What does Sun parallel Venus mean?

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What does Sun parallel Venus mean?

People with sun conjunct Venus in the natal chart have their self-esteem tied up with the need to be loved by others. They have a strong clash between pursuing their goals and enjoying their relationships. The sun is stronger than Venus in Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

When we picture the solar system, we tend to have this concept of a flat disk with many rings that indicate the orbital motion of the planets. Since we have learned this since childhood, we take it for granted that all planets are on the same orbital plane. Not only that, they all orbit the sun in the same direction.

But have you wondered why? Is that a massive coincidence? do we have evidence of this elsewhere? As you can probably guess, it wasn't a massive coincidence, as we not only observe planets orbiting the sun along a plane, but also normal moons. All gas giants have regular moons which also orbit along the planetary plane and all also in the same direction. The rings of Saturn orbit Saturn on the same plane as the regular moons of Saturn, in a nice clockwork fashion.

So we can see that there are many examples, but how and why did all of this happen? Let's go back billions of years ago to before ore formed the solar system. Deep in the heart of an HII nebula or stellar nursery, gas and dust were suspended in place, each particle withstanding the other's gravitational pull with an internal repulsive pressure. Until one day an external burst of energy, like a supernova shock wave, rattled the gas and dust inside the nebula and disrupted the internal pressure, causing the particles to collide and clump together.

Soon these clumps would stick to other clumps, their mass and gravity increasing with each attached particle. After a few thousand years, the impacts of the falling material began to become more energetic, causing the object in the center to heat up. More material from the nebula was sucked into the object as its mass and gravity increased, creating a so-called protostar, or a very young star that has not yet started nuclear fusion in its core.

First, the incident material around the protostar would have been attracted from all directions, resulting in a very chaotic environment around the protostar. Collisions between the particles would have taken place regularly and thereby their angular momentum would have been canceled. These incident particles would not have approached evenly , since the collapsing nebula has total angular momentum.

What happens in the end is that while particles were approaching from all different directions, most of their momentum would have been canceled by particles going in other directions until all you have left is one direction, in most of the particles were moving. The best visualization is I can help you grapple with this concept. This is a great article by Dan Burns using a sheet of lycra to represent spacetime.

The ball in the middle with its great mass deforms space-time and creates gravity, which is exactly like what gravity does in three-dimensional space in the universe. Dan throws balls around this central object in both directions, and the balls revolve until Hey collide with another ball going in the opposite direction, cancel their momentum, and what's left are just the balls that didn't collide and all going in the same direction. Now, in space, there would be no friction from the lycra, so you can imagine particles continuing to orbit, as opposed to the spheres that eventually slow down on the lycra.

Also, this is a kind of 2D representation of what is happening on a 3D plane in a 4D universe. So you have to imagine that these particles also fly along a different axis; instead of just coming from the two directions from which these particles approach around a protostar, they approach each other from all directions, collide and cancel each other out until only the predominant direction remains, creating a protoplanetary disk. When material falls into the protostar, the angle of impact causes the protostarto to rotate in the same direction that the disk is rotating.

As less matter falls towards the protostar and instead begins to stay in orbit around it, material begins to clump again. If enough material clumps together into one, you may end up with another star that turns into a double or even multiple star system. Otherwise these clumps will eventually grow together into planets.

Around these planets a disk similar to a protoplanetary disk forms, which in turn causes the planet to rotate in the same direction as the disk, and the material in the disk eventually forms moons. These clumps of material can still be observed today, with the planet that has its own mighty disk, Saturn. During his mission, Cassini was able to discover tiny moons that formed in the rings of Saturn as material clumped together through various gravitational interactions.

Some of these moons soon fell apart, as I certainly did in our early solar system. But some lasted until the end of Cassini's mission, and maybe one day they will form very small moons, like some of the other shepherd moons that have paths in the rings of their own, em is not perfectly flat, some planets have deviations of a few degrees, but it is definitely a pattern. It is almost wonderful how you can have something so chaotic in nature that ultimately forms something quite calm and orderly.

