What does Trine square sextile mean?

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What does Trine square sextile mean?

Hi everyone and welcome back to another installment of aspects of the week so let's take a look at the second week of May, the week starts on May 10th and it's busy this week astrologically we have a new moon we have a big planet, who changes the signs and I describe all of this information in my monthly astrology membership guide, which you can sign up for or find more information on my website kellysastrology.com. What I want to share with you today is one of the aspects that somehow struck me this week, which is Mars in the Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus.

This aspect happens on Tuesday, May 11th, the same day as the new moon in Taurus, but this aspect somehow doesn't interact with the new moon. The new moon happens in a different part of Taurus so I'll just focus on the Mars sextile Uranus that we can work out what this combination of planets could mean and how it could affect this early part of the week so that the Tuesday aspect May 11th, Wednesday May 12th, depending on where you are, takes place, and it's anything from 11 Cancer to 11 Taurus, so there are several ways to connect this aspect to your personal horoscope if you have planets or angles at 11 degrees 11 degrees have one of the earth or water signs, this aspect will directly affect your horoscope and therefore your life and if not I have no planetary factors or horoscope factors at 11 degrees I don't think of any sign, but I have the house or I have the zodiac signs Taurus and Cancer in my horoscope of course they ar e in two houses and this aspect will connect the themes of these two houses. So let's dwell on what that aspect could mean on the surface right now, if I just think of Mars and Uranus in a fairly positive or harmonious way, a lively, excitable, active and dynamic aspect Mars and Uranus both like to take action to shake things up that they like to initiate or stimulate or stir things up to make new or different things happen, so this has a quality, maybe a bit volatile or flammable but maybe in a necessary or welcome way.

It can be more dramatic when Mars is squared or opposed to Uranus, but because it's a sextile, I feel like I need to restart or redo that stagnant or stuck part of my life and that's the kind of aspects that this energy will bring, this one electric lightning, that spark, or that lightning that can really help get things going rt stops, etc. who you know when something has really stagnated or become sluggish and we screw it up or bring it back to life and so this Mars sextile Uranus is this jolt that catches you oh my god, I'm back I'm here, I'm going around to do this, I will be so excited, enthusiastic, maybe impatient to take action or move forward I think one of the things to look out for in any Mars-Uranus combo is this restlessness, which is just apparently will be satisfied when we do something and sometimes it's just great to get things going and we can deal with it later on whether it was the right time or not so we have to weigh that it may not be the perfect time but sometimes we just have to go well enough, now this Mars-Uranus aspect has the quality to be a bit quieter and that has to do with Mars and Uranus both being in yin or introspe kti ve earth and watermarks that makes me think that Mars sextile Uranus in this context is going to have a lot to do with shaking up our emotions, shaking up our internal habits or shaking up our daily habits, some of the things that are a little private or not everyone around around us knows. I think when our emotions get churned we may be ready to bring up something or face something we avoided.

We can make a decision about an uncomfortable situation or a situation that frustrates or irritates us. I am thinking a lot about Mars in Cancer here and how our mood affects motivation when Mars is in Cancer, so there are already these types of mood swings in our enthusiasm, drive and motivation and our ability to make decisions meet while Mars is in Cancer and the entry of Uranus makes these whims - all these fluctuations more extreme than they would otherwise be, so that some of us as Mars sextiles Uranus a. And we have this 24 to 36 hour period where we just get so much done and others of us may be a little burned out like you've been walking too fast for too long and there's that flat feeling in us for the most part Mars Uranus will be more stimulatory than anything else.

Since Mars Uranus is more stimulating and activating, it is most likely that it will be very busy for all of us 24 to 36 hours, where a lot of things happen in a short time, fast-paced developments a bit of that fly by the pants, decisions based on instinct or gut feeling rather than having the time to do a lot of research so this works really well sometimes because we act where that instinct can be a very honest place but sometimes I know this happens to me occasionally when I'm busy nk ah I wish if I had thought about it, I would have approached this situation differently, all be super busy as Mars Sextile Uranus and there may be more of this apartment a day or two later oh I'm a bit exhausted I have taken it a bit too far and now I need a quiet recharge time to catch up so that Mars-Uranus combinations really do Can be lively and stimulating, they get things going. When you think of a match lighting a fire, you know that sometimes it takes a little bit of friction or a bit of pressure to start the fire - something started, you know, when I stayed in a cottage in Ontario, that you know, and it's a little bit cool, you know you love to light this fire because you know this fire will burn all night and keep you warm and cozy, but you haven't bothered to making the fire, getting the match, the lighting, things like that, so Mars Uranus is that effort of launching at times because once something is in play you may find that you can have a bit of a hands-off approach So I'm thinking about how some of these topics might affect you earlier this week as Mars sextiles Uranus. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Do you have a Mars-Uranus aspect in your natal chart and if so how it shows up in your life scroll down and let us know uh let me know how that aspect manifests for you this week. Perhaps you're really seeing some of this exciting friction or starting things with a unifying effect between the topics of the Taurus house on your chart and the topics of the Cancer part of your chart, like the two things that could come together in this type of random spark skim and things might start in a way, if you like this type of article where you hear some information about t the different aspects that affect us day by day and week by week I hope you consider to join my monthly astrology subscription. You can sign up on my website kellysastrology.com and every week for the whole month and if you sign up this month you can take part in our live members only Q&A which will take place in early June of course with more watch out until then you up

