What house is Venus in my chart?

Questions And Best Answers - Venus in the Houses of the Natal Chart

What house is Venus in my chart?

Venus in the 12th House.

In the last article we talked about mercury in the tens of thousands of the horoscope, in this article we are going to talk about what happens when you have Venus in the ten thousand or Scott, so keep watching namaste and welcome to the Pramanik Astrology Channel I am your host Prasad Mahajani helps you to raise your vibrations and to become your true self with the help of Vedic astrology. If you are new to my channel please consider subscribing, you will read additional logical articles like this and these articles will help you get into Vedic Astrology Khan studies faster and if you have any questions about medical strategy can You can post this question at any time in one of the comment sections of myyoutube articles. I read all of the comments and try to respond to almost all of the comments.

You can also add me on Instagram and prominent astrology for measurements and consolidations you can visit my website and choose the variant that suits you venus in the tenth house of the horoscope before we talk about venus in the tenth house what is venus venus the first thing that comes to mind when i am Thinking of venus is receptivity and femininity venus represents the feminine side of everyone every horoscope has venus in it, so every person, regardless of whether their male or female, has the femininity and the state of Venus depending on the larger placements aspects of connection and participation of the signs Venusinto Yoga makes the state of Venus and this state of Venus will determine that person's femininity, whether they have healthy femininity or have less femininity and more of more masculinity, if he has a stronger marsall, it depends on the NBA horoscope, but yes Venus represents femininity in everyone's Venu horoscope s is also responsible for our receptivity the feminine energy is always receptive she always receives feminine energy can always feel things and feminine energy is everything is aboutcreation venus is the planet of femininity it also shows s sensitivity and receptivity Venus is the planet that the woman means in the man's horoscope, but in addition it is also the planet of marriage in general in every horoscope. So if you want to search for the state of marriage or the prospects of marriage, Venus becomes very important for it because Venus is the natural Karaka, it is the natural meaning for marriage and Caracal literally means producer, so Venus is literally the producer of the Marriage, as it is super important if we are looking for relationship and marriage from the personal horoscope. Venus loves the collaboration that we talked about Mars Mars is an individual Planet Mars has this fire, this entrepreneurial urge that makes it on its own He doesn't like to travel he doesn't like to cooperate He doesn't like to work in a group or a network like Venus or Mercury likes to be on his own Venus on the other hand loves When working together Venus is all about relationships and this relationship doesn't have to be a marriage relationship, any relationship can be his ip indeed, weenus is your potential to build and maintain relationships in general, and this one Relationships can be business or business relationships can be personal relationships can be society the social relationships all relationships Your potential is seen from Venus Venus is also the planet that means comfort sign luxury and beauty love peace harmony how much more is mercury but You can see love and peace with Venus everything that has to do with beauty Scented jewelry can be seen with Venus Venus rules everything that brings comfort you have a car you have a cell phone you have a laptop you have a camera everything that brings you convenience E or that brings you the value that brings you comfort is Venus Now this Venus comes into the 10th house of the horoscope, which is strength house 10.

House is one of the most prominent Kindra houses, there are four camera houses one 4 7 10 and these four houses are the directions to the east are determined by the first house, the east horizon is the seventh Ha us is the west horizon and the fourth house is the nicer and the 10th house is the zenith ok so these are the basis of your horoscope and the tenth house is the most prominent of the kendra houses. The 10th house represents your highest achievement, the highest material achievement In this life your journey began in the first house 10,000 is your highest material achievement it's the house of karma it's the house of visibility and public life what you do determines pretty much what people think of you oh he's an actor oh he's a cricketer oh he's a quality oh he's a business tycoon so what you do has a significant impact on other people and what they think of the youth house, besides being the gainer-gainer house is is also the opera house of achaia houses are the houses that grow with tiny so every planet does a great job 10th house the planet in the 10th house gets the view availability it's in the open sky tens of thousands an open sky Okay in the last article o we discussed the sun, if you want to know more about the sun, just have a look at Sunduring in the afternoon at 12:00. and then you will find that it is the brightest at this time and if you do a horoscope at this time, you will see that the sun is in the tenth house so that all the planets that go through the tenth house are visible to us talked about the moon, we talked about mercury, we talked about the sun Today we're going to talk about Venus The 10th house is an open air house that grows over time, so all planets tend to go with the Time to get better results and this is the house of constant improvement, so any planet placed here tends to get good results after that.

