What is Mars in Libra attracted to?

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What is Mars in Libra attracted to?

Mars in Libra is attracted to all things subtle and beautiful. Libra likes a perfect beauty that's almost artistic, such as the perfection of the human face. A Mars in Libra (with masculine energy) will be attracted to beauty inside and out. .

You know, um, about Mars in Librathis was probably the most commented on Mars in the science article and I have a strong feeling it was because of a statement because everyone was like I'm not, that's not me, that's not me, me wanted to make the article somehow new and just explain it so that the people who were a bit confused understand where I'm from from my point of view okay so let's think about what is mars mars is your motivation drive temperament reaction becomes reaction mars than your energy viewed, so no matter in which house Mars is positioned in whichever sign Mars is positioned has given you energy it gives you conflict confrontation competition Mars is also ruled by Aresaria is the home of the first house the first house is the house of Even this impression is the first thing people see when you think of mars mars will always be your reactions to things, your manneris men and your body language if you are thinking of placing mars inlibralibra is the home of the seventh house liberal venus venus is a very passive aggressive planet and by the way mars is your divine male energy venus is your divine female energy they are yin yang energies if you are You have a divine masculine energy like Mars positioned in Libra, which is divine feminine energy that tends to weaken the expression of Mars and this is why Marshas has a hard time being in Libra when you thinking of the seventh house which is the original house connected to Libra of you who would be comfortable reading through charts you will also agree that when you have your Mars and Libra it tends to to have quite a few other positions related to Mars being much weakened Saturn square a Neptune square it could even be a Uranus square around Mars can be in the seventh H. They can be in any house or to someone's Aries Saturnary Mars in the 12th house that only weakens the expression of Mars even more, because Mars is struggling with the fact that it is weakened here, so it has a hard time really expressing itself in its divine energy This is how Libra represents relationships Bond title marriages partnerships and equilibrium is also our passive aggression.

When we see Mars and Libra, we see someone who may not know how to express their passion, and that's always what it's all about on the recipient side so that the people who go out with these people or have friends with these people see these people and they are a bit like okay you seem very passive you are not very argumentative unless we have the Mars waxing moon around the mars aspect of the ascendant the sun as your personal placement will be very different in relation to what i am talking about today, what is the ma rs in? Libra and what that means, Mars and Libra have a hard time being here because she gets very passive and she always thinks about it, okay what's best for me in relation to other people do you think about the opposite son who is the aries, is mars andaries okay what will be best? to do because it's all about me, the scales different-questions/how-can-i-write-about-us-5636 us ourselves, so we find this person can be very motivated by relationships and also be motivated to just keep the peace, because it's all about harmony and balance to create When one thinks of Libra there is a strong motivation for justice so there may be a passion for law some of my Martian and Libra friends are currently studying law but haven't started studying law later in life, and what is interesting about it is that when Mars is in Libra, even though it is a cardinal sign and cardinal means to take the initiative or to take the initiative to do something because sometimes it lacks passion, Mars can and Libra take a while to find his passion or purpose and also his energy or how to steer it in the right direction think of Mars as your temperament your anger your frustration dei to have a Mars in a Venus sign and by the way this is very relatable for tourists because they have your Mars and Taurus, since the Taurus is also built by Venus these special Martian energies are not easy to get angry to have you your Mars and your Libra make you extremely patient, very very patient when you are around people who have uh aspects to your mars like challenging aspects like pluto's squares moon squares sun squares mars squares you know when someone's crowd sits in your seventh house, your fourth house ohmy god all of that will become Contributing arguments drama and Mars Libra hates anything to do with argument and confrontation, hates it, but what happens is that it wants to apply justice and balance and beauty and all of these amazing things to arguments so happily tries to do those To avoid problems even when they are really frustrated other people, so it is very good to become his friend too go or call his friend oh my god have you heard of chantal, she did this and she did that i mean what should i do i am not saying they are gossips but there is an element of being lanky about it too its an element and you don't have to relate to that people are commenting oh i'm not that but my point is that it is an element of being and what we can tell is that your friend can tell you something with that you may not have anything to do or that you disagree with, but at that moment you can't say, yes, you are wrong and Libra just sit back oh you know what if you want to do that same mars and the scales go and say it's the best other best friend you will never guess how someone has felt again the energy revolves around other people again and is not completely direct The reason why they go to you and come to you and tell you oh my god she did this or she did this because they are looking for you to help them make a decision this is an air sign, air is all about thinking and procrastinating so if you They talk to a Mars and a Libra, they tell you this problem and they communicate with you, but it's also about asking your advice, not just giving your advice, but asking for your advice because they don't they are always sure of what to do, they want to stay neutral and balanced so in the previous article I made a lot of people or there was a special comment that meant that this guy was saying the reason why Libra people don't like confrontations, because you know when they get angry, that's the worst anger everno it's not at all and here we see the misinformation being spread around town every single person is based on your natal horoscope There may be someone who has a Libra-Stellium has many planets in Libra, but they have a Pluto aspect on all of these planets planet. They have all of these planets or moons or whatever it is, maraspect and could also be in the seventh house or the fourth house or the eighth house as different houses and aspects change the expression of this particular planet hebrew is no energy mars and libra is the temperament and your temperament on venus doesn't makeyouum contributes to it that you're angry and it's crazy because how are you supposed to? These people like it all the time when they are really angry, they could do this thing that they can choose to run away from if they don't really want to resolve the situation they may be having like this outbreak but the outbreak is a word or a short sentence and they literally run away or hang up the phone they run away put the phone away that is sitting you look at other mass signs anmars certain mass signs will fight to the death that is not what mars and scales is about , think about really intense conversations yeah conversations that are really awkward and you bring it up on mars and scales and they are just like they are literally ready to have the conversation the whole tone the body language change the manners you want not having this deep conversation because it can lead to confrontation so try to keep it light or try to keep it balanced, even when it comes to the Amaren and Libra sex drive, remember again that I am saying that it is about being Mars in this sign, only He is not considered to be the most sexually driven Mars we have. We see someone who doesn't always initiate sex first or loves sex based on what their partner is thinking or feeling at the time, and those of you who can initiate sex tend to be initiated in a very gentle way, that is may it be like candles or fragrant smells in the house you've cooked a nice dinner, when it comes to initiating sex it's more of a nice experience than a physical exchange of Mars and Libra.