What happens when Jupiter aspects Venus?

The Venus-Jupiter mutual aspect or conjunction creates deep conflicts within the individual soul. Both these graha are Guru, so you desperately crave spiritual nourishment, but there is no clarity on which route to take. This causes internal anguish, a deep dissatisfaction with life. .

What you see isn't a watercolor in motion, it's the planet Jupiter for the most part, this gas giant is a mystery. So what would happen if you wanted to discover it for yourself and jumped straight onto the planet or should we say Jupiter doesn't? a surface only have a seemingly endless expanse of the atmosphere would you fall right through what you would see on your way and how would it make you feel this is what if and here is what would happen if you fell into Jupiter if you tried to Jupiter jumping in a normal spacesuit would be over pretty quickly for you, first of all you wouldn't even make it to the planet which is about three hundred thousand kilometers from Jupiter Radiation would penetrate your suit and you would die, but that's a boring one What if we give you a special spacesuit that will survive the fall here for the time being 'where the real fun begins, you fall out of the atmosphere at almost 180,000 kilometers per hour, which is much faster than you can imagine from the Top of Earth's Atmosphere Because Jupiter's gravity is much stronger than that of Earth, you might still see the sun starting he doesn't expect her to heat you up to about 150 miles. You have reached the ammonia clouds and experienced temperatures of minus 150 degrees, now get ready for the most epic vortex of your life Jupiter's clouds generate strong winds of up to 482 km / h you would feel like in a huge colorful tornado, because Jupiter is that fastest rotating planet in our solar system one day on the planet equals nine and a half earth hours.

Walk about 120 kilometers. Congratulations, this is the deepest exploration ever sailed in the gas giant. NASA's Galileo probe made it this far before it was destroyed by the pressure of Jupiter's atmosphere, but don't worry, this won't happen to you as it gets darker until it's completely pitch black the only source of light you have the lightning storm is happening all around you at this point, the temperature starts to rise and it might even feel comfortable if you didn't have the tremendous physical pressure you would experience is more than 1,000 times higher than on the earth's surface You will be able to survive if your spacesuit is built as strong as the deepest submarine ever, you've fallen for 12 hours and let's be honest, you're a little bored, you probably want a radio operator to come and get him well, that is a shame this is impossible inside Jupiter because radio waves are absorbed so deep into the planet's atmosphere, all you have to do is keep falling, the temperature will keep rising un d the pressure when you reach the inner layers of Jupiter will be parts that you will be able to swim through a substance that is not entirely liquid or gaseous, known as supercritical fluid, that moves through the strange material moves, the temperature gets even hotter, at some point it will be equivalent to the surface of the sun, if that is not enough you will also experience a pressure that is 2 million times the pressure at which metallic hydrogen is on earth begins to form and you will be surrounded by it.

This relatively unknown substance can be a thick liquid that you will attract. Not being able to escape, if you did manage to escape, you would fall through thousands of miles to reach Pater's core, possibly a solid object. Some scientists predict that this is due to the immense pressure at this level on the planet, no matter what it is, if you somehow managed to survive all of this, you would be stuck on it from all of the atmospheric pressure Not a very rewarding journey maybe we should keep the planet a nice secret, but if you ever manage to fall and get stuck in Jupiter, we hope you have a few more what-if articles you company

What does Venus conjunct Jupiter mean?

When in a natal chart, the Venus Jupiter conjunction means you can seem rather aloof, despite your warm and gentle approach. The Venus conjunct Jupiter transit predicts love and abundance, concordance and good times, giving us opportunities to enjoy ourselves. .

