What does Neptune sextile Pluto mean?

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What does Neptune sextile Pluto mean?

In a natal chart, the Neptune Pluto sextile means you are highly attuned to your spiritual side and should let your intuition run freely. When two planets are in a sextile relationship, they are placed in signs that are sixty degrees apart and harmoniously influence each other's effects. .

What does Venus sextile Saturn mean?

The natal Venus Saturn sextile person holds companionship and social connections in high regard. Pay attention to the Venus sextile Saturn transit because you're bound to feel relationships more deeply than usual. Venus governs all romantic aspects in one's life, values and possessions, as well as beauty and charm. .

Today we look to the week beginning Monday 17th May and I want to share two things with you this week. So I'm going to put two different articles down.

This is the first aspect and it is the Venus trine Saturn. This aspect takes place during the week, Wednesday May 19th, probably the 20th if you are in Australia. Venus is in Gemini, as you probably know Saturn is in Aquarius.

Saturn will actually be stationed at 13 degrees Aquarius very soon, so Saturn will actually spend the entire month of May at 13 Aquarius. But really the key is that Venus is interacting with Saturn, so it's very much about what that means for Venus and for all of us during the week. So I would describe this as maybe a positive or productive Venus-Saturn aspect and I want to tell you a little bit about what I mean by that.

So Venus is at 13 Gemini, Saturn at 13 Aquarius. So you can think a little about whether the Gemini part of your chart and the Aquarius part of your chart are working or working together in a sustainable and practical way. The Venus trine Saturn is about stability, it's also about clarification, and it brings, well, Saturn brings clarity about the connection, about the kind of people we want to interact with; about the reality or truth of relationships we are in right now.

So the Venus-Saturn aspects really show us what is what, we are not pursuing a fantasy, we are not trapped in an idealistically unrealistic space. Venus Trine Saturn is kind of real, solidly grounded, there is substance in our relationships or we are looking for substance and we may realize that some of the people in our lives do not have the reliability or persistence that they may really desire. Venus trine Saturn, both planets are in air signs so this is great for clarifying conversations to share ideas, options and viewpoints.

It can be easier to find common ground or to agree on some basic tenets or principles, and that's because the trine aspect is bringing things together to find that sense of connection. I would say this Venus-Trine-Saturn aspect is about collaboration. It's about targeting people with priorities with partnerships where you all have a common interest or long-term goal or priority.

While Saturn may have a bit of a bad rap, I think there are some productive things that Saturn can bring. Venus's trine Saturn indicates that Wednesday or Thursday during the week would be a great day to make a commitment, to formalize or enter into an agreement, to make a promise to someone to keep your promises. Venus trine Saturn has a lot to do with how you show yourself or be reliable.

Venus trine Saturn is not looking for flowery words or lavish gifts to show affection and emotion, but rather to feel that I can rely on you, I know that you have my back. I know you will implement our plan. This is what Venus Saturn is looking for.

Now in this particular arrangement. With Saturn in Aquarius and Venus in Gemini, Saturn definitely has a dominant effect on Venus and Venus now has to somehow stabilize or center itself silently or for a moment. Venus in Gemini is very agile, interested in diversity, and Venus trine Saturn will focus, it will be about agreeing on a cause or a priority or a partnership.

This is where the consolidation energy of Saturn comes into play. Sometimes we need to really focus our energy, attention, and affection so that we can create something that has a quality or a long-lasting feel. The Venus trine Saturn is about looking for people and partnerships that have substance and that will stand the test of time.

And often we show these kinds of feelings by following or doing what we say, or by being there when it really matters. These are the things you can do to show others that you care. Venus trine Saturn will highlight all types of relationships, so you might think of your love life or romantic situation right away, but I think this will affect or emphasize the importance of showing up and being with a friend. or a family member or with someone at work.

Saturn is now very good at clearing boundaries, responsibilities and duties. So if it was similar, someone took advantage of you, or you feel that the relationship you have with another person is not the same, or, in fairness, in a way that is important to you, may be with that aspect of the Venus Trigone Saturn are about clarifying the guidelines or rules for engagement under what kind of agreements we are engaging in this interaction, partnership, or relationship that we have. Sometimes we really need to be explicit, and sometimes it's just hinted at.

But with Venus making that trine aspect for Saturn, I think it's time to really make it clear so everyone understands what is required of them, uh, what their duties might be, but also what he can expect in return. The Venus-Saturn aspects are often more about love and relationship than fun. Well because this aspect is a trine I think we are going to have some fun moments, but it will be those moments that come from longevity or feeling safe with someone, feeling safe with someone, so there are a couple of pieces to play around with here.

That also has something to do with the air sign connection that I mentioned earlier and how important communication and conversation will be, but it also highlights this encounter of heads. For example, when you download wisdom, insights, or information that will really help you, to help for the future. This is generally a positive that comes up during the week that can help you settle into a safe groove, a comfortable groove, or a groove that you can rely on with someone important for a long time into the future.

