Does Mercury retrograde affect Virgos?

Questions And Best Answers - Mercury Retrograde in Virgo and Leo: August 12 to September 5,

Does Mercury retrograde affect Virgos?

If things feel messy at work right now, don't fret, dear Virgo it's likely because Mercury retrograde is hitting the part of your chart that rules your career and public life. Because of this, you might struggle to make progress on professional projects or have a hard time properly representing yourself at work. .

i wash my soul in the ocean in the tears of godi let it gofebruary 2021 something great is brewed in the sky and as a reflection on earth and in our personal lives the greatest event of the year and not only of the year it has not been for 60 years since the beginning happening The 60s that happen this month, six planets meet under the sign of Aquarius and that means a powerful new beginning. Imagine it was a council from the gods. Imagine your higher self will meet your guides and set the plan and program for many years in advance or just say for the next year.

But this will be for many years to come and every person will feel it in different areas of their life, depending on its sun, moon or ascending sidePowerful months One of the most intense months of this year, which is crucial for your personal life and for the whole world, so join the february2021 articles with your own mark to explore these developments, I am yours Astrologerastrolada from, but I also prepared for you in February. In synchronicity with this powerful new beginning, we are also starting a basic course in astrology, which will last a few months and will focus exclusively on the aspects.

In a few months' time we will look at all possible combinations of aspects from a different perspective that you have never seen before. Not the normals before you know what planets do to Venus, but in a way that you have never seen before what the ruler of the first with the ruler of the ninth or Saturn with the ruler of the second what all these combinations mean from all the different aspects and angles that you do i don't need to know astrology, i would explain everything from the beginning but you can do this course yours use as a reference throughout your life, when you do horoscopes, when you read your loved ones, show whenever you want to use it, come to me init is much cheaper in the beginning, if you sign up so yes, let's start this powerful new month together and now let's continue with the february article virgo sun moon rising february 2021 so t Its huge convergence of planets that is happening i ie activates for you and brings forth new beginnings for the whole world, especially the sixth house and the sixth house is a virgin house so it will make you even more virgin than you already are and you were born to do these things yes in the sixth house is a bit challenging because it brings more responsibility and more duties with it changes they bring for you, so let's start the first part of the month, actually it's more about revising all things because mercury is declining there The first, I would say 20 days, it's almost like revising things from the past or questioning your health regime. Health routines around you might flare up some old health problems and come, but that's all for a person because at the end of the month after the 10th after the 20th sorry, three planets Mercury Jupiter and Saturn will be in your six th house will be visible to be born and this is so rare that you will normally have a planet in a certain area every few years your horoscope and now three within 10 days it is such a boost from the cosmos in the universe, it is as if would your higher self conjuring up these planets because the sun is always the highest self and said okay we need a new plan and while they converge there in february your higher self has been conveyed to you as planto saturn jupiter and mercury and when it ends of the month become visible, you are thrown into a new way of being, uh, you initiate it, because mercury is a part of it your mercury so even if there are some old problems flare up and six hostilities with other animosities or old problems that are solved had to or old things that broke that had to be fixed the old problems at work also six houses work tasks, that need to be met, or health problems of the old, that is something you've been grappling with for a while, that needs to be reworked so that it flares up when these three new planets are born, they are going to give birth to something new, to a new health routine like never before - check your health habits with mercury declining at the end of the month is so okay, I'll just go vegan, okay, I'll just remove dairy products or okay, I'll just get the kit kettle or I'll start exercising and this time you stick with it mine God you mean Saturn is part of the image Mercury and Jupiterite, I mean we have free will, if you don't do anything in that direction, nothing in that direction will happen, but when you feel the impulse and many of you become feel it and you'll even out the slightest kind of effort, it's like a rocket launch this time it won't be like someone's on the shoulder r knock it will be like two, you will get fuel to do a lot longer time much longer way and um fascinating you know so if you wanted to make these changes i think by the end of february a lot of you will be going in that direction start who will be forced to, but the sixth house is work too so for some of you this is a new beginning in February could be a powerful fresh start in your work environment uh you know it could happen i will say mostly towards the end of the month when the planets become visible but um it can happen sooner because such a strong activation in the sixth house again i want to give the story of my virgin sister - law because she is the person i'm closest to and because all these planets are in going to her sixth home, she suddenly decided that I wanted to quit and work in Arizona, and it happened in three days as if she had approved it all and she leaves in February, I mean, I don't do anything, it's February when she starts this new job, uh, it's like a traveling nurse for Uhit anyway, but something new happens and plus because while mercury is declining for 20 days, that is first old job you applied for or the job opportunity may come back to you, that's another thing, oh you might start overworking is this the right place i want to work, are these the right conditions, is this the right thing i want to keep? to give my life energy and you have some kind of enlightenment or realization, because mercury decline means seeing things from a different perspective, reevaluating and then or even if it happens without you being able to agree, maybe layoffs or something you know, that your business closes or whatever, don't worry because something new is born born in the end you know with mercury, saturn and jupiter will be visible in your sixth house and i even told my sister-in-law that i said yes you will start this traveling nurse job, then arizona brand new place, but at the end of february you would also get a new idea because it's only there for two months but i said you come, you could start thinking about your own b work or something like that, so some even if you have already started a new job uh now uh happens at the end of the month what gives you new ideas about your job od er if you are a boss about uh if about your employees first you maybe check which employees you want to remove something with mercury retro grade uh and then you can include new ones you know with the birth of these three planets or it can be like a new working condition that appears around you or a new work project that you start first, although with Mercury Reverse you maybe finish some old ones and finish them off and then these planets will be reborn at the end of the month and in march they will start something new, which is great, very fascinating, it will bring more responsibility, it will bring more seriousness and hard work because the dominant planet in stallion is Saturn and it may feel stressful because all of these planets are from Uranus and Mars squared, you can see Uranus and Mars from your ninth house and but it's almost like Uranus and Mars a urge this change here in your approach to health.

