet comes into the eighth house eighth house is the second from the seventh house which is that T annest up to the seven thousand eight house is the house of common property eighth house is the house of big money like inheritance insurance government taxes eighth house is 11 seats away from the tenth house so the profits from your tenth house can also be seen with the ethers eighth House is a house of length a reproduction Sexcharisma eighth house is the house of ups and downs and transformation Birth and rebirth Death and rebirth is the theme of the eighth house, when you die and reborn is its transformation and it is suddenly okay, so go it also in the eighth house around the common desert is also above the sale eighth house is also the house of the things that are buried under the earth eight thousand above the mysticism and consider astrology psychology all these things can be seen with the eighth house now what happens when Saturn comes into the eighth house we're at the end of the eighth house series now surely comes into the a Right house of your horoscope the planet of slow motion will be in the house with seven ups and downs, so this species will reduce the ups and downs in the life of the natives, his life becomes predictable, not exactly predictable, but that these ups and downs of the eighth House to be reduced to some extent due to the action of the planet's setter of discipline, commitment and sincerity comes in the second house of thetennis thong from the seven thousand ok so the second in the eighth house tends to get a good result in terms of your marriage too the eighth house person leads a disciplined life and has a traditional and orthodox connection with their in-laws because Saturn is Orthodox, which gives them stability in marriage. As Saturn gives stability to the game, the planet of delay comes into the house of death Saturn is the planet of delay and the 8th house is the house of volatility Usually called en it is the house of death, but it is none other than the life force that delays death, so it is the house of length e how much you will survive and now the delay planner comes in to delay death ie There is a longer life The eighth house Saturn person has a longer life The planet of loneliness comes into the house of secrecy The second is an old man who likes to be alone, it's not like an independent Mars who is energetic and yet he wants to achieve his goals on his own, not a second is an old guy who did that, who it was.