This also depends on what they are having in terms of sex in relation to your planets, but on their own Mars Libra is not one of those signs that are very accommodating, like there are Mars and Libra who have no sex and none for weeks Having problems or feeling bothered by it because for them it is just an experience of things being very free and freaky, how they tend to be introduced to things and what we see is other people projecting their sexuality onto you you see what i mean so are you ready how? This position is ready to try things out but it's not the type for just you know what I think I'm going to pick up a toy or pick that up or it's not perverted respect if it's someone who introduces it to you and you are new to it and you might try it? But it's not the sign that is so accommodating that I want to do all that stuff in the first place and that was the topic in my previous article where a lot of people didn't want the heart, okay the sex ain't, I'm not someone, initiates things, but it's about really understanding the purpose of this sign and although you may feel like you are stumbling on this path, it all depends on your personal horoscope that you are sinister with someone else but understand You that energy in itself is not the introductory sign when it comes to intercourse, Libra is about balancing things so that you have your Mars and Libra and because Mars is an evil, confrontation will create confrontation can too be in the sign that it is It is in that things are balanced, Heremars is an imbalance, you see it's an imbalance, so that person's sex drive is un for you can be balanced, it might be normal because you don't want to see how things are but it tends to be an imbalance here and doing this makes me feel like the best that you can do is probably Sex plans ahem as you know, we go out three days this week or you know, next month we do this, we do this and I know that Mars and Libra hate planning, they don't like having to plan aheadit it's more romantic and unexpected, but if you don't initiate it as often as your partner does, it just won't happen. A lot of people sex is like a way to get closer to someone, to see the vulnerable side of someone Libra it's completely different from them yes it's gone to express that's how much I love you how much I care about you but it is not as deep as it would be for someone who might have a mars in cancer or maybe a marsin scorpio but again if it's in the eighth house or in the fourth house and yet it is very deep, but when mars is in here, it takes the experience of being beautiful, yet another thing, how many marsand libramas are called, you are such a nice guy ohmy god, why am i single, why do you think you're such a nice guy because they are like that like we're just real um, obviously love doesn't mean nice guys and oh let's take advantage of him let's call him free food that doesn't work like that is a nice guy based on how good he's willing to treat women, and you have to si Remember that your Mars has a divine feminine sign so it is ready to put more work into understanding women so it's a nice position, if you look at it from that perspective, it doesn't mean it is the most loyal dedicated person ever. The whole child has to be looked at to find out, although a man with this placement can be so great to women, we can also see a man who can be great to many women, and other people look at Mars and Libra not as the most promiscuous of the characters, it can be a bit promiscuous in terms of being with multiple people.