Let's talk for a moment about what happens when Venus enters the tenth house When Venus comes to the tenth house Venus gives the best results to the tenth house in the natural horoscope The tenth house is ruled by Capricorn, who is the friend of Venus. Saturn is a friend of Venus Venus and in the natural horoscope tens of thousands are ruled by Saturn and now Venus is coming in 10000, the sign placement will change the dominions and all things, but when Venus is in the The first thing that comes to mind is that Venus is now whispered, the planet of beauty and cooperation and harmony is coming into the home of your work so that these people will be able to work in creative fields like the cinema as if any of the artistic activities for these people were based on the Planet would suit the beauty comes into the house of visibility, so these people are beautiful and people admire these people for their beauty, because now it is visible, now people can see wow he is the man or she is this woman Person through the possibility of the 10th house now gets the visibility of the 10th house the beauty of Venus Now this person gets the recognition for all the ven Now she will get recognition for all artistic endeavors and creative pursuits Venus in the 10,000 when Venus is on Venus In the 10th house Venus everything revolves around the relationship The planet of the relationship comes into the house of work so that these people have beautiful relationships create in the work area in their professional area they always tend to build nice relationships with other people with their peers there may be competition, maybe there are other things, but they will have nice relationships with colleagues boss someone wherever a person is, wherever however it is is a relationship this person will master the relationship in all areas connected with his work, the planet of sensitivity comes into the house of your authority and your status, so that these people are sensitive to others even though they are authority have, they are able to understand other people's point of view and they are compassionate towards others, even if they are in the position of status or authority from the tenth house Venus aspects that for thousands of the horoscope, which is fourth hours, four thousand is the mother's house is the house of nourishment is the house of the domestic environment of the planet ofcreativity refers to your mother's house, so the tenth house Venus has a mother who creates herself and she has inspired that person or helped that person follow the creative aspirations because four thousand do that too House of early education it is the house just before formal education schooling just before school education can be seen with the fourth house is the house is the time when the mother teaches her children so that the person with Venus is in the tenth house being inspired by her mother and if the partner's planet aspects the fourth house of domestic life this also shows that she is a g will have great relationship with her family with the fourth and with her mother and that due to the Venetian influence on the fourth house they have a very loving environment in the house and that really helps him perform better in the tenth house, so yesthis was Venus As much as I could grasp and share with you, if you hadn't if you are new to Vedic astrology Next, go to my YouTube article Go to the Playlist section and explore the fascinating world of Vedic astrology, however if you ask me, I recommend starting your journey by getting started with Vedic astrology for the ascendant series or you can opt for the Mohammed-related series. Each series just begins to explore and you will be on your way to understanding Vedic astrology sending you tons of positive energy sending you high vibrations.

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What does Venus in houses mean?

Home Planets in Love Venus Venus In The Natal Houses. Venus, in general, is the planet of relationships and beloved ones. It represents all that is beautiful and harmonious and it promotes balance. The house Venus is found in, tells more about the environment in which you find balance, well-being and harmony.

Why on earth are Astrology Houses so important? In fact, they're so important that they make up roughly 50% of your natal chart. 50%! Crazy, right? But don't worry, at the end of this article you will finally realize what each astrology house means and what it means for you and others around you. Hola my beautiful lotus flowers thank you for coming back and for those who are new thank you for being here I appreciate it so much when you want to get the most out of astrology, spirituality and fantasy.

This is the community for you. One of the most common questions I get about astrology is about the houses, so I always explain to these people on Instagram what the houses mean and they are always so relieved that they really don't are as difficult as they originally thought, and I know you're ready to learn about the house too, so let's jump right into the information you're waiting for, what are the houses ahead of in the first place Let's start, let me clear up two things about the houses so you don't get lost. All of the number one article for this article I am just going to skim over the key details of each house and what it means for your life as a whole article can easily de easily There are so many details about every house that I won't delve into.