Your approach to the sixth house too is the state of being grumpy and critical and being a victim, so this planet almost tries to get you out of such a state when not everyone feels like being a Virgo, but some Virgos, like any normal person, might have gotten used to being uh grumpier, feeling unfair because six households hold the house of injustice and or at least are perceived that way by you or have more extreme conditions with more difficulty before the sixth and twelfth houses called the house of slavery. With this activation, you may feel like you knew this was unfair, or you may have had the feeling for a long time that you are stuck in certain situations like a slave or slavery that you know and and these planets are trying to get you to push out of this thing trying to push them especially at the birth of them to re-examine these attitudes and look at them from a different perspective, mercury is declining and when these new planets are born to take the initiative, To change these circumstances and difficult sixth house circumstances, poverty could be Success is one of the things that determine poverty or a sense of happiness, uh, something else is uh, uh, in a state of illness, so again you examine and you say ok, I've had enough from feeding you know maybe you drink or you smoke uh or maybe you have an inflammation in your body that is constantly nebulizing you lig makes or inflicts pain and pain on you lack of energy and you say and that somehow intensifies in february and it has already started your planets in the sixth house already and you are like okay i have enough or you know i have enough i will stop being a victim of it to be or just to change my eating habits or or another disease and many of the diseases 95 of them if you change your lifestyle you can relieve the pain or i am enough i am enough a victim of this terrible ibler boss, you know i will be mine Change work circumstances, so I did enough, it was unfair enough, I was a victim of this unequal relationship for six hours also rules of the nico relationship, where you are slave and master, who tells one another what to do dependent on it others in some way and again it asks you when these planets retrograde first examine Mercury, and then Uranus and Mars through the ninth S of beliefs like Uranus and Mars gives you a very deep house in how you perceive reality Uranus and Mars are very innovative energies, so like revelations of seeing things from a different perspective that pushes you out of the comfort zone of a situation of inequality a situation of injustice, a situation of a disease imbalance situation, a victim situation that you know and because Uranus and Mars they are in the ninth house? Giving you a different perspectiveYou see reality through different lenses, often it can happen, pen, maybe you drag somewhere where you know the house is going to places you have never been to win my sweet sister-in-law, like for example to move to another state to live a while that gives you a different perspective about yourself and can make you change very painful patterns here sacrifice or this balance of some sort or uh slaves they scream or serve them they scream some kind of you know that comes in all different forms and and and manners and but that gives you the courage and that makes you uncomfortable because it's a difficult aspect but it annoys you and because your belief systems keep getting newer, you see Life out and of course it can be a painful process, but the ultimate goal is to help you and it can be on a lower level now with mars you are in the ninth house as you feel about the world your belief system and with uranus you are almost ready to rebel your kingdom you know you are ready to fight very loudly and opinionated over your belief systems and it collides with sixhouse here That you might collide with, um, with six houses with colleagues at your workplace that you might collide with and six houses that you can create and fight, but that's just the law of manifestation the high manifestation is that very newer Uranus and Martian new and very new knowledge of the Word possibly by traveling through learning something new to expand your world vision, to expand your world vision from some sort of even inspiration of some sort you hear you, you see, you know that it drives you and possibly through a person or a teacher or someone you admire the ninth house, all of these things or the like your own belief system can get you out of a deadlocked situation, a kind of disease equilibrium and a powerful fresh start with this new work project with the new work environment with the new health routines with the new organization around your house, if you are me caught up in your use or circumstances or routines of any kind so this is my take on for February if, like me, you want to learn astrology by repeating it in your head for 60 hours