As material in the solar system such as asteroids and comets continue to make a home on planets by hitting them, collisions will decrease and decrease. We can already see a huge reduction in the number of collisions that have taken place by measuring the age of craters on exposed celestial objects such as the moons and others. From these clues we can see that all of the planets were heavily bombarded by asteroids and planetesimals during this chaotic beginning, the number of collisions gradually decreased as more material got all right, until what we see is the solar system that we do Having today is a type of natural phenomenon that falls under so-called emergent structures through self-organization.

Other self-organizing emergent structures are strongly comparable to this process, for example the development of hurricanes. Emergent structures are basically where randomness can produce complex and deeply attractive, ordered structures. We see that self-organization in space with orbital planes in planetary systems, solar systems and even in galaxies.

Incidentally, we see it also in the formation of stars and planets and, to a large extent, in the Big Bang. Given all of this evidence, we have to assume that similar processes formed other star systems, and we just got there to observe massive planets orbiting other stars along similar planes as well. So there we have it! Why planets all up Thanks for watching! Would you like to help choose the next Astrum answers? Check the links in the description to be a patron today! Did you like the article? Then subscribe and share the article, it really sucks in support of this channel.

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What is parallel in astrology?

A contraparallel takes place between two planets whose declinations are at approximately the same degree on different sides, one north and one south, whereas a parallel takes place between two planets whose declinations are at approximately the same degree on the same side, both north or both south. .

I am a research scientist and a humanities scholar. I am here to unite the head and the heart.

Today's article is called What Are Parallel Selfs? Are they real Where are you from? What is their function? Physicists have told us about the concept of the parallel universes or the many worlds theory. Several films and TV shows have also shown us characters in parallel worlds, but that doesn't even scratch the surface of the parallel worlds and environments that we actually experience in every life. Why? As explained in my first article, we don't really exist in 'time'.

We exist in an event space where all events take place at the same time in the same room. Our past, present, and future are simply event points that create the illusion of time as we shift our focus from one event to the next. All of these event points in the sphere are slightly different from one another.

Everyone has a specific set of circumstances for us to experience. How does it work? Event spaces allow us to experience things in different ways. There are many options to choose from.

But here comes the kick. We don't have to choose just one option. We can explore several options at the same time.

How? By creating parallel selves for it. This is an overwhelming new concept for us. But it's not science fiction, it's a scientific fact.

The event space copies us and the environment we are in, creating parallel versions of us. Then we start exploring different options at the same time. That makes our life much more efficient.

Sounds crazy, but how does it work? When we come to a fork in the road, we have to make a decision. Are we going straight, do we turn left or right or what? That is the decision we have to make without knowing where the road will lead us, what the outcome will be. When we want to explore every fork in this street, the function room copies us and the street so we can all explore these paths at the same time.

That means there is a whole team of 'Parallel you's' out there. You are as real as you are here. You may not like the sound of it because your ego likes to think that you are the only incarnated self here, or at least the primary self.

All of these others must be secondary to you, right? Well, we don't really know if that's the case or not, but it doesn't matter because every parallel is important. They all contribute to our evolution, because evolution is experiential. Here's another way to look at event space with everything to choose from.

We are not limited to just one path or arrow or sequence of event points. We make new decisions and create many parallels with every step. Pretty soon, all of these parallels look like a tree.

Here is a tree diagram to show how it works. The event room goes where our intention is going and creates a new branch there. When our intention is strong, the branch thickens because we are directing more sentient energies in that direction.

When we are undecided, the branch becomes thinner. He doesn't know where to go. When we lose interest it becomes a dead end that falls back into the next branch or the trunk itself so that the energies can be used elsewhere.

Let's go a step further. Here is the same tree. The tribe represents our life plan with its main themes and lessons.

Our life has a general direction that is the mainstream event space at the forefront. The branches represent different choices that create different 'what-if' scenarios. We'll play it out and see what happens.

This is how we get to know the cause and effect of things. Some event spaces support our goals while others take us off course. Event spaces are a temporary structure so the branches can grow or collapse in no time to meet our needs.

Here's the life of a guy we call Joe Parallel. He wants to explore all possible what-if scenarios. Event Space creates an event bubble or similar environment around each of its decisions.

For example, he's a tough guy in some event bubbles. In other scenarios, he's an average joe or nerd, or more successful in achieving his life goals. On a different branch he's a bit of a rock star, but has a car accident nearby and dies.