So if I am missing something that is very important to Youthink, I really apologize, but feel free to add something in the comments below. I love to watch an astrology discussion and maybe we can all learn from every other second is a fact about the houses that you want to keep in mind in this article so again you are not a backup. Remember that there are twelve signs of the zodiac and there are also twelve houses, but both are different zodiac signs that determine a certain personality traits and quirks that you individually have, apart from all the others, the houses talk about certain areas of your life like yours Living life in these specific categories What many people are confused about is that the houses follow the same 1 to 12 organization as the zodiac sign, for example the first house is also ruled by the zodiac sign Aries and so they have similar characteristics, but here too is If you want to show off a person and their personality while the house itself is an area of ​​life, you can find that you are calculating your own natal chart and I'll have a few links below from great websites to help you calculate your own bird horoscope to help you better follow this article or learn from this article.

So if you calculate your own you may find that if you look at my natal chart, you will find that your houses are incompletely different areas than mine and that is because they move contrary to the zodiac constellations, so that the zodiac constellations in a fixed position in the sky all the time, but the planets and ascendant moon we all move through the zodiac constellations the houses move however because they are actually attached to the rotation of the earth's axis the very first house in astrology is called the house des Self it is made by the zodiac sign Aries and the planet Mars, so this house is actually the one that determines our ascending sign, also known as our ascending sign and if you don't know what it is, you should check out this article. The car will be right here and the link will be in the description because I give a great overall recap of what each type of sign on your zodiac diagram means, but since the first house, your ascending sign, aka your ascending sign, has determined it essentially determines you as an individual and how you get on with everyone around you, so everything from the way you dress to how you tend to interact with others can determine whatever the first impression of the place People of you of you whether you like to dress in dark clothes whether you like to dress in glamorous all these kinds of surface features will be reflected in your house and the zodiac sign and planet that are also part of this house is the second house we have , is called the house of possessions and this house is ruled by the planet Venus and the zodiac sign Taurus, although this house is the general overall material ism and our attraction represents represent For materialistic things in life, it also determines what we value, who we value, why we value it, etc. etc.

The things that we have in our life in addition to material abundance are determined by the placement of our property as a whole, the material fulfillment personally determines whether one is someone who really values ​​the success of material wealth or the success of attaining material wealth through spiritual means, artistic means, etc. The third house in the zodiac is the house of Communication, also ruled by the planet Mercury and the zodiac sign Gemini, the main aspect of life that affects this house is the way you think and analyze situations and how this affects your communication with other people, whether you are prone to it to talk to others, whether you tend to be very overpowering, whether you tend to sc being shy, this can all be translated into your third house and where it is placed on your diagram the fourth house is the family home and home ruled by the earth's moon and the zodiac sign cancer this governs our own emotional foundation for fulfillment and how our upbringing is influenced so that the effect of the fourth house is also felt as strongly as you imagine future domestic life as or how you maintain your current domestic life. This is where the home part of the name comes into play.

When you finally decide to settle down, do you want a home that is just your own? Do you tend to have certain types of? Decorations that you prefer over the preferences of other things like the fifth house that we have is a house of joy ruled by the sun and the zodiac sign Leo how do you spend time in nature, whether you like, for sex things like shopping, whatever you do in your life to create happiness and fun before we move on to leave a business. Write down below if you find a particular house more interesting than the others and what you have learned so far is also make sure that you like it if you liked this article so far and subscribe to it so that you don't forget it and that way ring the bell when I publish new astrology articles every Tuesday and Friday, the sixth house is that we have the House of Help, which is also ruled by the planet Mercury and ruled by Virgo, the zodiac sign, how we deal with it, depending on our placement. If you have a good placement in this house you will be even on all three categories, but if you have a negative placement you may struggle in any of these categories or in all of them struggle three of them in life The Seventh House We Have is seen as the house of partnerships, and this is also ruled by the applicant Venus and the zodiac sign Libra ps will really have an impact on your life is what you are looking for your romantic partnerships and how that affects, for example, what is important to you whether it is monetary success with your partner is if you value sexual attraction laughter such things we will all determine depending on your placement this house the second thing that is strongly determined by this place can also be your business partnerships and it may sound strange, but actually looking You in a business partnership according to the same values ​​as in a romantic partner Partnership just because the This home basically determines all areas of intimacy with other people in your life that you will be close to, so you know that you can appreciate someone who has the same mindset as you about romance and business has, etc.

