Does my Venus conjunct Neptune?

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Does my Venus conjunct Neptune?

Venus conjunct Neptune natal makes you a romantic, an idealist and a dreamer. It is very easy for you to fall head over heels for someone, and your empathy and compassion is to be admired. .

Is Venus and Neptune compatible?

Venus sextile Neptune in synastry is one of the most romantic aspects. With your Venus sextile Neptune synastry aspect, you show each other the magical side of life. You enjoy art together, have fun conversations, listen to similar music, watch similar movies, all in all, your tastes are highly compatible. .

What does Venus conjunction Neptune mean?

The Venus Neptune conjunction in the natal chart suggests an expressive individual who is very keen on showing their emotions some way or another. In astrology, Neptune's energy urges us to be imaginative and visionary, to exceed boundaries, to reject any and all limitations. .

What is a Neptunian relationship?

Relationships that feel addictive because they are troubled and unnecessarily complicated and where one person is making many sacrifices in order to keep filling life in the relationship are usually Neptunian flavor. .

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Pacific, the planet Neptune takes a short bath in its home sign Pisces. Until August 4th when it returns to Aquarius for the final farewell. Then, in February 2012, Neptune returns to Pisces for his long stay of more than 13 years.

What does Neptune's station in his native Pisces mean for you over the next 13 years? Remember that through your consciousness you can choose at any time whether you want to activate the positive or higher side of a vibration with a transit, as well as the negative or lower side of the vibration of the planetary transit with a sign. It is through your awareness and willingness to observe circumstances and make conscious, life-affirming decisions, rather than blindly reacting to your circumstances from old story paradigms and conditioned thought patterns that you can choose to take to the positive side of the Neptune transit through Pisces experience. In today's broadcast, I'll give you helpful tips on how to navigate and stay alert in the waters in front of you, and how to spot when to oppose Neptune's odds! Neptune is the higher octave of the love planet Venus.

Neptune is all accepting and unconditional in his love and represents the romantic and inspired dreamer who has no sense of boundaries or limits. Neptune masters all aqueous and liquid-like gases, radiation, the sea, rivers, lakes and streams. It also rules the film industry, science fiction and fantasy, art, music and all creative and artistic endeavors.

Drug escapism (both legal and illegal) can be on the rise, as can meditation and spirituality to develop one's own spiritual nature, which is a more positive expression of the Neptunian power within each of us. The negative side of a Neptune transit, when we resist opening up to truth and our spiritual essence by reflecting our decisions about what will bring the balance, can turn out to be torrential rains, floods, tsunamis and all kinds of energy losses manifest in your personal life as well as on a global level. Neptune's transit through Pisces is great for becoming aware of sustainability issues and making adjustments to bring balance, harmony and peace, all positive means to incorporate the influence of Neptune into our lives.

If we make these adjustments and willingly balance our inflow and outflow of resources of all kinds physically, emotionally, spiritually, energetically and psychologically, the transit will be smoother for us as individuals, which can have far-reaching effects for us worldwide, as we are all connected and more powerful than ever are with Neptune's transit through his home sign Pisces. However, as we move further into the heart of the Neptune transit into Pisces, the cautionary story is that the intensity of internal and external course corrections will steadily increase as we oppose the necessary changes. Neptune knows no borders or boundaries and during this transit we will see increasing globalization and a natural movement that perceives us as one world family and focuses more on our commonalities and common resources.

The negative side of this is a loss of individuality and healthy, functioning boundaries that could be activated when we are mainly motivated by lower emotions of fear and greed that lead to struggle and confusion over what is mine and what is yours. The fish transit of Neptune is a time to connect with your inner divine guidance and with your soul qualities and values ​​and to align with others on the soul level, to cultivate your finer character traits as a spiritual being with earthly experience and with others of a. finer level to share.

Mainstream interest in spirituality (not religion, but spirituality) will continue to grow. Our psychic abilities for intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairvoyance are further activated and media and psychic readers are becoming mainstream for counseling to help you align with your truth and access your own divine life essence and learn about your inner ones To guide you in making wise choices in your life. This is the more positive, healthier use of a clairvoyant, or, more intuitive, not to use clairvoyant as a means to escape responsibility for your own decisions, or to give someone else power over you or to weaken your own personal willpower.

To activate the positive side of those beautiful and exquisite Neptune vibrations of spiritual love, stay grounded with a healthy diet and exercise, spend time in nature, and do regular spiritual practice to benefit your heart, mind, and soul to clean. Compassion, sharing judgment, and forgiveness are also key elements in controlling this powerful Neptune influence at this time. I strongly recommend performing the Ho oponopono forgiveness ritual as needed.

You can download it for FREE from my website at KGSTILES. COM. Go to Healing Tools, CDs & Podcasts for your FREE download.

