What is Scorpio Moon attracted to?

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What is Scorpio Moon attracted to?

If Your Moon or Venus are in Scorpio - You're attracted to an intense, passionate and strong-willed woman who seems both mysterious and powerful. Your connection to her brings into play psychological power struggles where one or both of you vie for control. .

Did you know that many of your physical traits depend on your zodiac sign? Oh yes, the stars can determine your appearance and traits as well as predict what makes you irresistible to others. Hello viewers and welcome back to Beast! It is important that yours Body characteristics make you feel safe. In a world where everyone is unsure of what they look like, it helps to know what your most attractive physical traits are.

Realizing what makes you special will definitely help you love yourself. Each zodiac sign has a specific physical characteristic that defines who they are and sets them apart from the rest. In today's article, we're going to name your most attractive physical trait based on your zodiac sign.

From the Taurus with the best skin, the Libra with attractive eyes, the Leo with amazing hair, the unsurpassed chin of Scorpio, to the Aquarius with the best lips and more, look to the end to learn more about them. Aries: The Cosmic The animal of Aries is the ram, and it is represented by a symbol of two horns. A human ram They may not have real horns, but their strong brows mimic this intense shape.

You are known as the one with the most fire. You have beautiful thick eyebrows that will captivate your admirers and that is your most attractive physical trait. Whether it's a man or a woman, their brows will be so arched that we will all long.

The two brows also represent two opposite ends of your personality, ferocity and innocence. Have you ever met or dated an Aries who has amazing eyebrows? What was your aries? 'Best Trait? We'd love to know in the comments section below! Taurus: Relaxed and carefree Taurus does not indulge in the stress that is known to cause breakouts; they eat what they want, sleep as much as they can and themselves mind their own business, resulting in happy skin. However, that doesn't mean they are negligent.

They are usually very careful and always take good care of their skin. She shines from within and works through her methodical and hardworking skin areregime. Your skin is therefore undoubtedly her best asset.

A good skin also helps the sometimes insecure Taurus with his self-confidence. Twins: One of the best qualities of the twins is their infectious smile, that compliments their lively personality. They have the ability to communicate through their grin.

If they smile at you, you will be beaten forever. Because of their genuine smiles, they can make you believe in them even more. And they will never let you down, as they always will be - they are there for you when you need them.

They don't smile just to please others. They spread happiness and love wherever they go. You can turn an uncomfortable situation into a happy one by doing nothing but smiling.

A twin smile is so perfect that they could be brand ambassadors for toothpaste manufacturers. Cancer: Ever looked someone's stomach and drooled? If so, then you've probably been staring at a cancer patient's belly, which is their most attractive body part, ether it's carved with rock-hard abs, it will grab your attention. Cancer women shine more during their pregnancy and can look even prettier during this beautiful period Your intuition, which is in your stomach, is often very strong; you always try to keep it in top shape through regular exercise.

Leo: Leo is one of the most attractive zodiac signs. As master showmen, they are also very charismatic. Just like Leo, they were born to be in the spotlight.

You live and breathing charmer, without a doubt. They have a feline mane that is thick and shiny, much like a lion's. That gorgeous head with thick hair is their best feature and understandably they love to flaunt it.

Their shiny locks can be seen from afar. In fact, they go the extra mile to take care of their hair, to attract everyone. Every time they walk into a room they tend to show respect and their hair draws all the attention Virgo: Virgo, is represented as a Virgo zodiac sign.

And she's most attractive features are her thighs and buttocks. And we're not just talking about women. It is the same for both sexes.

Both virgins and women have attractive thighs and buttocks. While others go to the gym or even get implants to get a bigger and higher butt, Virgos don't have to do anything about it because they are already blessed with a beautiful one. Whatever they wear, they are doomed because they look phenomenal in everything they wear.

Libra: eyes are among the most notable things on a person's face, and Libra has the most beautiful of all the zodiac signs. So be careful when making eye contact with them or you can get lost in their eyes. They are so bright and warm that when you look at them you can see into their soul.

And if you just look in their eyes you can see that they are caring and loving people who are playful and happy at the same time. There is no way that Libra can hide their feelings because if someone looks into their eyes, then you can see whether they are sad, disappointed or happy. Their eyes reveal their secrets that they would not otherwise reveal.

Whether they put on makeup or look natural, their eyes will be like shining stars on their face. Scorpio: The Scorpio natives are truly some of the most attractive zodiac signs. Their stubborn loyalty adds to their attractiveness.

They stand by others without exception, no matter what happens. And her most alluring physical trait is her chin. Facial features of those born under Scorpio are often strong and angular in shape.