Again, one has to look at the entire chart to see or confirm that Libra is all about other people and being together and being social and mars there have themars i am motivated to maintain a bond with you and you and you i want to be friends with everyone do you understand what i mean i yes people this is my youtube article for today i hope you enjoyed it thoroughly i look forward to seeing you next time peaceyou

What is Venus in Sagittarius attracted to?

Venus in Sagittarius indicates that you love philosophy, spirituality, and higher knowledge of any sort. For this reason, you may be attracted to someone knowledgeable and wise and someone that can advise you through the right direction and appreciate your positivity. .

Always remember: be your Venus - be your Venus - be your fire! (cheeky music) ^ - I'm obsessed with astrology. ^ I probably checked my natal chart for the first time last year. ^ - I've been studying astrology since I was around 16. ^ I have a fairly casual relationship with it and use it a lot to connect with my friends and colleagues and sometimes it's nice when you have a crush to find out where your Venus is.

Baby? How do you communicate? ^ - Christina tried (laughs) to bring me to astrology. ^ She pulled up my natal chart, ^ she tried to explain it to me ^ but I never really got it. - I would say , my style is usually pretty clean and minimalist.

I wear a lot of things from thrift stores, so a lot of them are vintage - I usually wear clothes that make me feel like walking into a room myself. I love pieces that I consider signature statement pieces - I tend to wear everything in black, but I like layering it on top of each other and I like pieces that feel edgy - Today we're going to meet Rebecca Gordon who has studied astrology for over a decade and tells us about ourselves in ways we may not have thought of before. ^ - I'm Rebecca. ^ I'm a professional astrologer, ^ also a columnist and writer .

I am grew up with astrology. My stepmother is an astrologer, so I've been studying astrology for as long as I can speak. A natal chart is a snapshot of the sky at the exact moment you were born.

Nobody else on the planet has the same natal chart as you. When I do a style table, I take out all the planets and just look at three things: I look at the sun, the ascendant, which is the rising sign, and Venus. What are your staples? “You probably have two or three of these, that's your sun sign.

Your rising sign tells me how the sun sign does its work and your Venus sign tells me about your personal attraction, your attraction. Now I recommend everyone to dress as they are Diagram, because it shows us that the inside of us is shown from the outside - Hi, Rebecca! - Hi! - Hi everyone! I have every one of your astrological horoscopes and prepared your personal style charts. You're all dressed pretty much like your horoscope at the moment.

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When I think of twins I think of mixed prints, fun, flirtation, lots of accessories and always an interesting hairstyle. I would recommend our stylists bring more twins for them. I want to see more mixed prints, more fun.

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They wear high-waisted trousers with a big, thick belt under a crop top. That put me a bit at a distance, just made me look a little taller. - She has arrived! - Even though I am in the outfit that Choosing them for me, not quite feeling myself, it gave me really good ideas on how to combine all these elements.

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What does it mean if your Venus and Mars are in the same sign?

Generally, when Mars and Venus are conjunct, your 'male' energies (drive, instinct, courage, aggression) are in harmony with 'female' energies (beauty, pleasure, values, possessions) which is good! Cancer is feminine energy sensitive, emotional and nurturing. Venus in Cancer are super sweet.