Regular meditation practice will strengthen your ability to observe your mind and gently guide it to focus on what you want to manifest in your life. Neptune energies allow you to access your subconscious and now easily integrate your shadow material in order to become whole, healed and healthy during this transit being realized or - at the other extreme - in fantasy, illusion, confusion, fear, escapism Lose drugs or alcohol. During his Pisces transit, Neptune trines the watermarks of Scorpio and Cancer.

This is wonderful news for Scorpios and Cancers as they will have easy times, useful rewards, and good luck over the next 13+ years. Make the most of your Scorpio and Cancer happiness by sharing it with others who are less fortunate during these times, making the results of your happiness permanent and truly rewarding! Opportunities for love and spiritual connections are particularly highlighted. Permanent soulmate bonds are very likely for both Taurus and Capricorn during this transit.

Neptune forms an opposition to the earth sign Virgo, creating breakthrough opportunities, enlightenment and deep new spiritual freedom in an area of ​​your life Virgo that has long been resistant to change. For the other astrological sun signs, the opportunities for spiritual awakening are likely to come from more difficult aspects such as a square that can feel frustrating and full of conflict. Your guidance is to relax and trust the process that will open you to new levels of your spiritual being. and open your heart to love on deeper levels than you have ever been open before, which will change you and your world forever.

With Neptune's fish transit, the power of love opens and heals your heart. Now look in your personal astrology diagram to see which house Neptune will pass through in the next 13 years. This is where the most spiritual awakening is activated and you will rise to a new level of spiritual love. s start with the FIRST house.

Those with ASCENDANT FISH. When Neptune crosses your FIRST house, you will present your spiritual side to the world. Time for a spiritual makeover for the world to see.

You will project yourself in a new way that identifies you to the world as a spiritual being. You will wear spiritual clothing, whatever that means for you, for example you can wear mala beads, yogi pants, crystals, dress in purple and violets, become a monk or nun and wear orange robes, sing, sing, you like an artist, musician or. dress creative type.

This is a great time to show your Neptune love mood in your world and it is being reflected back to you. For those with AQUARIUS ASCENDENT Neptune goes through your SECOND house. Your material assets are now viewed very differently.

You may have more trouble than usual managing your budget and unrealistic expectations about the flow of your personal resources. Get grounded with lots of exercise and stay physically connected to reality. The positive side of this transit is that it is more likely than ever that resources will flow to you.

Just don't assume it and make a plan that will allow them to grow and build. Otherwise, they will dissolve as quickly as they arrive. For those with Capricorn ASCENDENTNeptune crosses your THIRD house of communication and the environment.

Your communication style and the way you connect with others, your neighbors and your neighborhood, and your relationship with siblings are refined to spiritualization, how you connect with and communicate with others. Speaking harsh words will seem completely inappropriate, and your speech could become downright flowery and poetic. The negative side of the vibration is holding back and not communicating your truth because you don't want to hurt anyone.

To stay healthy you need to tell and communicate your truth, not implode. This is an opportunity to hone your language and your connection with others, take advantage of it. For those with SAGITARRIUS ASCENDENT Neptune your FOURTH home crosses the home and family.

You may have the opportunity to beautify your home and create heaven on earth, despite the need to be realistic, which can be accomplished at the same time. You can collect art, enjoy wonderful entertainment in your home, and it's great time to do a home business, new home, or renovation you've always wanted and enjoy beautiful gardens around your house. You want to create your home as a paradise for spiritual awakening! Your close personal family members and your home will be loving and spiritually immersed.

Forthose with SCORPIO ASCENDENT Neptune crosses your FIFTH house full of fun, romance, creativity and children. You can experience more love and openness with your romantic partner and children than you ever imagined. Spiritual renewal in romance, creativity, and investment are highlighted.

Your investments of all kinds will flow smoothly and the path to your future is now open and easy to navigate. You will have more fun than in many years! Go with the flow and enjoy! For those with LIBRA ASCENDENT Neptune, your SIXTH house crosses of work, service, health and daily routines. You will now make adjustments in your work and daily routine with an eye for the love of what you do and everything and everyone in your immediate work environment.

You awaken to the need for more juice and love connection in your daily life, and you want those around you to support your spiritual pursuits. You will dissolve anything that stands in the way of creating the absolutely perfect work environment and your daily health and exercise routine. Opportunities will get in your way, but you need to be open to them, even if at first glance they may not look like you imagined.

Meditation is particularly preferred during this transit to help you deal with the frustrations that may arise when faced with the discrepancy between your present circumstances and the realization of your new ideal. For those with VIRGIN ASCENDENT Neptune is crossing your SEVENTH house of relationships and contracts of all kinds. You will have many new spiritual relationships and contracts will come into your life, many of which will quickly disappear.

Relationships seem pretty elusive at this point. Nobody is what they seem or appear. You don't seem to be able to count on anyone anymore.

Many of your long-term relationships can dissolve. You may have higher expectations of the kind of people you want in your life and because of this, you can confuse and disappoint people. What you want in relationships is a spiritual awakening, and your relationships are very fluid and go in and out with the tide.