So this is the Venus trine Saturn for our midweek aspect of the week. If you like this kind of astro information, some article clips telling you about all the current aspects, visit my website kellysastrology.com and check out my monthly astrology subscription where you can get articles like this on all aspects everyone Day and every week during the month.

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I am calling this offer briefly so that I can inform you about it. If you like it, you can stop by my website and buy it. Okay, let me summarize this here.

This is called the 'Relationship Astrology Package' and there is a real mix of different webinars. So this webinar package includes three different webinars. Uh There is some sort of introduction listed below called Aspects of Love and Relationship: Aspects of Venus in Your Natal Chart.

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If you think I just want the 'Introduction to Relationship Astrology', you don't want the package, you can buy it separately. I have a broader four-part relationship astrology training course. The courses come with reading materials and homework, or you can just download the webinar which has the information only.

The Relationship Astrology Webinar Package is the one I presented today. Thank you for your time, energy, and attention. uh Thank you for listening to my little ads here at the end.

I hope you have some good information to help you get the most out of this aspect of this Venustrigon's Saturn, which occurs mid-week. Let me know how you are doing in the chat box below. Are you having a clarifying conversation with someone about a relationship? Are you showing your commitment, uh, in any way? Let me know how it shows up on your chart and in your life.

I look forward to reading your comments and see you again soon.

What does Neptune in Capricorn mean?

If you are born with Neptune in Capricorn in your natal chart, you are especially interested in the methods of getting rich, in achieving success. You want to be in control of all situations, to never again have to ask for permission, to have everything you ever wished for. .

Hey viewers, do you care about the zodiac sign? It's all the rage these days. I mean, you can't talk to someone without them talking about their zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign has its own characteristics, even favorite colors, that's a great topic for today 'sarticle let's talk about what we think your favorite color is based on your zodiac sign who likes yellow which sign is more blue what do green brown and pink wait for second turquoise which sign is we talking about all this and more libras September 23rd to 22nd of October ah the beautiful and calm Libra to learn more about your favorite color we have to talk about your personality first Libra are generally very easy to defuse the situation, that you don't need in your life.

This is the reason why most Libra appreciates blue as a calm and gentle color appreciate many people may associate it with depression the color often represents stability in a person's life She can symbolize wisdom Libra do a pretty good job of giving you their knowledge to show you are the relaxed one in your group does that contradict what your horoscope says about you? Comment section and start a conversation with our beast community Scorpio October 23rd to November 21st Scorpios are generally quite brave there aren't too many things that they shy away from, that's why the color red can also symbolize love and a passion high quality mini scorpion show on the regular a scorpion is always looking for love, be it in the form of romance or friendshipthis type of hunting carries a certain risk on your side scorpions find themselves jumping that makes red even more of an ideal color for you only the look of red is dangerous As a reminder, this is the perfect shade for someone who lives on the edge. March 21st to April 19th, when you know Aries y you have probably noticed that they are really open-minded they are determined to achieve their goal and rarely let anything bother them. That is why they prefer the color orange orange usually represents enthusiasm, determination and happiness, but we usually associate more with orange tones with the summer sun it brings us untold joy in a way it can represent what it is working towards, a time when you are warm Weather can relax and no longer have to worry about stress Virgo 23 August to 22 September This mercury-dominated sign is always geared towards organization If life could be perfect Virgos would have it so they keep everything at the highest level White is often considered the color viewed of perfection You see a lot of neat freaks with their houses in this color because a virgin works hard and is driven to success the white color can represent their enlightenment they are always aware of what many others are not and so they are successfully ceed move on Sagittarius November 22nd to December 21st A Sagittarius is one of the inte We need more people like them in our daily lives their personality brightens up a room, which is quite ironic considering that their favorite color is purple can symbolize quite a bit while Sagittarius are energetic with a great sense of humor they are are often stuck pondering about the meaning of life what is my purpose on this rock what does it all meanthere comes purple in play can represent the mystery the unknown the divine question of what our place is in the great system of things Capricorn December 22nd to December 22nd January 19th this saturn-ruled zodiac sign works pretty hard they achieve success through self-discipline and control capricorn is so obsessed with their own work that they are often accused of working too hard why they like black black has different meanings while some use it associate death and evil, others see it as a symbol for m eight strict gth and authority capricorns are drawn to black for its display of power and the ability to achieve anything Aquarius January 20 to February 18 Aquarius is usually the person in the room with the most progressive views, maybe not the most progressive, but they do voice them definitely more than others they are not even in the room for 10 minutes before they start talking about social issues and ways to save the planet and what is the color of an aquarius you ask turquoise wait really oh yes turquoise has one quite heavy symbolism turquoise usually represents wisdom and protection in the case of Aquarius it underscores the hope that if we are realistic, things can turn out well if we are realistic, while an Aquarius may not be right with all of his opinions, they are certainly the most optimistic of that is why people enjoy being around Leo e July 23rd to August 22nd This is another optimistic sign of the zodiac sign, the sun-ruled Leo is usually the one who stays positive in the situation even if there doesn't seem to be any hope that Leo also lives to entertain people this one Qualities and more are what attracts people that's why yellow is their color yellow usually stands for happiness, positivity and energy how could one better describe leo they are spontaneous by nature and are looking for a good time the yellow can also represent your passion for things that they love, before we move on try to find a partner who shares your personality traits watch our article discussing your perfect combination based on your zodiac sign now back to our list of favorite zodiac colors pisces february 19th to march 20th shared by neptune and jupiter fish who are known for their compassion for others complete strangers with the same warmth as for friends their gentle nature is best represented by pink the color pink usually emphasizes friendship and friendship, while both elements are reflected in fish.