But their jaw is something special that not everyone is blessed with. Don't even try to compete with scorpions in the jaw game, you will lose. Sagittarius: Like Sagittarius holds the warrior symbol, those born under this sign often have the physique of a warrior.

You are agile and taller than most of the others. Many of us wish to be big. And Sagittarius have a better chance of being tall, Astrologer What goes well with height? Well, a good pair of legs.

A Sagittarius leg will further improve their overall physical appearance. If you are a woman with this zodiac sign you will have no problem showing your legs when you go to the beach. Capricorn: In the center of the face is the nose and it is one of those parts of the body that is very difficult to come by.

However, Capricorn signs are one of the few who have just the right nose. There are many celebrities many who have had surgery to change the shape of their nose. But a Capricorn will not have these problems as they will be very happy with whoever they have that fits their face perfectly.

It's central, literal, and figurative in appearance. Since it's such an attractive feature, it tends to overshadow its other features. Aquarius: Aquarius has lips that would make you kiss them.

Both men and women of this zodiac sign have pretty, luscious lips; pouty and attractive, they have God gifted p lumps to do justice to their already good looks. If they start talking with their beautifully sculpted lips, there is no way people will not listen to them. Others will try to capture every word that comes out of your mouth because they can't decide whether your lips or the way you speak are more attractive and engaging.

As a person, there are many ways to communicate our feelings. And physical interaction is one of the best ways to do love that you have for another person. Aquarians are more likely to be the best because they have the perfect lips.

Kissing and doing well is essential to any good relationship. There are many ways you can do it so it doesn't get boring. To know what they are, watch this article titled '21 Types of Kisses That Will Make Your Love Life Better.' Now back to yours Most attractive trait based on the zodiac sign Pisces: The most breathtaking feature of this sign are their feet, which symbolizes their independent nature.

They love to run and they have the freedom to run, travel miles and serve humanity with their pretty feet. They relate to progress, which means that the feet help them travel and explore new ways and ideas to help humanity and society. Time to think about how to improve the world and themselves.

Because of their feet, they will have no problem wearing open toe shoes. Zodiac signs not only tell you your most attractive traits, they also have the power to reveal many aspects of your life and your future. You wonder what we mean? Get Your Answers Here: Learn About Your Dream Home Based On Your Zodiac Sign Learn About The Best Careers For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign These 2 articles will surely help you understand how the choices you make in life will affect you Don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel.

Do you believe in zodiac signs and their powers? Let us know in the comments section below!

Do Scorpio Moons fall in love easily?

Scorpio moons can fall in love very easily, but they don't always act on those feelings. They must be certain they can trust their new love interest before confessing their love. This can take some time, since some Scorpio moons may have been hurt by past loves.

As always, I've already cleaned myself up with my Camaya Healing Sprays and will now go ahead and just shuffle my cards. I hope you are all well.

I was just thinking when I sat down to read this morning I was just so irritated and impatient as if nothing I wanted to do was going smoothly so I definitely picked up someone's energy and you know just from who, uh, whoever I'm channeling like it just amplified, mpl even more, uh, when I sat down to know you start filming. So by all means remember, if at all for each of you, if that's your energy road to your story. Obviously, something in today's reading is for you, so I went ahead and shuffled my cards, let's go ahead and just start drawing , nothing comes out of there we go the first card thank you spirit queen of pentacles in reverse so obviously whenever I get you a queen in reverse for me it is always a karmic energy, so this is a karmic energy that is very greedy is, uh, very self-centered, self-centered, uh, I realize you know, a really big ego but a low Iq vibes someone who is just really into it's uh uh just interesting little mind for the money, thank you next we have a four-sword in the opposite direction, so this karmic energy that I absorb, uh, I can't rest, they do most of the night and as if they were standing ig planning in their minds what they could do to keep controlling the situation, um, they refuse to rest, refuse to let the universe do things for themselves, i will um like plotting almost like in the sense of dark magic, but like you know if obviously, if you know that this person is definitely not spiritual or you know they have a false spirituality, but it resonates, um, I am thinking of black magic and not spells if this is the case don't apply o you more like giving you an evil eye This person is like being followed and trying, you know to make fun of you with their friends you know the things, that you're trying to do for yourself.