How does Mercury retrograde affect Leo?

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Leo

Enter: Mercury retrograde. This can cause presentations to fizzle and meetings to get off trackall due to things that aren't even within your control.

Hi I'm Kari Samuels, your intuitive advisor and happiness trainer, and we talk all about Mercury retrograde. This is the transit known for mischief, chaos, all kinds of madness and it is indeed a time when you are productivity and being able to have positive energy and peace and quiet can be a really really magical time if you know how to find your way around and that is where I am going to help you now. So when you go with Mercury's retrograde flow of energy it's amazing, and when you force it against it, all these crazy things happen.

I will really help you navigate properly and it is really important to know the do's and don'ts. It doesn't mean you can't do certain things, but the suggested do's and don'ts actually feels like mercury is declining at random times and it's just just random, so it's not random like everything in the universe , that's divine timing and it happens the night before ry 88 days for three weeks straight, so three to four times a year, and it's really best if you write it down on your calendar so you know how to do it plan, and actually have dates for you for Mercury retrograde and my guide below. that you can access for free and that way you can put it on your calendar and know how to schedule it.

So plan for Mercury retrograde, so mercury first. That's fine. Let's talk about what it is and why it happens, so mercury is the fastest moving planet in the zodiac, it's like a little speed racer, so mercury is racing through the solar system and every 88 days when mercury is out The perspective of the earth is going backwards, it seems to be moving backwards, it really isn't moving backwards is really like one car driving past another.

The other car looks like it is going in reverse so this is the wreck level but because this is a fast moving planet and because mercury in astrology g overwhelms your mind as you communicate all kinds of comings and goings as well as methods that we use to communicate and transport. When the mercury is declining and in that backward seeming motion, this is a time for you to go back and retrace your steps and track aspects of your mind that you have overlooked because when you think about it, that is what you are in your daily conscious life perceive, really, a very, very small part of all of the intuitive information you get Well how often do you tell yourself I'll get to it later I'll look at it another time I'll look at this later I don't have time right now to find out. Well, these Mercury retrograde cycles are the perfect time to go back and gather that information and deal with the projects that keep you sweeping under the rug and we're all getting it right, so this is the perfect time and then comes the trickster energy as we continue to fade to move forward we want to keep moving forward and with our intentions or intentions when the universe tries to get you to go back and collect yourself, and maybe the kind and The way you communicate and the means you use to communicate including your computers or even electronics or gadgets or your car are not working optimally, okay, and maybe there are things that you have overlooked.

There are things that you need to pick up on. There is intuitive information that you are overlooking that is very important to you to recognize and to reevaluate your intentions so that if you move forward that fast you can go straight back to Mercury so that you can do so to give you a whole new perspective or at least having a revised perspective. to have. with information that is very important that you would have overlooked, it's like the nature of the universe, just now to say speed racer.

You need to chillax, you need to take some time off and refuel and you will find that there are plenty of words when mercury is declining. Hence, this is what you should focus on. So there are some general rules suggestions I wouldn't call them rules.

They are really suggestions because they're here to help you again. It's all about flowing with the flow of energy, and when you're in a rush and moving forward, it's really important that you follow these guidelines. Okay, because what happens during Mercury retrograde is that your thinking is changing, so we apply these guidelines because after Mercury retrograde your mind will be different, there will be different information in it.