In the early morning of January 22nd, 2019, look east or in the general direction of sunrise to see the conjunction of the planets Venus and Jupiter in the pre-dawn sky as these two bright worlds join Jupiter on the celestial dome passing 2.5 degrees south of Venus you simply cannot overlook these two radiant beauties, because after the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on January 22, 2019, Venus and Jupiter rank as the third brightest fourth brightest celestial bodies and Venus can sink down into the morning sky Confuse Venus with Jupiter or vice versa, because Venus is far brighter than these two worlds. The conjunctions of Venus and Jupiter are pretty stunning because these two worlds have the two most brilliant star-like points of light in the sky in general, Venus and Jupiter are conjunct only once a year, but this year in 2019 we actually have two of t hem Venus and Jupiter will meet on November 24, 2019 for another fine conjunction in the evening sky.

Amazingly, it looks like very similar Venus-Jupiter conjunctions will recur in periods of about 24 years plus a week of looking back and forth: almost the same spot on the zodiac near the star Antares, with Jupiter south of Venus passes by. Also, on January 14, 1995, January 22, 2019, and January 29, 2040, these Venus Jupiter conjunctions will find Venus near its greatest extent from the rising sun at each of these conjunctions in Western Astrology Jupiter is generally a masculine sign, a sign for Kingsworld leaders and dominant forces Venus is a feminine symbol that also symbolizes love, wealth, fertility or growth and the arts associated with these two planets. The most obvious interpretation is that of a wedding, union or deal with this planet planet cross right after a super blood moon omenand.

These planets, best spotted just before sunrise in the east, could indicate the birth of a new grand deal or Contracts in the near future of tremendous secular proportions may indicate an agreement between Israel and Palestine or the unification of unlikely actors in the Middle East

What is the difference between sextile and trine?

The difference between the sextile and the trine is the TYPE of positive energy of these two aspects. A SEXTILE is when two planets are 60 degrees apart and cause an excitation between the two planets. A trine easily links two planets and what is needed is often provided without much, or any, effort. .

the words north knot and south knot or knot axis are thrown around a lot in astrology, but what exactly do they refer to and what exactly do they mean in your chart in this article i will explain why the lunar knots mean what they do and how they show up in your horoscope so can make sure to watch this entire article so that we can get a basic understanding before going into each horoscope delimitation. I am Maren, a professional astrologer, writer, and current philosophy and psychology student who is a synthesis of traditional Hellenistic Astrology and Modern Age practices psychological counseling dynamics to provide sound spiritual guidance, and I'm especially excited to talk about this in today's article, as the north and south notes of the moon were a huge focus for my basically lifelong study of astrology, just another course to do a different perspective and even more about the really rooted ancient perspective on this conc. to experience ept because i just love teaching on them and i love to learn all i can as i teach if you are excited to hear all of this make sure you like it and Subscribe and ring the bell after certification so that you never miss what the stars have in store for you and before we start, this article is actually made available to you by the Rasi collective.

Rasi is my newly launched platform, it is a spiritual website that connects metaphysical practitioners with their ideal clients. For example, if you are a tarot reader in Los Angeles you can post your services and anyone looking for them can find them, or if you are someone interested in finding a virtual Reiki healer you can do the same at Rasi so we connect spiritual healers to their ideal clients and ground all the information and links below so that you can review and publish your services or find out what energetic needs you want to meet will begin with astronomy, what nodes relate to and planets have Knot, because the nodal axis is where the orbit of the bodies intersects with the orbit of the sun around the ecliptic The nodal axis of the moon then intersects the orbit of the moon around the earth with the orbit of the sun around the ecliptic The north node, also called Rahu, and the South Node, also called Ketu, aren't planets, they're dots, so hey can't really Aspe kts to other planets, for example the north knot cannot trienate something like the doctrine of anaspect which is a casting array, it simply cannot make such an association with a planet if it is some other type of body, though they can be connected planets, since conjunctions are not aspects in the sense of the traditional aspect of the theory, but are a different concept, it is important to note that the north and south nodes of the moon do not have a body in this axis, they do not have one Stomach, they basically can't digest food and therefore their dummy or shadow planets in traditional Vedic or Indian astrology there is a myth about Rahu and Ketu and the myth was that this dragon tried to drink the nectar of immortality that the Planets all had because they are immortal, but this dragon was captured and cut in half, resulting in the head of the dragon Rahu and the tail d it Dragonketu in traditional Hellenistic astrology, which is more similar to traditional Vedic astrology than modern psychological astrology didn't really have a great focus on the lunar nodes, or at least the traditional text we have today doesn't show that they are still really Rahuthe, however Dragon head with increase and ketu doing the dragon's tail With the decrease in both modern evolutionary and psychological astrology of the 20th century in a malevolent sense, things definitely took an entirely different turn, with astrologers popularizing that the south knot the bottle is and the north knot is the meeting like solving your addiction or that the south knot is what we need, which we are going to move away from, and the north knot is what we need to evolve to and much of it the reasons for these interpretations stems simply from the fact that they do not have access g to these ancient texts had, of what we are to know and read today, has recently been translated over the past ten to twenty to thirty years, so much of the related knowledge from the 19th and 20th when we know where they come from , the modern paradigm basically separates the two into what we develop into what we develop, which is really different from all old perspectives. I'm not just saying this arbitrarily because it was said to be doctrine.