To strongly determine these relationships and the way they play out in your life, the eighth house we have is the house of the six and it is actually taken from the pl. AnetPluto that I know is no longer considered a planet, but in astrology it is ruled because of its strong influence and it is also ruled by the zodiac sign Scorpio, so it is ruled as that because of this planet and zodiac combination that rules this house darkest house in the zodiac can be considered, that is, therefore, it has a nickname, depending on where this house is, this is where you will find your deepest darkest desires, your darkest secrets, your taboos, your limitations, whatever challenges you have, all of this is greatly influenced by this house , so two biggest areas of our life that are strongly influenced by this house placement are sex and death, so that death can also represent a change in your life, for example, it can represent how you deal with death in your life and the events that can happen in your life in relation to death and the way you deal with it, but there Moreover, it also means a more mystical symbolism like reformation, reincarnation, transformation and so on. We can actually learn a lot from the eighth house because it talks about these limitations and these deep yearnings and the things we are trying to break free from, like that that the way you deal with death and rebirth will mean a lot from this house and you can learn a lot from it if you pay attention to it, and when it comes to sex, so determines sex and the placement of this house in an almost mystical way this house sees sex as a mystical connection between two souls and not just a physical act between two physical bodies The way this house is placed on your charts will greatly affect your experience of sex and how you see it.

Also, the eighth house is well known for symbolizing exactly how you will deal with common finances in your life - be it the finances of your partner and friends of the family, etc. Our ninth house is the house of philosophy and this becomes the planet Jupiter and the zodiac sign Sagittarius rule, so the location of this house will greatly affect the way you expand your spiritual horizons and higher education. So whether you are someone who embraces Christianity, whether you are someone who embraces Buddhism, whether you are an atheist, all of these things are determined by the placement of this house in your horoscope and it is determined by education, so Whether you want an education through travel or a degree, all of that can go under this house, also known as the House of Social Status from the planet Saturn and Capricorn, this house can make an individual's career path strong influence.

It has the greatest impact on your career and where you may end up later in life of all houses, but a common misconception is that this house is telling you that you should be in the career you are about to be in, but that may not be true as this house is focused on the career you should be making because of your career ue love and passion for something, it is not focused on a career that should be made out of commitment or because you have to or out of responsibility or whatever always comes down to the essence of what you really love and where in life to look for that in The greatest success and happiness in your career and public status is a fun fact to give you a better example of that a lot of celebrities tend to have their 10th house in Leo, and that's because Leo is familiar with the 10th house to signal that you are opening up a lot You will be known to many other people who you like to be the center of life and what better way to be the center of a group of people than to be some kind of celebrity or having this house connected to social status It also greatly affects the way groups of others perceive us that they judge you on social media or people you work with who are heavily ruled by this House and that is why it is said that the idea is strongly connected by karma so that the picture and the information and what you pass on to others there also come back to you. The 11th house is also called the house of friendships and this is from the planet Uranus with the zodiac sign Aquarius, who also rules it, and this will be a kind of extension of the previous house, the house of social status and it will also be on Our personal social life and our business social life expanding chart will affect the way you interact with your social life, how you work in teams and organizations, rather than just focusing on our careers and worldly success as the previous one House somehow focused on this house, promotes the way in which you cultivate these relationships and develop these relationships further. In your life we ​​then have the twelfth house, which also addresses the house of the subconscious, so this house is ruled by the planet Neptune and The zodiac sign Pisces and everything mystical rules, whether you are talking about the spiritual realm of Taro t fortune telling buddy all that is governed by this house placement and depending on where it is on your chart it will dictate how you connect with the spiritual mystical realm that is not quoted.