One of the things you might have heard not to do during Mercury retrograde is sign contracts all over again because you will change your mind and not necessarily want to commit to anyone or anything when Mercury is retrograde because normally afterwards, if it works, there will be a rectification. It can happen that things are overlooked. So if you do need to actually sign a contract while the Mercury is in decline, it is recommended that you look at someone so you can look at other details to see the things you may be missing out on and make sure you do so thoroughly read and know that if you have to sign a contract, don't be afraid.

All you need to know is that there may be some changes in electronics buying now that also aren't. We'll first talk about what is not recommended. So, buy large appliances or cars, or make large purchases.

Why is that again because you're likely to change your mind so you don't want to commit yourself to something that you do? You might think that afterwards you might realize that you want something different, for example, you bought a 15-inch computer and then later you realized that this thing was too big. I want something lighter I want something smaller I want something that is more portable or maybe the other way around, it's something like that. So if you're making a big purchase or something like that, make sure you have a return option on it or buy a warranty.

So if you worry about something later or something goes wrong you have some kind of safety precaution because you may actually have to buy something while Mercury is retrograde because things break, so the reason things break when Mercury is retrograde is often it's not like a random thing, nothing is random, it is. One of those things is, if something wasn't on a proper foundation or something was wrong or something was unstable, then during retrograde, when that is revealed, so it is not like it's one out of the blue, it's a bit like wow that was on the verge of failure all along and during the Mercury retrograde, when that turns out, okay so y you know it can also happen in your communication. I remember many years ago when I just had a few hundred people on my newsletter list and sent emails through Gmail like it wasn't a real email system, but about Jima there is a long time ago, some time ago, and me remember it was during a retrograde Mercury.

I sent an email and found that my emails are only being sent to 25 people at a time and I have sent them to a few hundred people realized during Mercury retrograde see Ari realized an art you word, I did it during the recognized retrograde Mercury but it was something that was broken all along and something happened to me years later, you are still years ago, but as if we were a. Something else happened to me another email situation I finally had a proper email delivery service for my newsletters, but when people forwarded my email and other people signed up for my newsletter, their names didn't match and like a pro son disappeared and I discovered that while Mercury is in decline. No, it's frustrating when it happens.

You think why is this happening to me The universe hates me right now, but really The universe protects you because you discover something that was broken in this particular case, it was a system, a form of communication and it gave me the opportunity to fix it, to revise it, fix it so I don't lose people on my newsletter in the future. You see, in these situations it's really like the trickster energy trying to help you, there are other situations like you're writing a book or a newsletter or whatever, and that's me in front of a blog post happens that I wrote in and as if everything in my energy is telling me to stop it's like I'm exhausted I don't think clearly anymore and keep pushing myself through it's like I always want to know that I just want to end it, no, I just want to get it done and all of a sudden, whenever it just disappears into cyberspace, that's gone forever, that's a Mercury retrograde thing - why that's because I'm pushing forward. So when you push, when you do four things that shouldn't be forced, when you try to do things the universe tells you to do.

Stop it, it's not time to go forward, it's time to go back. It's time to check things out. It's time to look at what you already have that is when the cheater energy happens, so remember when that happens when all these annoying things happen, like knowing your flight is delayed amid the mercury Travel like with anything else you have planned.

Leave a lot of space during Mercury retrograde because first of all, your energy will be different because your energy will be more inward than outward during the retreat and it is not an advancing energy, so you want that flexibility in all of your events that you have during Mercury retrograde. Remember to stay flexible so I have some suggestions on what to do during Mercury retrograde what was talked about was be flexible, please be flexible, well, um the other thing is very helpful to practice to be present so it's not like running ahead of energy that gets us in trouble and creates that trickster to get you back in and gathering your thoughts and feelings that you missed at other times of the year when you just did just want to race so this is the time to really catch up. I know what you think and feel and collect this information that is very, very important to you.

They know that so often I see people walking their dogs and looking at their phones' walking the dogs or they are driving the car and they are looking at the phone. It's like looking at your phone twice unless you're watching this article. Hope it's helpful, but in general it's like putting it down.

Be here in your life... be present be with your dog be present while driving be with yourself and the people in your life and don't think about what to do next or we will try to do more, be you here and notice what you are thinking and what you are feeling and observing, so really another way to do this is to take more time to meditate and or write while Mercury is retrograde because that will be yours helping to catch up with yourself and and really connect with who you think and feel that you may not realize it, but you may be on autopilot sometimes you know that too.