But I think the modern interpretations stem from an obsession with today's progress, while the older understandings are more related to astronomy and the inherent understanding of what these shadow planets are resonate, so let's dwell on what they mean without the prescription of evolution or whatever Rahu or the North Node represents an increase in inflation or exaggeration as the dragon's head is not what we evolve or explore It is what we have to beware of excessive consumption You can also point to futuristic futuristic developments or black audacity Destruction of current institutions Ketu represents a reduction in deflation or release Not what we have to let go or forget, it is what we need to be at war you can escape can also be a sign n of spirituality, awe of the past ormystic, they are an inseparable karmic cycle that we must be aware of I must be aware that Rahu increases in ketu, which in a really dramatic sensea metaphor by one of my teachers, that I've heard and loved is diminishing that Rahu is the punk rocker who really cares about how he looks and his image and super-over-the-top in the perfect articulate way, while Ketu's Emorocker is who really doesn't give a shit how he looks, like he's just trying to be what I can, in a completely different way, so further extrapolating on a chart what she's referring to I'm going to talk a little about past life notions, so if that doesn't agree with you then I'll fill in the blank with something else, but I mean what we're going to talk about past lives is the north knot what we have to watch out for overwhelming desire because we haven't reached it in a previous life in my previous life I mean I could do it I could do a whole article about it but it's less about you literally in this past life and more than part of your consciousness is made up of elements of that past life, if that makes sense. I think this sense of development in modern astrology is a distorted view of this insatiable desire to own the South Node. We must be careful not to fall behind because we learned how to cope with it in a past life I think the modern feeling of having to let go is a skewed view of a healthy integration of past tendencies, of those they are commonly said to be harmful because of their overwhelming karmic influence.

This can cause immense suffering on one part of the knot to another if not checked with the other half, which is why I think giving specific advice to someone on how to go after their nort h knot can be detrimental for me in my very first reading when I was like a little preteen The first thing I was told right at the gate was that I am here with my son in connection with the North Node to be 100% myself and my IDO To be honest, I'm quite open-minded I now understand that my real lesson is to find strength in who I am without having to force my presence on others, which luckily I had to somehow have to do before giving this ridiculous advice heard someone with a Virgo north nodal solar conjunction also within a degree of regulus from the ninth house of fundamental authority and religion and god like when you tell me i am here to To be God like running with it, but I could tell pretty early on that that was an unhealthy development of what the myegoic lesson called for. Now, if we understand what the fundamental resonance of the knots is, we will get through the houses into the knots. So if you don't know what the astrological houses are and let me know below if you like I would like a full article on this because I really would like to understand or explain some of these basic concepts so that you can better understand the knots fall into your holey houses I'm going to do this based on whole signhouses I'm not going to do them through the signs in this article because doing them through the signs would be way too nuanced for what I like to display because I just do it I wouldn't want to rush it or do it justice for what is definitely a bit more complicated than just houses, so let me know below if you also want a full article of the knots through the signs that the houses in the Astrology Providing Context for the Areas of Life So I will run the nodes through the houses as an axis, starting with the north node in the first house and the south knot in the seventh house this may indicate an insatiable desire to fulfill a purpose.