The last card was the pentagram ace because they just see the universe blessing you more and more every day you get more abundance um grant your kind, I feel like a lot more people take care of you maybe you have a new job maybe you got a promotion maybe you started a new business and this business is picking up speed whoever I'm channeling is definitely karmic and you know they are trying to steal your blessings, they are trying to uh all that good karma too stop coming your way I have a feeling, um, that person could be someone you used to work with, or that could be, um, just an old friend you used to have but that you had to quit because you know that they are actually just robbing you of your energy and positive vibes. You removed them from your life and once you removed them, um, as they say, the universe started giving you more and more Blessing things so this karmic energy is definitely like being hated and given the evil eye, but it resonates with, um, i don't necessarily get it that it was a past lover but it was just someone around around you and while your energy was so I get more of a colleague or friend vibe but now you know that you cut them off, that they are no longer in your life. The next card was the five cups so see them now that you will grow up and be really fine for yourself they feel nostalgic they uh feel like the pain and hurt they have caused you in the past they regret it now they are regretful uh looking back at your memories uh uh together that you know yourself guys were actually real you eventually close and you know they should have done things differently but it's way too late.

They know they cry because of spilled milk. um they know it was all um on them um i just saw four four four on my watch um as we go, thanks so now this person is trying to heal um with the abstinence card um they're trying to heal comes in alignment um obviously throws she has a lot of shadow in your direction but secretly she doesn't really want to feel this way I think that because of their strong or big ego they are fronting their friends and family and pretending that things don't really affect them, but it really is and they regret a lot of the pain and injuries that have caused you in the past so they try to heal their hearts and try to get into alignment with themselves because I think they really have the feeling that there is no going back to you and that's why I think my mood at the beginning of this read just got really frustrated um you know things are not going that way, how they want it and you know they no longer know how to get out of this energy, um, but the last card that comes out is to pick up three swords in reverse, so like I said this person is working now definitely in the cure. I think you know for what she did.

They really know that, um, there is no making amends is good enough that this person cannot come to you in the moment, they just focus more on healing their own heart and moving forward in their own situation, so Knight of Pentacles is this person definitely learned something new um i think especially with the pentacle here this person definitely learned that you know money is not everything and you know that you are trying the hardest to be the most successful lo and behold you were learning more and more about um, as if true abundance of happiness comes and does good for yourself and surround yourself with the right people and act for the good of all concerned. I think this person learned that, um with The Four Wands here, this person is definitely thinking about retiring and going home, so four wands is usually about homecoming or marriage, but since I am more how getting friends and ex-colleague vibes i think it's more about homecoming this is more about that person you know um and what can they do to get back to their inner child and care for that kid um they try to go home and try to reboot your memories of who they are and grow from um in the past because in the past they obviously steered their way er in the wrong direction in the past, now we have an emperor in reverse . I think this is definitely the person I am channeling.

This person knows that they were just pretending to be they were in their power and just pretending they had it all together when in truth they were really unstable, really unsure of what decisions they were making, and they were manipulating everyone around them to think they were much better off than they actually were with the Three of the Pentacles here they always invested in the wrong people in the wrong projects. They lost a lot of money trying to work with the wrong people my collective people who are more caring and cooperative, um, they picked the wrong people just because they had a lot of money, so you have more money than that person, so are you obviously a better investment, but you know that some people simply have money by nature, as if they were born in it, uh, or they just got really lucky and you know they were started by a job on their personal network, but true abundance is the people you know are pulling out of their bootstraps. They want to keep learning and growing, and they stay hungry and never become satisfied with their current situation.

They know they have money and they want to keep growing, sure that money keeps flowing on and on, um, is more of a more powerful kind of emperor- kind of mood and mindset next we have the side of the pentacles so this person was in very immature in the past when it came to their finances like i said this person was just definitely hungry for money. It was all about money but not really understanding how to best manage their finances and therefore your family life is really fighting right now, so this Ten of Pentacles is reversed to stand upright. They know that it is about having a happy family and creating abundance for you and your future generation so this person is definitely feeling lost, definitely feeling like they do and don't know where to go from here if they will ever be able to be financially successful, have a family of their own in the future, I just saw 10-10 on my watch and lovers backwards because they are still not financially healthy don't think they have it in themselves have to find love, um, that's why they keep reinventing investing in people for a while, because for them you know until they are financially stable.

They can't even focus on starting a relationship, but they want it to be the King of the Pentacles, um, they want their money to come together at some point and the ghosts are telling me this will be the last card and six Pentacles that they will learn to be in the right people and the right pr. to invest objects and then and only then will they be able to come forward and be able to invest and get true love, so of course whoever this message is for, remember of course that I am not Much like a relationship atmosphere, I become more about someone who wants to fall in love at some point but is more concerned that they are financially stable right now, and because they are so hungry for money and obsessed with being financially stable, it harms all relationships his life, whether with family members and co-workers as well as friends. These are all the relationships that are hurt the most in this situation.

