Is Scorpio Rising the strongest ascendant?

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Is Scorpio Rising the strongest ascendant?

Scorpio RisingScorpio Ascendant

Scorpio rising symbolizes that you are self-controlled, stoical, reserved in expression and silent in your defense. Some say this is the strongest and most difficult ascendant of all: the 'razor-edged path' only taken by those who have been given the strength and power to do so.

Hi, everyone! Losing weight is not a joke. People fight tooth and nail just to shed a few pounds. Some of them take special classes while others go to the gym every day.

What if we told you that your zodiac sign had something to do with it? For example, Gemini can be a little lazy when it comes to exercise. This is one of the reasons they can't lose weight. In fact, every zodiac sign has his own reason.

Let's discuss! # 1 Aries The sign loves to take responsibility and be active. They are born leaders with infectious enthusiasm. But with these great qualities comes a lot of ignorance.

Aries firmly believe that they don't need to exercise. It's almost like they think that you will never be overweight. This makes it difficult for them to get in shape.

So if you are an Aries make sure you exercise. Check out our clip on 'The Right Workout For You According to Your Body Type'. It will help you learn about ectomorphic body types and the types of workouts you will need. let's move on to the article. # 2 Taurus Taurus people love to take care of themselves.

They are also very determined and love to follow routines. So why can't they lose weight? Well the answer to that question is gluttony tendency to chew more than they can swallow. Because of this, people born under this zodiac sign have a hard time losing weight.

In order to improve, they need to reduce their food intake. This will help them get the body they want. Taurus people don't usually have the best metabolisms, which can be a problem for them too. # 3 Gemini - We mentioned earlier that Gemini can be lazy.

Well, laziness isn't always there, it only shows up when they have to Exercise. Twins are an air sign and seek constant mental stimulation. If they don't get that, they get bored.

Twins would find it very difficult to survive on their own. That's because they have no one else to communicate with be able. As an air sign, Gemini need constants so yes, they can go to the gym.

But they'd have to do it with someone else. You can't imagine going there alone and getting bored. That would be a disaster for them, the lack of interest in physical activity means all weight loss goals are put on hold. # 4 CancerSimilar to the bull, the crab likes to eat.

Sometimes a little too much. This habit often gets in the way of a well-toned body . Cancer dream of losing weight, building abs and building muscles.

Unfortunately, very few make it. The inability to control their eating habits coupled with their lifestyle issues is a barricade for them. They end up on the losing side when it comes to losing weight.

In order to be successful, they need to control their guts. Their lifestyle would automatically adjust, making it easier for them to lose weight. Of course, it would take time and they would have to be patient. # 5 Leo, the cat of the zodiac likes to play it cool most of the time.

They are very charismatic people who love attention. Unfortunately, this love has negative aspects. For example, many Leos want to show their progress.

This is one of her main motivations for exercising. They're not impressed, they won't be that interested in moving. Many Leos wouldn't even go to the gym knowing that it is impossible to attract people.

You want to be appreciated. Yes, lack of appreciation can affect Leos not wanting to lose weight. So they're just wired.

Speaking of which, watch our article where we explain why going out with a Leo is best. It will help you identify this complex sign Understand. Let's move on # 6 VirgoVirgins are a little picky.

You can walk into a room and notice at least 20 things that are not right. This is probably also the reason why you can't lose weight. When virgins hit the gym, they expect the best known gadgets for everyone.

In addition, they expect people to behave well. The place must be clean, with everything in order. But here's the thing, the world doesn't work that way.

Something that seems well organized for a Virgo may not be for an Aquarius. Virgos don't realize that a Virgo, they have to worry less about the little things. Instead, try to focus on the bigger picture.

In this case, it decreases. # 7 Libra So what exactly is keeping a Libra from getting in shape? Qualities that Libra possess, they have one big flaw. You're not the best in the world when it comes to making decisions.

In fact, they struggle with it the most among all zodiac signs. Even Gemini don't have as much confusion as Libras do. This indecision is why they can't lose weight.

Most of them are probably still wondering whether or not to do pushups. Some of them even wonder if it makes sense to lift weights so it should come as no surprise that they haven't gotten in shape. To lose weight you need o exercise.