thanks to quadratspace for supporting this episode hey crazy life, as we know, needs liquid water and that is only possible on the surface of a planet if this planet is in the habitable zone of its system on the outer edge of course you will not find any of them is habitable for the same reason that your atmosphere the thick atmosphere of venus retains too much heat the thin atmosphere of mars does not hold enough, but what if in an alternate universe the venus that formed in the orbit of mars had Would it be habitable then this episode was made possible by the Generous? Support from our patrons and youtube members I think it's best if we start with what Venus is like now. It's about the same size as Earth so it can hold more atmosphere than Marsand boy it makes Evervenus atmosphere mostly carbon dioxide or CO2 and the pressure is super thick is 92 times what we have on Earth, yes you have Heard it right 92 times Venus will crush you like a pancake it is also really hot on the surface, but not because it is closer to the sun, almost no light reaches the surface this super thick atmosphere and those shiny clouds reflect a bunch of it back The reason why it is so hot on the surface is because the co2 in the atmosphere absorbs infrared light the surface temperature is a steady fahrenheit of 470 celsius an even crazier Venus atmosphere is so dense that it doesn't matter whether it's day or not night it is 870 Fahrenheit all the time imagine being covered with thousands of blankets, you would be crushed and you would be by d burn your own body, if you somehow survive that you still have to cope with the rain these clouds are not made of water like earth clouds, they are sulfuric acid it is literally raining sulfuric acid on Venus, that is a real picture oh yes it is, Does that mean that we landed there yes, these pictures were taken by one of the soviet venera probes in the 1970s, the russians built a venus lander and it took almost an hour people r ockanyway venus became like this because it was out of control guessed greenhouse is exactly you're primarily an earth climate modeling center, but there are a few people who have been into modeling planetary atmospheres and exoplanet interests so I'm part of that exoplanet modeling group so this is definitely okay in your wheelhouse so if thats Venus is not a runaway greenhouse, then what is fair about? call it strong or overloaded or whatever, but it's in equilibrium it's right, it's an equilibrium and it's just a very hot equilibrium, something like a runaway greenhouse it actually relates to a very specific process, where the outgoing radiation can't reach the absorbed solar radiation oh so venush in the past an out of control greenhouse but since then what has probably stopped what happened on early Venusokay so I've just learned so much that my brain hurts, but I'll try to summarize that you have a random planet, it doesn't matter what its average surface temperature can be determined by a relatively simple equation - incident light from the sun minus outgoing light from the planet which is mainly infrared, the trick is to to know what to do with these numbers under versc happens under these circumstances, and that is what we need to know, if we plan to move Venus naturally, there will be less incident light. As the planet is farther from the sun leaving a source, it will disperse over an increasingly larger area as it moves away, it's called an inverse square because the intensity decreases with the square of the distance, we measure the area in square units square miles square feet square meters, you get the idea that the orbit of Mars is mar a little more than double as far from the sun as Venus formed there instead it would receive less than a quarter of the light, which is quite significant, that means it would actually be a quarter of the temperature.

No, if you put an ice cube on the counter it will seek equilibrium with its warmer surroundings. For this ice cube that means that it will melt at some point, but this ice cube is in contact with a counterattack and is surrounded by air A planet like Venus hovers in the vacuum of space It has nothing in contact but the light of the sun The intensity of this light is not proportional to temperature, although it is proportional to the fourth power of temperature, something we call the Stefan Boltzmannlaw, if we want to think of Venus as being enveloped in light, we have to take into account that the intensity when the light reaches this alternate Venus, is less than a quarter of that for our Venus, but the effective temperature of this light would be the fourth root of it, or about 69 sonotes, not as cold as you might think, but the amount of light that hits a planet is not necessarily the amount that Reaches the surface, remember when I said that, the super thick atmosphere and those shiny clouds a ha Ufen of it back into space reflect Dark Think Shortly after nightfall on a cloudy day What the Venus atmosphere makes the outgoing infrared light, which is what keeps them so hot because planets like Venus are surrounded by empty space. The only way to exchange heat with this space is through light, while the incident light from the sun tries to warm the planet as well, the planet tries to cool down by emitting light mostly in the infrared range, but you know how we do these things what we call greenhouses.

They're really useful for growing plants because they let light in but don't let the hot air out. It's a temperature control system of the greenhouse effect, but the mechanism is a little different more than a real greenhouse, for when a greenhouse gets too hot, open it up simply an opening that doesn't work on a planet either, planets aren't surrounded by glass, but they're surrounded by gas, I'm such an idiot some of those gases absorb infrared light and send it back to the surface, they are called greenhouse gases because they help the planet To hold heat, like a greenhouse, every planet will find a balance between incoming and outgoing light. Finally, remember the simple equation of incoming light minus outgoing light, when these two factors are balanced, the planet is in equilibrium, it does not heat up, cools down uncontrollably, a weak greenhouse lets more infrared light into space, which gives you a cold desert How we find them on Mars with a strong greenhouse, less infrared light enters space, giving you something like the hellish landscape we see on Venus that we don't really know much about Venus' past resurfacing events wiped the blackboard clean, but that equation doesn't say anything.