This branch becomes a dead end and collapses again into the next branch or trunk. All of these variations are played at the same time. They go on as long as there is the intention to experience that state.

The only thing screwing up this game is suicide, which makes all parallels instantly end. Life is over but unfinished. Joe needs a makeover! So what decisions do we make with parallel selves? They can be as mundane as the commute to work.

Do you walk, ride a bike, take the bus or go to work, take the bus or miss the bus? Which way do you go - the autobahn or the country road? If you're flying on an airplane, do you choose the window seat, middle seat, or aisle seat? Are you on a planet that is crashing or not? Which girl are you marrying Will you get old together or will you split up? Are you moving to another city or are you going to work in a foreign country? Do you start smoking and drinking as a young man? Will You Get Lung Cancer And Die Early? Or do you stop smoking and start exercising and taking care of your health? These are the types of parallel experiences that we can explore in any life. They are all created by our choices. As you can imagine, the parallel conditions continually ebb and flow, appearing and disappearing here, there and everywhere.

Sometimes there are many parallels from 200 to 100,000 versions of us. But sometimes the parallels break down and merge with a nearby branch because we've lost interest in this scenario. But life is only really finished when the last parallel self is fused back into the trunk that is the main goal or reason for life.

Then we're done, because we've done everything that was expected of us. This is what our 'Tree of Life' really looks like. It's a big, old, gnarled thing with all the parallels that do its own thing.

So everything we experience is just a parallel to another parallel state. This is how the game of life is played. After we die, we have a life review to look at all of these parallels in detail, to see which worked and which did not work so well.

This is how we experience, learn and develop from everything we encounter. Know that you are never alone. There is a whole team of guides and helpers who will actively support you.

All you have to do is pay attention to your intuition, gut feeling, or sudden hunch that will help you stay on your path. Now that you see a whole team of 'parallel-you's' doing things, you realize that not everything is on your shoulders. So don't worry about changing your mind.

Choose what you enjoy. They are here to try it out and see if you like it. Learn what you can, then correct the course and move on.

But watch out for the guides and helpers who work hard behind the scenes to keep you on track. When you know all of this, you can live your life a little more consciously or consciously. After all, you are in charge! I want to thank Guy Needler for giving us a new understanding of this condition.

For more information, please visit my website at BigPictureQuestions.com or read my books which contain much more information about who we are, why we are here and what happens to us in the afterlife. Let's pass the word on to others.

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What happens when Sun and Venus are together?

Now, what is the effect? Sun is karaka of Ego and Venus is karaka of Relationship. So, when these two are together than understand that Relations will suffer due to Ego Battles/Conflicts of couple involved. As Sun is stronger and fiery, Ego will win and Relationship will lose.

The core of the sun is shrinking, but as its core is shrinking, the sun itself is getting bigger and it will continue to grow until one day it devours the earth. How long can you survive what will happen to the oceans and will other planets be affected that would be if the Would the sun swallow the earth? 1 billion years the sun will be 10 percent hotter, but what if we need billions of years and condense the action into a month, get ready, because this time we're going to move very quickly instead of a billion years, it would only be four days for the sun to take 10 to get hotter, that means you'll see the earth engulfed by the sun in just a month, that is, if you witnessed the last event on the first day, you would be yourself to the tragedy that the Earth is going to hit, don't be aware maybe it's a bit hotter, but that's just weather it happens, but on the fourth day, space agencies around the world would be ringing the alarm bells. This time the sun would be about 10 percent brighter and hotter and although 10 doesn't sound like much, it will be the beginning of the end because the sun warms up more and more water from the earth's surface will evaporate into the atmosphere this will increase the greenhouse gas effect and global temperatures Suddenly it gets very humid and very hot, but the energetic light from the sun would bombard the atmosphere and split these water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen.