Libras haven't even figured out what activities to do. However, do not hate them, they are usually very charming and loyal people. To find out more, watch our article on what makes a scale so unique. # 8 ScorpioWe listed all the excuses for not going to the gym.

Whether it was the bull's gluttony or the twins' laziness. Here is another one. Scorpios hesitate too much.

Unlike Capricorns, who take something and finish it. Scorpios can leave something as it is and think about it later. Even if you have the drive and passion to be successful at most things.

Scorpios are known to hesitate a lot. Because of this, they keep delaying the process, and as a result, their chances of getting in shape decrease. To be successful, Scorpios need to stop putting things on hold and become more proactive. # 9 Sagittarius: While Scopio likes to save things for later, Sagittarius rushes too much.

The ruthless nature makes them extremely vulnerable to injury. As a result, they are forced to quit exercising in order to be good for their health. This is a major factor in why Sagittarius cannot lose weight.

Recklessness and impulsiveness are very common for saying. Since they are the most adventurous sign of the zodiac, they want to stay active and get involved in activities all the time. Sagittarius needs to be told not to try too hard.

If he did a little exercise every day and didn't put too much pressure on it would work wonders # 10 Capricorn, This zodiac sign likes to end things. What excuses do people with this zodiac sign have? Well, they are usually too busy with their careers. Capricorns rarely care about things like losing weight.

You would much rather lose calories at work than anywhere else. It is in their nature to be that way. They don't like to waste their time tracking trends.

The only thing that counts for them is the trend, the career goals they have set for themselves. If Capricorn has to lose weight then you have to calm down a little first. While their career goals are important, they also need to make sure they stay healthy.

Once you understand this, you can start with various weight loss exercises. # 11 AquariusAquarius is unpredictable. Nobody can tell what's going on in their head.

This is why they are often viewed as unreliable. Why can't Aquarius lose weight? Well Aquarius people are very moody. Sometimes more than Cancer people.

They may not want to do something they felt obliged to do a few hours ago. You see, it's not really an Aquarius thing. They like to avoid routine.

Of course, if your focus is on losing weight, you can do it. they probably don't want that. # 12 Pisces This zodiac sign is probably too busy daydreaming to exercise.

Because of this, they rarely make it to the gym. For most Pisces, their dreams remain dreams and never make it a reality. They just don't know how to work for them.

But that doesn't make it impossible. If Pisces choose to work hard, their goals will become achievable If they chose this path, no one will convince them otherwise. After all, Pisces are known to have a dual nature.

One moment, they can be very relaxed. In the next moment they can be serious. Are you Trying to Lose Weight? Do you think our interpretation of your zodiac sign is true? Let us know in the comments below! We'd love to hear from you .

Why do I identify more with my rising sign?

Your rising sign is your personality and your persona the parts of yourself that you present to the world. That's why you might identify with your ascendant a lot more than your sun sign or moon sign, and others will definitely connect you to your rising sign more. .