On the other hand, the north knot in the seventh house and south knot in the first house might indicate an obsession with the novelty of relationships, or having as many relationships as possible surviving or idealizing relationships while being very accustomed to being dependent only on oneself and one's physical body for the north node in the second house and the south node in the eighth house, an insatiable hunger for finances could arise that is spread through possessions and Owning a name makes you whereas you know very well how to rely on others and almost detract from other people's resources, while the north node in the eighth house and south node in the second house might be obsessed with serving the needs of others cover or combine assets with another person in order to fulfill common intimate bonds, w While you are very good at acquiring and owning things on your own skills alone or without making a lot of money, the north node in the third house and south node in the ninth house might indicate that you really are not learning everything in your immediate area what you can, write, communicate or go through with siblings while you are feeling the bigger nuances of the more big ideas or you have traveled very far like a spiritual base from previous lives and you are not as excited this time during the north knot and that The ninth house in the south node in the third house may indicate an insatiable need for authority gaining higher knowledge or attaining a position, while the south node in the third does not suggest that you already have the details and the way you interact and communicate in the short term really understand and you can rely on communication as a crutch, though You feel the need to validate yourself The North Node in the fourth house and the South Node in the 10th house couldn't provide any drive to make a name for yourself in your home or family and really prioritize staying home like a parent or raising a family at any cost while you are already very good at these ingrained public image and career lessons while the North Node in the 10th House and the Cell Node in the Fourth House may hint at that truly inescapable desire that Having whole career and the fame and the worldly things because you already understand the fulfillment of home and family and you are not very impressed with what you have already created in the roots of your life then could be the north node in the fifth house and the South knot in the eleventh house can be an insatiable 'ti regarding joys in your life like child's play or art. There might be this desire to get all of these things because you are not particularly experienced in them while you are very familiar with the support systems of networks and friends in your life and therefore tend not to use this support system twice to hit the North Node on the 11th. Thinking house and south h-node in the fifth house might be busy obsessing over becoming friends or networking with those around you and gaining authority in a network or organizational context while already doing a lot about child sex or creativity in your life and knowing these things Always train for you and you are used to doing what you can with these resources.

The north node then in the sixth house and the south node in the twelfth house could cope with being really obsessed with the daily routine health perfecting your physical body or routine, or even dominant colleagues and subordinates around you while you are used to being alone or isolating yourself to gain spiritual insights, and vice versa, the north node in the twelfth house and the south node in the sixth house might be obsessed with you or insatiable with analyzing yourself psychologically for the reason of really deep spiritual esoteric truths because you are very used to and good at worldly things; you need to take care of your physical body, interact with co-workers, or the like when your daily errands are so total. My advice to everyone is to start this starvation cycle for your northern knot through infantile insatiability and yours. Understanding escapist dependence on your south knot, even if it is a familiar discomfort or conducive to it, as these may already be naturally ingrained in a healthy or unhealthy way depending on other factors, but overall simply consider this cycle to be upon balanced on the basis of consciousness and integration, not through development or admission necessarily go there and I actually have two tattoos commemorating Rahu because I definitely resonate with the archetype, one of them is this dragon here and the other is a snake with the Rahu symbol on my ankle you can find them on my Instagram if you're curious, so please let me know the story below, how you think about the knots of your placements or what you are used to looking at the knots, like in your diagram, otherwise subscribe and on post notes click, if you haven't already, check out all of my private readings and the like nten an I would love to read for you I send a lot of love and I will see you in the next article

Are conjunctions good in astrology?

Conjunctions are said to be the most powerful aspect, mutually intensifying the effects of the planets involved; they are major point in an individual's chart. Whether the conjunction in question is regarded as beneficial or detrimental depends on the specific planets involved.

What do squares mean in astrology?

Squares are an astrological aspect that's known for being very action-oriented, but also very hot-headed. As a result, squares suggest conflict and tension are present between two planets that are in the same mode (cardinal, fixed, or mutable), and at 90 degrees from each other. .

What houses Jupiter aspect?

Jupiter's Aspects In Astrology, Jupiter has 3 aspects. Jupiter aspects 5th house from its position, 7th house from its position and 9th house from its position. So, if Jupiter is at 1st house in chart then it will aspect 5th house, 7th house and 9th house.

What does Venus Opposition Jupiter mean?

Venus opposite Jupiter natal gives a happy and loving personality with good looks to match. Popularity and social success are likely and you should have no problems making friends or finding a partner. However, troubles can arise at a deeper level when it comes to relationship dynamics and success in life. .

How often are Venus and Jupiter in conjunction?

As a result, similar conjunctions of Venus and Jupiter occur in regular intervals of about 3 years and 3 months. What makes a conjunction a good one? Conjunctions are `good' if the planets are far enough from the Sun to be observed easily after sunset or before sunrise.

Is Trine stronger than sextile?

A sextile is half a trine. Traditionally the trine is stronger than the sextile. If you picture a chart with the Ascendant at 0 Leo, a sinister trine takes you to Sagittarius the day rulership of the greater benefic Jupiter. .