I didn't say this before, but it's not so good to start new things or try new projects while Mercury is retrograde, but you can start something of course, or that if you've already shared something with the world, it's up to the Time to repeat something. Another thing to be absolutely aware of during Mercury retrograde is to have a sense of humor. Life is hilarious, the universe is hilarious and when you remember those times that things go wrong, by and large this is here to help you and not take yourself or life so seriously the more If you cheer up and have a sense of humor, the trickster energy really helps you in that ..

Let yourself laugh when you are so stressed out and really want to burn your forehead and freak out. Just laughing and seeing what happens will change your body chemistry so I just made you laugh you were just thinking about what's important during Mercury retrograde all important words are so reflect renew revise repair regenerate - Rhett Really create tension through a massage letting go of negative thoughts it's a great time for everything are so everything re yo you can imagine the piles of paper you wanted to check are a good time to check out the things that sat there and that you wanted to fix. It's a great time to do the things you know that are good too, revise your work or revise your website, or revise texts that you have instead of like.

Let's say you are writing something and instead of writing more chapters it is good to go back and edit it so it all goes back. Things are what this time is really important for and it is also a wonderful time for healing your subconscious mind program everything to do with healing, letting go of the past, reviewing the past so that you can revise and rework the past so that you can create your own future, so everything is so productive at this time. So if you really know and write it on your calendar, it will be fine while Mercury is retrograde.

I have it planned and I will take more time to myself and take care of all of the things that I wanted to take care of I will not push myself on I will not overdo it I will reflect and renew my energy and rejuvenate and let go of what magical time regression specifically for your numerology does not serve me. It is so helpful if you know this and can get this information for free from the link below. It is so much fun realizing how accurate and specific the universe is and that nothing is random, I encourage you to download this link that the free numerology guide is temporarily declining.

It's really fun and really informative. I hope this helped you have fun and make the most of this magical time we call Mercury retrograde. So if you liked this article, feel free to share it with your friends and subscribe to it.

I would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below about how you manifest yourself during Mercury retrograde. It's an amazing time so thanks again and I have a lot more to share with you so stay tuned and I'll be talking to you soon

How does the retrograde affect Leos?

Group dynamics in your life could get messy under this retrograde, Leo so if you're going to have to collaborate with others, you'll want to take extra care when it comes to organization and clarity. Team projects at work could suffer delays and miscommunications, and the chaos could spill into your social life, too.19 2021 .

COM you can find it in the link in the description box below there even if you want to read along i look at mine Website in the link in the description box below and also show your love and support Make sure you help your girl grow by being happy to subscribe and share and thank you for everyone who did it because it helps me keep the daily horoscopes going do and your audience numbers help I keep doing this, so I appreciate the love energy very much, so this week this week you have your rawness in the 10th house because it will be ready in May to move to the 10th house and the zodiac sign Taurus is training Vesta in the fifth house this is meeting new people or you can be more open to new experiences you can have unusual experiences that can work wonders, the best utter that you're on the right track, or things are working that you want ng in your favor, or things that are working at the last minute, so stupid luck is going to happen this week. Miranda is training 9th and 10th houses this week, so may these be new experiences and Miranda is here at the North Node, doors may open for you at this time and you may feel more like you are on your way or more like you have a purpose for some of you is immersing yourself in new topics and learning new things or updating your career or just updating yourself.

In general, with things you do, you can make your priorities or your agenda the main focus of this week or it can be your priorities or what you would like tile series this week under the sign of the virgin in the second and first house you will see the potential of other people and help others to grow by being m or your cheerleader or that may be someone in your life to thank you and be your greatest cheerleader for some of you that will benefit you financially then let me see that we have the north knot with the ninth house with mercury and the sun so you are very open to new ideas or a great time for those of you on media or social media You are very creative You are more open to suggestions from others and you learn more about yourself or you learn more about things that you have or different technologies to improve your business or improve yourself or improve or do better, you are at work this week, that could be new technology or new ways of doing things that come for you this week. The first car you came up with is the queen of wands you are very creative this week and come up with ideas for making money with it Energy the queen of cups talks about the coming of new love It's not a very good time for a new love, because it's during Mercury retrograde so be careful with that energy. The king of cups for some of you is this he ex comes back into the picture, okay because you still have a strong emotional connection with this person.