So I made a article about intonation patterns in English a few weeks ago and it seems to have been pretty well received, so I thought I was going to make a article to expand on this very broad topic of intonation and talk in more detail about something that Referred to as rising and falling intonation patterns in British English, when we talk about intonation, we are really talking about the use of pitch and rhythm in language and the pitch and rhythm and the construction of our sentences, but the way we talk about what we think we are saying is indicated by the use of pitch and rhythm, so we are probably talking in a musical sense about how we use our voice as a kind of musical instrument and so a rising intonation pattern would just arise in the human voice a change in pitch would be a sliding up in the pitch of our voice, for example now wet, this A rt to use the rising intonation pattern when asking questions so that the pitch of our voice tends to rise, so for example when does the meeting start when does the meeting start? a cup of tea so the question is kind of an invitation for some kind of answer to whoever you're talking to, I mean, we use that downward flexion that I'll talk more about in a moment, and for some questions, but usually wet ? To use this upward inflection, another case where we would use this upward or rising inflation would be on lists. So if I say I had some eggs, some milk, some cheese, and some bread we would use a downward inflection to say we finished the list, but on the dots before that we would use increasing inflection, so i would say eggs milk cheese bread I'd like some eggs milk cheese bread for their lists and most of the questions we would use this ascending intonation, a descending pattern or a downward intonation pattern would simply mean the pitch of the voice is falling, so for example ooh ooh So, for example, I would say if I made a statement that is wonderful, that is wonderful, that is one case that I would use these commands to bend down, is a different situation, I would say put that down, put that down go down over stand against the wall yes down bend over it bend down so statements commands exclamations yes these are the three cases in which we follow them Bend down and get wet to bend one down, as I said with lists at the end of our sentences at the end of our content When we indicate that we are done with what we want to say, we use that downward inflection again, but there is still another, there is such a thing as circumflex inflection and you don't need to remember that name classy name circumflex inflection basically stands for Apitch that goes up and up in the end and it is not talked about much about it and yet it is used especially in British English we use it a lot and usually we use it when we are in the middle of our content we are in the middle of what we are saying and we give the listener and me something again just knowing the lists we are not done with yet what we say but then we do it and when we do we use a downward inflection to make that circumflex sound a bit like that so it goes up, down, up, up when I ve it now request? As I speak it tells you I'm not quite finished and you will know when I finish because I am going to be using that downward inflection, and that's how it gets noticed when you and you are in the middle of your conversations Don't I don't want anyone else to interfere or interrupt you, then using that circumflex inflection will be a way to say I haven't finished what I'm talking about and don't interrupt me, but now I'm done and you can answering with it an ascending intonation pattern would be mind blowing and usually use it for questions Our author lists a descending intonation where that downward intonation would be ooh, and we tend to use this on calls out to instructions and commands and at the end of our sentences , but there is that extra circumflex inflection, that rising elevation that we normally use when we are in the middle of our conversations and the like nd at the end of each sentence at the end of each segment we use this circumflexion to say we are not done yet but when we do we use a downward inflection and it falls in such a way that I hope you found this useful when If you are on my youtube channel then scroll down thumbs up or thumbs down Leave me a comment Let me know what you think of this article, if you are new to this channel then click Subscribe to Ipost weekly articles here to keep you up to date with all sorts of information about English pronunciation and articulation and language and intonation these articles also land on my website Englishpronunciation roadmap com which has tons of free stuff and tons of goodies and tons of articles there are some free e-courses and some e-books for you to put your details in that i will send you but hope you have enjoyed this article and see you next week

Who is Scorpio Rising attracted to?

Relationships and Scorpio Rising Sign

In a general way, Scorpio rising will be the most attracted to a Taurus like individual who is stable, down to earth, dependable, loyal, and trustworthy.

Scorpio Rising Welcome to Bigger Picture and today we are going to talk about Scorpio Rising. Okay all the Scorpio Risings that I met that later became my friends and whatever, they were the people to talk to in the room without talking, just eyes, it's all about the eyes You can just stare for two hours and communicate everything through your eyes. That's typical Scorpio Rising.

And it's intense and it's a, some people think it's psycho, but I like it. Your whole presence is intense and people are becoming aware of you. When you walk into the room, people like okay.

People love you or hate you. There is just no in between. You know it exists, you have this powerful presence.

Your ruler is Pluto. Pluto is the planet of the underworld, planet of transformation, death, rebirth all of that. So this is your most important planet.

Look where it falls. For the last two generations he was in Scorpio before he was in Libra, yes and then it was in Sagittarius and no w it's in Capricorn right now. Yes, look at your Pluto which house it falls into because you will see how it affects you.

People have, say, Scorpio ascending and they have Pluto in Scorpio, they'll be more intense. It's all in your eyes. Prince raised Scorpio.

And he, I mean, he was intense and great and hot and talented and passionate. Who else, Bette Davis. It's funny because they sing the song about her eyes and Scorpio rising, it's all in the eyes.

The eyes are everything. And you know they say the eyes are the window to our soul, so deep, very deep. In public they can be very calm and they can see through people, somehow they can be very private in public, but once they are like old friends or like people they have always known they can be loud and funny and crazy and yell around.

It only takes a while for them to trust you they trust you, they trust you and they will be very loyal and they will open up more, Scorpio ascends, they can see through the superficial but sometimes they think they can see everything and they can see through you, but it's not always the case, sorry, sorry. Yes, but you can see through superficiality and you can see who is wrong and who is not, that's something you can see and you know right away. Hence the people you draw into your life.