The greatest quality it shares with pink is the accessibility pisc it is extreme approachable due to the compassion they show that people are comfortable coming to them with problems that you feel around them Taurus April 20th to May 20th Hey viewers! Are you interested in zodiac signs? All the rage these days means you can't talk to someone without them talking about their zodiac sign. Each sign of the zodiac has its own characteristics. Even favorite colors.

In fact, that's a great topic for today's article. Let's talk about what we think. Your favorite color is based on your zodiac sign.

Who likes yellow? Which sign is more blue? What do green, brown and pink mean? Wait a second, turquoise? Which sign does it? We talk about all of them that AND more ...

Libra (September 23 to October 22) Ah the beautiful and calm Libra. To find out their favorite color, we need to talk about their personality first. Libra are generally very loose.

They usually choose people and environments who are peaceful will be around. If two people are fighting, Libra will do their best to defuse the situation. You don't need that kind of stress in your life.

This is why most Libra appreciates blue. Blue is a calm and gentle color depression, the color often represents stability in a person's life. It can also symbolize wisdom.

Scales show you their knowledge pretty well. Are you the relaxed one in your group? Does this contradict what your horoscope says about you? Hit the comments section and start a conversation with our beast community… Scorpio (October 23rd to November 21st) Scorpios are generally quite brave. There aren't too many things that they shy away from.

This is exactly what the color red can represent, it can also symbolize love and passion, a quality that many Scorpios regularly show. A Scorpio is always on the lookout for love, whether in the form of romance or friendship. This type of persecution carries some risk on their part.

Scorpios find them jumping on their own, which makes red even more of an ideal color for them. Just the look of red is reminiscent of danger. This is the perfect shade for someone who lives on the edge.

Aries (March 21st - April 19th) Aries, you've probably noticed he's very sociable. He's determined to get where he wants to and rarely lets anything bother him. Because of this, Aries prefers the color orange.

Orange usually represents enthusiasm, determination, and happiness. But there's more to it than that. We usually associate shades of orange with the summer sun.

It brings us untold joy. In a way, this can represent what Aries is working towards, a time that it is at sit in warm weather, relax and you don't have to worry about stress anymore. Virgo (August 23rd to September 22nd) This Mercury-ruled sign is always oriented towards organization.

If life could be perfect, virgins would be. They keep everything at the highest level. White is often seen as the color of perfection.

Many nice freaks have painted their house this color. Since a Virgo works hard and is driven to success, the white color can represent their enlightenment. They know what many others are not, and that's how they succeed.

Moving on ....

Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st) A Sagittarius is one of the more interesting people you will meet. We need more people like them in our daily lives. Their personalities light up a room, which is quite ironic when one keep in mind that her favorite color is purple.

Purple can symbolize a lot. While Sagittarius are energetic and have a great sense of humor, they often think about the meaning of life. What's my purpose on this rock? What does it all mean? This is where purple comes in.

It can be a secret. The unknown. The divine question of what our place is in the great system of things.

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 19th) This Saturn-ruled zodiac sign works pretty hard. You achieve success through the practice of self-discipline and control. Capricorn is so obsessed with their own work that they are often accused of working too hard.

That's why they like black. Black has different meanings. While some associate it with death and evil, others see it as a symbol of power, strength, and authority.

Capricorns are drawn to black for its representation of power and the ability to achieve anything. Aquarius (January 20 to February 18) Aquarius is usually the person in the room with the most advanced views, maybe not the most advanced, but they definitely speak them out more than others. They're not even in the room ten minutes before they start talking about social issues and ways to save the planet! Wait, really? Oh yeah.

Turquoise has pretty heavy symbolism. Turquoise usually represents wisdom and protection. In the case of Aquarius, it underscores hope.

The idea that things can turn out well if we are realistic. While an Aquarius might not be right with all of their opinions, they are certainly the most optimistic. That is why people like to be around them.