For others of you, you could feel that retrograde mercury pole and that deep pull that you can't escape when this new person comes into your life, but I feel you need to be careful because that person doesn't know you, it could be you fall faster than the other person because that person doesn't know if they want you in their picture or not, okay so make a date and you are really on the right track, we are boyfriend and girlfriend and they are like yes, i'm just dating okay, they don't even know if they really want a relationship at this point, they could just fool around with that energy and just want someone to date and camaraderie is okay so there will be some deal breakers You may need to pull out your deal breakers early on to see where this relationship is going if you want it to continue for others of you. They know this person could go out and meet others, so don't be surprised if they tell you that you're just texting me or I'm not leaving you on my facebook yet because I'm not officially made that her girlfriend and her boyfriend that's a red flag that means that they have got there, that other people are there watching them because they know who they are dating and they don't want them keep you down for the moment so be careful that you have been warned about the 10 I think this is a great time for some of you so the energies this week might get better for you in certain areas of your life Turning the tower map for some of you this could be moving to another state or country to work with this energy, for others of you this could be a change to do this with This energy is happening is the judgment for some of you, whatever you are thinking of doing, you may think about it for a while, but if you are thinking of making changes, the cards say, stay on your way no matter what, okay See all the way through the hangman's card for some of you this is something very heavy on your mind This could be a move and you are thinking of moving at this time so you know again that this is more of a thought than one Action is, if you decide to do it, do it you have the go-ahead for the Queen of Swords I see your praises being sung I see word of mouth is very powerful for you in terms of career and growth This is one great interview time for some of you with that energy the side of the cups for some of you definitely loves it in the air, there is a lot of attention going on so it is a great time to be flirt when you're single and yes about it because mercury is still inretrograd so for some of you you should take the time to let the ex come back in the picture again-out-again relationship is happening here so be careful that this is happening for others of you might be dealing with your kids during this time as well as the world map these are things that will work fine in your favorites r this week so relationships can be difficult but then other situations in your life that happen work more in your favor of the nine swords that you know this could be more towards love at this time, so try to get the hell out of your damn head and try to focus on all the things that you are going to do at this point in time, okay and try to focus on all the good for some of you, you are just allowing your emotional self to hear the best out of you len, at this time the seven of the coins is definitely something heavy on your head you know mercury is declining. You know many of you who have been watching me are not moving at this time because you know this is not the time to control moving or that you are already doing this power card feeling for some of you at this point this is the re-commitment to certain goals that you want to achieve for some of you this may even start over in certain areas of your life for example this week and then for some of you this could be a lawsuit and lose the battle but you will get up and fight again and plus on a retrograde Mercury.

If you don't want that loss, it's when mercury goes straight. I probably won't be the one to win and try to get some kind of contract that says I will NOT go back to court where this is like a final decision Oh try to do that anyway I love you guys please make sure that you subscribe to LIKE and share kisses mwah

What happens when Mercury enters Virgo?

It will be transiting from its fifth house of education, love and children. Your communication skills will be very good during this period, this will help you in convincing people and earning their favours and appreciation.

The universe is so large that it is easy to forget that there are many things we do not even know about our immediate surroundings. The idea that there might be undiscovered objects in our own solar system has prompted many hunts for missing or additional planets that it took us so long to discover a planet as large as Neptune, it is possible that there are more gives? This is Unveiled, and today we answer the extraordinary question; What if a planet lies between Mercury and the Sun? Are you a fan of facts? Are you constantly curious? Then subscribe to Unveiled for more clips like this one? And ring the bell for even more fascinating content! Spock's home planet, Vulcan, is a hypothetical ninth planet orbiting the Sun even closer than Mercury. Named for Vulkan, the Roman god of fire and the equivalent of the Greek god Hephaestus, this planet would be extraordinarily hot if it existed.

In the 19th century, many people firmly believed that Vulcan existed and that if we tried hard enough, we would be able to to watch him cross the sun. And it wasn't a marginal theory either; the planet was named by Urbain Le Verrier, a French who was the most renowned astronomer in the world at the time. In 1846, he became a household name for discovering Neptune by studying irregularities in the orbit of Uranus.

His mathematical predictions about the existence of Neptune undept orbit were soon confirmed by the telescope. Using the same methodology to study Mercury, Le Verrier decided that there must be another planet disrupting Mercury's orbit. When an amateur astronomer contacted Le Verrier in 1859 about what he believed to be the first volcanic transit, Le Verrier wasted no time in announcing Vulcan to the World.