This is not a good time to go through many ups and downs as you make changes and adjustments in yourself to what you want in terms of your relationship and contractual arrangements. The positive side of this transit is that once you complete it, you will absolutely know what you want in any relationship or arrangement you make with someone else, and how to achieve it! You will also have deep clarity. For those with LEO ASCENDENT Neptuneis who cross your EIGHTH house.

You will now spiritualize how you deal financially with others. The truth in your financial dealings with others becomes absolutely essential. During this time, you might experience some confusion about your arrangements with others regarding intimacy, what is yours, what is mine, and how to set healthy boundaries on shared finances with others.

There could be issues related to funding from others, including your spouse, insurance, taxes, and inheritance issues to deal with. Be careful that you are unrealistic or too idealistic, read the fine print of all sharing agreements. This will help you gain spiritual authority in your own life and the respect of others in financial and intimate matters.

You could inherit a lot of money, win the lottery, or win an insurance statement during this transportation; Tax issues could also arise during this time. For those with CANCER ASCENDENT Neptune crosses your NINTH home for travel, higher education, teaching, and publishing. You might have opportunities to travel especially by sea and study extensively in the world or to expand your spiritual connections internationally with new soulmate friends and colleagues, your horizons will definitely broaden and you could teach or become a published author or get involved in a new field of study for yourself.

You will be particularly interested in learning about spirituality, mysticism, spiritual philosophy, intuition, mediumship and the development of your psychic abilities. You will go through a spiritual awakening in this area of ​​your life and your way of thinking about the spiritual world and your spiritual belief systems will go through a transformation. For those with GEMINIASCENDENT Neptune is crossing your TENTH house of life, calling and career.

You can get credit for your spiritual achievements at this point. Honors, rewards, and recognition in your career or life calling related to spirituality, mysticism, or spiritual awakening are particularly highlighted at this time. You could spiritualize your career in some way or change the focus of your profession to meet more of your spiritual ideals.

During this time there might be a feeling of lack of focus as you change and change to be more of yourself as a spiritual and expressive and more personally congruent in your profession. There will be an opportunity to be recognized in the world as a spiritual authority; an awakening can occur that will bring you firmly on your path to realizing your spiritual potential. For those with TAURUS ASCENDENT Neptune crosses your ELFTH house of friendship, wishes, hopes and dreams.

You could meet many new spiritual friends and soulmates in your community as a whole. You will feel more kinship or a sense of spiritual connection with your world. It is at this time that you are particularly likely to awaken to and realize your deepest and most cherished ideals, hopes, dreams, and desires.

And finally for those with ASCENSION Neptune crossing their Twelfth house, the realm of the collective unconscious, the psychic and dream world, this is also the realm that rules hospitals and other collective institutions. Your subconscious will go through a spiritual awakening and you will have opportunities to become aware of the unconscious patterns that have controlled your existence. You will face many of your deepest fears with the potential to break free from collective and ancestral patterns.

You are now faced with your illusions and fears that you trapped, that operated below the threshold of consciousness, and you can break free of addictions and unhealthy and inherited ancestral patterns. The negative side of the vibration would be to fall further into the illusion of anxiety, depression and addiction with this transit. You may want to seek the help of a trusted spiritual guide, teacher, or therapist.

A regular routine of grounding exercises and a healthy diet, being in nature, and breathing work are very useful during this time, as well as reading the eternal wisdom teachings of some of the great spiritual teachers of our world can also be helpful. Now that you have your astronomical highlights, how Neptune's transit through Pisces can affect you for a profound spiritual awakening in your life for the next 13+ years. Thank you for joining me.

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What does Sun conjunct Venus mean?

People born during the Sun conjunct Venus transit are creatures of love, balance and good tastes. They possess a lot of affection and love having a busy social life or going out with their friends. The Sun conjunct Venus is making them more graceful, charming and pleasing. .

What does Jupiter trine Neptune mean?

The birth chart trine between Jupiter and Neptune indicates someone with great ideals and who is quite financially savvy. Jupiter is the planet of luck, confidence and optimism, as well as that of long journeys, further education and spiritual endeavors. .

What does Venus opposite Neptune mean?

Those with Venus opposite Neptune in the birth diagram will be influenced into becoming visionaries, often to the point of having unrealistic goals and expectations. Their emotional sensitivity will hit a new high due to their subconscious machinations. .

What is Venus trine Mars?

The natal Venus Mars trine suggests you really need to achieve fulfilment in love and be in a long-term commitment to feel happy. The planet Venus reveals our idealization of love and beauty, our hidden desires and relationship with possessions. .

Are you a Neptunian?

It is the shamanic planet of dreams, utopias, myths, ghosts, art, perfume, vampires past-life love affairs, addictions, and yearnings. A Neptunian is a person with prominent 12th House, Pisces or Neptune influences at birth. (Neptune rules Pisces, and the 12th House is akin to Pisces). .

What does Neptune mean in English?

1a : the Roman god of the sea compare poseidon. b : ocean. 2 : the planet eighth in order from the sun see Planets Table.