I want to move on to my secret deck so this will be my loser leaf tea again. I am interested in seeing you what kind of oracle decks I have all of them I made these decks myself to channel messages with the help of my spirit guides. So ghost, what can you tell me about this queen of the pentacles in reverse order? Emperor Reverse I think these energies are both descriptions of the person I am channeling.

What secrets are they holding back for my collective that we can't see, and the collective should know how it is, a bunch came out well? So first of all: I don't want to lie to you anymore, so I ignore you instead so that this person who you know has a lot of problems in their life has real financial problems, but like I said, they like for a front making sure everything is okay, so instead of, uh, keep lying to you about how they're doing financially, and they decided to just push you away, uh, so they didn't have to lie, no more. Next we have their current circumstances. I'm being manipulated by others, um, so with these three pentacles that came out earlier, I think this was definitely the person, um people, that they invested in, um or you already know, projecting their business partners or theirs new friends they got have manipulated them into thinking that a particular business with them would really be bountiful and successful, but um instead, they were just manipulated into thinking that was going to happen and it really was just she was getting deeper and deeper into financial ruin and falling into financial debt next is i don't want my secrets to ruin my reputation so i understand that this person is definitely involved.

You know it's just some bad business decisions that I get like scams and only you know companies that have been found to be scams, such as scamming their actual customers trying to get money, but you don't know what A real profit from the business would never come, so anyone who has tried to invest in this business or ahem project would that they tried to show you that oh, there will be a great return on investment, um you know he started keeping all of these secrets because as you know they created some kind of scam ring against the people and all the customers and they don't want those secrets to come out and they further ruin jobs in the future next we have a toxic family environment so I think this is all because you grew up in a very toxic family environment where everyone is just for themselves d abei was I have a feeling you know if the siblings all understood an allowance where everyone came together like no other to make a living and to work together. I think it was always about everyone having their own money and keeping it separate, not really working together, so ike oh, if you want to throw this party with us everyone has to give the same amount, everyone was really greedy, nobody was willing to give just to give, um it was more about knowing that you are stacking paper, owning your own coin and keeping it hidden from other people, and that's why this person never learned to trust their business partners, and by not being able to trust others, she has only attracted other untrustworthy people which is why all of their finances have collapsed and ruined so sad, this is definitely one of the things they need to work on healing to make them more open and focused so that in the future, when they decide on a new job or other business venture, they can attract the right people to actually hang out with and eventually one of your friends is spreading gossip about you. That could be the person I'm channeling, um, or this could be another person in this situation, so um, I feel like since you cut them off, that person has been, um, gossiping that you are the real one The reason the company went down was because you were the real reason things, um, at work, um, they really blame you for everything that happened, um, but the truth is, you know that you're obviously a better person, you've pulled yourself out of this situation and that person is just frustrated in their current situation and like I said, they're just like gossiping and glaring at you and you know they just do them woe to see you so happy and successful, so very unhappy, but uh, I think that's good for this news and reading today, so I'll just ask one more question about Spirit, what can we do with this news What can my collective expect in the next seven to ten days? All right, so the first card of the Knights of Swords was in reverse, so like I said, this person is not coming up to you.

This person is not going to give you any conclusion or truth and clarity about what is really going on, that person keeps all of her secrets very close to her chest so don't wait around, don't hold your breath and think this person is going to come up to you and want to make it up to you, um, because she's stuck right now, next was the hanged man I believe 'They know that all of their financial secrets are definitely catching up with them now, um all of their bad decisions, and they keep all these secrets to themselves and um, they don't want them to spread any further and that's why they stay We keep stuck and last but not least we have the ten wands and this one actually landed sideways so this person is definitely burdened right now, they have a lot of burdens on their sc shoulder and you know like I said, don't wait around that is. Since this came from the side, this person is nowhere near closing this toxic cycle, nor is they nearly able to take the full weight of theirs Carrying burdens or letting go of them for today's reading uhm hopefully it has resonated with some of you, if it has resonated, please thumbs up the article um thumbs up the article is also a great way to make an energetic donation to the channel so that I can better absorb your energy and your specific situation, um, if you are new, hopefully subscribe to the channel and um, you know that the articles will be more and more popular with you in the future and don't forget to close the bell press so you will be notified when I upload a new article, that's it for today guys, thanks, as always, so much for watching and see you next, bye guys

Is Scorpio Moon manipulative?

Scorpio Moon people are rarely truly nice. They are instinctively manipulative and controlling primarily because they feel they cannot come into the open with their true attitudes, so they resort to emotional manipulation and domination and control.