It also gets stronger than that House that governs someone's karma in their life, so many people are actually scared of knowing their twelfth house placement, placement in the twelfth house, because it's something like the eighth house, the house of gender, this house tells you yours deepest restrictions and things that you are trying to break free from and represents a kind of rebirth, so the twelfth house is similar in this sense, except that it is a subconscious so it goes even deeper, so these are habits and things that we think subconsciously, about which we don't know anything d it can really, if we pay attention, it can really change us spiritually, mentally and physically if we decide learn from it instead of running away from the subconscious. If this article has been helpful to you, make sure you go ahead and click the link in the description and join the Lee Blue Lotus Facebook community where we will soon find out more about astrology Crystal Spirituality Enlightenment will give planetary energies, zodiac signs and lots of other cool stuff coming your way, and don't forget to watch these articles if you haven't already as they will teach you a lot more about astrology. I can't wait to see you in the next article

Do I have Venus in my first house?

People having Venus in the 1st House are caring and loving but also a little too interested in what others believe about them, so they may become somewhat vain. Venus rules over beauty, love and all life's pleasures. These people need to be admired and appreciated, often seeming a little vain because of this. .

In the last article we talked about Saturn in the first house of the horoscope. In this article we are going to talk about what happens when you have Venus in the first starts of your horoscope, so keep watching Namaste and Well Money Astrology Channel I'm your host, Prasad Mahajani will help you raise your vibrations and become your true self with the help of the Vedic Astrology If you are new to my channel please consider subscribing you will get cool Vedic Astrology articles just like this these articles will help you get into Vedic Astrology faster cool studiesThese articles will help you raise your vibrations and become yours Best you if you don't follow me on Instagram this is my ID follow me on Instagram if you have any questions I had myself on Instagram on pragmatic astrology if you are looking for readings and advice check out the link to the description section I have a full horoscope Analysis option to help you understand your chart even better, so we rden today tal kabout Venus in the first house what is Venus Venus is a very sensual planet Venus is a planet that rules the water element The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Venus is a femininity and femininity has nothing to do with man or woman to do that everyone has the feminine side of their personality the sensitivity and receptivity are the feminine side of each everyone has the feminine side and Venus is the meaning for the feminine side of our personality Venus also means wife in a men's plan Femininity Love Receptivity Peace Harmony Beauty Romance Spouse Relationship Marriage these are what comes to mind when I think of Venus Venus is the Karaka of Marriage The Seventh Lord is extremely important when it comes to marriage, but the quality of marriage and the quality of relationships becomes the overall relationship always determined by the state of Venus in your horoscope, if you have a well-placed and reverential one dige Venus in your horoscope have yo chances are that you have a very balanced and fulfilling relationship in your life Venus is so important Venus is the Karaka for prosperity Venus rules the second house and the seventh house in the natural horoscope, that is the ninth circle candela kal purush candela, or a reason why these three things are one and the same witness rules the second house with taurus and the seventh house with libra witness is also the kharkov who makes the things rich, you cherish relationships the family and it is also the karaka of the other self the seventh house things the business the social connections the interaction thenetworking, but this networking is not like a mercury and networking mercury networking is very smart and Venus in networking is based on pure loveVenus is beautiful Venus is happy Venus is magnetic Venus is symmetricalVenus is healthy Venus is sensual Venus is artistic Venus is everything wa s is good life and when you have winners who hold all these good meanings bile these good houses necessarily come to your first house changes the mood of the horoscope they have a very charming personality by the way you can see the charm from Venus and the first too House is a personality so the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Venus in the first house is a beautiful body, so Venus in the first house is a very happy person, is a very healthy person when you put Patel or Venus or moon advantages in that first house, they bring their taste into the first house because first house is your personality is what you always carry with you how do you look how you behave how you behave how you behave how you look your facial expressions all these Things will make people notice and when you have Venus in the first house you are very blessed with all of these things you are artistic you are beautiful you are essentially you up to t healthy and guess what you are successful around you, that is the meaning or characteristics of Venus, when you have Venus in the first house, what she does is that she brings the smile to your face first houses your face Head and Venus is happiness so if you have luck on your face smile and that smile the smiling face is priceless it helps to communicate with people to the next level there are extremely good relationships they are very good at other people they are very good at commerce and trade they are very good with the spouse they are very blessed with the seventh house stuff because from the first house venus also aspects the seventh house to the first house venus is all about love and peace we always end our articles With love and peace Always end our articles with love and peace, so that the love-peace harmony is balanced all the best Venus and now all this good is in yours Most important visible greatest benefit the most physical house of your horoscope okay, so if you have Venus in the first house, all these Go things are extremely profound and visible in your personality, the Venus in the first house makes you very, I would say selfish, but it makes you kind of self-centered and on the downside it can also give you the feeling of self-claim that you have to be careful about that you shouldn't feel this self-claim that yes I should love myself everyone I should know everything that there is a danger this approach gives self-determination with Venus in the first house he is a very good communicator his speech is very sweet he has a knack for diplomatic speech a diplomatic speech with a smiling face and business-oriented communication makes him successful and that's why he is wealthy let's summarize what is Venus in the first house Venus is the most beneficial planet of the solar system together with Jupiter first house is your personality your strengths your eggs overall health your life orientation your physical body especially head brain hair this can be recognized by the strength and if you have a useful planet the most sensual and a beautiful planet in your first house what it shows is that you are extremely beautiful the person with Venus in the first house is extremely beautiful and above all very symmetrical. Venus is all about the relationship and finances Venus also brings all the nutrients into your life.

