Is Retrograde Saturn good?

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Is Retrograde Saturn good?

Saturn is also the planet that rules karma. So this retrograde is a good time to take stock of your past behavior; you might wind up paying for any negative actions or unresolved issues that have been festering. This isn't a bad thing.10 2020 .

In the last article we discussed about Jupiter retrograde and how Jupiter's retrograde energy resembles a Saturnian energy. In this article we are going to talk about retrogression Saturn in your horoscope Jupiter retrogression in your horoscope. Today we are going to talk about Saturn retrogression in your horoscope.

But before we talk about Saturn retrogression, let me ask you to step back, burn or excitement or not seeing weaknesses as good or bad, and you have to look for the solutions, the practical solutions, to deal with it. Your reaction has the power to change the situation. Once again.

Your response to any situation has the power to change that situation. If you react, there is a chance that you might be able to change the situation, no matter how difficult the situation may look the first time. But you're just reacting quickly and in a hurry, not reacting, reacting in a hurry We don't have that control to change the situation.

So let's not think in terms of good and bad for the retrograde planets. Today we are going to talk about the high karmic Saturn retrogression. Retrogression is an unusual thing, it's not the direct movement.

We've talked about it a lot, and if you haven't seen the retrogression series, check out my retrogression series. We have talked about almost all planets and today we are going to talk about the Saturn retrogression. And this will be the last article in the retrogression planet series.

Saturn goes retrograde for almost four months, four to five months. 30 years, 29 and a half years, more than 29 and a half years to go through all the rashis. He stays in a rashi for almost two and a half years, which is why we have the Sade Sati.

Sade Sati is nothing, but if you have Saturn moving through the rashi before your rashi, your rashi and the next rashi Saturn will be in Libra, in Scorpio, the rashi itself and the next rashi, then new rashi. So you have two and a half years, two and a half years, and two and a half years. So it's seven and a half years.

That is why it is called Sade Sati, which is nothing. but seven and a half. So yes, it takes Saturn two and a half years to move from one rashi to another.

And therefore, it takes more than 29 years to complete and go through all of the rashis. Saturn is all about karmas. Saturn stores your karma.

Saturn is the karaka of your karma. Why? Because in the Kundalini organizari Kundalini caliber it shows the tent house, the Marrakech comes to the 10th house and the Lavas Tanais is also ruled by the airy Aquarius. So Saturn is very critical.

So what happens when you have Saturn retrograde in your chart? Saturn will retrogression for nearly 140 days, with five days before retrogression and five days after retrogression being stationary, accounting for nearly 36% of its orbit. What it means is that you have to keep reorganizing, rethinking, and looking inside yourself about what you are doing. With retrograde Jupiter, you have to analyze your ideologies, your philosophies, your inspirations.

With retrograde Saturn, you need to think about what you are doing, your karma. And the whole meaning of Saturn. If you haven't seen the Saturn article we covered all of the Saturn meanings in the Saturn article discussion.

I will include a link to this article in the description, or maybe a button. Saturn retrograde makes a person very shy and is very ...

The person with Saturn retrograde turns fearful in their horoscope. Fear is the theme of retrograde Saturn. The person with retrograde Saturn is afraid of external forces, of social forces.

Why, because Saturn is all about the masses. So the person with retrograde Saturn is afraid, has the phobia of the external forces that he has to deal with, with it he has to fight. If you have to overcome your Saturn retrograde, I don't say good or bad, but if you do want to overcome difficulties and challenges caused by the Saturn r Etrograd in your life, you have ...

The first thing to do is to face your fears. Because fears are the subject of Saturn. So these people are f have the phobia of external forces.

Next, what is Saturn? Saturn is all about the 10th house, which is your karma, including the authorities. The person and the authority, so these people have the difficulty communicating with their bosses, with the higher authorities, are unable to communicate to the authorities what they are feeling because of the Saturn retrogression, right? You know that now, don't you? You can't, what you can do for it is making an effort to communicate your feelings. What is your point of view towards the authorities that will really alleviate the awkwardness and anxiety in you about this.

Saturn is all about karma, and when you have Saturn retrograde these people are very shy and introverted. Do you have this, do you believe that life is something that happens to them. Hey believe that there is a divine force that is some happiness creates and they have no control over their lives.