As always, I've already cleaned myself with my Camaya healing sprays so I'll go ahead and start shuffling my cards. So uh, right before I sat down I got the song uh, you know I have hoes in different primaries like me I have the song in my head so I don't know what that means but obviously I have the feeling that there is some kind of player energy that I'm channeling right now, but I'm also starting to convey to you what I don't want to be a player anymore, I have that in my head too, so I have a feeling who too always I channel, you're dealing with someone who was a gamer in the past but they don't want to be a gamer anymore, I think by hurting you it taught that person important lessons and they tried to finally get those lessons to learn and get out of that player energy like I'm just listening, I keep vibes like they messed around with too many people he place where you know he doesn't wrap it up and that's why you know they are something from someone caught ha ben and you just know that this bad karma was tricked on them, um, and that's why they know how you know I think you wanted them to bond with you and at the time when they didn't were ready for it, they just wanted to stay in this player mentality, this player way of life and just entertain like a bunch of people, which you didn't want so you know it was you, you refused because you know you are like that Like you know what I'm gonna do I'm going to date this one person who just wants to date me and that's the only kind of energy I can entertain and they put you on the back burner and by choosing yourself it really opened their eyes to around Seeing your worth in a completely different light so that's the first message I start with, so I think we've shuffled our cards enough.

Let's go ahead and start pulling whoops all right, the first card just popped out, I can't even pick that up, that was temperance so this person, like I said by hurting you, caused their eyes to open been um now they are trying to balance themselves and trying to heal i am trying to regain stability with the rainbow of their shirt i feel like they are always trying to balance their chakras, balancing their energies um, trying to have some self love to have some confidence in the direction of their life and you know that they are just rebalancing themselves overall. They were stuck in the energy of the two swords in the past. They didn't want to share secrets with you that they were holding back from you, but now that the two swords are reversed they are ready to come forward, ready to tell you the truth, and ready to get things right , um, because yeah, they've definitely been blindfolded in the past blindfolded are blind to their ways blind to their player ways um everything alright thanks, next we have the five swords yeah so they're definitely sneaky on in any case, as if they were manipulating you when they try to gas light you, you know that they make you think that they are not entertaining anyone even though you know that you had a clue, um, maybe they got you tell told one or two people about it, and that's why you believed that they are fine as long as they are open and honest with me and our situation and always tell me where they stand, um for us, how it is better for us in the end because at least they're honest with me, but they kept so many other people entertained.

They were just really sneaky and look at them juggling back with all these different swords, but in betraying you they stabbed themselves because that's the energy I get. Eventually the six swords came out and with that you know that they are ready to let go of all this baggage, that they are ready to move uh f into calmer waters and not have to deal with it anymore, so let's get a few more maps in get the situation. Thank you for turning the world around, so that with you they knew they had to shut down their player paths, which they knew they had to grow up and learn and not do what they have been doing for so long.

I feel like this person had a lot of attachment issues. This person had problems with being abandoned. This person just had a lot of past traumas that they refused to heal and they knew from I told you that they would be forced.

I just saw 444 on my watch, uh, they were being forced to heal these things to come towards you and they weren't ready to, uh, instead they broke your heart and they caused all of these problems and then the last one that came out was the nine wands in reverse order so this person was stuck in that wounded warrior energy, trapped in a spiritual prison, but they are ready to come out of that energy and come forward and you know that there are new changes in their life so they can improve themselves, um, down on the deck we have seven cups so like i said i have ticks in different primaries like that person has so many choices, so many options, of that you didn't even know, I have a feeling you knew of an option, but so are the seven cups you probably had on two hands, um, it's just that s they were all in different area codes, uh, they had you I don't know, so you only knew about the ones that were around, uh, but later, after you broke up, I feel like you are being intuitive so you understood that there were a lot of other people in this circle, um they had a few hoes around them and they were really proud of themselves for being a gamer. I feel like this person grew up with, um, without good parental examples to show them what it is like to really invest and just love a person in the best of you know they had the wrong examples and they have been taught and kept the mindset that they are better off if you have other options all the time, so that you don't even have to worry about a cup being removed because you have all these other options, but I have a feeling that they tried to replace you but you were irreplaceable even after you left and they had those six other cups of all this other karma that other downward spiral of learning because they discovered that they were one side of those that you know were really immature, they were too impulsive and they were selfish, they made impulsive decisions that only benefited themselves at the time instead of going far He's thinking into the future, as well as in the long run, to have them reversed in a Nine of Pentacles, is what happened to them, so Nine of Pentacles and upright is a single women, um, you know how happy to be single so this person thought they wanted to be single but now they are nine reversed from pentacles because the truth is they didn't want to be single like not the way it was without you After leaving her life, being single was no longer a happy option because you were her true happiness. As single, they're like they're there all the time.