The earth is starting to lose its water and you will not escape the deadly radiation on the earth's surface if the bottom layer of the earth you will no longer be sure on the 16th day, the sun would be almost 40 percent brighter, the oceans of our planet will boil and there will be no more moisture in the atmosphere. The beautiful, lush earth you grew up on is going to run out of hydrogen on the 20th of the sun, so it would instead start to burn helium in its core that would expand rapidly with loss of mass, the gravitational pull of the sun on earth and weakening our planet would begin to drift away from the expanding sun, but not far enough, according to researchers klaus peterschroeder and robert csmith, the earth would have moved only about 0.0002 astronomical units an astronomical unit is the distance between earth the sun as the earth moves away from the advancing sun , the red giant would reach a radius of up to 1.2 astronomical units The sun would be larger than the earth'Sorbitol would engulf the planet whole once in the solar atmosphereEarth would collide with gas particles and spiral inward and the Earth would not be the only victim of the expanding sun e Mercury and Venus would evaporate, the rings of Saturn would melt, Pluto would get much warmer and if there were a liquid surface and a thick atmosphere on this distant dwarf planet, it could even become habitable in a catastrophic event, but if we had more time worth billions of years we could come up with an evacuation plan, but that's one story for another

Is combust Venus good?

Venus and Sun combust specially the Cazimi result is usually good for philosophical wisdom but not that good for personal life . If Venus is combust then it means money and resources will be wasted on relationship issues, sexual desires or fun games entertainment etc.

In the last article we talked about Shunya Tithi, Parigha Tithi and Blind Tithi and become your true self with the help of Vedic astrologyBurning literally means Asta Asta means set where the planet is. It's called burning planet. Burning literally means setting, just like sunsets, every planet has a set and ascent, so when the planet is set it is called a planet is a burn, so before we know the burn, we need to understand the local space, so we're going to quickly go over the local space concepts and if you haven't seen my local space article check out my localspace article where we discussed these concepts in depth and you will enjoy this article even more so that the local space is ours Celestial sphere is, okay, that's the horizon you're standing nowhere okay, that's the horizon and that's the equator, okay, and this is the ecliptic part, that's the ecliptic part, that's the equator, okay, and there's something else that called the prime meridian that goes through that point and that point becomes the east point, okay, so you're standing somewhere here on the Earth you see this as an ascending sign and this will be your east point, so whatever you see here on the ecliptic you will see in the background of it so whatever the zodiac sign is here, whatever the reaction sign you can see here will be your ascendant will be your first house will your horizon will be your east point okay so that's stuff let me join in okay so that's the prime meridian okay and if we have some planets around the ecliptic let's say we have a planet here, a planet is here and one is okay here so we need to check that check the planet's degree on the prime meridian okay because this is what you will see from earth burning is a local phenomenon you may not be at your l. have local location and I could have it with me at the same time that can happen so you have to be local for burning soy so that's how burning is calculated let's discuss burning inner planet and burning outer planet yes they have a little difference will go through these outer planetary sets differently and the planet differently why because the outer planet Jupiter Mars Saturn rotates around both the sun and the earth but the inner planet Venus and Mercury only rotates around the sun and them in this diagram don't revolve around the earth discussing the inner planets and how they burn, okay so let's start so this is the sun, this is mercury and this is venus and this is the earth, okay, so we have to Consider two positions for the planet setting and ascent position is the sun and this is Venus and that is again mercury.

We have to calculate the mercury here We take and Venus here the inner planets in conjunction with the sun and are away from the earth, they burn, okay, so that's me, this is the real conjunction of sun and Mercury or sun and Venus in the sky, okay, us see it from here we're talking about this part right now, okay this is the real burn, okay huh? happened the sun is close to Venus and Mercury, but this is away from Earth. This is far from this being not close to it, so this is the set position for this planet okay, but if these planets are rotating and approach to earth and when these are close to earth and they are retrograde they become very powerful, why they become powerful because we can see these planets against the bright background of the sun although we cannot see them because the sun is bright, but they are visible from the earth and they are what happens here is that they are behind the sun, that is, they are far from the earth, to have an effect, to have an effect, because they are are physically behind the body of the sun, they are unable to influence themselves to burn and as they get closer and recede they become even more powerful. In both cases there is a conjunction of Sailor Mercury and Sun and Venus, but this is powerful and that is not as effective because this is burn okay, so this is the combustion for the inner planets let's see how the combustion for the ones outer planet works so that's the diagram for the outer planet and let's see how the combustion works for the outer planets okay we see all this drama from here we are an earth okay here so what if the outer planet is using The sun is conjunct the sun in closed degrees, we can't see them, they are far from the earth, okay, and when they are close to the earth and retrograde close to the earth and retrograde close and retro they become powerful ok and they but they become powerful and they don't burn ok combustion only happens in this part all this is the combustion, so if these are in aligndies are the conjunctions in your horosk op like Sunkmas sun conjunct Jupiter sun conjunct Saturn in the closed degrees, but astronomically we see that, we see all these conjunctions in this way okay so that's the combustion and that's the regression and the direct movement of the excuse that is the direct movement of the planet and the set position and this is the retrograde position for the planet burning, if a planet in Surya Siddhanta is near the sun, they have given the degrees of the planet for the conjunction moon is a kind of moon burns when it is 12 degrees close to the Sun Mars 17 degrees Mercury 15 degrees Jupiter 11 degrees Venus 10 degrees and Saturn 15 degrees can burn for a planet that burns you have to consider its conjunction with the sun Okay sun has to be involved then only p lanet can burn because it is the downfall of this planet is.