People desperately began to study the sun because if a planet were this close to it it would orbit every few months, which gave us quite a few opportunities to see it. But none of the sightings were believable and many were rejected by other astronomers. The Vulcan theory was finally refuted in 1915 when Albert Einstein published his general theory of relativity.

The old Newtonian model of gravity suggested that there was a problem with Mercury's orbit. Einstein's new calculations proved that Mercury orbited exactly as expected without the interference of an additional object, which finally put an end to the hunt for volcano. So what were these astronomers observing? when they thought they were seeing a new planet? The most obvious explanation is asteroids and comets.

But interestingly, this region of the solar system is surprisingly empty. People have blamed 'volcanos' for anomalous sightings of the planet, but volcanos are also hypothetical. Since their existence was first postulated, none have been observed.

That doesn't mean that there are no objects at all. Due to the sun's glare, we could only observe them from Earth during twilight or solar eclipses, which are quite small - between 330 feet and 3.7 miles in diameter.

Any bigger one, and we would have seen them. Mind you, there are asteroids between Mercury's orbit and the S. run un; But they also do not circle exclusively in the so-called 'volcanic zone'.

We are interested in volcanos not only to find out what the earlier sightings were, but also to better understand how the solar system was formed, noting that volcanos would represent a similar phenomenon to trans-Neptunian objects - and it was not until 1992 we discovered the second TNO after Pluto. With this in mind, we should not be completely discouraged from continuing our search. But another big question is, if there really aren't any volcanos, why not? In other star systems we have observed exoplanets that are closer to their star than Mercury is to ours, which makes the 'volcanic zone' between Mercury and the Sun strangely empty.

Scientists have tried to solve this mystery as well, and one of the best explanations is the solar wind. Theoretical studies have shown that planetesimals of all sizes are pushed further away from the sun over time. While it can take a few million years depending on its size, the lar system is 4.5 billion years old, enough time for the sun to push objects away.

As larger objects were pushed out over time, smaller objects would have been attracted by the sun's gravity and burned to a crunch in the volcanic zone, just the solar wind could make it uninhabitable. Without a magnetosphere strong enough to maintain a protective atmosphere, it likely wouldn't be home to an alien race. But there are more problems with being so close to the sun, namely the mercury is already searing hot and practically desolate, and we are talking about a planet that is even closer to the sun.

Interestingly, however, Mercury has ice deposits on its poles. This discovery surprised many people who thought the planet was too hot anywhere to sustain the ice, but Mercury's deep craters protect the ice from the harshest temperatures. Meanwhile, Venus, which is also closer to the sun than to the earth, is too hot for other reasons; its dense atmosphere traps sunlight in a runaway greenhouse effect.

There is no reason why this could not happen to a planet in the volcanic zone, even if its poles, like Mercury's, are comparatively temperate. And temperate poles will do nothing to protect Vulcan from the sun's radiation. Solar radiation is already a problem on Earth, contributing to all types of cancer, and getting more deadly the closer you get to the sun.

A thick atmosphere could be another greenhouse effect, while a thin atmosphere would not be enough to protect against radiation and solar winds. Humans may one day travel to this planet if our technology improves - although currently high levels of radiation are enough to make even our robots inoperable Robots used to examine the depths of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant broke into a matter of weeks as they examined. This bodes badly for Vulkan's ability to produce life of its own - at least life as we know it.

It may be possible, however, it is possible to produce life in a way we do not know, in the form of organisms that are resistant to the constant bombardment of solar radiation. Already on earth there are living things that have naturally developed resistance to radiation , from plants to insects. Minas Gerais in Brazil, for example, has many natural deposits of uranium, and wildlife in the area has been shown to be radiation resistant.

And there are also common creatures like tardigrade that can withstand doses of radiation below 5,000 gray; only 5 grays are enough to kill a person within two weeks. There is no telling what kind of bizarre aliens could live in an environment like Volcano. Under the right conditions, it could harbor microbial life like tardigrade, but complex organisms like Spock would probably be too much to handle.

Ultimately, the sun's solar winds are repulsive enough to push large bodies out and pull small objects in, meaning that any planet unlucky enough to be in this dangerous domain will eventually be ejected or destroyed. And that is exactly what would happen if there was a planet between Mercury and the sun. What do you think? Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, check out these other clips from Unveiled, and don't forget to subscribe and ring the bell for our latest content.

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