I feel that they are not in a good position financially. You no longer feel confident and have even more options. The new options that keep coming back into your life are nothing compared to you and the light you brought into your life, and now you see yourself fully as the king of wands, conversely, they were just impulsive and fleeting in Going in and out of your life, unwilling to commit, not to commit, but like, it was a terrible mistake to be entertained, having way too many options and keeping you on hold wishing they could change, um, so come back now as the knights of the pentagrams they want to make you an offer they want to be confident they want to give you love they want you to know that if you let them in again they will do things right this time, because their situation has been judged.

Your eyes are fully open. Now they understand that in the past they were so excited and they shouldn't have done what they did to you I feel that this person has a lot of problems with the throat chakra which is why I have trouble getting this message across. So yes, this person is completely open to the situation and now understands that they clearly see everything that they should have done better in the past, but they were stuck in that double energy, um, they were turned back into a situation, like i said they had a lot of trauma in the past to deal with, they had a lot of addictions fee i like drug addiction um alcohol addiction as well as just sex addiction, this person just had a lot of things to work through and until they ruled that out it was it impossible for her to commit to one person so a queen of swords came into her life and manipulated the situation, so this queen of swords, all queens in reverse direction to me, always appears as karmic energy, so this person was just cold-hearted and you know she was brought into that person's life to teach karma to your person, um, so this was definitely one of the options in the sieve en mugs that I mentioned. um, that was the one they ended up entertaining and wanting to commit to you, um of all the options they had, but this person was just a karmic, teaching them so many terrible lessons, um, that finally caught their eyes opened up who they were and the life they led for themselves my karmic deck that mine I am, I'm an asshole so ghost, um, can you let me know what secrets or things this queen of swords turned around , um, what have you done to this person I am channeling, please give us some secrets so that my collective can learn from the situation and um know this happened because of karma and you know it will help them can move forward and no longer dwell in this situation.

Thank you, so we fought over you all the time. So when your persona left you, this Queen of Swords knew you existed even if you've ever spoken to her, and they pretended they didn't know about you about you and they absolutely know your person still cares about you so they keep arguing about you what else ghost thank you oh two came out so we have their friends trying to have sex with me first so is this person again um not only are they like a cold hearted and cold hearted they are a very lustful energy. They are very attractive which obviously can lure your person away from you, uh, but you know their friends see them as very attractive too, uh, you know that this queen of swords, conversely, tells us you know that this person also entertains their friends, which is very unfortunate, uh, so I don't know if this Queen of Swords actually had sex with your person's friends, uh, but if anything, her friends? not really being friends with you, um they are you know that they are also trying to seduce their friends and i don't really care about them.

If you know you're entertaining her friends, we obviously already know that you don't really care about her and the other secrets that will help us in this situation. Ghost let us know, oh let's go, i just use it to irritate you like i said this person absolutely knew about you um, they didn't really want to be in relationship but it just gave them confirmation that they can steal your person from you, um, or still take your person away from you Sorry, everything is fine so I think we are good with the karmic messages, uh, I think I just want it there are a few other secrets so I'll be using my loose leaf tea so this is my secret deck um, so again all of my oracle cards are available for purchase on my website so check out the box below for this ghost which one other secrets umm going on in this situation, so with this queen of swords in reverse here and the devil, um, what kind of secrets is the person I'm channeling um, what are they keeping? From my collective that you should know in order to keep moving forward Thank you so we're scared you will find someone better and leave me. This is another reason why your person didn't choose you.

You knew you were the best option, that they had the table, but because they are so beautiful and how much you shine and how good of a person you are , they are afraid of losing you. I think they cared about you the most of all their options and losing you would be the end of the world for them so instead they chose other options that they thought, uh, you know, they didn't feel that strong it wouldn't hurt so much if they lost someone to whom they were pledged I hurt them the most thank you spirit we have. I'm just acting aloof because I care way too much, so I just said more affirmation, so even if that person didn't show you a lot of love when you were together, your person cared way too much and it did really scared so instead of showing you how they really felt they just kept their feelings and emotions from you, uh, definitely like a king of cups, energy, uh, someone who has a lot of love for you, but they.

They're just too scared to act I know my secrets are going to make you hate me as obviously as I just told you they have hoes and different area codes. I think you know you only know one person and they feel like if you knew everyone else was entertaining, in addition to the person you knew, um, would you just hate them and them even more make them feel like it is impossible to talk to you again and come back and that really scares them. because they don't want to lose you so fine so i think we can start to end this so i will just get hold of a few more cards.