So you don't have free will. This is going to happen anyway. How to freely overcome this by bringing more familiar with you, by taking action.

Once you start taking action, your life will manifest in a better way. And you will not feel like a victim, so can you with that Dealing with retrograde Saturn more confidently. Saturn is all about the world, karma, 10th house, as we discussed.

And when that energy is internalized, you have an opportunity to rethink your work ethic. Think about what you are doing in your life. To reorganize work and work-related things.

And when Saturn is in decline, you can get very good insight into the ongoing project. This may not be the ideal time to start a new project, but putting your effort into the current project will provide you with very valuable insights and things that you may not have learned otherwise about your own projects. Satu rn like declining people the company of an intellectual and spiritual person.

This is an extremely positive side of Saturn because Saturn is a very slow moving planet and when a planet like Saturn goes retrograde and internalizes it likes to think about its own karma in some ways it becomes conscious and spiritual. And so he likes the company of the spiritual person. He thinks he can get the answers to all of his questions.

Saturn retrograde, gives the person unusual abilities to work beyond their capabilities, Why? Because this is the energy of Saturn, and now it has become even more conscious. That's not it, Saturn likes to be very restrictive, shy and pessimistic. He will always ask you questions.

Why? He always will, Saturn will always ask you questions about why, when, how. It's necessary? It is not optimistic and hopeful like Jupiter. He's a pessimistic guy so he'll ask you questions.

He will ask you why what is what. In addition, the person with retro Saturn retrograde can work their wisdom and skills. In this way, these people can understand other people even better.

You can understand the situation. You can understand one person much better than any other person. So these people are very good at understanding the other person.

The person with retrograde Saturn must learn from past experiences. He must learn from his own mistakes and correct those mistakes. Saturn is here to show you what it is.

It is not here to show you the positivity, the wisdom, the belief, the hope. He's not there to show you hope, like Jupiter. If your life is great he will show you how it is.

If your life sucks, he'll show you what it is. He won't give you hope, it will show you reality. Saturn is all about reality.

When you have a retrograde Saturn, you have an opportunity to learn from your mistakes, to learn from your past experiences. Put those experiences into your current action and improve your better, improve your tomorrow in some ways, that's good. Good, but you've made up your mind not to q you can call it good or bad, right? That's exactly what it is.

If you have Saturn in your horoscope retrograde, it is very good for spirituality. It gives you the foundation to move forward in spirituality. You have the wisdom and you have the right attitude towards advancement in spirituality.

Once you have retrograde Saturn in your horoscope, it means that you have a certain past life karma that is helpful for your spiritual advancement in this life. That is why you have retrograde Saturn, and now you have that power to protect your spirituality, to move forward on the path of spirituality. Spirituality, the Saturnis are very important to spirituality.

And when you have retrograde Saturn in your horoscope, it is a very good foundation for you to move forward in spirituality in this life. Therefore, these people love the company of intellectuals and spiritual persons, as we discussed on another point. I didn't count the points by the way.

So on other points we've talked about it, and yes, so these people are very spiritual. Saturn's rashi retrograde really shows responsibility. He shows the area, shows the area of ​​responsibility.

If you have Saturn in Cancer, you may have certain responsibilities towards your mother. So yeah, let's sum up what Saturn is retrograde. Saturn is the slowest moving planet in the solar system.

Saturn is all about your karma. Saturn is all about your work ethic, the 10th and 11th houses of your horoscope on karma and lava. By the way, when it's retrograde, it goes retrograde for 140 days, almost 36% of its orbit.

And when you have retrograde Saturn in your chart, you have an opportunity to rethink your work ethic and work culture, reorganize the efforts you will make and the focus of your work. Everything about the 10th house. When you have retrograde Saturn in your chart, you have a foundation for spirituality.

Now you can make progress in spirituality. This is a very good indication of advancement in spirituality, but there are many other factors here as well. Like yogas, dashas, ​​all other factors that come and decide whether this manifests itself in this life or this is just the promise is declining, you have to deal with your fear.

You have to overcome the fears you have, the phobias you have. When you have Saturn retrograde, you need to tell your authorities how you are feeling. You have to share your views with the authorities.

Authority is all about the 10th house. So you have to tell your authority figures or the bosses what you feel, what you think about certain things. So yes, that was Saturn as far as I could grasp and share it with you.

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