It tells us a bit that at some point in Venus' past it got a lot more light than it could. Venus could easily have started with a large shallow ocean, the increasing heat on the surface just evaporated it, but what if we caught that before it even started, if we moved Venus there? Mars Orbit now would not change the damage has already been done, it is a hellish landscape and will likely stay that way for a very long time, but if Venus actually had a chance instead of Marsite in an alternate universe, it would be more massive than Mars, so its higher would be Gravity to help it hold more atmosphere, including more humane gases like oxygen and nitrogen, would receive less light in their new orbit than a quarter of the light under the inverse square law, which is about 69 of the incoming heat, but doesn't still contain the carbon dioxide yes, but not so much of that in their younger days. The habitable zone around a star is defined by the limits of the greenhouse effect for a variety of reasons.

There are limits to how warm greenhouse gases can keep the surface of a planet. Beyond this point they just suck on it, at least the heavier ones, that rock planets like Venus could hold, if Venus had formed out there, it could have found equilibrium before the climate was carried away, it could have been the earth, with which it was just kept warm a little less light and a little more co2 mind jugendis everything is a bit speculative, as Drcolas is mentioned in our conversation plate tectonics is a kind of complex variable in this history geological activities in the distant past can have wild effects on the present the point is we don't know if Venus would have been habitable in this alternate universe, but it would definitely have less incoming light and more outgoing light which would at least have allowed Venus to be habitable and if you ask me is that pretty cool. Would you move to Venus when it formed in orbit around Mars, please let us know in the comments if you want the entire conversation with Dr.

Listen to Chris Kolos. I posted it in the second channel elhuge thanks to chris for taking the time to talk to me thanks for liking and sharing this article don't forget to subscribe if you want to stay up to date with us and see you next time think it's okay to be a little crazy this episode was sponsored by squarespacethe all-in-one platform to build a nice online presence and run your business There are many reasons you might want to have a website if you don't have a programming background or have good design instincts being professional on all devices Need your website to accept payments Squarespace has a template to share on social media they have a template to go to squarespace.com for a free trial , and when you're ready to get started, go to squarespace.com Science Asylum and add Code Science Asylum to checkout at 10am saving up on your first few purchases so yahtzee next, that would be so much harder because you all count ur rollstogether for a Scorestats clone might revolt, other than people not interested in game analysis anyway, thanks for watching

What is Mars in Sagittarius attracted to?


People with Mars in Sagittarius are sexually attracted to those with Venus in Sagittarius, Aries, Leo and Gemini.

Why is Mars in Libra bad?

Negative Traits of the Mars in Libra

They don't want to appear too extreme one way or the other. Make sure you reciprocate the feelings and the effort or else this Libra will be extremely disappointed. They expect others to care as much about maintaining balance as they do. This can cause conflict in and of itself.

Are Libra Mars good in bed?

A Mars in Libra is the very essence of harmony when it comes to sex. They'll be chivalrous and romantic during courtship, but once they get you into the bedroom, prepare to be met with a savage frenzy of pent-up desire. A perfect balance of wild and refined, you'll get the best of both worlds with them. .

Who is compatible with Venus in Sagittarius?

Best Match: Venus in Sagittarius with partner's Venus in Libra or Aquarius. Libra and Aquarius are the air signs closest to fire sign Sagittarius. The four elements fire, earth, air, and water typically break down into two groups of two: fire and air, and earth and water.

What mars signs are compatible?

Optimal Mars sign compatibility: A sexual partner with their Mars sign in Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, or Taurus would be perfect for their powerful sex drive. .

Are Mars in Sagittarius good in bed?

A Mars in Sagittarius has a direct yet whimsical and innocent approach to sex. Optimal Mars sign compatibility: A sexual partner with their Mars sign in Sagittarius, Aries, Leo, or Gemini will appreciate their fun-loving style in bed. .

Is Mars in Sagittarius loyal?

In a relationship, he is very devoted and loyal, but he also realizes that freedom is actually the most important, in both cases. He wants to respect her decisions and desires, but he expects the same in return. .