So what can my collective expect from this situation in the next situation? seven to ten business days oh my god business i said business days as if i were a business Well, i think i am a business, but you know what i mean, you know how much i like working at a bank at one Bank worked for a while and I worked at Wells Fargo and that's a common saying that we say seven to ten business days, okay, but keep it up, what can my collective expect, what's going to happen within the next seven to ten days , um, what can you expect in the next couple of weeks, what's the situation fine, so we have three cards, so first we have eight of pentacles. The first thing you know, or maybe your person could come and find out about yourself, is that your person has worked really hard to build up their pentacles to be more financially stable and you know that when they come back they will be a better one Position so they can take care of you and your future when they come back, they will tell you about ten cup mugs in reverse order that basically happened. They know the same thing as this Queen of Swords and the reverse energy they put into the wrong person, but um, this relationship died, it wasn't everlasting love and you shouldn't make up your mind and finally we have the seven wands.

Now that this person knows the truth and knows who you are to them this person will constantly protect you at all costs to go into the future, you don't need to worry I will defend you and your connection to everyone getting in the way of your boys. Hopefully you enjoyed today's reading, in case something caught on channel um even if you are brand new and found something for you, I hope that you subscribe and if you subscribe, don't forget to ring the bell with it too you get notified when I upload a new article so thanks as always so much for watching and see you in a later article, bye guys

What does a Scorpio Moon need in a relationship?

The Scorpio Moon needs full whole-soul engagement in life but might only find this in passionate, dramatic love affairs. A challenge, says Burk, is for them to find that in other areas of their life, too. Scorpio is a water moon, making you ultra sensitive to the moods around you. .

Did you know that astrology is more than just 12 zodiac signs? True, these 12 characters can also be categorically divided into three modes. These three modes are Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.

In this article we will only focus on the fixed zodiac signs. We won't go into the cardinal and mutable zodiac signs today as we believe they deserve their own separate article. Now without further ado , let's get this show on the streets.

Before we talk about fixed zodiac signs, how about you show some love by clicking 'Subscribe' and ringing the notification bell. Stay tuned until the end of the article to be your bestie Each zodiac sign has its own mode. To explain this clearly, let's take the first three signs of the zodiac as examples.

Take the sign of Taurus, which has an earth element and its mode is firm. Similarly, Aries has a fire element and its mode is cardinal, whereas Gemini is associated with an air element and there is mutable mode. The same goes for any zodiac sign.

So what is a fixed zodiac sign? A fixed zodiac sign is a sign that is between a cardinal and Each of these modes represents the essence of the sign, as well as the time of year the sun is in that zodiac sign. For example, Scorpio is a fixed watermark and comes between Libra, a cardinal air sign, and Sagittarius, a changeable fire sign . These three signs also show different autumn colors.

Libra is the arrival and beauty of autumn with its sweet aroma and gentle breeze. Scorpio is autumn in its purest form when we see the leaves die to give food for the young buds Transformation is an integral part of nature and Scorpio is all about transformation, while Sagittarius is the goodbye to autumn and a slow transition to winter, where the air retains its autumn aroma but the breeze gets colder and colder every day. Now that you get the hang of it, let's dig deeper into this topic.

We'll start with ...

Taurus Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and as mentioned, it's a solid earth sign. Hence, they are stubborn, determined and often headstrong. Earth itself is a very rigid and steadfast element, but the Taurus adds more flavor to these properties.

It is often said that Taurus is the firmest of all zodiac signs. Together with Aries and Gemini, it represents spring. After the ram sows the seeds and is MIA by the time he returns the next year, it is up to the bull to nourish those seeds.

This nourishing quality is an integral part of the Taurus personality. Bulls are often the guardians of their circle. They are the ones who always provide you with a shoulder to cry on when you need it most.

Being a child of Spring Taurus has an artistic taste and a tendency to appreciate things that are beautiful. People born under this sign are also very grounded and in contact with the physical and material world. As such, they have a practical and realistic view of life; they try to build things that are permanent and that quality is reflected in their personalities as well.

They are very loyal and if there is one person who won't let you go, it's a Taurus. Which brings us to our next sign ...

LeoWhat happens when the element of fire encounters a fixed mode? The answer is the lion. When Cancer passes out from heat stroke in the middle of summer, Leo takes control. Leo is a summer child with a little more than just your normal sweetness.

The sun makes lions shine everywhere. For Leo, summer is at its peak while it may be a blessing for many, and it may not be for others. If you disagree with us, just think of the people living near the equator, exposed to temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius and humidity of up to 90%.

That doesn't sound so nice, does it? Leos can either keep you warm with their generosity and kindness, or burn you with their anger. In their own minds, Lions are the rulers of their own world and they haven't received much attention. This can often cause them problems.