This planet is going to go down the planet rice and the planet is going down, if the planet is far from the earth it is in direct motion, okay and we cannot see it because it is physically beyond the sun and they can these planets have practically no impactus, can't affect us, okay, so what happens when a planet is in combustion Suppose we have mercury burning in our horoscope, you have a science ruled by mercury Virgo and Gemini wherever you are these two signs have these houses we will not be able to get the most out of the mercury because mercury cannot give them what it means without the equator we know the east point, we need the planets in terms of the vertical primary degree of the Seeing planets and not looking at the ecliptic or zodiac degree of the planet is okay, when we say the planet is burned we mean that the planet is very close to the sun. He is physically behind the sun when we look at him from Earth, so it is noteworthy that he gives the best results and what the result of the house that he owns is in terms of the houses that are in yours Horoscope includes is that when Mars burns, the house is occupied by Scorpio and Aries is occupied by Aries, and Scorpio is fine, if the planets are near Earth we can see them if the planet is in conjunction with the sun and is declining near the earth these planets become very powerful because they are very close to the earth we can see them in the bright light of the sun okay for outer planets we see them behind the earth they are close behind the earth and the inner planet is okay between earth and sun so yeah that was burning as much as I could grasp and share with you guys if you are new to my channel please consider subscribing you will get vedic astrology cool articles men ju st like this otherwise we'll see you in the next article look out for Monika AstrologyChannel press the like button and and and send you high vibrations see in the next articles love and peaceyou

How many signs can Venus be from Sun?

Venus stays in a sign from 23 days to 2 months depending on the sign. Venus is also is never more than 2 signs away from the Sun. .

What cycle is Venus in?

This is known as the eight-year cycle of Venus, and stems from the fact that 13 Venusian orbits (8 x 224.8 days) very nearly equals eight Earth years. The cycle was known to, and of great interest to, ancient peoples such as the Maya. .

Are Trines good in astrology?

Trines, formed by a 120 angle on the chart, are generally considered the best and most auspicious aspect of them all, bringing luck, harmony, major synchronicity, and potential for positive changes. 'The simplest way to understand a trine is understanding the elements. .

What is Lilith in astrology?

In an astrology chart, Black Moon Lilith represents a person's primitive impulses and behavior in their rawest form. It reveals our repressed sexuality, together with what makes us feel most vulnerable; it expresses the dark side of one's personality, buried deep in the subconscious realms of our psyche. .

Is Sun enemy of Venus?

Venus Planet

Sun, Moon and Rahu are enemy planets. Mars and Jupiter are even with Venus.

What happens if Venus is combust?

When one is born when the Sun is close Venus then we say that this person has a combust Venus. The powerful energy of the Sun burns and agitates any planet it is in close proximity with. The person will still be somewhat agitated in love affairs but they will not have to sacrifice these fully. ...

At what degree Venus is combust?

Venus becomes combust when it comes within 10 degrees on either side of the Sun provided Venus is in forward motion. When Venus is in retrograde motion, the degree of closeness for combustion of Venus becomes 8 degrees. Mars becomes combust when it comes within 17 degrees on either side of the Sun.