Usually you attract relationships and relational people. People who are stable, people you can trust. Because you see through like people who play games.

You're you just don't start playing the game because you think you've already won the game and you don't like players, people playing with you like that will never happen because you won't let it happen. It could happen, but okay, like maybe once and you will study for the rest of your life. So you are probably very attracted to Taurus or just people, maybe even Libra, people who have a Venus, Venusians, people like a stone, like an earthy energy.

You need someone who can rely 100% on it and then you open up and then you can be very you are very intense anyway, very passionate, but most importantly, you are very magnetic, so you have this magnetism all over you and it is hot.

You know I think eyes, you know eyes say it all and your eyes, your eyes, your eyes, I could stare into your eyes forever. Okay, you also like to say no, like when you have a conversation with people like you are, no and you want to be like you to be like having a different opinion. You want to be, I don't know why you're doing this, I don't know if you just want to be angry or if you're just stubborn sometimes, but you like to say no and disagree with other people just because, just because, but it's funny, as if people know it's funny, you know.

What else, yes, you have that underworld presence, this hot sexy, yes, I'm from well, I'm just from hell, but I just have more inside of me and I've seen everything. People forget that, I mean, you are so powerful and so controlled and try to knock yourself out of control of your whole environment, but people forget that you are highly emotional but you just wouldn't show it, you are very emotional and you feel a lot and your element is water, but you protect your feelings, you always protect everything until you trust someone. That's why you need someone who is not that dodgy or something.

You need someone you can really rely on. Also people who sometimes leave you a little space, because sometimes you need your space just to get back into the zone and just realize and when you have a goal you don't just work hard for it, you are obsessed with it Goal and that's great. People always think obsession is negative, but obsession can be very positive if you want something and if you are obsessed with it then what should go wrong, you know, it's a full focus.

Okay so celebrities, Nicole Kidman got Scorpio ascending. It's funny, she was movie eyes wide closed and I think Tom Cruise has Scorpio ascending too, if I'm not wrong and they played into a movie’s eyes wide closed. I only remember her eyes in the movie.

Natalie Portman is also Ascending Scorpio. She has beautiful eyes and it's very intense. And you're also very private and you get paranoid at times when people try to figure you out secrets.

You don't want people to invade your privacy, you hate that. You hate it. So this was your Scorpio riot, I hope you enjoyed it.

If you want me to take a look at your personal planet please let me know. Go to my page.

See you next time. Thank you! Talk to you soon.

Are Scorpio Rising attractive?

Scorpio tends to be darker in the eyes and skin, and Mars' health determines the muscular size. To others, this particular Rising sign is sexually attractive, and they radiate sensual energies to their acquaintances. .

Are Scorpio Rising intelligent?

Highly intelligent, quick-witted, you always have a reply ready and are able to navigate every situation in life. Yes, you are exceptionally intelligent and use it for your own secret purposes. Scorpio is typically vindictive, revengeful. You are very sensitive to criticism, alert to insults, ready to retaliate. .

What do Scorpio ascendants look like?

They have square clear cut features with a square shaped face. The eyes of the Scorpio ascendants have deep penetrative gaze and they are naturally attractive. They have a symmetrical nose and are endowed with sensuous lips. The texture of their hair is usually thick and it usually has a brownish tinge in its colour.

Does your rising sign affect your personality?

Rising sign (also known as your Ascendant) is your social personality. It is how you dawn on people as it relates to the zodiac sign that was on the Eastern horizon when you were born. Your rising sign represents your physical body and outward style. .

Is rising sign more important than sun sign?

'Your rising sign determines where all the houses or areas of life are set up in your birth chart, so reading for your rising sign gives your horoscopes, if they're reliably written, a dead-on accuracy that you just can't get from sun signs.' .

Why are Scorpio ascendants attractive?

The eyes of the Scorpio ascendants have deep penetrative gaze and they are naturally attractive. They have a symmetrical nose and are endowed with sensuous lips.

Are Scorpio Rising jealous?

Scorpio Rising personality. Scorpio rising have even higher demands from their partner than the natives with their Sun in Scorpio. The Scorpio rising natives' possessiveness needs to be kept in control or they'll become extremely jealous. Realizing that this feeling isn't of any good is something they all need to do. .