Leo (July 23rd to August 22nd) This is another upbeat sign of the zodiac. The sun ruled Leo is usually the one who stays positive in a situation. Even if there is apparently no hope.

Leo also lives to entertain people. These traits and more attract people. That is why yellow is their color.

Yellow usually represents happiness, positivity and energy. What better way to describe Leo. They are really spontaneous and looking for a good time.

The yellow can also represent their passion for the things they love. Before we go any further, give one a try To find a partner who shares your personality traits? Check out our article that discusses your perfect match based on your zodiac. Now back to our list of the most popular zodiac colors.

Pisces (February 19 to March 20) Pisces are both of Neptune and Jupiter are known for their compassion towards others. That you treat total strangers with the same warmth that you feel for friends. Their gentle nature is best represented by pink.

The color pink usually emphasizes friendship and kindness. While both elements are reflected in Pisces, the greatest quality it shares with pink is accessibility. Fish are very accessible.

Because of the compassion they show, people like to come to them with problems. You will feel at peace when you are around. Taurus (April 20th to May 20th) If there is one thing you cannot blame Taurus it is unreliable.

It's just not in their blood. A Taurus will devote itself to a task. Sometimes several at the same time.

These tasks can take an hour or several years. Either way, they'll end it. This is why they appreciate the color green.

Most of us think of money when we hear 'green'. Well, there's a little more to it than that. Green usually represents growth.

Taurus always progresses in life and learns new things about themselves over and over again. If they have a problem, they will emerge with a new skill or ability. In other words, they adapt easily.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20) A Gemini is always at war with himself. I mean, they are really cool people. You are smart and passionate.

At the same time, however, they can also have a darker side. I mean, they often get impatient or frustrated. This leads to people calling them inconsistent which is why their favorite color is gray.

Sounds a little boring, doesn't it? Listen to me for a moment. Since gray is the hue between black and white, it often serves as a symbol of balance. This is something that a Gemini seeks in their life.

A place where he can be comfortable in their shoes and don't get too carried away. Cancer (June 21 to July 22) Cancer likes to put up a front. Sometimes they act very harshly just to shield their sensitive side from others.

In reality, Cancer cares very much about those around them. They are really loyal to family and friends. That is why their preferred color is brow n.

When people think of brown they may get sad and lonely. It certainly isn't a color that comes to mind when we have happy thoughts. For Cancer, brown represents their reliability.

People rely on them for so many different things. That's because they are reliable in times of need. The zodiac sign is certainly a popular topic these days.

Would you like to learn more? Well, I have a few other things to check out. Do you want to move on to the dark side? Check out our article on the dark side of each zodiac sign. Let's get even darker, how about the dangerous zodiac signs? Click on one now and learn more about your zodiac sign.

Which zodiac sign are you? We're right with your favorite right color ? Let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to subscribe to our channel.

What does a sextile mean in astrology?

'A sextile is a friendly and flirty aspect between signs that are 60 degrees apart,' Stardust says. 'Usually they occur between fire and air signs, and earth and water signs.' With a sextile, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the situations at hand are happy ones. .

What does Jupiter trine Saturn mean?

The Jupiter Saturn trine in the natal chart is an indicator of someone who is confident in their own forces and believing in their destiny. The Jupiter trine Saturn transit benefits plan for the future and the actions of those who are trying to become more independent. .

What does Jupiter conjunct Saturn mean?

In the Natal Chart

With Jupiter forming a conjunction to Saturn in the birth chart, your tendency to see both the potentials and limits of any given situation has its perks, making you a very reasonable person.

Is Neptune in Capricorn bad?

Negative Traits of the Neptune in Capricorn

Neptune in Capricorn finds this extremely frustrating and can sometimes fall into depression if they are continuously shot down by other people. They are used to being the authority and expect others to recognize that authority.

What does Neptune symbolize?

It will symbolize time, past, present, and future. Neptune can represent dreams, instincts, and psychic capabilities. She will symbolize creation, illusion, and being aware.

Which is better sextile or trine?

If they're 60 apart, it's a sextile. Planets that are 90 apart form a square, and 120 apart form a trine. The easy aspects (sometimes known as soft aspects) are sextile and trine, and are considered to be gentler, and more positive and auspicious. .

What is Jupiter Scorpio?

The Jupiter in Scorpio is always in control of their destiny. They make their luck. And their secretive manner hides their slick business practices and true feelings about a project or company. They are confident and self-reliant. It's this same magnetism that brings in new opportunities for Jupiter in Scorpio career.

What is Sun square Saturn?

Sun square Saturn natal represents tests and challenges that have to be overcome to get ahead in life. This aspect may cause difficulties early in life with self-esteem as a result of criticism from people, especially authority figures like your father. Like most Saturn aspects, this one gets better with age. .