Then he did that and now suddenly he has seen all the ups and downs of life and now he’s okay, that’s the nature of Saturn's planet. Second, I'm not talking about the eighth house placement and the inherent nature of Saturn always viewing him as an older man for you to understand even better his meanings, especially those with the disciplined maturity and wisdom of all of these things you always think of as Imagine older, the planet of loneliness comes into the house of secrecy Saturn loves to be low -key and secret and alone and always working for himself he likes this environment and the eighth house offers this darkness mysterious environment for alone Saturn, so Saturn loves the eighth house for this meaning, the planet of intelligence comes to the house of mysteries and occults Saturn is intelligent, there it can be negativity, but this negativity is essential for you so that you don't get carried away with too much positivity and you Therefore, those who are around you can identify the true faces of the people around you is Saturn da Saturn is an intelligent guy don't think he's stupid no he may be negative he may be limiting he may be old but he is intelligent and he has the intelligence coupled with the hard work and determination and the discipline so it is his choice, his intelligence may not be as pervasive or pervasive as a mercury, but he has this patience and hard work that sharpens his intelligence so now if he digs in the thousands he doesn't stop until he is at the root, this is his quality saturn will not stop until he knows this mystery, if there is a whole science or if there is no concept that you know is very mysterious he will go and search everything is available on the internet offline books articles news people people who are working on doing research that his own implementation he will do whatever it takes to be solve the mystery to reveal this mys he is unstoppable the planet of mistrust comes into the house of the abstract eighth house is an abstract house just like 12 it's also very abstract house you know all houses after the seventh house are kind of abstract Houses Okay if you look at the houses the first house is a laganaphysical body the second is your family Torys siblings mother children and your enemies these are the material houses even 7,000 your spouse so from first until 7:00 all houses are tangible houses and when you start from the 8th house all houses are immaterial and abstract houses 8. house is the house of death 9. house is the house of parkia 10. house is the house of karma 11. houses the house made of lava the 12th house is the house of moksha sotheres there is nothing he can see feel and trust only Jupiter can understand all these things like Moksha can understand this lava okay Kuramasturn he loves it but all other houses he cannot understand m because they are abstract and immaterial, the hard work planet comes into the house of life force, so these people tend to work hard these people have the ability to work harder than anyone else because the planet of hard work is coming into the house of life force, so now you have the patience to work longer hours, it can be exhausting, but you will from the eighth house Saturn aspects the tenth house with its third aspect second house with its seventh aspect and the fifth house with its tenth aspect subtle aspects the tenth house of the horoscope with the third aspect the planet of labor discipline patience hard work is to consider the house of karma so that the person always works hard to his work and career to improve, all right, so the roadhouse aspect also has the energy of the third house which is about the self-effort, so now Saturn Aspect from the eighth house with the third aspect, which is about self-exertion due to the third house element, which is to look at the tent h house of career and work Karma Stan and that is Saturn, so this is all about that Karma, so the eighth house Saturn is the best position for an advancement in your career okay from the eighth house second aspects the second house of the horoscope second house is everything about your speech your money your finances your family your friendsSo if Saturn the second house of the horoscope As for what it shows that these people speak less, spend less because of Saturn's language restriction, and the finances are not about the spending habits of the second house, it is one of the 12th house, but the Saturnian effect on the second house makes them generally cautious about finances, be it what they treasure and save and how they will spend it from the 8th house Saturn the fifth house with the 10,000 the house is about your hobbies it is about your creative talents it is about painting cinema drama passions all these things can be seen together with children and education, so if saturn as pectsthis house it makes the person disciplined towards their children the person with them Saturn in the eighth house is very I am not saying but is very careful with their children the person with the eighth house Saturn also careful with the education he is always careful with the education he will for himself and his Adopt children and there may be delays in education due to the Saturnian effect on education, but he is careful with it, wants to receive education and he understands the importance of it and is ready to discipline the actions that can make it happen, but he himself is convinced of the importance of education, okay, soy, that was Saturn, as far as I could grasp it, and share with you what to see next if you are new to astrology and see how to get started with Vedic Astrology or you can check out my Ascendant Series of Ascending Science or you can check out one of my playlists and get started , the fascinating world of Ve. to explore dic astrology sends you lots of positive energies send your high vibrations into the next articles love and peace

How long do Saturn transits last?

? Transit (moving) Saturn is a slower moving planet, spending about 2 1/2 years in each sign. The aspects it makes to your natal planets last for 2 weeks up to 2 months, and in the houses, Saturn can remain for over 2 years.

Rhonda, thanks for your question! The Greek lots or Arabic parts are sensitive points in the table. They are usually calculated using the relationships between three points in the table; the part of happiness, which is certainly the most famous of the Arabic parts, is calculated using the distances between the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. The part of happiness is so popular because it represents money, and money is always one of the top three concerns of anyone who has ever consulted an astrologer in the history of astrology, but understanding how to get on with the part of astrology is important Luck works.

The happiness part is a sensitive issue. Sensitive points in the chart, which include the angles, the lunar nodes, and the Arabic parts, are not physical bodies. They don't shine light, and that means they don't make any aspects; they can only receive it.

For example, if you have the Mars trine Jupiter in your natal chart, both Mars and Jupiter will experience this aspect. The areas of life ruled by your Mars become more extensive, and the areas of life ruled by your Jupiter become more aggressive. But when you have the ascendant Mars Trine, the energy only flows in one direction.

How you appear and deal with the world becomes more direct and focused, but the areas of life that are ruled by your Mars remain untouched. One point is that they do not have EssentialDignity. Traditional astrology relies heavily on Essential Dignity to evaluate the relative power and influence of the planets in the chart.

You can't tell how much money you might have by looking at the luck part. the Greeks valued the planet that rules that part of happiness. This gets confusing because when ancient astrologers talked about fortune (the part of happiness) they often meant the planet that rules happiness.

Part of happiness, not part of happiness itself. Often - but not always. The house placement of the part of happiness was important, and it was also important when a planet was 'with' the part of happiness, a term that opened up yet another can of worms.