Venus in the first house is good for the artistic Aspirations Venus in the first house is extremely beautiful is extremely mmm self-care is extremely popular is very good with networking penis in the first house is also blessed with the seven-thousanders okay so yes that was Venus in the first house as much as I could believe and with you share if we're new to my channel please consider subscribing you'll be cool Get Vedic Astrology articles like this and send you loads of positive energies that send you high sending vibes see you in the next few articles love andpeaceyou

What does Venus mean in a woman's chart?

The Venus sign determines a person's love nature as well as how he or she attracts a partner. In a woman's chart, Venus determines her view of femininity, as well as how she expresses her feminine qualities. Venus represents love, sensuality, romance, beauty, affection and social appeal. .

What are good Venus houses?

Venus presents great results if placed exclusively in the birth chart. The 2nd and 7th homes are owned by Venus who has exalted at the 12th house. Saturn, Mercury and Ketu are buddies of Venus, whereas Sun, Moon and Rahu behave as enemies. .

In which house Venus is bad?

Venus in 8th House: Eight house is the house of death, despair and long term diseases. Venus is a benefic planet of luxury and romance. This is a very bad placement for Venus. .

Which house is good for Venus in astrology?

Venus offers excellent results if posited from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 12th homes. However, the 1st, 6th, and 9th homes are deemed bad for Venus. Thus, Venus offers excellent effects from Mercury, Saturn, and Ketu's homes.

What does it mean to have Venus in first house?

With Venus in 1st house, a native will b blessed with a magnetic charm that oozes appeal. The personality of these natives are strong and every bit attractive. The significance of Venus being the ruler in the 1st house is that it stands for things that are related to love, joy and pleasure. .

What does it mean to have a lot of placements in the first house?

Your first house can indicate your demeanor (whether you're shy or confident, for example), how you behave in groups, and how you generally view the world. Possible Placement: If noble Jupiter is in your first house, you're probably a very optimistic person who values kindness and positive thinking. .

What does having a strong Venus mean?

A strong influence of Venus in a kundali makes the native attractive and beautiful. A person with Venus in the ascendant usually get success in the fields of fashion, cinema and other creative fields. It is also a karaka of physical pleasure and plays important role in determining love affairs.