When dealing with Leos, you need to keep in mind that, inside, they are just kids who want to be told that they did their job well. When valued, Leo's mountains move for you, but when criticized it's a different story. So, just be nice to them and give them the recognition they deserve.

This way your summer will be bright and sunny with less heat and less humidity. After summer comes autumn and this is where we find our next sign. Scorpio As we mentioned in the article, Scorpio is a fixed watermark.

As such, people born under this sign are emotionally intense and passionate. Scorpio is the Part of autumn that is inevitable, it is the sign of death and transformation. After Libra is tired and goes home, Scorpio makes sure that nature does what it is supposed to do.

Old leaves must fall so that new leaves Growing, everything is part of the transformation process. That is why Scorpios are less about the material world and ore about the emotional. As a fixed watermark, the Scorpio is like a bottomless ocean.

People born under this sign tend to have deeper personalities than most people believe. They are misunderstood as dark and detached from others the reality is that they are only very emotional. Along with Taurus, Scorpio is one of the most loyal signs.

This can be seen when you are able to overcome the cold exterior that they often show. However, we must warn you that getting to this interior Scorpio is not a cake walk. The Autumn Child is an independent and determined being and its steadfast nature contributes to these aspects.

So when you make friends, you really become friends with them. There are no halves, no enemies or 'a friend'. from work. 'If you've earned your friendship, you've earned it for a lifetime.

They also have a similar attitude towards relationships. Speaking of relationships ...

According to Greek mythology, Zues loved a boy who was a water carrier for the gods. After his death, he placed him on the stars as ...

Aquarius Air is a free flowing element, which also applies to the fixed sign Aquarius. If understanding an Aquarius wasn't already hard enough, then this contradicting nature of the air element and fixed mode has definitely made it harder. This is a character known for eccentricity and ingenuity.

After the ambitious Capricorn finally reached the top of the hill through hard work. Who awaits him on top of him? Aquarius who managed to build an elevator. Nobody wants to work too much in winter.

Much like summer, winter is another time of year to either hate or love. If you don't believe us, then try to speak to people who live in places where the temperature drops to -10 degrees Celsius or less. Aquarius has the cool element of winter without all the harshness.

People who are below Born under this zodiac sign are inventive and can often be seen contributing to humanity. Aquarius makes good friends and although they are a little awkward at first, they are not badly correlations. If you are ready to change your daily life and almost everyone If you want to try something new in your life on the day, an Aquarius is definitely for you.

Maybe they will even show you how to do it. Aquarius love changes, they understand that it is necessary and the only constant. Few qualities that can be seen in all these signs are determination, stubbornness and a 'never -say-die 'attitude.

Therefore, fixed signs often end up at the top of the social ladder with less effort. Contrasted with cardinal signs that have a quicker outlook on life, or the mutable signs that are very relaxed. Solid signs are a bit of both, they take their own sweet time to get them started but once they do they become an unstoppable force.

Now that you are an expert on the fixed zodiac signs. Are you one of the fixed zodiac signs? Do You Know More Amazing Facts About Fixed Zodiac Signs? Let us know in the comments section below, we'd love to hear from you.

How do you know if a Scorpio Moon likes you?

The Scorpio Moon is capable of a deep and intense quality of love. When they love you, they throw their whole being into relating with you. Scorpio Moons also have their own subtle and sometimes difficult to understand emotional language: deep, intense, yearning, but changeable and sensitive.26 2015 .

Is Scorpio Moon a bad placement?

It is a difficult place for the Moon but I wouldn't trade mine for any other position. We are very brave, strong people. It's a strength not necessarily physical but emotional, a sureness of oneself and one's capabilities to survive in the word. .

Are Scorpio Moons attractive?

You can find your Moon sign by having your birth chart (also called natal chart) calculated. Those who were born with the Moon in Scorpio are imaginative and sensual. They are the artists of the bedroom. Of course they are sexy looking people who easily attract the opposite gender. .

Does Scorpio Moon get jealous?

Moon in Scorpio folk tend to feel things much more deeply and much more intensely than most other people. However, their deep-seated insecurities make Moon in Scorpio individuals very susceptible to jealousy, and they can be extremely emotionally manipulative at times.

Who should Scorpio Moon marry?

Scorpio Moon Sign Compatibility with Cancer Moon Sign

Both of you form quite a compatible pair and share great respect and understanding for each other. Since you both are emotionally very intense, with Scorpio's passion and Cancer's nurturing, you both can get deeply attracted to each other.

What is a Scorpio love language?

Scorpio, your love language is physical touch. You are one of those zodiac signs that need intimacy and physical closeness in a relationship for it to last. .