As far as I can tell, the only aspects that were important to Hellenistic astrologers in relation to the lots or the parts were conjunctions. But since they also worked with whole sign aspects, every planet would be in the same sign as the part of happiness “with” the part of happiness. A partial conjunction where the planet has the same total degree as the happiness part would be much more meaningful, but that is the only distinction they seemed to make.

So let's summarize. The happiness part is a sensitive point in the natal chart that represents your money and assets. But the planet that rules the part of happiness also represents your money and assets.

Triggers on either the part of happiness or the planet that rules that part of happiness could affect your money flow. If you are looking at aspects on a sensitive point, you need to use a very small sphere. In the natal chart, I allow a 2 ° - Sphere for aspects on sensitive points, but if you consider dynamic aspects like transits, progressions or directions, I only allow a 1 ° sphere.

And that brings us to the question of transits. The ancients have nothing to say about transits into the happiness part because the ancients did not use transits for predictions. The popularity of transits - and their presence as the main predictive trigger - is very new.

The full potential of your life - including all potential events and experiences - is contained in your natal chart. The potential of the horoscope unfolds over time, but if an experience is not included in the chart it will never happen. Not everyone has the potential to be incredibly rich, or world famous, or even to live long, healthy lives.

However, everyone has the potential to be perfectly happy because happiness has nothing! do with any external trimmings. In predictive natal astrology, transits are mainly used as indicators of timing. Transits activate the potential contained in a primary direction or a secondary progression.

However, transits only matter if they can trigger something. Pluto moving over your part of happiness may or may not be a trigger for you. It depends on what else is going on in your horoscope for your money, resources, and wealth.

If the potential is in your chart, the transit of Pluto coupled with your part of happiness could be a time of powerful financial gain. But it all depends on what's going on with your Saturn, the planet that rules your part of happiness in Capricorn. Saturn, the ruler of your part of happiness, shows your wealth potential in this life and triggers Saturn, far more than just being triggers for the part of happiness, financial ups and downs will correspond to financial ups and downs.

Remember, Pluto will be within 1 ° of your part of happiness for approximately two years, and during that time there is a greater chance that triggers for Saturn will have an impact on your finances. Whether this results in financial gains or financial loss depends on the type of trigger for Saturn.

How long does it take Saturn to transit a sign?

Saturn is definitely cruel to be kind. It takes Saturn between 28 and 30 years to move across all twelve signs of the zodiac, and it dwells in each sign for approximately three years. .

What happens in a Saturn return?

With the first Saturn return, a person leaves youth behind and enters adulthood. With the second return, maturity. And with the third and usually final return, a person enters wise old age. These periods are estimated to occur at roughly the ages of 2731, 5660 and 8490.

Which house is bad for Saturn?

Saturn is considered good in houses 2nd , 3rd and 7th to 12th, whereas 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th houses are bad for Saturn. Sun, Moon and Mars are its enemies, Venus, Mercury and Rahu are friends and Jupiter and Ketu are neutral to it. .

Which sign is good for Saturn?

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn, and it's particularly comfortable here. If this is your Saturn sign, you feel the burden of commitment and responsibility more than othersso much so that you can have extremely high standards for yourself and others.

What happens when Saturn matures?

Saturn matures from 35th till 36th year. Usually at this age some important Saturn lessons comes our wayabout endurance, perseverance, overcoming suffering, taking extra responsibilities, paying off some karmic debt, completing some hard karma.

What happens when Saturn transits 8th house?

Saturn Transiting the 8th house often indicates a lack of help in finances. It rules the money of other people whereas the 2nd house is the money you earn. Saturn transiting the 8th house gives you a feeling of having to do everything on your own. Feeling utterly overwhelmed. .

What happened last time Saturn was in Aquarius?

The last time Saturn was in technological Aquarius was back in 1994, which was around the time the world wide web was invented and started to really take off, Mont?far says. 'The Aquarian energy is also humanistic and socialist, so this transit means that activism is here to stay.' .